Thursday, June 30, 2005

three day weekend coming right up

First off let me tell you all........

Bernie has this whole weekend off!
Image hosted by
(gratutitous calpurrnia picture)

WE have BIG plans that do NOT include going out of the house at anytime.
( I have some plans for us that do not include being vertical but I digress)

he also has NEXT saturday off but is going in to work on my van......
did you hear that????
amazing huh????
let me say it again louder.........
work on my VAN!!!!
now he tells me that I need a new exhaust valve that the old one is burnt.
I have NO FREEKEN idea what the hell he is talking about....
I don't actually care really I just want to hear

Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
three of my baby boy..........that last one he WAS a baby.......... LOOK at them ears.....

'love, your van is back and runs GRRRRRRRRRRRRREAT.........'
yeah baby, gimme some of that tony the tiger growls..........

Then he said he wants to get it into the body shop for a bit of work.....

( someone should put ME into the body shop for a bit of work....... Mengele does her best and my shoulders are so very much better but my boobs are still footstools and my ass is a doorstop for a bank vault.......)
Image hosted by
(vi's house at halloween..... think COOL thoughts )

Now I want you all to know that I have a pale blue van.......

I wanted a screaming magenta van with yellow flames and dalmatian spots on it........

Bernie didn't think that was a very good idea
he said.........
'maybe a thin purple pinstripe'

Image hosted by
(one of my miniature handpainted birdhouses......... I make a bunch of different ones)

does the man actually live with me?????
has he actually KNOWN me for over 30 humminita years........

he tells me............'it would hurt resale'
excuse me but my van is 14 years old....
I love it and want to KEEP it
what resale?
resale my pattootee
(will someone please give me the proper definintion of a pattootee also, if you would be so kind)

where the hell was I?

oh yeah my van.
the other excuse for not painting my van magenta is.......
( are you sitting down??? cause this is a good one)
sit there now
take a deep breath..
hold it
hold it
the door linings would clash!!!

yup I just dropped............
who the HELL cares about clashing door liningS?

ok soooooooo
I am going to be happy just to get my little van back that runs ok.......
safe dependable and boring blue transportation.....
I loves the van......
but would really have liked the magenta
an old broad can dream right???

Image hosted by
the terrible two some, their 2nd birthday is July 17, I will probably get them new feather teasers...... as their great gramma ate the ones from last year.. and on tuesday, Calpurrnia will have lived here one whole year!!!!!
til next time


here is where I go to therapy

Image hosted by

I am about done with therapy, and as you know even though I call my pt mengele, she is very good and I am getting alot of movement back in my shoulders.
(although she does cause me a great deal of pain on a regular basis...... just so she doesn't think she lost her touch)

I dropped the second 24 hour urine test off at the lab and told them if they drop it again .......THEY will have to take it..... talk about PISS ON YOU......

Ok so we have a three day weekend......YEAH!!!!
I plan on just resting with bernie as much as I can IN THE AIR Conditioning.

I am working on a beautiful scarf for my lace class at the local yarn store, and some cloth dolls for various things. I know I owe pictures to you all.......
yes I know
but there is the picture of where I go to pt...... is that ok?????

meanwhile aside from assorted annoyances going on here it is mostly quiet here

I really need to get to the farm and hug me some goaties.......
not the bucks as they are starting to smell again......( they really start smelling bad as they get closer to the rut)

I have soap and lotions to make and I want to cook another whole freezer full of food.....somehow one almost empty shelf in the freezer makes me crazy.

Bernie appears to be making more time at work, thankfully as we can't live on 35 hours a week.

so I will try to get pictures over the weekend......
til next time

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The insurance company is going to give me a heart attack

I am getting the run around from the insurance company...... Unfortunately I have to go through their hoops to get anywheres.
I am trying to get my claims paid. They will only pay part.
That isn't what they told me originally.
after I do their appeals process.......( excuse me, isn't that kind of like the fox RUNNING the hen house???)
I will turn them into the state insurance commission.
this is annoying the piss out of me.
WHEN did insurance companies get so outrageous?
and hopefully MORE people will turn them in to the insurance commission in the states that they are chartered in.

I do know that the last insurance company I had to turn in got it miraculously straightened out in 2 hours AFTER the insurance commission contacted them.
I expect the same for this claim.
so I have to do this thing again.
I hate this
paper work and legal crap make me extremely antsy.......

I really do wish I drank.

I need a goatie to hug.....
I won't be seeing my beloved goaties for a few weeks
someone asked me about them
they are my babies........ all them goaties are my babies
they actually live with carole and diana, but they are mine
yup mine all mine

they listen to me when I call them and if I ask them to smile pretty for the camera they do
so they are all my babies.....
I worry about them all, I can tell if one is not right........ I nag carole about them
I adore my goaties

actually I am thinking we need to keep little thaddeaus.. just cause he is so cute. (I already told carole I need to have him, so if bernie continues to do ok at work, money will change hands and he will be mine on paper)

now I am still waiting on my lamb
we are going to see at allentown fair the tunis breeder...... and hopefully the CVM breeder.
I am thinking of tunis.........
yes I know you all are sick of hearing tunis.

ok so have about cvm?
or california red?

between us, we have corriedale, BFL, BL, texel, jacob, merino, angora goats, cashmeres, & alpaca
so I want to get a ewe that no one else has, we have access to a 100% BFL ram, or.. possible tunis ram.
we of course will be looking to breed for fiber more then 'type'

anyone have any opinions please feel free to post them in the comments

I don't think I want shetland or icelandics......... and we do manage to trade fibers and such.....
( I trade soap a lot .............. or dyed fibers)

til next time
when I am in a better mood

Monday, June 27, 2005

I need a break

we had a quiet weekend more or less.
I locked my keys in the ignition of my van and was sort of stuck down at the Local yarn store all day.
I got a ride home in the afternoon around 4 and a few minutes after I got home....Bernie pulled up.
we waited to the sun went down to get the truck.
we also got a free icecream from the swann guy.......... who was parked down the hill.
Moron neighbor put in a pool.
I reported him for no permit
while talking to the zoning board.......
which has the statues online that STATE no landscaping business on this road......
they informed me that the moron got a permit!
so I am thoughly disgusted..........
Zoning says it is illegal........but grants a permit?
and they are treating me like dirt when I call
they are not beleiving me about the barking dog........
we have a noise ordanence that they can't enforce.
they are hostile about when I complain about this barking dog
which barks all the freeken time........ except sometimes at night
they say they can only do something if the dog barks 24 hours and they pull up with the dog barking

I can't wait to move
I really can't

Friday, June 24, 2005


AGAIN with the day from hell
it started off ok
(btw you all are going to be reading this sometime Saturday, however it is Friday night as I type this)
I didn't really WANT to get up at 4am, but I sort of did.......
However once in the shower at 5 am ,I was a bit more resigned to face the day.

