Thursday, April 30, 2009

computer glasses are a wonder

i had ordered computer glasses

they came yesterday
COPPER frames


i got them on now
what a HUGE difference

i got them from eyebuydirect

(go through the website for a discount)

i liked them so much i ordered 2 pairs of regular bifocals from them
one pair with sunglass tint.....
less then 82.00 for the TOTAL order (that includes the 2 pairs and shipping)

these frames are NICE
they are sturdy but lightweight
and the best part is i have a large difference between my PD=pupillary distance, almost 1/4 inch ( which is most unusual......but what would you expect from me?)
and these folks used the split measurements instead of the combined
and it makes a HUGE difference, as with the combined PD i get a real problem with my right eye, and it feels like it's being pushed
now it feels wonderful so this is the way we go from now on

i think i am going to get one more tweek......
bifocals with my distance from regular and maybe this computer distance modification for the close up
but if these all work i am home free

i may try one more pair of progressives this time from eyebuydirect
the first pair was from goggles4U, and while the distance and intermediate are fine
i am thinking they didn't get the pd right
cause my right eye has 'issues'

last nights supper
boneless chicken breast with a 'creamy mushroom sauce' (at bernie's request, i used the dried mushrooms for it)
over rice with salad

not too bad

i had a huge salad for lunch
as this is the start of salad weather
and we LOVES US some salad weather

this weekend is sheep and wool
i can't go
and this time it's breaking my heart
i haven't been to mdsw in a few years now......
however with colleen coming there is way too much to do around here so we can't go
but i do fully intend on endless mountains and rhinebeck
no discussion at all about it

i still need some stuff that was on my shopping list
tub mat
pillow cases
her gift basket

plus a lot of make ahead meals that she'll eat
she SAYS she'll eat anything
then we served her that mixed grill we do with sweet peppers, mushrooms, onions all marinated in red wine with chicken
she didn't like it
and a few other things we love she hated
so i know she'll eat spaghetti
grilled chicken without marinades over rice
and i plan on the big summer supper salads i make

the day before she comes i will boil up a dozen eggs and peel and chop them
get shrimps
shred carrots, cabbage, onions
and generally have a LOT of the components ready
i will make a few BIG jars of dressings
blue cheese
and i will make up some croutons

what do you guys think?

any suggestions?

i need to get cupcake papers as i want to make a few batches of iced cupcakes
bernie is bored of cakes
and i figured if i make up pretty cupcakes that will be a good fast snack/dessert

along with icecream of course
i want to make some since we unearthed the icecream freezer

cinnamon (it's out of this world, but kids hate it)
mint without chips
butter pecan praline
coffee mocha swirl
blueberry cheesecake

hmmm is anyway hungry yet?

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

first tick of the season

yup yup
(this will post it was last night...... i am soooooo confusing myself)

it's in a pill bottle for when the doctor tells me

'you can't have lyme disease'

here are the ticks

i got a lot of stuff for when colleen comes
and i saw a BIG wading pool that the duckies MUST have
they MUST
they can SWIM a bit in it

i wish i could give them a 50 X 50 foot square pond with fishes to swim AFTER
but i can't do that easily here
they have the wading pools
they don't seem to mind

but i get so much of a charge out of watching them in the water that i want them to have a bigger pond to play in

i am waiting on bernie
i have to run for milk and some other odds and ends

i didn't do it today
so i asked him if we could go together tonight
hoping that we would just hop over to the store where the BIG wading pool is
it will fit in HIS van

there is a methold to my madness you know

and after all that
salad for supper

it's that time of year

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

off we go to town

today is an 'in town' day
i have errands and shopping

new shower curtains
bath mat
an area rug
new pillows ( for my SIL visit)
pepper mill for bernie

then to the dollar store
i would like some sort of unbreakable dishes for outside
in some sort of fun and happy colors
sherbert colors would make me happy
with some mugs to match
i think i need 6 mugs,
4 dinner plates
4 sandwich plates
4 salad bowls
4 desert bowls

i am thinking if i can't get unbreakable
i may get glass! clear and then make pretty napkins and placemats
(i am knitting some easter colored cottons ones right now)

although with bernie........maybe i shouldn't get glass?

or if i do........also get a serving CART

i am going to need a pitcher as well

while i am out i would like to check out some annuals
i planted some
nasturiums and marigolds
i forgot to plant the morning glory and the petunias
i probably should think about doing that this week

it's hot here now
bernie put in the bedroom AC and we put it on last night
as i had started not sleeping again
2 nights in a row
so before that became the norm again
he put in the AC

i am going to try and get a better video of the that i know it can be done
i would like to try and get one of my little cleo happily splashing in the duck pool

she isn't laying any eggs at all now
which i am ok with
i sort of worry about her not laying
but she seems ok to me........she's so tiny that if she never lays another egg i will be fine as long as she is happy and healthy
her carunkling is a nice shade of red
her eyes clear and her feathers look i think she's healthy...she sure is active and has a good appetite

i am trying to figure a way for the new duckie to get into the larger pools
her little one will let her bath
but not let her splash like the girls can

i wish i had a 9 foot across by 12 inch deep pool for them
just so they could swim a little
cleo is so tiny that she can swim in the baby wading pools
but the others can't

ok off i go

Monday, April 27, 2009

69 degrees

when i woke up at 6am
i am thinking i am going to have fussy duckies
but i am thinking also that i am going to have COFFEE out on the deck this morning

as bernie put up the table and umbrella so i can watch the trees leaf out
my duckie video may have been a disaster

i am trying to upload duckie video

this is my second try
i can't believe i got them on the camera

a whole two minutes of them!!!
complete with lillianna squeaking at me

which reminds me
i have to get them out now
so i will do that i think while this is loading and processing

Sunday, April 26, 2009

yesterday was a day for the twilight zone

it started off normal enough i suppose
we got up and had coffee
talked about the day ahead
bernie had to run to the feed store for chicken and duck chow
when he got home he told me that there was a black and white cat that had been run over in the road in front of our house
did i know who's it was

well duh
it's jackass'

i went out later to make sure
and found it had been MOVED by someone onto our front lawn
no doubt a good samaritan trying to spare us the worst of what they figured was our pet

this naturally upset bernie so he went out and tossed the dead cat into the road
(not in the middle just off our lawn)

fast forward a bit

i was out with the duckies (who btw are pretty much ALL suffering from pms and bitching at me like you all wouldn't believe, i am going to try and get a short will crack you all up)

bernie was working on the duck domicile
we heard the squeal of brakes and see a van on the uphill neighbors front LAWN
not just off the road a bit
but completely parked on the front lawn

a kid gets out and we hear a woman screaming at this kid
the kid grabs the dead cat by the tail and SWINGING IT
walks to the van and puts it in the back

the whole time this broad is screaming 'you f***ing think this is funny???'

