Tuesday, May 31, 2005

woo hoo........ vi's getting squished!!!!

ok so vi's boobs are going to get squished.

I am also going to start the rest of the medical tests I need.....
bernie is staying at his job long enough for me to get this all done
I also have found that I don't have to worry about pre-exhisting conditions, which I was told was part of it
I called the insurance company again today and they said ......no we don't have the pre-exhisting thingy
so I found me a gyn......
and I am going thursday!
I told them
mass on the thryroid
cronic unexplained inflamation of the left breast

oh and possibly a sinus infection!!!!

hey I haven't had insurance for a while here.......
things fall apart when you are reduced to holding things together with duct tape you know....

meanwhile back at the FARM
where I was YESTERDAY
I got pictures of the peacock displaying his tail!!!!
but through a fence unfortunately
there are 15 new baby layer chicks in the hen house..........

ok lets see......
what other news..

I am a bit perterved at bernie........
not quite enough to give him a cattle prod enima.........
but he better not push his luck at the moment
I got pms, and I am loosing estrogen.......
and I do have access to a cattle prod you know...

"no your honor, I don't know how this here cattle prod got up his ass and out his nose......... 18 times.............."

"could be,.............. maybe he SAT on it?????"

til next time
*** can't remember shit

Monday, May 30, 2005

ok a WAY cool site to make up to you..... you know

for the last link..........;)


ok I love this idea and I am going to order these for folks

Sunday, May 29, 2005

go and TRY this


Sunday morning and let me introduce...

the actual SUN......
Mr. Solar is pleased to meet you all again.......

ok so it has been dark and rainy......
that actually is wonderful cause I love it that way....
(maybe in my last life I either lived in england, or seatle?)

I have discovered much to my surprise.......... ( hey I discovered a few surprising things about me this week...... I will tellyou the other in a moment)
I really love rainy weather..... hot rain, cold rain...... misty overcast rain...
damn I love it all.

(oh the other, I thought I was a bleeding heart liberal........... but as I firmly believe in personal responsiblity.........I found out that I can't be that bleeding heart liberal thing........ SURPRIZED the crap outta me)

So anyway back to sunday morning..........

it is sunny!
to say I was surprised and a bit disappointed............ well.......
see also on rainy weekends we normally spend the afternoon behind the closed door..............
and I am not saying what all goes on there
but lets just say we do come out a couple hours later smiling................. not to mention a bit ah... tired.

Sunny days just don't allow you to sort of linger in a horizontal position....... so to speak
they want you to get up and have a picnic.... cut the grass............... weed the garden......... well you know...... them sort of summer time thingies.

RAINY days however tell you to go back to bed and pull the covers over both of your heads and have a nice visit.

After you are finally done visiting........ you can have breakfast, or brunch or supper....... depending on how long that visit ended up being.
You also just know that in a couple hours.......... you will go and visit again..
that makes for a very nice day.

(and if you haven't tried that with your partner.............. might I suggest it....... really it does tend to have wonderful effects on both of you....... but what do I know..i only been married to the one person for almost 30 years, and when I am not ready to kill him, I actually do adore him)

anyway, said husband is now thinking of making us some brunch..
he put the dishwasher on this morning before I came down, and is just waiting for it to finish to start cooking.........
he already brought me my coffee.......
sundays can go on forever I think..................


Saturday, May 28, 2005

of course my van is broken

my husband is a MECHANIC.
I always have the broken car ...........no?
todays mishap brought to you by...............
BERNIE and the break pads.......
ok so I have friends who are married to electricians........ they have shorts all over the house, bare wires and no outlet covers.
I have friends who are married to doctors who smoke!
I have a friend that has a mechanical physist for a husband........so her computer is always screwed up....... Ditto the friend with the PHD in computer tech. for a husband......she broke down and bought a DELL!

so it stands to reason that with my mechanic for a dh.......... my poor little innocent and beloved van is got real problems........ it needs a valve job, break job, and new pads..
not to mention the body work on it huh?

the burning stench comeing from the master cylinder should clue everyone into the fact that dh is a mechanic......

he NEVER EVER gets a 'return' at work.......... nope
not a one
he fixes it
it stays fixed......
see the trouble is
I can't get him to FIX THE DAMN VAN

I ask you
is this fair?
til next time

Friday, May 27, 2005

my 'ta ta's' are now 'ha ha's'

gee is it me?
am I crazy?
or are my boobs decending faster then a stone in water?
they have been footstools for a while now
but I have been kidding myself,
I hike them up and stuff them into a bra........
I hope for the best.
I can say......
the best is a LOT lower then it used to be.
the standards are slipping I imagine.

I got out of bed this morning..... walked down the stairs and heard a thump behind me
I thought it was the cats
it wasn't
it took that long for my dragging fat ass to follow

I tell you
is this FAIR?
MEN lose their asses as they age......
women grow additions to their asses.......and they slide DOWN to the floor

I would dearly like to speak to someone in customer service about this decending ass thing.......
I am so busy trying to gather up my assorted parts and stuff them into something that will hold them up and in......... however, that I would probably miss the customer service window hours.
I am thinking bra's now need to come in 'hoover dam' size for me
ditto on the underdrawers

now I am not complaining really

( ok so I am complaining, but DAMN that bra strap is hurting my shoulder.... mengele would be proud)

however I got to thinking a while ago while stuggling to stuff my fat ass into my studio pants.
( and thank goodness for stretch polyester for studio pants.......nothing gets through that shit..... nothing, not lye, not acid, not my chafing thighs......)

I am wondering again, why do we have to go through this ?

And were is Rubens when you need him.

I am thinking we need a massive outpouring of Ruben's fans......
just think......
no more skinny fashion models
they would be round and full figured.........
some would even.........
how about that?
I would be in style!
til next time

it's gotta be a better day?

well so far, as a fan has not fallen on my head......
It will be a better day.

ok Bernie has given notice, however the management has sort of refused to believe it
meanwhile he is still there, but looking for another job. which also means pt continues and I better get my butt to a doc to look at the other stuff fast.

