Monday, May 14, 2007

Short Vent ***

thar she blows

oh man

ok so i went to talk to the police today, as the staties won't come help unless the locals chief asks the local DA to call them in.

nice young officer, ( when did cops start being 12?) I told him all the stuff
showed him the court papers
showed him the order of no tresspass
the defiant tresspass order
the download from the TV station
told him about the kids tresspassing
about the harrassment
he asked me...'have you tried to talk to him'

I said yes......and he got in my face about two inches from my nose.......
and i am terrified of him
I told the cop that i have no doubt that if jackass could.......... i would have been dead already

i begged the cop to tell me what to do to help them help me

he's but that he didn't tell me that
i said..... that's 2550. which i don't have

he asked about the fence
I said yup we fenced...... 6K worth of fence
that they've now damaged

ok....... then I came home
falstaff and serafina are making a mess since she started setting eggs
I don't think she's gotten off that nest today to eat or drink though

i uncovered the beans and tomatoes
brought the 7 trays worth of plants BACK out

watered and weeded the garden
and picked up a tick
now you all don't know how much of a tick phobia I have
so when i felt this tiny little deer tick......... ewwwwww
crawling on my neck i flipped out
and flipped it off
only to have it replaced by a second one
talk about the creeps
oh man

i got the second....... smothered it in vaseline
shook and shivered until bernie got home
he practically had to do a cavity search until i was assured there weren't anymore ticks

listen you know who your friends really are
when you get a tick on your ass
and it is
JUST too far for you to reach

don't ask..........................

then my insane KY sister in law.....( what is with my husbands family ??? are they ALL nutso ticking timebombs or what???)
got some sort of crazy restraining order on her husband by calling him up
rileing him all up
TAPING HIM without his knowledge and taking THAT to court
the man was in tears.
their sons were in tears

talk about a hillbilly hoedown
this sister in law ripped her entire family apart
like a BAD country western song
my poor nephews and brother in law
they were such a close family........ they all were always there for each other
always together
what a mess

i am thinking at this point
that the tick was probably the highlight of my day


til next time

*** like a whale!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Serafina is to be a momma

i can't see how many, but there are a fair amount eggies in there
she isn't setting close though
but it has been pretty hot
tomorrow is to be cold so i imagine she will set really close
falstaff is of course not helping at all
( what would you expect from falstaff)

they are eatting a ton of bugs ......flies included and bernie watched falstaff eat a spider.....oops wrong buggie that is a GOOD buggie.....

falstaff meets me at thier door looking for the leaf mold/compost and his corn
serafina LOVES the little bathing pool thingie that aunt pieheart gave them
( top of a garbage can......hey they aren't snobs)

they wag their tails at me

they pick over the leaf mold
they cut it all up
mix it all up
and i then take it out and mix it into the garden beds
wow they are so much help

shhhhh don't tell bernie but i prefer the ducks to him in the garden
they don't weed whack the soaker hose...........
they are much quieter then him too.........
and peaceful ( bernie likes his weed whacker........we won't go there)

i keep hoping that damn thing melts or something

and LOUD
how can I think with all that noise going on

now we are to get really cold weather tomorrow with a sunday night low of 37
so i will be covering the garden
and then planting more monday

i got the beans up.......this hot weather has really really brought them on
they are about 6-8 inches high already

i put in the broccoli
the one poor remaining red cabbage
the purple cauliflower
some of the many many many MANY tomatoes i accidently grew
and then seeded some carrots
and some marigolds

i have to still put the peppers in......
and seed some corn
then there are the eggplant, zucchini, pumpkin......... winter squash, mellons
celery, garden huckleberry, tomatillos *salsa is in my future*
and goodness knows WHAT ELSE
gees i forgot the beets, chard, brussels sprouts too

the deck garden has lettuce.... spinach
oops gotta go
gotta water them

til next time

farmer vi

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

duckies and goaties and little lambsie daisies

ok first off
my baby goatie is going to her VERY first DAIRY GOAT SHOW
how about that!
little violet is all grown up and is to be BRED this fall
(tune in this fall and watch ME melt down with worry about my beloved little goat)

we named the female duckie
( drum roll please)


that is the ONLY name i found that fits her!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucketremember what she looks like?

she is so sweet and serene
he is soooooooooo falstaff

so i give you...... falstaff and serafina muscovy

my duckies!

now as to the lambsie stuffs
i lost bonnie's and arabella's papers
i need them as arabella is to be shown this year and she is definitely nice enough to win the blues
anyone pschyic?
they are beighish and in a page protector

it's time to plant the garden
yup yup
and tonight the broccoli is going in and possibly some tomatoes

my duckies are helping me by processing the leaf mold
they cut it all up
mix it up really good
and it's ready to spread in the garden
nice duckies
helpful duckies
momma's darlink duckies...............................