I got on the road by 6:30 am to go to pt, and sat down in the lot there for about 1/2 hour knitting waiting for the pt folks to open. (they were a bit late)

I got mangled for an hour.......
really mangled
first Mengele had a crack at me then Ashley......... ( Ashley is a doll btw, and looks EXACTLY like one of my favorite teachers from high school)
Both of these wonderful ladies that look so tiny........ lemme tell you...... don't let them fool you........
they are strong enough to completely beat an entire defensive line into submission.
I kid you not
them ladies are TOUGH.
They are tiny skinny little things too......

I told Ashley to go ahead and beat the crap out of me cause while I will suffer today, tomorrow I will be better.
And I am getting better but it isn't fun. I need a polar cap, & morphine to get rid of the pain

ok so I got home, all sore and stiff and aching........
I figured I would start some of the cloth dolls for the fair, and some of the stuff for the craft show that my spin group is going to attend.
Thaddeaus had different ideas...........
5 TIMES that damn cat threw the iron, ironing board and pressing gadget thingy down on the floor.
I swear I am going to skin him and make a hat.
then he ate the front part of the doll

then in pressing what was left of the front part of the doll, I scorched it!
I have NEVER scorched a fabric in my life.......
so I am thinking....... the iron didn't really appreciate those falls huh?
it is only about 30 years old............
maybe I need a NEW ONE????

ok let me take a break............... and the PHONE rings...............

now let me tell you, I was thinking it was bernie........ I was waiting on his call.
or maybe Bethie, or Shaggy ( who does owe me a call btw, you hear me Shag??)
nope it was the doctors office, ( not the shoulder doc..........the other end)
they have good news and bad news she tells me
oh shit
ok give me the bad news.....

(thinking to myself.......that damn thyroid huh? that stupid mass on that damn thyroid.)

the bad news is that the lab DROPPED and broke my 24 hour urine sample and they WANT ME TO DO IT AGAIN.............!

you all can't see me right now.....
picture a chicken that caught it's beak in an electrical outlet and is exploding all over the place.....
yup that would be me
but with less feathers

now I have pt three times next week.........Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.......
I have to pick UP the container Monday......
then I have to start at 5am, ( cause it is when you first get up)
and every single freeken drop for 24 hours has to go in that bucket thingy

fun it is NOT.
the contortions alone to get the samples are enough to give a body nightmares......
and this body has been through pt and already has enough nightmare pain.......

not to mention how hysterically funny I look at 3am balance precariously over the bowl. Hell even the CATS laughed their asses off at me. ( picture fawn on her back laughing so hard her feet are up in the air)

It was a sight to make you blind........
and I am about to do it AGAIN

any one who DOUBTS that the three stooges are running the universe...............
trust me on this
larry, moe and curly are now watching over me............insuring that Mr. Murphy is always active in my life......
which they film as the blooper reel for the heavenly christmas party.......
who needs to drink?

til next time
or a reasonable facsimile of vi

late breaking news flash.......

I dropped an entire bottle of my orange ginger blend fragance on the studio floor
just when I thought it could not get any worse.
Imagine if you will, 3-5 oz of a very concentrated highly scented fragrance that I use by the DROP in lotions and by the 1/2 oz in soaps..............

I threw 3 pounds of kitty litter on it all and called Bethie practically in tears.
I need to stop working now
right now

New knitting /tote bags

ok here are the new bags isolated without being buried in a post
Image hosted by
Image hosted by Photobucket.comthis is the cream and blue toile, it is the smaller bag, either used as a sock knitting bag, or just a hand bag ( pockabook for those who speak 'jersey')

Image hosted by
Image hosted by

these two are the sock/handbag and the large tote ( shopping bag size)
I didn't take a picture of the lining of these but it is a very nice batik cotton with lots of pockets in the large tote.
enough to stuff all the things I need when I teach or spin group.

I have a cream/blue large bag & tool bag to make next as well as the wild colored set from spring, and a really nice dark tan and burgandy floral set to make.

now onto today.
After PT, I am working on a new cloth doll for this years county fair.
I hope to get the body done shortly, maybe today.
it is supposed to be brutally hot this weekend so I figure I will get that one made, then onto the other stuff for the fair.
I would like at least 15 assorted items to bring.
Premiums are not too bad between 15 and 20 each for first and second place, so I could make enough to justify buying my lendrum dt spinning wheel.

I had gotten a pair of SAS sandals for the deposition, and I wore them the other day to the hospital........... let me tell you guys, they are worth every drop of the almost 100 bucks we spent on them.
My legs did NOT hurt walking in and out of that endless hospital.

Now I have to go as Amber the senile 4008 year old cat just peed on her pillow..(and then absent mindedly wandered off- time for the trip to the promised land?????)

I swear I am thinking of peeing on her head

And to Amie, who is undergoing surgery today, remember I am sitting on your shoulder...... and whispering funny stuff in your ears... you will be fine.
AND we will 'see you in october' to paraphrase the song..................

til next time

Thursday, June 23, 2005

The morning after the day before NOW WITH PIX

Image hosted by
closeup of the blue and cream small tote

First off......... mamography hurts........
apparently it is gone but won't be forgotten for days.............. Aspirin or no aspirin
Husbands need to have ONE mamogram on their testicles......... Just one will surfice...
and I get to watch.
and put it on the christmas card

And truly it was so dumb to go from physical therapy to mamography........

'Hi, I'm violet and I am dumber then dirt, someone quick see if there is actually one intact brain cell in the vacuum that is my head'

another thing....... take a BEGINNING sock to knit with you.......not something you are ready to put in waste yarn for the heel........

and also let me tell you
I am NOT going back
I don't care if they find Mt Rushmore in my boobs........with Lincoln pointing the way.......
I am NOT going back

although my boobs did faint at the tightest compression and I FINALLY mercifully didn't feel the last films........
( they have a habit of doing that actually... first they are in agony...........then I don't feel a damn thing at all)

HOWEVER feeling returned when I got home........ and they were NOT happy with me
I was too sick for even icecream
dinner was crap and I didn't care
( did I just say that?)
I couldn't decide if my boobs or my shoulders needed the ice packs.