I over did it in the kitchen yesterday, making stuffed cabbage leaves, tomatoe sause, and burritos, so I am in a lot of pain today.
no one tell mengele.
beleive me I am suffering enough for overdoing it
but I work when I am a bit upset and I was a bit upset

I have a sink and dishwasher full of dishes right now...... and I did three loads yesterday
I really cooked a ton....
but the freezer is packed..
now I need a new freezer to fill..........
( well I always wanted a second freezer just for the garden veggies... )

I am going to do my pt today, knit a bit and make macaroni salad for monday at Carole's
where I promise not to pick up the older kids........... and I won't attempt to pick up a lamb at all........
I miss my goaties and sheepies..........and I miss my princess the horse.....
I have a carrot with her name on it....
til next time

Thursday, May 26, 2005

well health insurance was nice.......

bernie gave his notice today.
he had no choice and I am behind him 175%.
however join me in waving bye bye to medical insurance.
and I still have a thryroid mass to be biopsied,
mamograms need to be done...( and a second biopsy of the left breast)
not to mention the pcos treatement I still have not been able to get
and finishing up the pt on the shoulders and doing my knee....
( can you say.. violet is falling apart............ yes I knew you could)

where he works, he is busy and he does love it
but they don't pay over 30 hours a week.
so we can't live on that.
not and drive 87 miles one way.
see why he had to quit?
we can starve much more comfortably with him closer to home.

needless to say hearing this RIGHT after I got home from pt was not high on my list of opening remarks.
but that is life.
now will the person that suggested I sell my house and move to an apartment...... please just get the gun and shoot me.....
as I really can't stand having people that close to me.........
even my neighbors are too close at the moment.
who will be fine in a day or so
Today I again have physical therapy.
Which means ( to the blissfully unaware) that again my arms will be twisted around like a pretzel and forcibly inserted into my opposite ear.
This will occur AFTER said arms are reduced to gell like boneless wonders in the afore mentioned twisting process.

Now you all heard me speak of 'mengele' my pt, she really is a lovely lady named June. She comes from the lake district in england, and knows sheepies.....
whats not to like?
and she is also making it possible for me to move my shoulders again...... amazingly.

however the WAY she does it is by brute force....... most of the time.
and you should SEE her....
tiny tiny little lady!
(don't let her kid you though, she is little but wirey, and strong as hell........... she can twist me but good)

by the time my pt is done, my brains are fried and I am incapable of speaking a co-herent sentance.
trust me
I am mostly also numb, which is good as I got at least a 45 minute drive HOME.........
the lure of ice packs, icecream and collapsing in a heap on my computer chair keeps me going just long enough to get there.

I tried bribery, I gave her soaps................. and some of the office staff as well.
hopeing that they will go easy on me.....
I suspect however that it may have a paradoxical effect in this case..... forcing my beloved mengele to now try to insert my elbow into my ears....... on the opposite side.... after she puts my head UNDER my knee in an effort to enable my neck to again move.

I truly know she is helping me..
but....... can you say PAIN???
yes I knew you could

til I am human again

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

On a more serious note........

Lately the weather here has been cold..... I mean the heat goes on at 65 cold.
and rainy, dark even during the height of the day.
I love this weather.
I swear this weather is the kind of weather that made the old country folk see the fairies.
maybe it is the green stuff growing....
the air is full of growth and magic.
(isn't growth magic?)
I love to work at the workbenches by the back windows. I look out through the guardian apples into the little clearing in the second part of our back yard. I swear if I look hard enough I will see the spirits of the plants and trees emerge.
later on the does will bring the fawns down to this protected playground.. ( or they used to, but with the new neighbors having cut all the trees on my line maybe not)
I have watched the fawns dance and play in the long grass and dappled sunlight that filters down through the ancient trees here.
I almost could have spent my entire life content watching the season turn there.
but I realized now, it is time to move on.
My adored sugar maples will have to shelter another family soon.
My maples were part of the reason we bought this place, it has two 270 year old sugar maples on the south side. Tall forest pines ring the maples.... even larger trees out back.
when we came, it was wild and free.
now due to the neighbors we have had to fence.
the deer paths are closed up, the wild turkey no longer travel through twice a day.
I still swear the fairy folk are out there but they are damaged by the cutting off of their paths too.
it is incredibly sad for me
I realize that this is probably the last year I will see the fireflies dance through the trees like lanterns carried by magic and wild folk.
the last year I will welcome the warblers in the apples.
the last year I will see the large stand of jack in the pulpit out behind the old ruined barn.
I am hoping however that the next place we live will have some of the same ancient magic and mystery surrounding it.
but with a lot less neighbors

Monday, May 23, 2005

Dr Frankenstein lives

My beloved Mengele ( she is making it possible for me to touch my ears!) decided to morph in to Doctor Frankenstein when she put some sort of electric muscle stimulator on my shoulder, (in spite of my pleas of 'lower and to the left please') which caused my arm to take on a life of it's own.
my shoulder is still all knotted up....... ( as I am painfully reminded every time Mengele starts touching it)
so this electric muscle thingy was to have loosened that.
it is going to take a JACK HAMMER to loosen them thar knots.....
Anyway it was a very strange sensation to say the least.

I have a soap order to fill and no shoulders to stir it with...
I need to make 30 pounds of patchouli soap...... ( assorted patchouli)
and as I am restricted to no more then 5 pounds of lifting and NO stiring this ought to be interesting.

I got the pattern for the seaweed stole, I do have some yarn for it but I am lacking the beads.
I need something like 100 grams of 8/0 japanese seed beads ......... I would like a clear AB for them
and I need 24 teardrop beads in clear AB as well.
so that has to wait a bit.