well mostly it's serafina that does the bulk of the work
( right now a whole bunch of females are nodding their heads in agreement)

while falstaff sleeps on the top of what was a hay bale.................

too bad he doesn't have a beer and a remote huh?
thank goodness he's a DUCK and they don't do that


someone we all know and love.................... who shall remain nameless.....( but is a CITY BOY who's name rhymns with ernie..........)
decapitated a red cabbage plant
why ?
I have no freeken idea?
but remember this is the man that gardens with CHAINSAWS...............

he uses a weedwacker when a small hand pruner would be much more appropriate, not to mention better for the plants health................
the man who yanked UP the ground cover that was pretty and green with little flowers and put some ugly ass brown shit he got from the dump


i will cut him some slack as he is to help me in the garden tonight......... however he doesn't know that yet
that is my own little special surprise for him
that and egg salad I think for supper

but there are tiny new lettuce leaves for his sandwitch

til next time


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

what do you get when you fall in love?

and plant WAY too many tomatoes?

oh man
i have been seduced by heirlooms...........
now I love my peppers...... sweet peppers of ALL kinds
tomatoes are ok in my book
but I got into the heirlooms........

learn from my mistake

and whatever you do............
don't accidently over plant maremmano tomatoes........every single freeken one of them will grow.....(and they will apparently TWIN ......and you will have countless pots of them all over the deck)
( news at 11)

and don't continue on with at least 20 different heirloom varieties........... save yourself
be firm.......... you will thank me for it later

we have now a sort of jeririgged greenhouse on the deck
we have tomatoes and peppers under lights in the house
we have given MANY away
to complete strangers
i have almost gratefully watched a few get dampoff..........
( I SAID almost)

i got tomatoes and peppers in the windows
in the sink

i am begging my friends to take two..............three.............18 more tomatoes and pepper plants

i had BETTER have a harvest of SOMETHING this year.............

i want to be so buried in tomatoes and peppers that I come here and kevetch at you all about how i am out of my mind
and how NEXT year i am eatting out or some such nonsense.........

however i would really like to be able to dry about 100 pounds of sweet red peppers
and can about 100 quarts of assorted tomatoes......... ( i don't know why)

and we won't even
DISCUSS the pole beans................... 4 varities of assorted green beans....... then there are the red, yellow, purple, and turkey pole beans......... but that is another post........

meanwhile my RED CABBAGE.............. bernie the city boy strikes again......he decapitated it
oh man........

now you all wish me a farm.........cause NEXT year I need a greenhouse to start off with
and wish me a pretty farm please
with stately sugar maples
just like I have now

and no jackass' anywhere NEAR us

til next time

Sunday, May 06, 2007

canning season has offically begun!

there was a nice sale on chopmeat,
how could I resist
so I didn't........ canning season started with 3 nice quart batches of chopmeat with mixed veggies
one batch has mushrooms added
the others are just chopmeat with mixed veggies.

i am watching the meat sales now
i intend to can more meats with mixed veggies as it is a very FAST easy winter meal.
sickdays, late days, and snow days are easier this way.

while i wait for this batch in the canner........ bernie has gone to get us icecream and rootbeer
it's time for rootbeer floats!
we love rootbeer floats around here!

meanwhile on the duckie front
we got them a small garbage can lid....... it's the perfect size for a small bath for them
and they LOVE IT
they prefer it to their water bucket even for drinking
we are going to give them a perch this they ARE perching ducks

they really are the perfect backyard pet
no noise!
no smell!
and they mix and shred compost as well as eat bugs!

the beans are up out in the garden, the ones against the tarp.
they are doing so well that I tarped the other row of beans!
what started as a way to protect my duckies from jackass...turned out to be good for my garden!

we have the broccoli bed almost ready
and we prepped the tomato bed
i was going to put the plants out this morning but when we got up
the temp on the thermometer outside was 34!
too cold for tomatoes, but the broccoli should be ok
i put blood meal on the broccoli bed as there is a mole digging tunnels under it
I am sure that he has gotten all the worms out now
so the blood meal is there

we need to prep the pepper bed........that one for SURE needs black plastic to heat the soil
i want to heat the tomato bed and put a smallish hoop house.

now that jackass 'privacy' fenced against us........( I am STILL loving that)
we can hoop house out there without his shit bothering us

so we get WINTER veggies all winter
this is GREAT

now i think that's all i got to tell you all

if i forgot anything please remind me