i said to bernie
'WHO IS THAT??????'

turns out it is mrs jackass.......and her demon spawn

coming to get their cat

they have a LOT of cats
they never keep them in or neuter them
they get eatten by coyote and run over all the time
as have a few of their dogs

this cat they come get?

and they park on the neighbors LAWN to do it?

bernie said they were probably going to eat it
as they told the cops when the deer was hit that they were going to eat that
(even though the deer was wounded and down for 45 minutes before someone finally shot and killed the poor thing)

believe me
this whole incident was surreal

oh man

ok now
i have to go take the irritable duckies out
i will no doubt get told off
i will however try to get a video of it
as i just found out this camera will take short videos
so if i can
i will post that for you all

to show how my duckies treat their momma when they have pms
(told you all....demon duckies from hell)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

sandie came and carol update

first carol..............
she is home FINALLY
she got home yesterday
she is able to walk a few steps

her husband is great with telling me what is going on.
as i can't speak to her for at least a week
as i will make her laugh and that is NOT a good thing for someone who just had a double mastectomy and reconstruction
but she is getting better

now Sandie is very funny and has two cutie doggies
the girl doggie reminded me so much of my beloved kisses
she is smart, pretty and totally lovable
and the BOY doggies......... is a riot...
studly dudley
he is a sweet boy

we laughed and spun and sandie showed me her alpaca roving that she spun up and is knitting ice queen from knitty in
it looks wonderful
she was spinning some mohair in a very nice butterscotch color

i was spinning magenta which is heathering up very nicely and now i am thinking...
maybe i shouldn't ply it with the orange and copper?

i made smouthered pork chops, rice and brussels sprouts for lunch

i am so glad that sandie stopped here, i hope she comes down regularly
and i am going to see if i can go up there

i told her she needed fiber therapy..........
regular fiber therapy

it was a nice day
not too hot
not too cold
the ducks were subdued and didn't yell at me for not taking them out of the pens cause they saw the dogs

which was a good thing cause lillianna was telling me off for about 20 minutes this morning
she told bernie off last night after she finished telling me off
i threw her in the pond to see if that would cool her off


she is still telling everyone off

ever been told off by a duck?
try it sometimes........

ok i am going to schedule this to post in the early AM
as i have to get to the feed store tomorrow morning

so ttyl

Friday, April 24, 2009

TURKEY!!!!!! doing the wild thing in the morning...

i heard what i thought was a dog yapping

but it didn't quite sound like a dog.........
in fact the closer it got
the more it didn't sound like a dog
there is only one other sound it could be

'is that a TURKEY?'

no shit
it was a wild turkey tom followed by a couple of hens
he was displaying right in front of our driveway
i went downstairs to grab the camera thinking

ohohoho no one is going to BELIEVE THIS

and he was gone

now years ago BJC *before jackass came*
we had flocks that moved through here twice a day
BIG ones
28 birds i counted once

and while i am glad to see these birds back
i also know it is because of the building and their habitate shrinking

but it was a nice way to get out of bed this morning
adding to what i am expecting to be a fabulously wonderful day
SANDIE is coming to see us!
we are going to spin and laugh and talk and play with the animals

i have duck eggs for her
fresh from my girls

who btw
need to be going out in a few minutes

and i need my coffee which in my excitement i didn't make yet

ok all ttyl

Thursday, April 23, 2009

coffee in the morning

one of life's little pleasures
and it gets me a bit reflective ( warning it's not the best post in the begining but stick with me gets better)

i was reading a bit on msnbc about stress, etc
apparently during this current depression ( labeled recession so as not to scare us)
people are experiencing stress!
imagine THAT....................!

and following the stress is depression......
oh MY will it never END?

(ok i will hold off some of my sarcasm over the irony of it all)

ok let's review a bit
  • tons of folks are laid off
  • food prices etc are through the roof
  • the goverment is trying to help by bailing out failing industries
  • the failing industries are taking the money and running
  • jobs are going to third world countries
  • and our population is aging to the point where we need more help and money

did i cover it all?

no wonder we are all nutso and stressed.
it's a question of 'where do we turn?'
the safety nets we thought were in place have all either gone away totally ...............
or are so holey that we are falling through

if we still have our jobs, we worry will we have them tomorrow
if we are out of work......
we worry will we get work
lose the house
feed my family

now on that cheery note
at least a lot of us are trying to do something
we are increasing our self sufficency
some folks are breaking ground for their very first gardens
learning to grow their own
keeping chickens is getting HUGE

(CHICKENS are the NEW knitting hahahahah)

i would like to get involved and see others get involved with more do it yourself solar projects

a friend of mine (hi dorothy)
is working on just that
she emailed me about it and it is fascinating
and doable!
and not the money sink we all have seen to this point
(dorothy could you email me it all again, i will post it to the blog to help others and so i can remember......cause my memory lately is not so good)

i think that down the line, recycling will be huge out of necessity
and that can be a very good thing
i will also venture that some stuff will be like an 'altered art' type thing
we will figure good design out of stuff and recycled or repurposed will be a very trendy thing to do
all good for us
the planet
the enviroment

i am also thinking that this all eventually will be good all the way around

but the transistion will be tough
at least for a while
change always is tough no?
even good change can be stressful

now with all this
from where i sit
i realized a few things
when i write this blog
i can go from a place of stress and fear and worry
and work backwards to see a bigger picture
then see where some of the 'worst things'
really are the clouds that cover the silver lining
for that
i thank you folks who do read me out there
and comment
(especially you all that comment, either here or by email.......since then i know i am not talking to air)

today i wish you all the discovery of one good thing the depression has given you
be it a renewed determination to be more self sufficient
or a bit of time to spend with your family because your hours are cut a bit

we all need to remind each other

so today this post is my reminder to you all

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

a ducks daily life

i thought that perhaps i would tell you all the daily life of the duckies

as i got told off roundly yesterday by a certain ms lillianna for being late getting them out