I got another 23 meals done and in the freezer.. shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh we won't tell mengele....
but I did take breaks and I am doing my pt excersizes soooo
I am mostly listening
but you know..... life goes on

I also have some news...... since pt started I somehow misplaced a pants size.....
I am down an entire pants size.
and one top size
My upper stomach is gone...... I mentioned that to Mengele and she told me it was because I have good posture now......
I said
'but what will hold up my BOOBS'
she informed me a BRA
( yea right, I already got bad shoulders.......... I am going to need a crane for the BRA to be held up by..............)
til next time
who owes you all pictures

Sunday, May 22, 2005

vi's got ICE CREAM~!!!

we went to shoprite today, as yesterday they didn't have enough chicken on sale.
so off we went......
got the chicken, got pork chops
got chop meat ( chop meat is ground beef to all you folks that don't speak jersey)
we went to see the icecream case.....
guess what??
MY VERY FAVORITESTEST Icecream was there
'berried treasures' by turkey hill
blueberry/black raspberry ( it used to be blackberry) and CHEESECAKE icecream
ARE you sitting down????
it was on SALE for 1.99 per carton
we got 4
count em
however one is almost gone
and I am a happy camper

it doesn't take much does it
no longer icecream deprived

Saturday, May 21, 2005

I got my nobbie ball!

ok now I can just imagine the XXX thoughts THAT is bringing up, not to mention 'fun with search engines' huh?
however I do need it for therapy.
and the Nobbie ball I use at pt is blue, I have a green one here at home, but I would have loved the clear purple one in that link......
in an 8 inch size
gee maybe mengele will make me do more with the larger size?
then I can get the purple one?
anyway, I am thrilled to be able to continue the pt excersizes, in spite of the pain.
I am really getting a lot more reach and mobility!!!
amazing huh
it is blowing me away.

I have some cat news to tell you folks.
about Fawn.
Remember her? she is the retired cattery queen who lived in a cage in the cattery for over 5 years. ( well cared for but still in a cage)
She has offically adjusted.
so much so that she got squirted with the water bottle for jumping on the workbenches in the studio.
I had to laugh even while I was telling her no.
She is also my cat. NOT bernie's ...........MINE all MINE
she won't come to bed until I tell her to.. he can whistle dixie and stand on his head...... she isn't having none of him
he meanwhile..... can't bare to crate train her soooooooooooooooo she still sleeps with us..... and now so does calpurrnia.
in a while the big guy will too..... I have a methold to my madness......
and it involves curly cats on the pillows.

ok spring is formally here in the pocono mountains.
the wild woodbine is in bloom and you can smell it everywhere.
my beloved violets are in bloom all over and I am thrilled to peices.
kidding season however is over until next year.....sniff
I will miss them little guys
the spring kids and lambs are huge now......

today I am going food shopping. I know......exciting huh?
I am to be getting 20 pounds of chicken legs. at .59 cents a pound........ you do the math.
I want to get about 10 pounds of beef and about 20 of pork.
that for a while should keep the freezer going
I want to get a second freezer, and I need a soapstone stove...
I should put up a button for donations to the freezer/stove fund huh?

til next time

Friday, May 20, 2005

you know it's bad when.......

you can't trust your own bones to stay PUT.

ok this is amazingly annoying.

now I have to do these excersize thingies with a 'soft' beach ball thingy.
not them hand squishy thingies.....

I gotta walk a wall with a ball....
( say that three times fast then try and do it)

I have to say Mengele wasn't kidding when she told me I was going to be in a bit of pain
actually she said......
'the next few pt sessions are going to hurt'

she put me in positions that even BERNIE hasn't gotten me into

( and he and I accidentally dropped an air conditioner out a window.. we almost followed it........ good thing he was hanging onto me.......)

I should have taken pictures............ you know for bribery purposes.....
or to prove that I really do not bend that way..... and that there isn't 18 joints between my shoulder and elbow.

she yanked and stretched....... and pulled and pushed......
oh and I AM all black and blue......
and for what
so that my bones can WANDER?
see my life is so boring even my bones don't wanna stay here.....
and you think YOU got problems?
do your bones want to leave?

I woulda thought the fat would hold my bones hostage..... but no..................
off they go.....

til next time

Thursday, May 19, 2005

I misplaced a WHAT???????????

apparently I have misplaced a bone
or displace a bone
either way it wasn't where it was supposed to be
and apparently it almost is back to it's assigned spot now
did you know that replacing this bone to it's assigned spot hurts..... yes really it does
and it really is as BAD AS IT SOUNDS
Mengele who is a genius however, is got me able to move my hands behind my back which I could not do before
she thinks that I will be fine in a couple weeks if I continue to do nothing but my pt
and my ice
( I am icing now Mengele dear)

Actually she wants you to know she really is a nice person and her name is NOT Mengele....
which is true her name is JUNE not Mengele....
however I needed to convey the fullness of the experience to you all since none of you can be there and do it for me.
( and you all call yourselves my FRIENDS? and no one is doing this pt torture thing for me??? and there isn't even any cheesecake or ICECREAM?)
She is also a very good pt, makes you sweat and cringe in pain so that you will remember and NOT do the bad things again that got you into this mess in the first place

oh and I am again taped

I am pretty surprised that a bone moved around...... gee I have loose and wandering bones?
couldn't the fat on my ass or stomach do that?
wander over to someone I don't really like all that much?
I ask you.....
is it fair?

apparently i have been 'tagged'

and someone who did that ( and SHALL remain nameless- I will deal with YOU later)
wants me to list my 10 favorite things.
it would be easier to list my 10 most unfavorite things


favorite things

ok I will give it a whirl......