IS there alternatives to mamography?

if there is why are we still doing it this way?
and why do they send you for ultrasound after
if it hurts so bad why can't they just do the ultrasound FIRST?

ok enough of the mamo thing
even the name trips me up.......... I keep calling it 'mammyogram'
I loath it.
( imagine me saying that with all the loathing I can summon........ that still does not capture the feelings I have....... that is why I resisted getting one until there appeared to be a BIG problem
now I decided to refuse to get another one)
Image hosted by
little fawn

I am supposed to take thaddeaus to the vet
I don't think I can
it is going to be really hot today
the vet is over an hour away
we have currently no air conditioning in the van
I don't want a fried cat when I get home

last time I did that whole take the boy to the vet in extreme heat
He was panting all the way home
I was frantic
I don't think I can live with that today after yesterday.

shoulder update,
they finally seem to be getting better.
Mengele told me to keep a little pillow behind my waist when I sit
to help keep my spine upright, and straight
that seems to be working
at first it hurt really bad
now it does keep me up and not slumping
and since I finally got used to it my shoulders seem better when I do the pt exercises
I am actually able to use the muscles I am supposed to be using for them
I know I still have a way to go as we haven't started to strengthen them at all yet but at least there is a bit of progress. So it is looking like no surgery on the really bad shoulder......YEAH!!!!

it is now 6am here
still peaceful and quiet
I can hear the wake up chirps of the birds echoing on the forrest floor.
I can smell the dew from overnight.
I watched the moon go down
it is so peaceful

Image hosted by Image hosted by
blue and cream tole bag just finished & pink large tote finished tuesday which goes with

Image hosted by

very shortly moron will throw that damn dog out and the barking will begin
I swear that man should be dropped out in montana or wyoming somewheres......
a million miles from anyone he could possibly annoy.
til next time

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

make a note......THINGS to NOT do again

  1. do not drop a lab specimen off and then run to pt.
  2. do not go from pt and rush over to get a mamogram
  3. do not call an old friend and try to wash the cat all at once
  4. do not eat an egg before cleaning up various substances ejected from both ends of the cat......( see number 3)
  5. do not call bethie while trying to type this post (she yelled at me for typing as I am not supposed to be doing that......... mengele said)
  6. do not yack breathlessly on and on and on cause you are having an adrenaline rush
  7. do not leave the clean dishes in the dishwasher and then pile up the sink........... you will be tired when you get home
  8. don't hug the cat until you see if he is covered in his own body fluids..........
  9. use a sponge to wash the cat's crate to remove said body fluids......
  11. NEVER say you are going to sleep in the following you will be up and on the road by 6am, with a screaming cat you can't carry (shhhhhhhh don't tell mengele)
  12. don't hold the phone with your shoulder fresh from pt, INVEST in a DAMN HEADSET
  13. remember to FIND the ice packs for your shoulder before you sit down....... you really will be tired and won't want to get up
  14. take tylanol BEFORE mamography............ and then take more when you get home.......
  15. learn to drink...... really do that when you are young.
  16. and most importantly NEVER CALL JOHN BACK........ he WILL be inebriated and WILL argue with you...........

these few simple rules will make your life infinitely more enjoyable if you remember to observe them

don't say I didn't tell you this..........

cause I love you all and want yous all to be happy

til next time


back to the bump and grind......

it is currently 5:53 am, I am drinking coffee, listening to the morning wake up songs of birds, & typing this.
it is peaceful and quiet
no dog barking
that of course will change in about an hour
when the moron neighbor will put their dog out and it will bark for hours
I have called the dog warden and he has done nothing about it
I called the town about the illegal business.......they have done nothing about it

ok today
I have to run to the lab and drop off that test........ I am so glad that is over.....
the contortions to obtain these 24 hours worth of specimens drove me nuts....... mengele has her work cut out for her today because of it

I am concerned about the whole 'run to the hosptical for the mamogram after pt' thing
I am worried that either I won't find a parking space close enough and miss the whole appointment
or arrive so tired out from walking 17 miles from the FAR parking lot up hill to the hospital....that they will squish my boob and I won't even know.....
as I will be unconcious.......held up by my poor long suffering boob clamped in that machine

oh my......
oh and I best put that roast in the crock pot shortly huh?

the tote bag
I got that pinkish tote finished yesterday......... it is HUGE so big I could fit thaddeaus in there.
maybe with fawn as well......
I certainly can fit all the girls in there at once.
but it will come in handy for teaching and also spin
I wanted to make a few more, however time was NOT on my side.
I did take a picture so I will try and show you all later.....
I also tried to get new pictures of the little curly headed monsters..............
we'll see how that turned out.

I have fabric to do a blue/cream/yellow toile set of knitting bags and that wild one that I showed you all a bit ago........ I still haven't done that one yet but soon.
And I have a very nice magenta fabric waiting as well.

I want to do a halloween set and a fall set just cause they are so much fun to make

I also love going to spin group with a different bag set for every season.......
Linda from Huntercreek farms........ one day asked me WHERE did I get the matching sets......
I told her I made them.....
she had thought I had cause they matched perfectly
there are some area's I am just anal huh?
til next time

updated at 8:11 am to include
I CALLED the dog warden
they must have heard me as they took the dog in when I got off the phone!
( same thing happened last time I called the dog warden........I am not paranoid however......does seem odd....... as well as the fact that when I call the cops on them they LEAVE when the cop tells me they are on the way)

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

good morning world

well actually things seem to be all right within my little world today
I have a 'light' day..... ( only that pain in the ass 24 hour urine test ---pee in a nutshell and save it all.....yeah right....... my aim in not that good.....I am a FEMALE remember???)

Today is the ONLY day in over a week I am home all day......Hence the test being done today.

I am blissfully unencumbered and wondering WHAT to do with myself on this day off.

(for tomorrow is mengele followed by boobs being squished yet again..................)

I can't decide!
I want to sew a new knitting bag......( some folks eat potato chips, I sew bags)
I am knitting a new scarf for the yarn store as a sample for one of my classes
should I bake some muffins?
how about sewing a dress or tunic for me?
there also are the Toadcroft sisters to work on..........
**they are a really interesting project I have been working on, on and off for a while now- they are a trio of fabric dolls, who lead 'interesting' lives... they also have a handbound book with their story in it.......
I have the book written, most of the illustrations drawn......... and I have one of them done..
I have two more to make then their 'props'
now they are 'interesting' like I said.........
so their props are things such as little pet bats, small dolls with pins and string... stuff like that....
you should HEAR the story
it made me laugh so I imagine it will all come together well at the end.

when I do finish them I am not sure what I am going to do with them.

ok back to stuffs here

we are sueing the moron neighbors, they have dumped dog feces as well as tons of other debris on our land.
They cut our trees
their dog tried to attack us, they are a pain in the ass
as I type this, it is 7:10 am, the dog has been barking since before 7.......
good thing I get up early huh?
I get about 2 peaceful hours then the dog is out there barking........ constantly.

lets see........
tomorrow I better remember to crock pot in the morning as I have to leave here at 8 I believe
I won't be back to late as my call back for the mamo is at 1:30 but I may also have to go to ultrasound on it again.

hey I made the BESTEST roast the other day.
and I took the easy out on it, instead of mushroom gravey from scratch...........
I threw a can of cream of mushroom in it.......with mucho extra garlic and onions....... slow cooked in the oven..........................
TO DIE for
I ate the last of it last night... as bernie was really late getting home so he told me to eat.