'GOOD MORNING duckies, rise and shine..............time to go out in the day pen'

(cheeping and grumbling from the duckies who seem to think we should have been out HOURS and DAYS ago- hissing from falstaff)

i fill the food troughs with a mix of either layer or maintenance food, scratch, gravel, and for the layers, oyster shell
open the basement door and the duckies crate door

out they tumble (no kidding they still tumble out)

we walk back to the day pen

we start to walk back and first there is the morning 'decorate the driveway' squirts
where mom gets to see what duckies have eaten that i didn't know about
multiple colors
some days black ( too much garden soil in search of worms)
green ( way too much fresh greens)
brown ( i don't want to know)
tan ( only duck chow)
and so on

we have a wing stretch and then they RUN off to hunt worms
while i walk their food ( and when i am feeling better again) their full water buckets down to their day pen

i let them graze a bit lately as it was a LONG winter for little ducks

then off they go to the day pen for a few hours of eating and drinking and hanging out

meanwhile after that falstaff goes into his day pen with his food trough and bucket of water

he's a good boy and i just open his crate door now...... and the pen door and he goes right in
he doesn't really want to graze, if i let him he just runs down to the babies pen and tries to jump them so no letting falstaff to graze ( although now with his new wife, he will be getting a mobile day pen just like the girls have to graze in during the day)

his new wife follows him in and out without giving me a problem so that is a very good thing

some time during the day ( and sometimes MULTIPLE times during the day, weather dependant)

i go out and let the duckies out to graze and bath and just spend quality time with them
during this time i may also clean their night crates
and i normally bring them all some sort of treat
oatmeal raisin cookies

if it's warmish and rainy they won't be interested in my treats but will be on the hunt for worms
i have mighty worm hunters
i watched lilli schelp up the BIGGEST worm yesterday
i thought it would eat HER
but she got it

after 'walksies' they go back in their pen to digest or preen if they bathed

i also give them walksies right before bed
on the way in
unless the weather is really cold

and like any other kids.....they don't always WANT to go to bed
they run here and there and sometimes get into falstaff's pen
or go in to see the chickens ( the chickens HATE THAT)
but eventually they end up in their pen
falstaff comes in
and i tell them good night duckies........tomorrow is another day

and turn their lights out

now when they are out on walksies
i get to pet them
hug them and generally spend time with them

they take turns nibbling my boots
sometimes i take a chair out and sit with them
and sometimes i sit on a hay bale and they sit next to me
they do love to be carried............. lazy duckies that they are
and they love under their chins rubbed
spoiled duckies that they are

i will tell you all that the duckies, chickens, and cats make me laugh so very hard
they light my life up daily
I highly recommend them to you all

get yourself some poultry and spend some time with them

they will slow you down and calm you down
and give you breakfast

there ........your health tip for the day

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

rain rain rain....overnight rain

it was so very hard that it woke me up
i listened to what sounded like a river and wondered if i should go down and check the chickens

i am hoping the basement isn't flooded

then i was up thinking of how to bed the birds down in case of flooding and i came up with an idea

i can put them in the wading pools with bedding instead of water
so that is going to be done i think today

i have the purple pool that is not being used right now
and i know i want to get another larger pool anyway

i may need a second pair of hands to round up pullets but that is ok

i have to get another set of drawing pens, as i still haven't found my rapidographs
(ok i found part of one, but that ain't gonna cut it)

i have a 50% off coupon at ac moore so i am thinking.......another set is 7 bucks and change then
i have to go to town anyway today so that is on my list i believe

my varifocal progressive lens.......i am still adjusting
i think i will actually get used to them
if i could get the frames adjusted ( we haven't been able to get up there)
i think they would be fine
or if i tape them to my head....... ( don't laugh.........i am about to)

oh and i ordered computer glasses
in copper

less then 28 bucks with the shipping
i couldn't go wrong

i could have however gone CHEAPER
but not by much so i figured ok

in fiber news, i finished the twisted vine scarf in oranges.......the oranges are more bittersweet then bright so i decided to give them a light rinse with a cranberry dye
the remainder of that skein i cast on a simple triangle scarf/shawlette........which will also be over rinsed with dye and that one will then get some beads
in cranberry, grapey purple and deep golden yellow
but the beads won't be huge
probably size 6 seeds and an E bead every 4 rows on the edges ( tiny fringe)
just enough to weigh down the edges a bit to assist with drape?

i still haven't been able to dig the holes to plant the blueberries and blackberry
and one of the blueberries has flowers
little creamy white bells!

but i intend to get that done this weekend
i want my blueberry patch!
and my blackberry patch
and i want elderberry as well
( figure if i keep saying this on the blog i will remember to ORDER the elderberry)

ok i got to get going today

Monday, April 20, 2009

spring has arrived for real and certain

the apples are budding out
the lettuces are up and getting second leaves

and it's raining a bit today

if i can manage
i am going to put falstaff and his new wife out in the Aframe
we won't tell bernie ok?
cause he said i shouldn't do it
but i am feeling better and if i use the dolly i should be ok no?

i am going to have to not only NAME the new duck soon
but i have to teach her to go in and out on her own two feet

i am trying to get used to these new varifocal glasses
i haven't ever had bifocals or varifocals just single vision before
so it's a bit disconcerting
stairs ironically do not bother me
READING however does

and i realized i need two other things ( does it ever freeken END?)
i need a real computer desk with a drawer for the keyboard (cause this table isn't deep enough to put the monitor far enough away now with these new glasses)

and i need computer glasses


bernie fixed the oven and even put the new light bulb in it
and CLEANED IT for me
(it was a self cleaning but once a long time ago bernie cleaned it with oven cleaner while i was out and we haven't been able to use the self cleaning thing since)

it's so nice i just want to bake a ton!