  1. coffee, in the morning. I loves me some coffee, which right now isn't even MADE. so as I can't get the coffee out of my head right now, it is in the top spot...... this may change AFTER said coffee when I am thinking straight, and am awake..
  2. weekends with bernie... he makes me coffee and brings it to me, again with that coffee thing huh? But really I love bernie when I am not mad at him. Which with pms and menopuaseal symptoms is at midnight during a full blue moon, but I loves me some bernie. even though, due to hormone flucuations, I mostly have been wanting to rip his head off..... it isn't being bias, I pretty much want to rip anyone's head off who gets within 2' of me...
  3. my animals, enough said...........anyone who reads this tripe I write on any kind of regular basis knows that
  4. books/reading/knowledge/learning.......... yes it IS one thing, I have thousands of books.. and can only lament the ones I won't have time to read.
  5. making things with my hands, I design just about everything I make and I make a ton of stuff. From clothes to dolls to the sky is the limit.
  6. the eastern woodlands. they are magical.
  7. quantum physics...... where else does pure science tell you that there truly is magic in the world
  8. 200 year old stone houses........... i mean who wouldn't?
  9. security, I love knowing we have enough toilet paper or saving to get through any emergency
  10. being self sufficient. *** see 9

ok coffee is ready now to go and wake up

til next time


who is going to see mengele today..................

woe is me

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

ah....... tape is a marvelous thing

I have to tell you that Mengele knows what she is doing....
( actually her name is June, and she is really very nice, but damn it hurt... BAD, I am pretty sure necks can't bend in that direction either)

and that tape on my shoulder...... wow what a difference.
also I can actually get my other arm up to scratch the BACK OF MY NECK!
will wonders never cease
and here I thought I couldn't do that cause I was too fat!
no shit
it was all cause my shoulders were messed up.

ok today
I am to do pt excersizes.
and pretty much nothing else
I will lay down with the cats at some time today cause I can't hold them and I miss them terribly
I miss my goaties and sheepies too
and my adopted horse princess.
I am going to try and knit in that new posture she wants me in
which by the way
that new posture pushes my boobs all the way the hell out to THERE
talk about advertizing
if I was 17 it would be great
at this age.........
I need cranes to hold them puppies off the floor
I swear I think I got taller too

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Doctor Mengele is got to be my pt

damn, my arm NEVER twisted THAT way, really even when it was good it never did move in that direction.
are you sure arms are supposed to move in that direction?
can I see pictures please?

oh and you do know that I actually HAVE a bone in that arm...... yes and it is a real bone, not one of them fako rubber bones you give the dogs you know....

I don't CARE that you are a female..... there IS Sweden and sex changes.....
I just know you are Mengele, or his cloned daughter
you just have to be
now, I am dizzy and need my ice
ice is my friend.


shhhhhhh we don't SEE any violet do we?

as violet isn't allowed to be doing the computer yet.
and violet isn't allowed to lift.......... basically ANYTHING
PT said nothing over 5 pounds, (8 pounds if I can't help it)
I am taped up
the shoulders are bad.
she does think we can avoid surgery.
the left is really bad
the right is pretty bad.

they are all inflamed and swollen and I have been compensating with my movements to take stress off the rotator cuff.

that is also why I can't hold anything UP.
I can knit if I keep my shoulders down and back.... lift my head and tuck my chin a bit.
how the hell can I knit like that?
oh and the exersizes are KILLING my back
she told me the next few weeks I am going to be in a bit of pain
you say what?
this is more then a 'bit of pain'
someone shoot me, if you love me shoot me
who really wants to learn to drink

Yesterday's picture & PT today

Was of what I have to now look at every day, and that isn't bad............ normally there are two more trucks plus at least 3 cars AND a van.... not to mention wood piles and chain saws etc.
that is the illegal business next door.

ok today is the start of pt on my shoulders, if this works, no surgery, if not.....well.......... so much for MY summer.

I have to ask them if I can help with the fence posts for the sheep fencing up at Kris' farm.

I am going to pt down in jersey as my insurance doesn't have anyone up here for pt.
And this week is very very tight for us.

I am also concerned about the van, as Bernie 'fixed' the flat but said there was no hole...... so then why did my tire go flat? did moron neighbor vandalize yet again?

ON to fiber content.

I am stuck for a project, I finally got a few of the lace patterns I lusted after but for some reason they aren't doing it for me right now.
The whispers scarves
Concert in the park
evening in eden stole

I also wanted to do the 'seaweed stole' from needlebeetle but haven't gotten the pattern yet.

I also need to do a sample scarf for my fall modular class that I will be teaching at the local yarn store, I figure if I teach that, maybe the folks that take the class will have a bunch of new skills to go on to other projects with.
I am even going to add a lace panel to the scarf I think.
( I need to do this very fast i know)
so I am probably going to do square modulars, seperated by garter stitch, so that people can do either all modular or a few and then finish up if they get bored with a plain familar garter stitch.
but I really would love to insert a lace panel in the center

so pt knitting will of course be my sock..... this current one is in shades of orange in trekking XL

I still have a magenta one that I have yet to put in heels but that one is DEFFINATELY next.

anyway, sadly I lack knitting inspiration lately, concentrateing more on the sheepies..
I did however bid on a wheel, which I doubt I am going to get but I did try.
hopefully bernie's work will again pick up
and so will my buisness, cause I really need to get that ewe and to get my wheel
oh and to move........
to a farm
with sheepies
and goaties
and chickens
and a pony named princess............
til next time

Monday, May 16, 2005

Sunday, May 15, 2005

home again, home again from spin group

We had a blast, we laughed our asses off.......
talking about goaties
cows and beef steers.....
playing with the doggies and watching the Hunter Creek Farms herd up on the hill.
I got a sunburnt arm
( I had my big straw farmers hat on so my fat little face is still just rosy, not boiled lobster red)
Bernie didn't come, hmmmmmmmmm I wonder if he missed me.....
sniff maybe he didn't miss me?
everyone at spin was teasing me cause I keep telling everyone they have to adopt me so I have a farm to always go to.
They also told me I have to take everyone's numbers with me......
Carole told me I should have called her when I broke down. ( but I didn't know where my jack was anyway..... so what use would it have been to drag Carole out of the house?)
my sour cream coffee cake was sort of cheesecake like....... VERY moist, if you make it btw.
we ate like piggies
*** oink***
*** burp*** hey where did THAT come from?
Linda made whole wheat pumpkin cake.......it was to die for.
I did however scrap off the icing as I am not really an icing person.
She took a saved a second peice of the sour cream coffee cake for her for later.

all in all a great time.
boy did we laugh, it is wethering time now for this years bucks and rams..... so we had a lot of off color comments......( OK SO .......... I MADE the off color comments....... are you happy now??? YES yes it was ME)

wethering is done two ways, either with the crimp thingy....... or the bands..
the easiest is with the bands.......
now if any guy is reading this believe me he is shuddering and holding his crotch at this moment.....
yup you put a band around the testicules and they shrivel up and drop off.
simple and painless for the animal.
I know a few men that this procedure should have happened to...... preferably before they reproduced.

ok so anyway I made it home in one peice, and without breaking down..... how about that!
til next time

spin group is today

I am making a sour cream coffee cake since it is at 1pm, instead of thursday night.
They moved it for me as I am night blind and have not been able to go to the last two meetings. ( bernie gets home too late and is up and out too early in the AM)
how nice is that?