don't tell me I didn't tell you all

any suggestions as to my projects will be welcome
you can just post them in the comment section if you all would
til next time

Monday, June 20, 2005

ok got a call from the endo

I have to go to the Endocrinologist.
Those of you in the know.........will know that they are the vampire doctors......
they take 5 or 6 gallons of your blood every three months......
then give you awful meds that make you so sick you don't actually HAVE blood to give them
( the tests seem to be worse then the disease here I think)
anyway........ at the rate I am going with the doctors.......I just may be at my goal weight a bit PRIOR to 100 years.......

there I will be all shriveled up........ icecream carton clutched in one hand.....spoon in the other.....
too weak from LOSS of blood to raise the spoon to my lips,............ this is what endo's do..... test after test and before you know have lost 35 pounds and all of it is fluids.

do you think they can do intravenous iv of icecream? I mean if I have just plain vanilla without blueberries or anything like that? since I doubt the berries will get through the iv needles huh?

ok lemme see
I am very tired......
and I will probably just sleep
tomorrow I gotta pee in a bucket for 24 hours......
fun huh?

AND it needs to be kept in the FRIDGE!
this time however it isn't in a clear gallon like they used to do, so it won't be mistaken for a cold frosty beer....

and no we won't go there...........
so don't ask

oh my.........
gee I can see it now..........

'hey vi, what did YOU do on your summer vacation?'

(me) oh I got all my blood sucked out by the lawyer and the endo.....
they buried what was left of me with a cardboard cut out of my favorite icecream flavor..........

ok til next time

oh man

ok the deposition is done......
thank goodness....
we did fine according to our attorney
no one wanted to see all the evidence.
and we have a ton
we are waiting to hear now.........
however the moron neighbors were late!
can you beleive this?
so I don't know what is going to happen
however the opposing council admitted to our attorney that his clients are 'combative'

Sunday, June 19, 2005

wide width shoes
ok you should be able to find wide width at 5-1/2 here
I used to shop at globe shoes in paramus nj........ but since we moved to pa 19 years ago......I go the mail order route

Goaties are US

we are helping take the goaties to the show today.
I will be happily up to my elbows in goaties
I can't help much but I surely can get in the way.......
and I intend to get in the way often and thoughly........
some of my favorite goaties are going to this show
and I have to say good bye to little Thaddeaus and also to Austin, the worlds oldest meat goat for vegetarians.
who are going up the road a piece to become lawmowers for a very nice lady.......And live out their lives as pampered pets. they will have the goatie edition of heaven on earth......
huge lawn/pastures to eat and run around in.........all to their selves.....
a snug little barn and a family who will love them as much as I do.
I am supposedly allowed to go and see them......
which you all know I will.

ok I went shopping reluctantly
I got bernie a pair of dockers khaki's a shirt and tie to match........also a second shirt in purple and a tie to match that.
all I can say is.......
damn that man looks GOOD in dress clothes.....
( no he didn't stay in them long at all........ I really mean he looks GOOD)
I finally got shoes......not the ones I wanted......... but they fit and I can wear them.
they were NOT cheap however I could have gotten three pairs of shoes by mail that fit for what I paid for this one pair.
I am a 6-1/2 WW ........... I swear the extra W came from the last pregnancy.
I went from a 5W to a 6-1/2 WW through three pregnancys......
is that FAIR?
Try and get shoes at Payless in THAT size....
but the good news now is..
as I am offically a 6-1/2 WW ( I was measured)
I can eventually get all the shoes I want by mail order...............
so maybe I will get new barn shoes and also walkiing shoes, snow boots, and clogs..
lets see..
Fawn has a slight cold.
She sneezed all night.
I gave her the chinese herbs that the vet gave me for the others when they sneeze so she should be fine by tonight.
I am not worried as long as she is eating........ concerned yes..I will watch her, but not worried.
It hasn't slowed her down any either.

ok til next time

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Shopping and such

ok so a very fast one
I am off in search of sandals for court
as the mouse pooped in my purple shoes and I don't think mouse poopied on shoes are appropriate to wear do you?

I did clean the mouse poop out however
but there is something ewwwwwwwwww about having had mouse poop in your shoes.....

ok I dropped off the tank I knit as a sample for the yarn store and am knitting a sample for my lace class there.
it is very nice yarn and I have to post pictures etc later.

I am happily in a denim tunic today after nothing but tee shirts because of pt and the hospital
yesterdays pt was not with mengele.......... the pt dejour ( how do you spell that Louise?)
did not stretch me out well at all........nor did she do anything for the knots in the muscles.......and she didn't tape me.......
so really going yesterday was a waste of gas.

I was up for about 20 minutes early this morning just petting fawn........she was on the bed......
so I got her to purr and roll over a bit..... she resents that calpurrnia is sleeping with us as well as her.
wait to we get thaddeaus up there....
I probably will let fawn have one night without calpurrnia up there this week......just to see if I am right about that theory

And Amie, once someone lives here, they pretty much are free to be themselves.
There are rules...... like don't jump on counters in the kitchen
and don't eat doll hands........
oh and NO ONE jumps on amber cause she is 4008 years old
but after that.......
everyone is pretty much left alone to have their own lives
we all sort of co exhist....... we do spend time with each other....but if someone needs space.....there is plenty to be had.
( so to speak as it is a VERY small house)
however the cats do have to tolerate baths, nail trims, ear cleaning, tooth cleaning.........
but we give them cookies after to bribe them
oh and usually take pictures of the bath thing cause it is so damn funny

Friday, June 17, 2005

A word or two about fawn

She is really amazing us.
To think a few short months ago she would cry all night and hide under anything she could......!
Fawn is ALWAYS in motion......
she runs and jumps and plays like no other cat I have ever known.......... Even kittens would be tired out before she is.
She doesn't really like to be held...... so that's ok, we respect that.
She loves to be petted however, and will run around your legs and feet like a goldfish waiting for food.

I watch everyone move through the space of the house and I am struck by how differently they all do that simple thing.

Thaddeaus strolls.... he is king here and he knows it.........
He strolls and favors us with his lordly presence.

Calpurrnia dances & scampers........ She is feminine, she is all that is grace and full Victorian beauty. She reminds me of the Worth ball gowns from the 1890's.

Amber sort of meanders........ think of an old person with a walker.... that is Amber.
But when she was young she hopped like a bunny!

Fawn charges around like a tiny bull in a china shop........she slams into walls and cabinets.... legs and doors..... And is often caught hanging off something like a monkey.

Fawn doesn't really want as much to do with us like when she first decided we were ok, but that is fine, she is free to be herself here. However I do get followed anywhere I go....... it appears she wants to always know exactly where I am.