i am still taking it easy
my back is still not perfect but a lot better
it is 'twingie'
and 'poppie'

i am probably going to have to go back
but it's hugely better
i can bend over again............very slowly but without pain and without ASPIRIN or tylanol

so i count that as getting better
also i am not in the constant pain
which almost drove me over the edge

a friend of mine is coming down friday
i can't wait to see her

i have to clean the bathroom
and i need to make her a casserole for lunch
she loves casseroles and soup

i was hoping the lettuces would be up enough for a dinner salad
and it would be warm enough for the patio table etc to come out
but bernie didn't think the weather warrented the furniture
and the lettuces JUST got their second leaves
it amazes me how the plants germinated but just sort of 'hung' there
after the past few days of heat........boom second leaves

now we got rain so they should be happy
and i need to fertilize them

seaweed and fish for this meal for the plants
manure tea for the next

and cat hair all over them cause we got a cheeky squirrel that likes to dig in my planters

ha TAKE THAT you pesky squirrel...........

next it will be BLOOD MEAL
and you hate that

ok nature calls so off i go

Sunday, April 19, 2009

carol is getting up today

her dh emailed me and told me she is to be gotten up today to walk
and maybe she will come home Tuesday
i guess everyone's good thoughts helped her ( which reminds me, i need to check on that young girl up here with the brain tumor)
thank you so much everyone

it's warm here

i got 5 very clean white duckies now
as we filled the big pool for the girls
i have to get falstaff and his new wifey out there too
and then they need to graze as well
we still haven't named the new girl
who btw is HUGE compared to my baby duckikins
and lillianna always wants momma to pick her up
the others aren't as bad about that but lilli sure is
bernie swore yesterday that she was smiling when i picked her up and carried her to the house last night
which brings me to my back
it's apparently FINALLY on the mend
the pain i have is from the chiro moving bones around now mostly
i still have some twinges here and there
i will have to go back a few more times i think as now my legs hurt
but i think he can fix that's all connected to the small of my back somehow
and yes i am still drawing
slowly right now due to back pain and new glasses but still drawing none the less
new glasses........mine arrived yesterday ( i got these from 'goggles4U, and bernie's from zenni optical)
the pink pair are my every day ones
and the red ones my sunglasses (shown without the sunglass lenses though's from the website)

pretty cool huh?
lemme see
i got some wool moths
i got to start freezing wool
i have not been able to do much with my back but now i will be freezing wool daily
as to the other things on my list
bernie is going to finish the coops for the birds
i think they are too small though
he is doing a 6' square foot print for the chickens but with an elevated coop so that they have the full 6' square underneath, plus i am going to put outside roosts in as well
i think after that though we are going to extend the chicken and duck YARDS
the wire parts where they are out in the air
i can let the ducks free range with a bit more safety then the chickens
who are definitely hawk bait out there
although one option could be a sort of movable 'screen' house
that is in the works
the pullets are laying tiny eggies daily
so far it looks like two have started up laying
cause i get two different color eggs
yesterday someone BROKE their eggie
one of the chickens
we went a 'food' shopping
just for loss leaders
10 things of mayo on sale for the summer
some meat on sale
a new coffee pot on sale *** the proctor silex one that is like 12 bucks and no whistles or blinking lights.......except has the interrupt.......its the BEST***
( i have to get a toaster, new shower curtains, bathmat, and two throw rugs as well as 4 new pillows before my SIL comes the end of may) i would like a RED toaster, four slice if possible
bernie fixed the oven,
i had ordered the element and it was delivered the very next day
so it took him like 15 minutes to fix it
and he cleaned the oven as well as replaced the light bulb that burnt out 10 YEARS ago
i can't wait to bake
( i am going to make a bunch of doughs to freeze for when colleen comes end of may)
the other thing.........we have to get a new mattress BEFORE colleen comes
i am reading online about stuff and apparently the basics are pretty much the same
and the coils come from the SAME manufacturer
so it all comes down to comfort and price is NO INDICATOR
good to know i think
so we probably will end up with the serta from sam's club and a memory foam topper that we add separately
i would LOVE a 24'' tall mattress/box spring simply cause i like the height and i like having to use a footstool to get into bed but it apparently isn't necessary
let me see
( gee i feel like i am coming out of a fog so i am trying to remember everything.....this back pain thing was BAD)
i have yet to plant the blueberries and the blackberry but soon
very soon actually
and i want elderberry, i want them NOW
i may have to wait on the cranberry for a while however
which sorta sucks as i love cranberry
but elderberry i can definately do this year and i intend on it
what all else?
i think that's it
yes i am knitting
right now a 'twisted vine' scarf
next i think some christmas presents........( yup never too early huh?)
oh and we still haven't gotten a passenger seat for bernie's van yet
i need the seat base for it
he's got a seat stashed
have you ever tried to FIND a base for a vehicle seat
it ain't easy
trust me
ok i gotta go now
nature calls
then of course.......there is breakfast
pullet eggies

Saturday, April 18, 2009

you all MUST see this

especially if you are over 40

and a bit frumpy

get a tissue and be prepared

i sat here and cried and laughed

listen to me guys

and watch it to the END

you will all thank me for it

Friday, April 17, 2009

carol update

she is out of surgery
and did very well

her dh said that she said hi to me and is having fun pushing the buttons on her morphine pump

i said to tell her
enjoy looking at her pedicure over her new perky boobs and flat as a board stomach

she will be ok i think


thinking maybe i better knit her a bikini?

i hadda dream

it was pretty weird but a nice change from my normal nightmares
(there was a study that happened years ago.......seems art students had more nightmares then other folks....duh)

a singer ( i think it was stevie wonder)
recieved either a large skein of yarn........or a knitted scarf/shawl
and started to bow to the right
he was facing a crowd of people
next thing i know
these cool bright multicolored low slung carton dragons joined him
for song and dance
and before i knew it
they were animated in the air dancing

it was a benefit for breast cancer

(yup weird dreams, but if you've read this blog for any length of know that already)

today (right now actually) my friend carol is under the knife
double radical mastectomy and reconstruction
i keep calling it her boob job and tummy tuck

she's a bit scared

i am too

i don't want anything to happen to her

she is a wonderful person
you folks should know her

she also is funny as hell
talk about lucy and ethel

if you can give her a few thoughts today
i told her i would sit on her shoulders during surgery and tell her dirty jokes in her ear while they operate

Thursday, April 16, 2009

oh no this is getting old

i did it again
something to my back
this is now offically OLD
i am so sick of getting sick/hurt

i will be calling the chiro in a bit

how the hell can i plant beans with my back like THIS?

i can't even sit and knit!

would you believe..........i just rolled OVER?