Sour Cream Coffee Cake

1 cup butter
2 cups white sugar
2 eggs
1 cup sour cream
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2 teaspoon almond extract
2 cups all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/8 teaspoon salt
1/3 cup all-purpose flour
1/2 cup packed brown sugar
1/4 cup white sugar
2 tablespoons melted butter
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

1 Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Grease a
9x13 inch baking pan.
2 In a large bowl, cream together 1 cup butter and white
sugar until light and fluffy. Beat in the eggs one at a
time, then stir in the sour cream and vanilla, and almond. Mix in 2 cups
flour, baking powder, and salt. Spread 1/2 of batter in the
prepared pan.
3 Prepare the filling: In a medium bowl mix 1/3 cup
flour, brown sugar, white sugar, 2 tablespoons melted butter, and
cinnamon. Sprinkle cake batter with 1/2 the filling. Spread
second half of batter over the filling, and top with
remaining filling.
4 Bake 35 to 40 minutes in the preheated oven, or until a
toothpick inserted near the center comes out clean.

I don't have a project for today yet, but I am bringing a fleece, and the new lace scarf I finished that I am planning on dyeing to cover the yellow in it.
plus some patterns and maybe my spindle.

I bid on an antique wheel on ebay, I doubt I will get it....... but I am going to try.
ok gotta take a shower

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Pepsi the buck BOS!!!!

Lilac Corners has a new home grown champion!!!
Pepsi took BEST IN SHOW......
not bad for a yearling buck
all them babies you all been seeing!
all HIS!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

finishing up the week

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
ok there is an overview from the parking lot....... the front entrance and the tree we met the folks from KR under
so you all can see for next year where to go.

Now I haven't told you folks about what is going on in laperm land lately....( hey it's saturday, I need at least three more days to be brilliant. what do you expect for an old broad)

Fawn that retired cattery queen has settled in and taken over.
She is as bad as her grandchildren!
only fawn you can pick up and cuddle without her telling you that you really are a canine.
She beats the living shit out of her MUCHO larger great grandson, and has got the little blue eyed one ( who is all beauty and no brains......lalalala.....) to understand that GRANNY runs the show.

She also sleeps on my head.

The others all have crates to sleep in...... but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO fawn sleeps on my head.
preferably with my hand under her chin.
makes for an interesting nights sleep you know.

And as I AM an old lady, I have to piss a minimum of three times a night.....she walks me to the bathroom, like amber USED to..... you know, since I am too dumb to find my way back.

she tried a couple times to inspect my bathroom output, however got the hint rather fast that MY butt is none of anyone's business.

Fawn also plays more then any of the others...... she also plays VERY VERY Hard.......
you all will be pleased to know that she had kept america safe from the feather teaser.
which as you all know is a very dangerous terrorist weapon.

she ripped it to shreds.

it WAS calpurrnia's last year birthday present.

she disemboweled it...
in 20 seconds.

feathers all over the damn house.

then she purred.

I think she settled in fine huh?
oh and she LOVES to be picked up now..... and will even ask for it or try and climb up you to be picked up.

til next time
who will post more animal pictures later

Friday, May 13, 2005

We interrupt this blog......

for a short rant about menstruation......
to bleed or not to bleed.....
which is the better horatio?
to bleed and know that thou art unencombered by the future of 'huggies' and 'binkies'
or to not bleed, and worry about college funds.
(and instantly turn into your parents, complete with gray hair, and worry wrinkles)

Yes yes yes..... me who is about to PAUSE the freeken menstruation is again...... 'on the rag'
lovely expression that
more like a 'wrung out rag'

I swear this should only be for the young, strong and annoying.
not little old ladies that already had a full week.

*** and to those of you who met me at MDSW, let me assure you, while I don't LOOK as old as I claim to be, I really am older then dirt, I have an extremely good moisturizer....... I know it is, I make it myself***

Anyway I woke up with this lovely parting gift this morning, so I am cranky, tired clumsy, annoyed, annoying, brain dead,........ you name it.

ok on to the REAL post
gee I just noticed that it is Friday the 13.
where is a good chain saw murderer when you need one?

lets see where was I .....
ok more alpaca pictures, and angora pictures, goaties.... etc ( more more more.... lalalala)
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
the broommaker at MDSW, I really need a round long handled hearth broom.....

now this is Kris' ewe pen, the rams are out in the back
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
now for the record this little one is THE sweetest of alpaca's she comes right up to you plops down and begs to be petted,........ I was sorely tempted to steal this one, however we had Carole's car ( that would be monica's butt in that picture)
and the alpaca didn't fit real well in the back seat, next time I am taking the damn van
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
more 'paca
They have an adorable stud alpaca that is all white, I didn't get a good picture of him, which I will next time
(you know......when I come there with the VAN)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
spring lambs Lilac corners farm

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
what are friends for?
scratching each others necks of course!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
can YOU see the bunnie?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
the 'boys'
this is the buck pen, here the younger bucks are, nubians, and saanen, and I believe there is one cashmere.
there is another buck pen out back with the senior bucks.
HUGE horns on them suckers...... HUGE
6 foot horn spread on one....

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
see why I can't resist?

(please note, I keep adding pictures and also text then republishing for a while when I post so there maybe more after you read this)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Ok this is rosebud the angora goatie

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
silvester and rosebud
they are bestest of buddies

posted at 7pm, I really have been pretty sick today, and found out that bernie will probably have to leave his job for another.
that is a shame as he loves his job, but they can't seem to get the work/time/pay thing straight. ( dealerships run different then the rest of the working world)
He was about to start school there too, but at this point we can't afford him to stay.
so I am a bit depressed now, as this means no insurance AGAIN, and then more time waiting to fix all the stuff I need done.
I wish this country would get some sort of affordable health insurance for folks who work but have none.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

a funny thing happened on the way home from the goaties

Ok first off let me tell you I had a fantastic time, Went out to Lilac Corners, was mobbed by my beloved goaties and sheepies...... Kissed by princess the horse.....

