Thursday, January 25, 2007

Another fire another neighbor"

these folks lost EVERYTHING,including the animals. The town set up a fund we all can donate to to help

Cramer Family Assistance Fund
C/O PNC Bank, East Stroudsburg Pa, 18301

I swear fires are the biggest of all the nightmares


Monday, January 22, 2007

Count down to lambsies.....

Ok Bonnie is due from Feb 11 to about the 18.

now Feb 11 is our 30th anniversary, so that is a GREAT anniversary present for me don't you think?

we expect two

I saw them yesterday, bonnie is doing FABULOUS she is getting so fat
Edmund is a riot........looking permanently startled and in over his head.
( in other words like a man that doesn't have a clue)
Bonnie gets in with the sheep and butts them all out of the way to get the grain pan
she is not exactly pushy
ahhhhhhh..................ok so she IS pushy

but she is about due and IS feeding we think two so she is entitled I think

it is pretty cold out there too
the water buckets are freezing solid if they don't have heaters in them

I was able to pet bonnie and one of carole's texels
naturally I kissed my baby violet goatie
she is getting really nice looking btw, even carole is impressed.
violet's father, pepsi really is one of the best bucks around, and his offspring are unbelieveable
carole is a bit surprised that violet is growing up as nice as she is, because on her maternal side she is the granddaughter of a recorded grade. Carole thinks she will place 2-3 in the nubian goat shows.

I am pretty surprised as really violet wasn't as expensive as she probably should have been, given how she is turning out.

Yesterday was spin, we had it at a relatively new member's home.
She is a quilter and has the most beautiful quilts hanging all over the place
I loved them as they were soooooooooooo wonderfully colored
so very bright and vibrant

you all know how I love color

ok so it's almost 2am and here I am down stairs

well I am not feeling well
I think from draining sinus
if not
well we won't think of the alternative

we will think of fixing draining sinus

my hands are slowly feeling better, I still have to call the doctor to see if I keep on with this dose or do I start the higher dose.
I wanted to wait to after court to do that
as just in case, I didn't want to deal with any possible side effects prior.

did I mention i broke my glasses the other day?
I got my spare pair on
but I hate the spare pair

I found a lot of places online where folks are buying RX glasses
and I am going to do that this time
anyway in doing some of the research on how to go about it, I found out WHY i hate the spare pair
they are too small for me
we paid a LOT of money for these glasses but I never liked them as they are annoying
turns out that they aren't wide enough nor are the side arms long enough for my head.

you know I kept telling the sales person at the eyeglass place that they didn't quite feel right but she told me that they were a smaller size lense then my old ones
turns out that they are smaller across and not as deep either

so from now on
I do my own damn measuring

I just put another log on the fire, it's getting cold in here
this is the coldest time of year in this area
from now to the middle of febuary.
and the only real winter we are apparently going to get.
it is supposed to have a 'wintery mix' tonight and through to the morning
so naturally I worry about bernie running down to work

anyway between that and the nausea, I am up

and as you all know I really shouldn't be as I need my sleep

ok chicklets, no pictures as I didn't have working batteries

til next time
now you all remember............
we are counting down to lambsies


Saturday, January 20, 2007

didja miss me?

ok some of you all know.....
we had legal proceedings this week against the neighbors from hell

it was pretty interesting
once they put jackass on the stand it became 'jerry springer meets moron's'

oh man

at one point my uphill neighbor stood UP in court pointed at jackass and said.......
'yes YOU did it, I SAW you and I was standing right next to you'
I was in stitches at that point
laughing so hard

jackass buried himself

his wife helped

I almost


felt sorry for them

they had a criminal attorney in a civil suit
and he was a mess as well......
like I said..

it took 15 minutes for them to come to a decision and file with the protonotary

we won

thursday they are being foreclosed on
as they haven't paid their mortgage in a while

after they get done with a day of vandalizing and criminal activity, they relax by not paying their bills


on the sheepie front
bonnie is getting really BIG
BIG AND HUGE and full of babies and covered with fleece

I will see her and edmond and my beloved violet on sunday
I won't get to see my roosters but soon

meanwhile we got a cold snap

it's pretty cold and VERY VERY WINDY
and we got the stove going
thank goodness for that stove
it's 85 degrees in my studio
and when we come down in the morning it's about 74
bless this stove

bernie baked a cake tonight, it's really pretty good
a butter yellow cake mmmmmmmmm
no icing for me

the cats and the chickens are doing well......
cats snoozing on the cat tree
chickies in their snug pens

oh I broke my glasses
so I got to find my RX and get a new pair
I am planning on getting them online
I can't see spending 500. at a local mall stall.
when I can spend under 75.00 online

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and that means a couple different pairs and SUN GLASSES too!!!!
I always wanted a couple pairs but once they got so expensive at the mall stores, I figured it wasn't a good idea

now I am planning on a getting them

ok lets see
my thyroid meds were upped, as my thyroid levels are going down again
as are my insulin levels and fasting blood sugar!!!
but the thyroid makes my hands hurt, and I can't sleep and I gain weight
I gained 8 pounds. I had originally lost 30, gained 8 so what that is 22 still off

meanwhile bernie is looking for a new job
he wants to get out of the dealerships
I agree wholeheartedly

Bernie's new favorite movies lately are "the producers" (with nathan lane, and mathew broderick), "the pirates of the carabean", and 'nanny mcphee'
he LOVES them
so I keep trying to get them on ebay ( new but more reasonable then amazon)

ok what else...........
the thyroid thing makes my hands hurt really bad so I can't knit........ I am trying to get some sewing done and when I get the thyroid meds stablized I hope to get that finished
I need a suit
and a couple jackets as well as a jumper.
and a few tunics
I am still trying to get our garden planned
we are going to expend since jackass is going to be GONE

(doesn't that sound wonderful!!!!!!!!)

so you all forgive me for being absent for a while......
I should be able to do much better now

love from