yup that's it
shortly after bernie left the actual HOUSE
and yet while he was still in the driveway
i couldn't even get to the phone to call his cell

oh man

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

duckie names and laying PULLETS!!!!

it's that time again

we got to name her

she is one of us now


here are some
that i am considering

octavia ( although she is NOT the 8th duck)

i have already, cleo, phoebe, and lillianna
and the hens are marguerite, henrietta and dulcette
i dind't name the new pullets WHO BY THE WAY ARE LAYING
they started today 4-15-2009
and i can't reach the eggie

every thing in slow motion

that's my world
slow mo

today i have to AGAIN go to town,..................
to the bank this time
then probably the post office
we received notice that the glasses we ordered on line have been shipped

bernie's are coming from zenni
mine from goggles4U

so i am hoping that by friday we all can see again
if mine are ok, ( new rx, new doc, new lab)
then i get a few more pairs
if mine are not...........then i go to the eye doctor AGAIN
i expect bernie's to be perfect

and i will get him the SAME pair again for leaving in the van
and a back up pair for work

as to the fiber pictures from yesterday
i am planning to spin that soon
i wish i could have run it through a drum carder first but
i will make due
i did some glitz in copper which i will intersperse throughout randomly
i wish i had the metalic copper angelina for this too
but i don't

i told bernie i wanted a drum carder for christmas

what else?
today is a slow dragging day for me
i AM getting better but was in quite a bit of pain
i slept ok though
and woke up in a bit of pain
bernie said it was cause it's raining

i don't know

but i do know that the rain is welcome for my little garden
the seedlings i posted yesterday are out on the DECK, in a window box,
it makes more sense for me to put the salad greens there
as the slugs don't seem to bother them up there as much
plus it is RIGHT out the back door
i could use a bigger deck area however and more window boxes!
as i want to grow a LOT more greens
i would like at least 10 feet of mesclun growing before my sister in law gets here at the end of may

i want to go
bernie said no
i need you ALL to call him and tell him he has to bring me
i have needs
fiber needs
i need silk lace weight 100's of yards of it
i NEED it in purples
i need it in raspberries
i need it in multicolored handpaints

i need a drum carder
i need fiber therapy after what was a VERY hard long terribly depressing winter
i need to see my kr fiber friends
(terribly needy ain't i ?)

one more thing i need is a new element for my oven
i am totally lost without my oven
( quick put a solar oven on the list)

ok now
i am going to up load a fiber picture,............. a repeat of yesterdays
but go look at calpurrnia and my greens seedlings anyway ok?

color for a rainy day

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

some pictures

Calpurrnia 'little blue eyes'
Fiber that i just finished dying reds, oranges, yellows purples and in betweens

Lettuce seedlings on the deck

Fiber again

there could be light at the end of the tunnel

and it just may NOT be a train

i slept all night
no moaning when i moved (it is however starting to hurt now)

or at least not enough to wake me up

this back thing coming on the heels of all that no sleep has been a nightmare
i thought i would NEVER be out of that sharp stabbing pain

i am going to still take it easy
and knit

and modify how i use the big canners

and how i plant beans and weed

ok duckies
i put the new BIG girl duckie in with falstaff
he was delighted and IMMEDIATELY jumped her bones
she didn't seem the worse for wear after
i however was cringing
(muscovy lovin' gives new meaning to 'rough')

bernie and i put them in falstaff's now small crate overnight
***i need to get a second varikennel 400 i suppose***
i am hoping he will teach her to walk in and out like he does
her toe appears ok now
not really bothering her too much

i also need to get a moveable pen for them to graze in for the summer
she is a pretty big girl did i mention?
she makes cleo look like a miniature duck!

the terrible trio.............cleo, phoebe, and lillianna........... THEY don't want to come in at night
although if i carry them they will
(bernie just lit the woodstove for me, i am still twingie in my hip so he has to bend for me right now)

speaking of bernie, he picked up cleo last night cause she absolutely would not come in, and he held her and kissed her little head
she laid her head on his cheek
i'm telling you all............those ducks really ARE that endearing

i want to put their xpens on the front lawn this summer
and have privacy fenceing across so no one sees them

i want the chickens out grazing as well
it will be a very good thing
and they can get ticks

i hope

i know i need to do some pictures but since it's 5am there isn't any sunlight
i am hoping towards the end of the week i can post some
i want to show what i dyed
what i am knitting
the girls
the plants
you around these parts

til next time


Monday, April 13, 2009

i want a music stand

to hold knitting patterns while i knit
and a supportive knitting chair

morning's easter morning while i write this
bernie is making pancakes
i am sitting on my assets doing nothing
ok not totally nothing as i am typing this and swilling coffee

my back is getting better but it's still 'twingy'

threatening at any moment to cut out and leave me drooping

what an ungrateful back it is too, just cause i never pay attention to it......
doesn't mean it can fall down on the job ..ya know...........
because i used i messed up the lowest part of it.....that would account for the 'period cramping' sensations i am getting
and the rib he put back, well let's just say, i am breathing again!

bernie got our new little duck out in the Aframe for the day
she is by herself
as soon as we eat something
bernie is going to have to help me get dressed ( yes it is that bad)
and i will go and check her

we need a name

i guess we all should start thinking


i am thinking we need to be talking to the greeks or the edwardians


or shakespeare

well all should be reading this monday morning, i am hoping to catch up with myself
sometimes soon

and do a that day post
but it's not seeming to work that way lately

ok fast fast while i think of it
fiber news
i am thinking that i am going to knit a weird smoke ring tailed scarf out of the 'nodding violet'
that minh so generously gifted me for my burferthday
with clear yellow gold lined glass beads

and the orange i just got
twisted vines i think

and all the roving i just dyed (which i owe pictures to you all of)
i am thinking a sort of free form shoulderlette shawl thingie
with irregular edges?