(WHAT you have never been KISSED by a horse? what kind of deprived childhood do you HAVE? everyone needs to be kissed by a horse, and tasted by goats and sheepies)

I didn't help much with the barn chores but I did take a ton of pictures and got the entire herd OUT of the barn so that Carole could refresh their bedding. ( the barn just got cleaned, and it is a mess again, cause they can't get out on pasture yet, they will colic, it is too much for them so they have to be slowly conditioned to it)
I have to post these pictures over a couple of days guys, as really I did take so many, it would blow up the photobucket and the blogger server, WAIT to you see some of these pictures.

I dropped Kris' lamb pen and creep panel off by her farm, and borrowed a sheep book and Folk Shawls. Kris' farm is centered on a 200+ year old stone house, it is got 24 inch thick walls and I sort of envy her. ( ok so I drool EVERY single time I go past that house, I adore it)
We spent some time talking and hugging lambsies.
I of course took pictures.....
Image hosted by Photobucket.com ( this is Kris and Ike)
and as soon as norton antivirus finishes it's scan I will be downloading them AND posting them of course so you all can see.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com this is all the lambsies.
She has two up for sale to a fiber only home, btw, in case anyone is interested. they will be wethered as they are boys, and she wants 150 each. Not bad for I think a 5/8 BFL.

I continued on my merry way over the river and through the woods to Carole's Lilac Corner farm.......( you know, WHERE THE goaties live)

I made good time.

I made mental notes where the new spring babies were at the farms along the way.

I got to Lilac Corners and of COURSE my beloved princess was out in the feedlot waiting for me
you gotta love a horse that see you coming and runs over to greet you.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Stranger the cat came running out,Image hosted by Photobucket.com
a couple of the goaties....
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
( shhhhhh but I do have my favorites, don't tell the herd, they ALL think they are my favorites, noses get kissed all around)

I unpacked, and ran out to the barn. I got pictures of the newest little darlinks....
the little white headed black doe has me concerned, Carole too as she started to bottle feed her.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
I picked up a handy saanen kid Image hosted by Photobucket.com
( they ARE just laying around all over the place you know) and had a cuddle and a kiss, and just breathed in goatie........

also I have a really special treat, we went out to Monica's farm to see her alpacas, angora goats and her Arabian horses. There was a new filly there to greet us!!!Image hosted by Photobucket.com
here is her momma
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
ok and just for AMIE, here is a tease for the next batch of pictures....
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Ok now I am going to drink my coffee
and start my day, I have all these pictures to process to show you all
til next time
who is got to also post the last of the MDSW pictures as well
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
one more picture, This is Austin, the worlds oldest living meat goat, ( he is about 10 or so maybe older) We have decided Austin is the meat goat for vegitarians, as he will live long and die a natural death, then be buried under a tree in the 'north 40'
( I promised him I would post his picture)

OH ditzy vi .....
the funny thing...... well I ran out of time and space here I will post it tomorrow


Wednesday, May 11, 2005


ok first off.....
do you know these folks
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
ok one tiny hint for the person on the right......
she is sooooooo sweet like a rose.

now, a bit more local ambiance
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
and I bet you all don't know WHO that GUY is in the background.......hahahaha
hint, he is LONG suffering

ok here are two prints I got there
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
now those of you that know me, know I could have drawn these myself.
however I saw this person at rhinebeck, and I loved the feeling from the prints so I tracked him down at mdsw. They were reasonable, and I do love the feeling.

now I have the last to put up tomorrow
and also I will have goatie and sheepies all the rest of the week
so til next time

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

MDSW part 2

ok folks now more on MDSW

First off I was there really for the sheepies.... (and to meet a few folks and help Kris pick up a sheep pen.

don't all faint, remember I can shop for yarn online, and fiber at any one of my friends, ( between all of them I think the ONLY thing we don't have is icelandic...... we have all sorts of other stuff....... oh and silk, no one is raising silk worms)
AND my friends take trades of soap, lotions and handbalms for fiber.

( all of them use my shepherds lotions and handbalms, they tell me that my stuff is the only thing that keeps them from cracking during the winter, and remember, they are OUT in the real cold weather taking care of stock)

Ok as to shopping, I did break down and do a bit of it
some coned yarns, rayon.
a few lace scarf patterns, I did get the "whisper" scarves from Fiddlesticks

But the biggest thing I got was two signed prints of sheep that I'd seen in Rhinebeck and was moaning that I didn't get them in Rhinebeck............ I could NOT afford them then.
Ok I will take the picture and post it
They are two different sizes because they didn't have them both in the SAME size but that's ok
I will frame them alike and stack them
Goaties were born yesterday, yup yup twins
I am going tomorrow

Ok now for round 2 of MDSW, lets play
"put the name to the faces"

and you folks better comment.....

ok first up
who's this???
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
hurry now there will be a TEST after.......

Now this next one is someone we better have indoctrinated..........
we don't know her name yet I don't think.... ( considering that haul in front of her..... she is one of us already)
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
so if that is YOUR picture, step up to the plate and post ok?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
ok, and here we go.......
(btw, I owe you for the 25 year thing)

and some 'local' ambiance
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

more tomorrow


Sunday, May 08, 2005

vi's big adventure to the wilds of MD

First off let me preface this with........
if a chair falls on your head, you may just want recover from that first before trekking off to MD.

ok let us now raise the lights on this expedition.

Friday a chair fell on my head......

I KNOW it surprised the shit out of me too

not to mention Fawn who almost got squished under me and the chair.
Bernie of course got home 20 minutes after I extracted myself from this dilemma (again like a MAN, impecable timing no?)

so here is my little round body, banged up, insulted, abused.....
sniff sniff...... (feel sorry for me yet? no? ok......... )
meanwhile we are rushing around doing saturday things......
get to bed by 11 pm,
I can feel the tendrils of the pumpkin overtaking my head........ I just know I have completely turned orange.