Actually all three laperms are like that.

Amber doesn't seem to care anymore.......... 'in the house somewheres' appears to be good enough for her now. As long as her food bowl is full.
I really have been most behind on posting pictures I know
and this week frankly doesn't look good for them either.

however the last week in JUNE maybe ok
til next time

Thursday, June 16, 2005

I got a 'call back'

now when I had that mammogram on monday I told the tech, that since I had the bilateral lumpectomies........ I would probaby have some scar thingies showing up......
sure enough
I got a call back
I also told them it was nothing
WHY don't they believe me?
I am just LIVING in this body.......
so on wednesday I am again to get squished................
right after pt.....
oh man this is the summer of medieval torture


Wednesday, June 15, 2005

There should be a constitutional amendment

and it should cover women's dressing room.........
lighting and mirrors.
first off you need a MAGIC mirror in there......
and one that hopefully makes object appear much smaller....... say maybe 150 pounds smaller?????

can anyone guess what I did today? (which really was yesterday when you read this)


clothes shopping.......
ewwwwwwww ranks right up there with do it yourself root canal..........

ok so I have the deposition on Monday and needed something other then the jeans/tee shirts I live in.........
so I girded my loins..................
( that probably should read ..........LOONS)

and Diane from up the hill and I ventured out in my rattled trap van to Allentown to the mall.

did you all know that Lane Bryant stores do NOT have dresses........
all they got is hoochi momma tramp clothes............ewwwwwwwwwww
oh yeah........ that is what I really want to wear........
hang ALL my rolls bumps and grinds out for all the universe to see.....
not in this life
not until I am at my goal 100 years.....

all I wanted was a nice 'church' lady type dress..........
in rayon.......
maybe blue?
and two jackets, one short sleeve in a lighter color
one longer sleeved in a darker color!
10 stores later..........
I was ready to cry or at least go postal.........

I did finally get the one dress in the one store that actually FIT me and didn't look like Omar the tent makers clearance rack..........
and I also got a short sleeve cardigan sweater that looks like a jacket, in a lighter color
and a LONGER sleeved cardigan sweater in a DARKER color..........!!!!!!!!
but not in blue.....
so I am a very happy camper.........
amazingly enough huh?
I was so thrilled that I handed over my plastic and didn't even look at the total.......
desperation set in you see
I suddenly got scared that this magical garment and it's little jacket sweaters would disappear into the poof of smoke and wishes that I was so sure it was.......

leaving me with a muumuu in tropical colors................. and a christmas tree shape......

ok now fast forward as I had typed the above last night..................
to this morning.........

I discovered that the dress and it's little jackets were hanging quietly up in the soap room.......
perfect and pristine in the little plastic clothing bag they wrapped them in.......

I even discovered a pair of purple shoes upstairs......... they match!
so if I can't find the sandals I am looking for....... I have something to put on my feet..
and the mice only ate a tiny part of the shoes which you can't see from the outside
(insert sigh here.......... damn uninvited mouse guests.....)

now I am going to swear..
on my curly cats collective heads............
I will not let the state of my wardrobe get this bad again.............................
I WILL occasionally buy a dress/jacket thingy............... even though I have no place in mind to wear it.
I WILL keep at least TWO business/career outfits in the classic styles....... at all times.......

I WILL not continuously refer to my body as the Willendorff goddess even though I SOOOOOOOOO do look exactly like that stature of pre-historic fertility.....
( or maybe it was a pre-historic advertizement for their version of CURVES?)

and btw the way while we are at it........
Them damn dressing rooms need artic level air conditioning....... I swear......
fat old broads sweating and trying on clothing is NOT a pretty picture at all....
and I got to see me doing just that in THREE freeken full size, full length, freek house mirrors.

To say I was tramatized was to say the least........


til next time

who is feeling much better now
if I can ONLY find the sandals I need.........I am good

the laperms are taking over the house

Well, at least Fawn & Thaddeaus are....
Calpurrnia is, as usual, playing happily with a leaf.
Fawn can NOT sit still
Damn I swear that cat has ADD or ADHD, even THADDEAUS sits still more then Fawn does

(shhhhhh and between you and me, with Fawn having blown out a coat, she looks a bit like a monkey,.............. she acts a bit like a should SEE her swinging from one arm on the cat tree........ we actually do now call her 'little monkey')

We've had brutally hot weather here in the North East........ so the airconditioners have been on around the clock on low.. keeps the house cool and dry.

The laperms went from laying around like a bunch of fuzzy area rugs to speeding little bullets of potential landmines.
You have to be really careful walking around here....... THEY are EVERYWHERE......( no don't get the tin foil hats just yet)

I can't walk down the stairs without almost tripping over one of them. EVEN CALPURRNIA has joined in with the 'trip the momma' game.

if I survive the stairs........ there is the racing furry bullet through the ankle obstacle course.

I am getting used to seeing wizzing things out of the corner of my eye...... it is usually one of the cats.

Just walking around this house is now a challenge and enough excersize in NOT falling on your ass that I don't think I would actually need much more do you?

and when the laperms take a break...........
AMBER comes and puts her TAIL under my foot...
then screams when I step down!

WHERE the hell that damn 4008 year old cat comes from sometimes I don't know
I swear every time I watch her walk, it looks like some old person with a walker....
but she manages to zip under my feet all the time.
speedy little old fart that she is......( and yes she does fart......often and loudly....... and normally behind my back.......RIGHT behind my back)

Fawn got a bit bored yesterday, as even the youngsters were sacked out......
she tried to play tag with me.............!
racing back and forth and tapping my shoulder.

poor thing, I could NOT chase her under the bed like she wanted
( well you know I don't exactly FIT under the bed anymore.......... nor could I get off my knees if I got down to LOOK under the bed........ I don't think there is crane service to our upstairs bedroom)

Anyway, Thaddeaus has mostly forgiven me for monday being gone......... Calpurrnia is very happy with her patchouli leaf.
Amber is of course............ sleeping on her pillow...
and that leaves us with FAWN........
who is just now running up and down the stairs just for the sheer joy of motion.....
they drive me nuts and I would be lost without them

ah........ the FISH you ask???
Ivan and Egor are happy and living on the kitchen counter....................
they come when they see me and live for thier daily meals......
we are going to get them each a LIVE plant, they currently each have a fake plant.
it looks a bit barren in there ........ and we think they will have better water quality inbetween weekly changes with a live plant

til next time

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

glad that is over

although I got a ton of knitting finished at the hospital.
(I am going back there for christmas, to finish my projects off without interuption)

today I went down and they took the last of the thyroid test.
it took about 10 mintues!
I was back home before 9:15!
the cats were very happy to see me back so soon.
I was happy to be home

I got a ton of annoying odds and ends done today as well.
all the crap like making appointments and following up on insurance stuff that is really a hurry up and wait type thing.
I did not get to pay the mortgage nor the car insurance however I will do that tomorrow

I DID mail a Package to someone............ so that was done too.