i got my new drivers license picture done yesterday
oh man...i wanted to just puke
i look terrible
(duh, what do you expect vi, you ARE over 50 now)

and not to forget
the greens up on the deck
and the ones in the house
the ones in the house are going to be thinned as soon as i can
the thinnings will go to the chickens
the rest will go into a window box on the deck

i am STILL drawing ( what a trooper)
it's only about an inch a day or so cause that is all i can sit
but i am still there
it's working
i sit for a bit and work.......and when i come up for air and put my pen down
i am amazed at what i did

so that is a good sign

we are trying to get ready for my favorite sister in law's visit end of may
(BTW, bernie informs me NO MDSW again this year........... you all CALL HIM PLEASE??? all of yous........... ok? as i want to go to sheep and wool)

if my back holds out i can get everything done

i am thinking i did this when edmund tried to buck

oh man

ok i gotta get dressed now
bernie is here so he can help


Sunday, April 12, 2009

happy easter to those that celebrate

we picked up our new duck
she is semi feral but fresh blood in our gene pool

we clipped her wings but had a mishap
she tore a toe nail

so she is resting in a hospital cage until she is better
she also hates me now
(bernie was holding her and didn't hold her well i guess)

she is falstaff's new wife
and if she ever forgives us
oh man

we also got me a new office chair

oh and my back is a bit better

and while down the valley to get the duckie
i got a skein of new orangish yarn
but vi you say...........( yes i heard you)
don't you have a gillion other skeins of yarn

well yes i do
but you know
i needed this orange one

i did

oh and bernie made meatloaf for supper cause i am taking it easy
and he spilled green food coloring/vinegar that i use to dye the fiber in it

ok so we gave THAT peice to the chickens

they don't care that it's green

i am getting really tired

night all
(this will post in the morning.........EASTER morning..........which i was hoping that the easter bunnie would be coming by with some sort of baby for me to raise....but i guess not huh?)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

by the time you read this

i will be either at the motor vehicle getting a new picture license
or down near hellerstown picking up a duck

ok in absolute agony
and desperation
i went to a chiropractor
(how the hell do you spell that)

it's a bit better but i am sore as hell
it doesn't hurt the same however
so it does appear that maybe i will be ok

mary tells me i work too hard, harder then most people
she says i beat my body up

i don't know about that
i am rather fat for having a beaten up body i would say
so i don't think so

this chiropractor was in the health and fitness club down the street
i was thinking
they walk on the treadmill
i walk up and down the stairs and up and down the hill a million times a day
they lift weights
i lift canners
they sweat
i sweat
they have sauna's
i have boiling water bath canning
( and damp plaster ceilings)

they bend over and touch their toes
i bend over and pick up ducks, and eggs, and plant beans and cucumbers and weed

maybe i need a health club membership so i can rest a bit?
they have machines that you can sit in

meanwhile my pelvic feels like it's getting all crampy
which would be about right if muscles are relaxing
but i can stand up from a chair without that intense pain

bernie is however reheating sauce and meatballs i canned a few months ago
and i am sitting here typing

you however will read this some time tomorrow

Friday, April 10, 2009

yellow is waiting it's turn

to dry by the first

morning kristy

what is what for?

back is marginally better, but i am afraid of going to a chiroprocter........i am terrified that they will screw it up worse

it is all coming from one area in my back, the SAME place that i hurt from when i move full canning kettles
and when i move furniture

it needs to get better soon as i won't be able to spin on the wheel like this
nor plant beans
or cuc's
or pick up needful and willful ( and spoiled rotten) duckies
who think momma is the taxi
plus canning season is almost upon us

as i sit here
i am looking at the multi colors hanging to dry, of the rovings
yellow will be next to hang there
and i am thinking
i may need to tone it all down a bit
it's brilliant saturated colors and i think it needs some spot areas of toning to give your eye a rest
either that or more magenta

i may ply it with browns and greens

(assuming my back cooperates)

the baby lettuces are not only UP but they have declared themselves by leaves
THAT one is red sails( it's got reddish dots)
and THAT one is green deer tongue

and THAT one is something looseleaf and frilly that i can't remember the name..........
but the baby LEAVES are CURLY!!!!!!!!!!

i go out and talk to them daily

i got one spinach plant
so i have to replant that

the mache barrel appears to be coming along

no sign of the snow peas yet

now in the main garden, the multiplier onions are UP
the garlic so looks good
the cutting celery survived the winter as did ONE lonely leek
oh and bernie was right
there WAS a bale of peat out there
so we will do the blues this weekend
and the blackberry

i want elderberry and cranberry too

i think i am going to ask him to dig the holes and then i will order the plants

ok NOW it's time for coffee
believe me
it really is
since it's 8:26 am
it's over due for coffee time

bernie doesn't know it yet

but i got to go pick up a duck on saturday

she will be falstaff's new wife, as it is been a year almost since we lost my beloved serafina,
and i need outcrossing

so we get a duck

she will stay with falstaff

the girls will be the girls

and all will be happy in our little feathered world

my back is still bad,
bad enough that i did NOTHING today
i stoked the stove a bit
that was a nightmare of pain
took tylanol and aspirins
and laid down a lot

i did get about two square inches more done on the next drawing the series 'and off we go down the hill'

(remember when the duckies were cold and wanted hot cocoa?.....that one)

i renewed bernie's license online ( we go for the picture id saturday)
called to find out the delivery time for his new glasses
and hung the fiber up to dry
oh and put a bit more in......this time yellow
but he'll have to put the container in the oven for me to set the dye
i can't lift it

he is also going to put full fresh water buckets out tonight
so that in the morning
i can just put the girls and falstaff out

i hope my back clears up soon
as i have pens to clean and beans to plant
and seedlings to move on

not to mention this fiber to spin

who lives close to me that has a drum carder?
i could use putting this stuff through it a few passes

and i would like to add some copper colored angelina too

the other big news at least to me
was i was able to pay the mortgage ONLINE
i have been waiting for that bank to get it together so i could do that for over 3 years
i am so excited
saved me a trip to town when i really am not up to it
that also means bad weather doesn't exhist for that as well!!!!