(to thems that don't understand the refrence....... read your fairy tales again, not the disney ones..... the REAL ones from the Grimm brothers)

ok alarm set for 4 am

ready to do some serious sleeping?
well actually......................... hotflashes strick again
ok so at 4am we get up....... load the van.
and take off for MD

3.5 hours
on 4 hours or less sleep.


now I have a weird phobia of public bathrooms.
so between that and the lack of sleep ........ well lets just say NEXT YEAR WE GET A ROOM THERE.

I haf spoken!

ok we did stop at a mickyD for orange juice and a knash.. .....................
blame that on bernie as I had oatmeal cherry cookies for breakfast.....

we got there....... first off we went to go find Louise from Louknits.
We kept missing her, ( we did finally meet up that afternoon, at least I think it was afternoon, maybe it was late morning)

Her daughter is so tiny and petite and adorable...... Louise is wonderful, I could have just taken them home and adopted them on the spot.

The weather was supposed to be highs at 66......... DUDE, it got REALLY WARM.
at least to folks used to mountain temps.
I was striping off stuff fast. Oh and someone remind me next year bring my BIG sunhat from the garden.

we walked around looking at sheepies....... I didn't find many tunis,
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
(would you LOOK at them faces????)
except in the rare breed area
ok there were two ewes and either 3 or 4 lambs.

and here is a two week old soay lamb, complete with diapers, who is being bottle fed.Image hosted by Photobucket.com
I didn't take a picture of the diapers to protect the baby's dignity (bernie fell in love with this little one, and I could have brought her home if only they would have let me......)

now I also met a few folks from the Knitters Review forums
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Now if I messed up anyone's name forgive me
( and send my hush money cause you know..........I got some candid shots of you all and I intend to put them up here........hahahah )

ok and last of all ME!!!!!
yup yup the offical violet portrait....
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

aren't I cute?
til next time vi

Friday, May 06, 2005

Menu update

Ok I cut up veggies for a salad, lettuce, carrots slivers, blanched green beans.
I am hard boiling eggs.
I also have black olives, and will cut up tomato and Spanish onions.
Garlic cheese croutons, and salad dressing all in separate containers.

Bernie hasn't called yet so I don't know if the ham/cheese with the cream cheese is a go or whether he wants just normal ham and cheese on a deli roll.
the roll ups seem a LOT more fun to me
I don't think I will be needing to take pasta salad with all that do you?
I still need to make oatmeal cranberry cookies.
( we need SOME thing breakfasty)

I am about done although I still need to finish up the handbalms and lotions
and I need AA batteries for back up for the camera.
oh and two plastic large garbage bags for in case of rain.

I think I am about done anyway.
I have my car knitting..... ( the neverending line up of THE current sock)
I would take the lace scarf but I am afraid I would screw up as it is a chart......
even though I know the pattern it is a 16 row repeat with 5 of those rows garter.......
I can't seem to remember where the hell I am on it! So I need the chart and the post it
I can knit toe up socks in my sleep.

ok if anyone has ANY menu suggestions please please post them in the comments........
Bernie eats ALOT
and while it seems I have a lot..... believe me, for him it may not be.

me again, I wish I could make peach yogurt frozen smoothies to take with us.... doesn't that sound good?
and I am going to experiment on my victim...... ah I mean bernie.... with a mayoless salad dressing of yogurt and cream cheese... hahahaha

oh and a VERY good tip..
when you are baking it helps to move things along if you actually TURN on THE FREEKEN OVEN.............. when you have the cookie sheets in there...........
meanwhile 12 minutes on the timer.... and an ice cold oven

Packing a picnic

I am taking a brief break, I have cleaned the coolers.
frozen the water bottles and some extra water.
(we are also taking iced tea with us, but I don't have room in the freezer for it....)
I packed a first aide kit.... nothing real elebrate, just two bandaides, aspirin, eye wash, neosporine and wet wipes.
oh and of course...... IMODIUM.
I may throw a benydril in there too
I usually carry sunscreen normally anyway, and my tube should be in the van already.
I have soap to wrap, lotions to make and handbalms too.
I have to run to the PO
lay out our clothes,
make some cookies I think

I am thinking, ham/cheese wrap sandwiches.
I am thinking of mixing cream cheese with shredded cheddar and swiss, and some honey mustard, spread THAT on the ham and roll it up in a tortilla.

does that sound like it would be good?

I also can't decide if I should take plain salad, or do a pasta salad. Either one will be good in ziplocks.
I also have some plastic forks
I got crackers too, just in case.
I wish I could do a fruit salad.
and I also need a travel mug for tea for bernie

oh man...... will someone come and help me?

Actually normally I like doing all this stuff
but my shoulder is still burning.
it 's not hurting too bad as long as I don't put too much pressure on it..
like pocketbooks or tight bra straps, so that is an improvement

anyway I am off to wrap soap now.....
I think eventually I am changing my soap packaging to boxes. I should have done that a long time ago

Thursday, May 05, 2005

I gotta set me up a personal RAOK fund

I have a lust today.

what pray tell is my lust?


and I want to do it in either brilliant turquoise with purple, yellow, oranges, and shades of magentas and burgandys......
or copper and orange!

of course I am out of my mind

( well you all knew that...... so no surprise there)

I can't afford to do that
and yet here it is...... in AMERICA no less, not CANADA

damn damn damn

ok and I just found out that while I am going to MDSW, I am not able to BUY anything there.....
so basically I am driving all the ways down there just to meet some wonderful people

oh, and grope some sheep

I need my very own raok......... and a fund for it

till next time

and the countdown begins

MDSW of course
we are to go Saturday.
We are meeting Amie, and also Louise, ( see side bar for Rose by Any, and also Louknits)
I am to scout Tunis sheep and CVM sheep.
Bringing home some spinable samples and business cards.

