Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sunday march 25, 2007.... Spin surprised the hello out of me!

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ok so maybe turning 50 isn't going to be so bad?
I got the best friends in the world


Sunday, March 18, 2007

Arabella at 1 month

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and typhoon's new baby at 1/2 hour old
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edited to add
my friend Julie is a tarot card artist as well as the author of some stuff on tarot
I put a link to her site on the side.........(it says 'my friend julie)
I love her decks, and i love her
so please go take a look if you are into tarot ( which i am)
she's coming to the east coast next month and I hope to get down to see her


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

mother nature has GOT to be kidding right?

I am about to turn the big 50
in about two weeks
so what curve ball does mother nature that bitch decide to throw me????

NO not that pink line thing THANK Goodness........or you all would be reading this with a ouija board after I threw my fat ass off a building..............

she sent me a period
and not just any period......
one of those bring you to your knees turn your brain into jello shooters periods

the kind where you explode and three days later realize it!
cause you can't stand or MOVE for three days

this is old age?
THIS is menopause?

I got the chin hairs......... I got the hot flashes and the night sweats

please please please don't make me have to BUY them damn napkins

don't make me suffer the cramps and bloating

I got enough troubles

I swear
periods are only for young broads........us old farts aren't strong enough to be laid this low

a bit of stiffness in the morning I can understand

oh man

so anyway this monstrosity happened sunday morning

last night bernie said to me
you are looking a bit better..........
( did I mention the duck bill thing too?)
today I can speak in coherent sentances for the most part............
although I still can't stand up that long

and bernie wonders why....sometimes I just don't get ANYTHING done



almost alive

Saturday, March 10, 2007

In like a lion?

Well march is doing it's thing

hot weather.......bitter cold weather
snow, sleet, ice....... freezing rain

it better be nice by my birthday as bernie is taking the day off
carole and kris are taking me out prior......
life is good

we cleaned the chicken's pens last weekend
now when we clean chickens we always use a particle dust mask.
I had picked up two new ones for us prior to this
the new ones were dust/mist/vapor
I ended up having a horrific allergic reaction............
bernie's ok
me......I went beyond trout lips to DUCK LIPS now
when it hits platypus beak......
i will go to the doctor

I taught yesterday and I am very thankful I don't have another class until the 23
as I think it is going to take that long to get normal looking again

arabella has some new little friends
two baby lambs born to hurricane the texel/bfl crossed ewe that is one of carole's flock
little violet is loosing her kid fat and getting all sleek and elegant like a nubian goat will

she is going to be bred this fall to mohava the new stud buck at lilac corners
my baby girl...
I will go through hell worrying about her delivering and her kid
carole will laugh at me as usual...
and comment on the size as well as the attachment of violet's udder
I will fuss and worry over her and feed her cinnamon raisin bread

bonnie and edmund are doing well as are the chickens
and the cats
and the roosters...........( they are married now......did I tell you all? my boys have WIVES.........multiple wives! well you know.......they are CHICKENS)

so it is apparently spring huh?
I am starting broccoili and onion seeds today
and maybe some peppers
I know that some time this month or next month we have to get out to the farm for manure
I would LOVE to be able to rent a dump truck to fill
and clean both carole's barns and monica's barns....... hitting kris' sheep shed on the way home
I want to make sure that the tomatoes are on 'hot bed's of raw manure
to keep them as warm as possible as early as possible
plus I need it for the worms..( you all should see the SIZE of my worms)

our annual skein contest starts this month
I am doing two grand prizes......
both tool kits for knitter/fiber people
they will have a ruler, folding scissor, stitch markers, emery, and probably a hand balm.
with room for the people to put their own crochet hook, waste yarn, pad and etc in there

the experienced one is going to be in teal blue and purple
the novice one in pinks and blues

I have to get up to odd lots and see if I can find a small tape measure and maybe needle gauge for each one

that will be next week i imagine

I added arabella's picture to the side links
oh and............
does anyone know how to fix my template issue of smaller to miniscule sized archives?
I would appreciate it

till next time


Saturday, March 03, 2007

can you all stand more BABY pictures??

sheepies and goaties oh my!!!!

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there is little arabella.........and violet!
boy my little violet is sooooooooooo much like us........ that is her at the hay rack.....it's dinner time at the farm.

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as you can see......our girl is happy and healthy....... she is bouncing around and you can't get a good clear picture of her
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here are todays brand new saanen kids........that's jellybean thier momma
you all have seen her many times before
she had a girl and a boy
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these little guys are so cute that I had to put two pictures in
they really say spring don't they? and they LOOK like bunnies! they also have blue eyes!