but it also means i don't go up to ac moore either as i would do the mortgage and go to ac moore since they are only two blocks apart
but think of all the money i will save


other then that i been resting a LOT
for me i have been actually resembling a slug
i tossed me a salad for lunch
store boughten greens as mine aren't ready for harvest yet
but at least it had greens

i did check on my lettuces
and there are wonderful red splashed seedling and curly seedlings
and some spinach out there
i am so excited
i love my mixed greens

i am going to see if bernie can put the patio furniture up on the deck this weekend
we'll see

ok i am going to have this post tomorrow morning
but it's really tonight the 9th

Thursday, April 09, 2009

While I wait for my back to calm down

I am dying fiber (btw, I am typing this in so it is capitalizing for me)
I have put in a mix of glitz and corriedale into a copper color
that is out now and drying by the woodstove (it is actually wen april 8 while I type this-bernie's birthday and it's snowing)
I got corriedale in the dye pot now in fushia
next is a purple and a red.......then some random greens
what for do you ask?
HUMOR ME and ask please.......ok?
I am going to spin fall leaves
ok to be accurate the COLORS of fall leaves that I like
none of this million shades of green crap
and I am going to spin about a dk or sport and ply it to worsted
for a fall leave colored scarf
I am going to add glitz to it cause I like it
and I am thinking of maybe plying in some beads........even though I SWORE on a stack of lambs wool I would NEVAH BEAD SPINNING AGAIN
some insanity has taken me over and I am thinking of using silver lined crystal beads in this
or maybe copper lined crystal........if I get enough of them before I ply
I have honestly tried hard to see if I can find a yarn that would work for a pattern of a twisted vine scarf I bought the other day
or at least for a shawl or something
but I haven't either seen anything I like OR
I can't afford what I like sooooooooooo
I am dying fiber
( yes I am still drawing but slow cause of my back)

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

the duckies did not allow the snow to bother their

eternal hunt for worms

when asked for comments
the duckies said

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm good

with a worm dangling from their beaks

such is the snowy life of duckies
on this day in history

snow day

well it's snowing
lightly but snowing

thinking about starting to cover in spots

and it's bernie's birthday
he wanted a banana split for a cake
and either meatloaf or one of my salads for supper
but the lettuces aren't up well enough to cut out on the deck so it may be meatloaf

i need to spin some yarn,
i need to dye some fiber first
i am thinking of fall leaf colors
or if i have to
some spring leaves with red flower colors.........and a LOT of pastels

i think i am going to start christmas knitting for a few people i really like
they are 'knitworthy'

however some of them aren't 'spin worthy' as i know it will just end up in the washer and dryer

so i need a couple of good acrylics and one...... oh man shoot me, needs to be in LIME green............
i don't know if my eyes will survive it

(it's ok i talk about it, they don't read the blog......hahahaha)

so a couple of folks are getting presents from me, which they will get when/as i finish them
and i will CALL them christmas presents..........even if they get them in august

sounds good huh?

about that acrylic...........?

any ideas besides red heart?

Monday, April 06, 2009


it's not as much fun as it sounds

sandie are you sure it's not contagious?

my friend sandie has had a bad bout with sciatica
and thanks to my mom i am prone to it as well

guess what?
it flared up BAD sunday
it was hovering since thursday night when i cut my toe nails
i couldn't get my left leg up!
it's so bad my stomach hurts and i can't eat!
now i am wandering around with tylanol extreme arthritus in me as well as asprins
and the ice packs
i can only sleep inclined
and i can't sit for very long

i think sandie got hers from sitting too long and spinning

i got mine from sitting too long and drawing

anyway today it's DARK
and painful
took me over an hour to get the ducks out
poor things wanted to graze
i needed to get in and sit for a bit

now i need to get up and walk for a bit

til next time

Sunday, April 05, 2009

how green is your valley?

i got a thing in the email from mother earth news
talking about being/living green and if you walk the walk

we are not doing fantastic
but we aren't doing bad either

1) compact fluorescent just about ever single bulb is replaced now by them, with the exception of a few that we don't use much at all
2) we air dry our clothes and haven't used a dryer now in .......i think 18 months
3) we really do recycle but not as much i think as we could
we do plastic, paper, and cardboard
4) we compost ALOT
5) we grow a lot of food
6) we can and dry a lot of food......... and this actually did end up saving us money!
7) we use wood to heat with a high efficiency UL listed soapstone wood stove
8) i don't drive much, bernie does but that's for work and he is now got that big van, but again he uses that for work ( he USED to drive a tiny mini pickup but that bit the dust)
9) energy star appliances, yup........... we got em even the new freezer is energy star rated
10) we've reduced our electric use by 35% over the past two to three years
11) we have the house WELL shaded by trees during summer, and the air conditioner that is run when it's really bad during the day, is actually IN a tree ( don't ask)- the upstairs one is tiny, energy efficient and only run at night if we need it

now i think we can and should do better, i would like to increase the efficiency of our insulation and windows and i would like a non electric table top washer
and i really do wish we had more gas efficient cars but we don't
i would also LOVE to put in some solar
one of my friends is experimenting with that ( dorothy you better update me when you get them up)
and i would love to follow that for the well pump and the freezers

i would also like to have some sort of a solar oven for baking
and an outdoor wood fired oven
but that is not for now
i would love an evergreen wind break on the northwest side of the house but again that isn't an easy or fast fix

what are your ideas for energy savings?

Saturday, April 04, 2009

i found peat moss in the back yard!

or so bernie tells me
there is a half of a bail
so today i think we will prep the blueberry bed
and plant the blackberry
i still need to get cranberry and elderberry
and maybe another two blueberries
for cross-pollination

i didn't sleep most of the night again last night
there was a flock of turkey buzzards riding thermals right over our house last night
circling on the air currents
scared the hell out of me.......i imagine they scented carrion and i am thinking
what if jackass dumped some bodies in my back yard

or so my mind goes at 3am

i am working on drawing up some of the stories i had posted here about the ducks and all the other animals
i don't know what if anything is going to come of it
but that is what i am doing right now
in my spare time

it's been raining, and yesterday was a NIGHTMARE torrential flooding rain
the duck pen has a lot of soaked areas but with two feet of straw at least they have some places that are dry

i am thinking.........i would like to move that duck pen
bernie and i spoke briefly this morning about the coops
and in about a month we should be able to finish them
and let the birds live in them full time (except for free-range grazing)

AND ...............
thaddeaus........the bad boy, is currently in cat jail
doing time for beating on his grammie
she was screaming pretty loud so i got his sorry butt and threw him in cat jail

he is got to do the time

let's see
bernie went to the PO for me
and to get milk
his birthday is wens

i think i am going to make him chicken cordon bleu
he wants a banana split for his birthday cake
we can do that
i can actually make him a banana split icecream cake

and i just may
i have to get him some birthday cards as well

we won't tell him

Friday, April 03, 2009

april showers?