Carole told me I don't have to pick up a sheep Saturday.....

yeah right, she will be in INDIANAPOLIS......hahahahaha
she won't KNOW until TUESDAY if I bring home a lambsie.

Should I get the lambsie a pink collar and leash?

ok so we have to meet Kris at 4 to put sheep pens in our van, as she is taking her car.
Amie is noon, and Louise is to be met at a merchants booth.
in between, we are to look at sheep mostly

I want a lendrum dt upright complete

HE wants a saxony

He won't BE spinning

We have a very small house

I am a very short person who could not REACH to spin on the wheel that he likes........

I ask you folks?

who is right?

lets see what else?

oh fiber/yarn

well the tunis fleece, and the cvm fleece.
samples from some other breeds we have been talking about.

and some laceweight yarns.
I want some silk laceweight to dye if possible
or silk blend
( yes i know.. it is a SHEEP festival.......... I still want the silk..... )

ok meanwhile I got a thousand things to do, including makeing a matching tote bag for my current new bag.........
packing some tiny presents for some folks.
and getting ready to oggle my sheepies..........

ok maybe I should start a wheel fund?

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

AS the CAT turns

ok so where did I go wrong?
or was it right?

Thaddeaus is in cat jail.
he did the crime and is doing the time.

there is of course a catch. ( well there would have to be as I am actually wasting time writing about it huh?)

the catch, he put himself in CALPURRNIA's crate.....

where upon.... tiny little adorable blue eyed princess calpurrnia who is truly beautiful..... ( but not the brightest candle in the box if you get my drift......)

put herself in HIS crate.
she thinks she has to do time as well.......

the thing is.....
he is behind bars, as I closed the door.
She has the door wide open, and is looking at me all soulful and sorrowful.

I told her, Cowpie, ( yes we are reduced to that nickname......oye the shame), cowpie, dear heart.......
YOU aren't in trouble.
she blinked at me.

glad we got that cleared up.

she is still in the crate

Ok meanwhile Fawn the Great gramma....... is running around with tiny kitten calling meows chirping at her grandcats.

She is commiserating with her grandson.

Now you want to hear the really really sick part of all this???
are you sitting down?
Thaddeaus is so used to jail time when he does something bad, that all I told him was
he ran in but got in calpurrnia's crate.....
my boy knows when he is bad.
he takes his punishment like a man..........
like a cat?
til next time
mother to convicts

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

the day after.....

man I should have had a hell of a good time to be feeling THIS bad today.

ok yesterday was a bust, I ended up crashing all afternoon.
I was in so much pain just from that shot that I fell asleep during the DAY.

I KNOW, amazing huh?

today it is not too bad, as long as I don't really use it too much
so far, I have only done dishes.

I do however have to finish up cutting the beef cubes and baking some muffins.....

I am thinking of doing cherry walnut muffins
and banana nut sour cream muffins, how does that sound?

well we'll see if my shoulders can take it all.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com (just the picture I promised you all below)

I have discovered something, you CAN knit lace while incapacitated......
however don't expect it to come out anywheres near the pattern.
but that's ok

you can also knit socks.....
but then again I can knit socks in my sleep now.

I have also discovered that sleeping on the opposite side of the bed so you can actually get up without using the really bad shoulder ( as opposed to just using the bad shoulder) isn't such a bad thing but it does tend to confuse the cat.

(hahaha BERNIE was up most of the night with said cat sniffing his mouth and then meowing...hahahahah)
ok I will be back in a bit to post some pictures of fawn with her great grandchildren

ok it's me, I'm back for a few.
I baked banana walnut muffins, cut up two roasts for a total of 4 meals, and made a HUGE tray of baked ziti.
then my shoulder gave out.

they want me to take naprosyn.
I didn't remember until I looked it up, I can't TAKE naprosyn.
it kills my stomach

ok so now, I am going to sit on my fat behind........ knit some lace
and see if there is anything on tv......
( the thud you all just heard is everyone who knows me, and knows I don't WATCH tv)

Monday, May 02, 2005

AH........are you SURE doc?

ok so I just got back
I got a shot
ouch big time
it still hurts
and I am informed it is 'tendionist of the rotator cuff'
me:'what is that spear head shapped thingy'?
him: shadow on the xray
me: are you sure?

ok so now I got 4 weeks of pt, and some anti inflamitories
plus this shot which is supposed to stop it hurting
I forget to ask WHEN it would stop.

he put that needle in and let me tell you........ new heights of pain
I turned magenta
no kidding
even the doc commented 'you look like you can fry an egg on your cheeks you are so red'

ah duh...........
I am in excruiciating pain
him:' oh good, then we got the spot then'

now if the 4 weeks of pt doesn't clear it up...... then we go for the mri
surgery and more pt
I am not a happy camper, and I am also in pain
yes yes I probably should have brought the old xrays to show him but I figured that they were like 10 years old, and new ones would be a better idea
now do I have to cook today?
or can I beg off for good behavior in not neutering the doctor?

Sunday, May 01, 2005

It IS all worth it right?

Ok today I am cooking......
first Sauce ( tomato as I am Italian)
then I am doing baked ziti, stuffed cabbage, stuffed peppers and some muffins
all for the freezer

now as to Fawn, well lets just say.........
she is so settled in that it looks like SHE is the cat here the longest...
she is a little doll too but can be pretty feisty, She keeps throwing her great grandson off the cat tree.
he goes anywheres near her and she hisses at him.
I of course laugh my ass off.

Meanwhile she has taken to sleeping as close to my face as she can, and purring LOUDLY all night.
She also has to occasionally nose touch me for reassurance...... ( no fawn, I did not turn into some other mommy during the night) Now all this is killing my shoulder. ( dragging in 25 bags of groceries yesterday of course did NOTHING to my shoulder............... yeah right-I am still paying for that one)
Fawn enjoys sleeping on my shoulders....... and wonders why she suddenly is dumped off on her head.
ok now......
I am finishing the last gulp of my coffee, and will get my fat ass up and start to cook.
if you all don't hear from me in a day or so.
someone check the bottom bin in the freezer........... see if there is a round little blue faced violet in there?