I need to get a dress to wear to the court thing monday ( I was told it was not a good idea to wear red and white striped 'raggity ann' type stockings with it.......... damn.......)

sunday we are going to help set up at the goat show....

I can't carry anything but I sure can be in the WAY......
and I intend on being in the way.....
all my beloved goaties

the weather here is hot but down where bernie works it is even hotter....... (maybe a 'dress rehearsal' for where we are going next???? hahahahaha)
he said he is ok however,
I made sure his gallon of iced tea was filled
I worry about him in this weather.....
it is hot and then he is under a hood in an even hotter engine.....
you should see some of the burns he comes home with..........from manifolds and stuff.

Diane is supposed to go with me to Allentown to get a dress for me tomorrow
I have tomorrow or thursday......
that's it
friday is mengele..... who wants to shop after THAT??? I have to drag my battered little carcass home and Ice after that......

saturday is pants for bernie shopping ( oh this should be fun.........NOT)
sunday the goat show and
monday the deposition

I can't wait for tuesday.

meanwhile I found out I simply can't tolerate the heat or extreme cold......
I have been really sick with the heat........ even with the air conditioning...if I am out in the heat for any length of time I get sick.
I really don't like throwing up ewwwwwwwww

even ICE CREAM was not enough to make it better
now that is bad

however the good news is
tomorrow I get to SLEEP IN

I vaguely remember sleep........ wasn't it that thing I did LAST friday.......... waiting for bernie to get home from work? with my glasses still on my fat little face?

ok off I toddle

Monday, June 13, 2005

glow in the dark anyone?

ok I am back and totally exhausted.
they did EVERYTHING today.
I also finished knitting the tank for the yarn store at the hosptial and sewed it up, wove in the ends....... just need to do the two rows of trim on the neck and arm holes.
I got 1/2 a lace scarf done too.

I do have to go back tomorrow for the second part of the thryoid uptake but I should be back by 10:30 where upon I will go to sleep and try and make up for last week of night after night of throwing up and the trots..........ewwwwwwwwww

it hasn't been a good week around here.
I have been leaving at 6:30 just about everyday...... which means I get up at 4am...
that and the heat is knocking me out.

I missed my cats terribly today, I was very worried about them.
Even with them home and the airconditioning on...
I worried that maybe we would have a power outage, as we have been having in the last couple weeks.
Thaddeaus was in the 400 crate with a litter box and water..... but still.
(I told him, that if he just stopped jumping on amber he would be allowed to run around like everyone else when I wasn't home)
he is now upstairs in the bedroom on the bed with the girls.
yup yup just like a MALE........
so he is happy now.
( so am I as I want him to sleep with us)

thank goodness for having make them burritos and froze them.................
I am too tired to cook and maybe too tired to even eat
til next time

over the river and through the woods

to newton memorial hosptial we go
ok I will be in nuclear medicine and also xray today and tomorrow
I have a gap of about 4 hours between two tests but not enough to come home ( over an hour drive)
I am bringing two knitting projects.... the tank for the LYS and a lace scarf.
I should also bring a book but I can't carry more then 5 pounds
the cats will be home in the air conditioning
although mr. peabody will be in the BIG crate with a litter box and food/water.
amber will be in the studio
and calpurrnia and her granny fawn in the main house.
bernie is pretty upset he isn't going but that is life
he better make me a good supper tonight
I have thryoid tests, mamography, and I think also a thryoid ultrasound today.
tomorrow is pelvis, vaginal, and thyroid uptake.
after which I come home to recover.
a gallon of icecream outta do it.

wen I need to go and buy a dress for court against the moron.......
then pt
then what?
do I get to sleep at all this week?
til next time

Sunday, June 12, 2005

those who go to be squished...

would salute you.......but you know...... gravity did it's thing

ok that was minnie that left that smart ass remark about I know where she is by now
so stop freeking out sallyjo.
it's either minnie, or you or shaggy.
usually it's minnie however

ok I want something sweet to eat......
a bit of a nash......
a doughnut?
not icecream as I am afraid that ANY THING cold will again set off the trots.
and as I don't want to miss all these damn tests cause I am married to the porcelain goddess.......
I am being relatively good.

however I really want something to nash.

the past couple days with the heat problems however did take it's toll.

Bernie made us our sunday morning breakfast, but
we had poached eggs today, so he doesn't know how to poach an egg to perfection......which I of COURSE do..( why no no........... I am not proud, I am a humble sort of person hahahahaha)

Bernie was at Kia school online most of the day and I puttered around the kitchen, doing dishes and watering the violets.
Then I knitted more on the tank for the yarn store, that should be done very shortly, as I am on the last part of the front........... then I stitch it up and do the simple lace binding on the edges....
I should be done tomorrow with it
I am going to do a sort of shawl/scarf thing for the yarn store next, however as I really am wanting this one, I will buy the yarn and after they are done with the display I will take it home.

I am planning on a self fringing piece in that 'broadway' by either trendsetter or reynolds...... I forget which one now. ( ok either this one ...... or maybe this one
I am going to do it in a very simple lace........ semi open, and also I am going to bead it.

After that is another self fringing, only this last one will be in multiple textures of yarn, probably in garter stitch............ and definitely with some metallic in it.

I wish the yarn store had that berroco yarn...... damn what the hell was the name of it....... QUEST??? in the rose gold
that would be perfect for what I had in mind.
they also had a matching one that was a thread with a sort of cocoon of metallic........ also in rose gold.
I am thinking scarlet, ruby, deep purple............... and that rose gold.

I am then going to do some smoke rings for me....... in lace with beads, possibly in cashmere.....
doesn't THAT sound decadent?

I have some socks to finish up...... and then I have some singles to ply......
( for the NON SPINNERS amoungst you.. that means I need to finish my yarn that I spun...... and make it so it doesn't untwist or do nasty things after I knit it)

ok I want a doughnut now.......... some sort of crumb topped cake like thing.........
with cinnamon on it as well.

and I would LOVE coffee...............
hey you all be nice to me.........cause I am going to be radioactive when next we meet and my boobs will have been squished to pancakes................... at this size, that will not be attractive.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

air conditioning is a beautiful thing

bernie put the air conditioners in today.........
we realized that it is most likely I had a bit of heat related problems that got me sick the other day and last night
and today poor amber was panting and threw up.
I dunked her in cold well water a couple times and she is now fine, eating, even grooming her self.....
sat on the bookcase to look out the window
had some tuna
needless to say we got all of the air conditioners on.........
and we will keep them on ( on low) throughout the rest of this heat wave.