for a long time the nursery rhyme

'april showers bring may flowers'

seemed to me to be wrong
april most often was a lot dryer then may
apparently not this year
as we have been getting rain

hopefully not like last year when the basement and duck pens flooded
(although the ducks at first were delighted with the water fall, lake and rushing river through their pens........... no so much after a week of it)

i got snow peas and lettuces all sprouted
and am about to put in the peas and beans out in the garden
could it BE i got a sorta early/late start?

yesterday was a grazing day
as the duckies were out a LOT
it was nice
everything and everyone was out
bugs too
but i sat on a chair on the driveway while the duckies grazed and bathed
this time lillianna was the last out of the pond
phoebe didn't bath much but got her feet wet
cleo was in and out

i let falstaff out to see if we could 'all just get along'

cleo.......( CLEO????????????? who'dda thunk~!)
attacked him!
she got on his back and beat the tar out of him
here is this HUGE drake
and this tiny duck
and she's got him by the neck and is clawing at him and jumping on his back and chasing him all over

i think she hurt her leg again
so i put him up and took her to the back pen

i named that one right i think

meanwhile lillianna bathed

that is going to be one seriously white duck

today it is raining....which means ( to a duckie) WORMS!!!!!!!
our little lil is a very avid worm hunter
she scoots around purposefully and gets MOST of the worms
the others sorta try but lil gets there first

on rainy days the worms are out all over and the girls scarf them up

it is amazing how those sharp little blue eyes of theirs distinguishes a worm from a twig

now in cat news
i got an email that the FURMINATOR is to be delivered on the 4th
fawn will be lightened of her heavy coat by evening i think

thaddeaus is mourning the loss of his woodstove, as it looks like it's over for another season
poor boy is sitting crouched by the hearth pitifully
poor little guy

and we are getting closer to pullets turning to real laying hens
i think about two more weeks
i have to clean their pen
i think this weekend
i did the duckies last night
i want to do falstaff this weekend too
the big girl chickens don't need to be done as they are still pretty clean (almost spotless actually)

gee i long for an outdoor chicken coop and secure duck coop

i think i am going to do a couple of moveable tractors for these guys with poultry netting and a solid area
just for the day
one needs to be pretty enough for the front lawn i think

although we have decided to put up privacy fencing
then they can be out there
if we'd had it in place already i may have considered hiding the big guys

and i am still thinking of turkey for tick control

duckies calling


Thursday, April 02, 2009

duck eggs and feathers

are tough to get out of wool mittens

which also were in my pocket yesterday

i hope i didn't felt them

the coat itself survived me rinsing it and then a trip through the washer
and a hanging by the bottom next to the woodstove
and me beating the crap out of it to break up the feather clumps and redistribute them
now i am going to get a big plastic storage box for my winter coats and put them up until next season.
guess i should do that with the winter woolens as well huh?

and i ordered my glasses yesterday
i got a pair of rimless pink progressive lense regular glasses

and a pair of (i hope, as after i ordered them they showed out of stock) RED and clear sunglasses
i paid 87 and change
that included shipping

if this works and everything goes ok
i am going to get a pair of the magnetized snap on polarized sun glasses like bernies

and i can get a back up pair of regular glasses as well
but i will absolutely get more sunglasses
as i wear them ALL the time and all year round outside
my glasses
my sunglasses
i should get them in about two weeks

i am waiting for seeds orders, and a FURMINATOR for fawn
it should strip off her undercoat
shes got about 3 cats worth of undercoat
and i can't keep up with it just by combing

i got the FUMINATOR
(sounds really impressive huh?..............we'll see)

my camera is back
CANON rocks
i bought this camera used, several years ago
they not only took it back and fixed the problem (LCD screen manufacturers defect) but CLEANED it and restored it to factory specs

did not charge me a dime! not even for shipping

plus their customer service is in american english, and is POLITE and helpful and knowledgeable
they do it right
so guess what
when i go to get another camera, it's going to be a CANON, as they stand behind their product
and believe me
i would LOVE to get another camera soon, maybe a 10megapixel

the big news for me personally is i got to sleep through most of the night two nights in a row
which is a very good thing
as the no sleep thing had me weepy
irritable ( bernie would say i was a bit more then just irritable........... )

if this whole sleeping thing continues, it will be a wonderful thing

i made something a bit odd and different for supper

first off
last summer i canned roasted sweet red peppers
roasted, peeled, pureed, and canned with a bit of lemon juice, olive oil and garlic

and of course i dried 50# of vadalia onions

so i opened a jar of the sweet peppers added some dried onions and a jar ful of water and heated it up

parboiled italian sweet sausages and then browned them
added some caramelized cabbage that i cooked the other day
added the pepper sauce
added 1/4 cup of heavy cream to finish it
and tossed it all with a pound of ronzoni

it was out of this WORLD

who knew? !!!!!!!!!!

bernie ate a huge plate and took it to WORK
so you know it's good

ok, off i go
i am very late taking duckies out
and then i have to thin the chard
and finish some drawings i started yesterday
i am thinking of dragging my drafting table up
even though i tell you all right now

it's HUGE
it's OAK

and it is going to give bernie apoplexy if he comes home and finds it in the studio

plus the thing weight a billion pounds, as it is SOLID oak with cast iron fittings

and it must be 40 inches or more wide
and goodness knows how tall
and that is on it's lowest incline

but it's got a self healing matt on it
and a parellel ruler
and a ledge and it's solid
and sturdy
and don't let it fall on your knees

and my yellow drafting light is down there as well

next to the chickens

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

i sat on an egg

i sat on two of them

they were in the pocket of my goosedown coat
the magenta one


neither egg survived


did i mention that i also had a pair of wool mittens in there
cascade 220 quatro in cherry and denim

and several clothes pins
and a pen
and a reciept for chicken food

it's in the washer now

let's hope the coat makes it out alive

duck pms

and we GOT IT

buckets of it all over the place

the ladies are out of sorts

duh, ya THINK?

they are telling me and each other off quite often

even my momma's girl, lillianna is out of sorts

i call them .........they run the other way

i have to go round them up

only to have them scatter as soon as possible

and they are biting each other's necks

now my SWEET little duckies are NOT vampires..........they don't have fangs
but something is in the air that is making my girls act this way

please don't tell me it's spring and hormones

they aren't even a whole year old yet