Tuesday, November 27, 2007

the gimmy gimmy, i want, greedy little violet christmas list

so anyone have bernie's ear
here is my greedy little christmas list

at the top of the list of course
is a farm
well see........i got my eye on yet more sheepies
and another goatie
so i think it is a good idea to get the farm no?????

a milk cow
a mini jersey milk cow............
well doesn't EVERYONE have a milk cow on THEIR christmas list?

more poultry......i am thinking more chickens and some turkeys

again doesn't everyone have more poultry on THEIR christmas list

no? what is WRONG with you people???

don't you remember that whole partridge in the pear tree thing......
oh and I want the pear tree too.....the partridge is optional

4oz canning jars
you can NEVAH have too many of them i have discovered this since i got that french jam book
mes confiture
like 25 cases isn't enough.......

henkel knives......for 31 almost years i been married to bernie..........
every christmas list has the henkel knives on it

i don't ask for much.....( total adoration, akin to worship.....and keep telling me i'm perfect)
but you THINK a girl could get at least the three damn knives that are on her list
a paring
a filet
a butcher

what is so freeken hard about THAT?

i don't CARE that bernie thinks i may possibly use them on HIM..........

hey i got stuff to CUT UP damit

some of them SAS clogs........the store is downtown RIGHT next to the yarn store........

which brings me to the drum carder.........
i need a drum carder to go with my sheep
that goes with my farm
that goes with my spinning wheel
that goes with my huge ass farm house kitchen and total food storage put the harvest away from the summer HOUSE

i did mention the greedy part no?

i want it all and i want it all NOW

thank you
very much


ps: i am trulyviolet on ravelry, as well as kr just in case you wondered

Thursday, November 01, 2007

tidying up the loose ones

ok this is about odds and ends

just getting short bits tidied up

rhinebeck: we went sunday this year.....and did NOT get to go spin alpaca
there was some confusion about weither or not the alpaca spin was on......
it was but i didn't find out until AFTER i was committed to rhinebeck sunday
we arrived late
i was a bit upset about that as i adore rhinebeck, hands down it is my FAVORITE fiber event
the colors are amazing
the trip up and down goes through some of my most favorite country
and the atmosphere is the very best
i got a few things....not much
some dyable 'glitz'
some bleached silk tussah
( little barn for both of them......and they were out of unbleached tussah)
a bobbin for the lendrum
and an amazing skein of hand painted/dyed 100% silk lace weight from
in the colors of late russet autumn
i met mobarger from kr
what a sweet sweet person,
poor thing got the full violet treatment
and i was distracted by the rhinebeck abundance of fibery goodness
but she is a wonderful person....
( and really pretty too......reminds me a little of clara from kr)

the cats: they were/are sick. you all don't want to know what my vet bills are right now
it started with calpurrnia.....the runs.....
then a bit of vomiting
then fawn and the runs......

finally the big guy
only he still has a bit of the vomiting
we have stuff from the vet
he's still eatting.....
i of course worry like crazy
he will no doubt survive in spite of me worrying like a mother hen

which brings us to the hens:
no one is laying
they are just over 2 years old
i have to make a decision..........

we need to get a few more layers
two is good
that's enough
now marguerite doesn't like to share her pen
but that is the only space i got for more hens
unless the other three either go out to the farm
or something

i am also thinking they need a chicken tractor....now that jackass isn't around......

which leads us to JACKASS:

yes, once again we tune into the continuing saga of as the jackass turns

btw, i did mention that his wife's name is jeni............ which is a female jackass?
( that just cracks me up every SINGLE time i think of it)
ok well
apparently he has found hisself another victim......ah......i mean woman
and has left her sorry ass
she naturally has installed a new penis
( what HER wait?)
things are much quieter for the most part now
jackass shows up now and again......

he was here last night (halloween-for true frightening) to get the kids and take them somewheres
heaven forbid mother of the year over there does anything with/for the kids
no one actually parents the kids.....
how could a pair of 3 year olds parent 4 kids?

we go to court AGAIN on the 16 of this month

let's see

what all else

ok in KNITTING news
i am again knitting......not much as my hands will act up again but a bit
right now i am knitting a bit of wool to felt for a swatch of what may possibly
become a felted coat
i want a deep wine red boiled wool coat with black trim in the worst way
and the ones i drooled over at rhinebeck didn't fit me
even if i could afford them
i can slowly knit garter stitch no?
and felt it a bit no?
and if i over felt it.........the BLACK felted border will get a bit WIDER no?

or so i think........

life on our little corner of the world:
well we finally got our killer frost
this past week........end of october
i got some stuff still out there......covered
i need to get the garden huckleberries picked
now that there has been frost

canning season is sort of winding down.....
i want to can potatoes and chestnuts and dried beans yet
talk about true convienince

open a jar of tators or beans
add a jar of ham........
we are off to the races in 10 minutes
all homemade......no salt......no msg......no weird stuff we can't pronounce

the duckies:
are doing well...........
i need to get another bucket for them
i will do that tomorrow
they are losing their little pool this weekend too
falstaff FINALLY molted......is molting.......
feathers all over the place but his primary flight feathers are FINALLY
FINALLY coming out
i waited long enough
there wasn't any actual FEATHER left on them....just the quills

i have been raking leaves and putting two or three wheel barrows full
into their pen daily
they have their little duck house and all......
and i guess they are as ready as they are going to be for winter

the sheepies and the goatie........
i have no idea how they are
long story
and i am pretty upset about it
i am pretty sure that they are perfect,
but i don't know for 100% sure
i am wondering if i can risk bringing them home here?
zoning would freek
but with jackass gone....maybe i can?

is there anything i forgot?

drop me a line