I found out today that the insurance company in it's infinate wisdom paid for the Orthopedic doctor's bill but denied the physical therapy.......????????????????
so I have to deal with that one on wens.
all that pain AND I have to pay out of pocket???
if it isn't straight by my next appointment........ last week will have been my next appointment
ok now
Lets see.........the good news is
what better news than that?
and it is my all time favorite
blueberry and raspberry cheesecake ice cream
life ain't so bad after all huh?

Friday, June 10, 2005

Mengele is winning

And she has a protege.

I was mangled by a wonderful and sweet young woman named (If I remember right) Ashley.
but don't let her blond hair, blue eyes, skinny body and sweet little face fool you.
she is an iron fisted torturer of the very first degree
after she was through with me, I gathered what was left of my beaten and abused neck and shoulder....... and dragged the dripping pulp to the van.

I have been iceing ever since
and I am in that half way place that only extreme pain can put you in.

ok so I was up puking all night as well as having a run on the OTHER end......
so maybe it is not all their faults
(but they are convinient to blame don't you think?)

I have discovered that occational moans are escaping me, at first I didn't realize that the moans were coming from me.....
I thought that one of the cats had gas......
imagine my surprise!

I fully understand why someone would confess to kissing a goats ass under the threat of further pain of this magnatude......

they ask me
'scale of 1 to 10, with one being no pain and ten.......... being really bad?'

I told them 22 +1/2
damn this really hurts
I was actually cross eyed at one point.

however after I finish icing ( for the 10th time since I dragged my carcass home) I intend to eat icecream
after all with cholesteral of 153....................
I can eat icecream, cheesecake, all butter pound cake........... whipped cream and a CHERRY
who is already fat
so another pound or so won't even be noticed

Thursday, June 09, 2005

don't hate me

ok some tests are back.....
my cholesterole is 153
it's been 153 since they started to test me for it......
( doing the happy icecream dance........)
finally ONE thing I can actually THANK my parents for.....
I have to take the cushings 24 hour urine test now however.....
I have to do that over the weekend...........AND I got my period...
double ewwwwwwwwwwww
mengele lengthened my neck for me.......
thank you bella mengele.....
I have now recovered the 1/2 inch of height I lost plus possible 6 more inches......
can you say GIRAFFE???
yes I knew you could
she had my head under her arm.....................and was pulling at the top and bottom of my neck
I am lucky I escaped with my head still attached..........
SHE is going to do it again tomorrow
there isn't enough ICE in the universe
lemme tell you

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Books and more books

I have been posting at a couple of forums, one is KR and one is a book forum.
the subject of summer reading has come up.
along with book lists.
I read a book called 'little, big' by john crowley about 26 years ago.....
it was a dreamy otherworldly book that has stuck with me.....
perfect for sunny or overcast days in the woods........ deep with mystery and a sense that we are not alone.
unfortunately my copy was rendered unreadable.
I have been looking for yet another copy. ( one which I can actually afford right now)
I highly recommend this book to anyone that wants to be transported out of this time and space......
who wants to dwell for a while in the fantasical and supernatural side of their being.

today being again a 'first day of period' begs to be marked by a good book and a long read.
I am currently reading about the sun king's mistress and also 'the new forest' so off I take me to the sofa
til next time

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

the potter movie

hahahaha of course I did......... why wouldn't I?

ok so I actually sat through MOST of the movie.....
( hey that is pretty good for me)
I stood for about 1/2 hour brushing calpurrnia....... she didn't enjoy it
what did I think you ask?
pretend to ask ok?
I sort of liked it!
it is dark and more grown up............... bernie and marilyn both hated it.
I liked the fall/autumn spookie sort of feel to the movie
but then again it is hot here right now
when it is cold out I may not like it
I really liked harry having more confidence........ hermine busting malfoy in the mouth......
I didn't like the kids growing up at first....
I hate dumbledoor.
what is up with that light bus?
so that is the best I can do, as I really am not good at watching tv or movies.

supper is stuffed cabbage, and brown case anyone is hungry

hey I am not obsessed by my freezer............I am a PLANNER
someone said so in black and white so it must be so
the planner

alert the media

I am going to watch tv this morning

do you need smelling salts?

yes but you see it is a very special tv thingie.....
and I hope to actually almost sit through it

yes the third movie has made it to cable and I am going to attempt to watch it
Bernie saw it the other night
I didn't realize that was what he was watching.........

so I am going to attempt to watch it
I am turning off the phone

gees you all need to stop fainting......
you are going to get a concussion

thinking about making the popcorn

edited at 10am to add
I know I owe pictures but the battery chargers are giving me a hard time so please be patient

Monday, June 06, 2005

can you spell INSANITY?

yes I knew you all could

so it is 5000 degrees in the shade here
my sunscreen has melted off my face in little white rivelets.............
so what am I doing???
AM I sitting here with an iced tea and a cooling fan?

am I lanquishing in a cool mountain pool surrounded by lush ferns and tall sheltering trees?

am I eatting bon bons in the air conditioning???
(wtf ARE bon bons anyway???)

of course not
I am

Does insanity run in your family you ask.....
(Pretend you asked ok, humor me)
well apparently it does
cause I am making sauce, stuffed peppers,
brown rice/wild rice pilaf
chicken breasts
oh and I am washing dishes with boiling hot water for good measure
call the men in the white coats
ps: moron neighbor dropped her they have 4 or 5
I lost count
man I have to move

And the groundhog says............

another 4 weeks of pt.......
now also the 13 & 14 is the hospital
then I expect my 90 thousand mile warrenty and I will be a happy camper
Then bernie can move jobs if he needs too.
( which would totally suck as he does like where he works...... if they would just freeken pay him)

it is hot
stinking hot
fry an egg hot
stew yourself in your own sweat hot......
ok so you get the drift
ya think it's hot????????????????????????
well do ya?

we have to put in the air conditioners.......
we went from spring to AUGUST.
ok I am so ready for fall

little wee ghosties....

I had pictures........but my camera batteries went dead.
so I am attempting to recharge them.
this charger is funny, it doesn't always work
but thaddeaus dropped it yet again and I am hoping that the fall will have fixed it...
( one could hope you know)

I have to take more pictures for my soap page, and also for ebay listings
so naturally the camera is in need of batteries
but at least I got the pictures of the peacock
can't down load them
but I got em
so there
til next time


Sunday, June 05, 2005

I look like I lost the war & a RECIPE for chicken

I got a mess of a hematoma from the lab stick the other day..... really do NOT have lab work done then go to pt for your shoulders...

dumb, dumb, dumb
gees I swear I am the world's biggest dumb ass

But today I am feeling alot better, as you will see from what I did today.

Ok I have been batter dipping, breading and freezing chicken cutlets.
I have done 35 so far.....
I have 21 to go
that gives me 54 ( yes you did the math right, we are having two for dinner)
which means 27 meals of them in the freezer
( we like breaded chicken breast a lot)
I make my own batter and my own crumbs
the crumbs are 1 part shredded wheat & bran, and 2 parts cornbread.
then I add some herbs and a few spices......
I have to tell you it is VERY GOOD.
really, very good.
and also pretty high in fiber too.
I cut all the fat off the breasts, and lightly dust them with flour, then dip in the batter then the crumbs.
I freeze them on wax paper on trays, then put them in freezer bags.
I cook them from the frozen state at 350 degrees until done.....I think it takes about 20-30 minutes.
( don't say I didn't tell you how to do this ok, it is really good)
no I don't have amounts.......
sorry I don't have actual written recipes

I have to do the last 21 tomorrow and then do the stuffed peppers, I will have three meals of them in the freezer then.
I will of course also make tomato sauce. I probably should make a casserole of baked ziti to freeze as well.
we'll see if the ricotta is still ok.

lets see............ in other news.
this coming week I am pretty light on appointments I think.......
but after that I got daily stuff and also classes to teach.
I am going to try and take pictures of the tank I am knitting for the Local yarn store.
I also am taking pictures of my soaps and toiletries ( to show packaging) for a webpage for my toiletries business.
I have to take pictures of my dollhouse miniatures for a page for them....
tomorrow is the orthopedic doctor at the crack of dawn....... then I will be home to cook
Unless he decides to twist me into a pretzel.

I imagine the post about that will be pretty funny.........

Thursday, June 02, 2005

poked and prodded

***June 3, friday***I am very worn out today, after the lab and then the pt.
I scared mengele when I got very pale in pt.
they took a lot of blood (I have had endocrine tests before and they took double that today)
so I am going to take it pretty easy for a day or two guys.....

ok so I went to the doctor today
to an ob/gyn.
I took the ultrasound report from 5 years ago on my thyroid mass
the stuff from 89 on my pcos
and had the lumpectomy pathology sent to her

I actually like her
even though I have underwear OLDER then her....
she reminds me of one of my nieces.........
so that was a plus in her favor.

three times the poor kid told me that I should do stand up
she never cracked a smile or laughed however.
I don't think she knew quite how to take me

( with a butterfly net always worked for the men in the white coats)

she is really pissed that when the thyroid mass was found that a thyroid take up wasn't also done.

I told her............

nothing is going to be wrong, watch........ larry, moe and curly are running the universe and I am the blooper reel................ they won't allow me to go to my well deserved rest and deprive them of their comedy channel........
(besides, dying is much cheaper then medical tests soooooooooooooooooo)

we discussed a few other things about my medical conditions.

she did a pap and a breast exam.....
and for the first time in over 40 years......... nether of those two things HURT!!!!!!!!!
and my boobs are killing me in a pre period way....... ( again those of you like my friend CAROLE who don't know the 'joys' of premenstrual syndrome.............. BITE ME)
even AIR hurts right now

now I really really mean this......... I want a refund on this body......
none of the parts work anymore, and some actually never worked well in the first place......
they were more for 'show'?gees
I swear I need my money back..........gonna buy me some indestructible recycled completely redone and altered vinyl doll parts.........
that has to be a better deal then the current one

ok so if they fix my sagging sorry ass................
does that give me a 90 thousand mile warranty?

tomorrow at some unearthly hour...................
I am to go to get ‘blood’ work
Without coffee

Do they have a police escort ready for me?
I mean the thought of going anywhere without benefit of the nectar of the goddess is one thing I don’t think I can face.
I mean they are taking what?????????????????
5 or 6 GALLONS of blood from me tomorrow………
I swear I am going in there clutching my coffee in one hand and holding my NECK out to have them take it from the Carotid artery just so I get my coffee fast.

I will be light headed and dragging all 3 of my fat ass’
And then…………… some perky person will tell me to ‘have a nice day’

I will stab them if I have the energy.

From there I got to mengele………….
So I will be drained of all fluids……. Then I will be twisted into a modern art sculpture of a rat’s nest.

Meanwhile, back here……….I was so busy trying to get my lab and hospital appointments straight that I burnt dinner……….
So we are having burnt OFFERINGS for dinner…..
Who says we can’t be religious?
How biblical can you get?
Ok so it is pork chops but hey work with me here ok?

Now on the 13-14 I am to the hospital where I will get a mammogram, vaginal ultrasound, pelvic, thyroid uptake and thyroid ultra sound…….
And a partridge in a pear tree.
Hopefully afterwards I won’t have pt………….
( shoot me if I do cause believe me……… I won’t be worth the effort)
whatever is left of me will be deposited in a Dixie cup and disposed of in the appropriate container right???
I will be radioactive for the 24 but not enough to really harm anyone I think……

I will just glow a bit in the dark and folks will SEE the bones mengele has been trying to talk into returning………
( visions of teenage voiced bones screaming ………’no no I won’t go)

after that……..
oh man we better get icecream
or someone is gonna pay
til next timevi

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

of tarot cards and spices

I have a yen...............
not a yen as in a chinese coin.....
a yen as in I wanna get me a present....
or 6..?

I collect tarot cards....
I been reading tarot since 1970..... just for me.....
I enjoy it.
and I also collect decks.
(and I am waiting for my friend Julie to get her latest printed.. but that is a WHOLE 'nother story)

anyway, once a year I put in an order for tarot decks....... usually one or two that either I have been eyeing.....
or are new & different
my favorite decks are
the Halloween tarot
and the Victoria Regina
I am also quite fond of the whimsical tarot, which I waited for .. for quite a while actually

I have one deck I read with.
the others are purely collected

I did NOT get the comp tarot deck which is a shame however as I would have loved it.

when we needed some cash a year ago, I parted with a few decks. The herbal tarot was one I regret selling but what can you do.
there are other decks I would love even more
( like the Merryday tarot or the italian dog tarot)

anyway I am getting the tarot deck itch again.......
I am not too sure what decks will be on the short list yet........
but I think I am going have to scratch this particular itch......
I reason with myself......... I can ALWAYS SELL THEM........... on ebay
yea right.
( ok so well I did do that last year, along with my favorite teapot, and a few other things..sniff)
I have been thinking of the Tarot of the dead..... ( day of the dead in mexico)
and maybe
Forest Folklore Tarot

or should I be really bad and get an Erotic tarot??????
( there is that groucho marx blinky thing going on again with my eyes)

I been thinking

of course right now I am not sure how many decks I have or exactly WHERE they all are.......
Please I am not sure if I am all here on any given day.......let alone where my decks are......
( I really need a glass doored bookcase with a lock to store this stuff in......... I got cats you know......
not just any cats......... LAPERMS!

I don't know which decks to get.......
( I really can't afford any deck right now, but you know SOMETIMES......... well a girl has got to have fun.. and so does an old broad)
til next time