Wednesday, December 30, 2015

and here is to a better 2016

2015 wasn't too bad for us, it started out a bit rough
the van went and we had to buy a car..... so now we have our prius
*i'm still in shock that we have a prius*
we lost phoebe, fawn, falstaff, mr quail and the budgie girls..... everyone was old however- but that all still broke my heart- i don't like losing my animal family
they got a home for life here.
on the plus side, i didn't have any major falls........ although i was diagnosed with fibromyalgia
and i did bring my bad arm and possibly broken shoulder back without medical attention....... *please.....three different freeken drs and no one could figure this out?*
i don't have full movement and i keep doing the exercises, trying to get full movement back if i can
now for you all, i wish you a safe and healthy new year.... i wish you interesting experiences....... new and old friends....
laughter and lots of good memories

i don't make resolutions but my plans are to continue to paint..... possibly going on a few research trips *day trips probably*
i also hope to print more paintings this year...
and continue some of the series that while i figure they are finished, i could sort of expand on...... with the idea of a calendar or something

another plan is to reorganize and expand the we may not be able to add on.... but if i can expand my painting area at least 4 more feet into the rest of the studio that would be a good thing.......
also i need to rebuild my work surfaces that hold tools/supplies and palettes...
when i do...i need them on wheels (and my drafting table too..... bernie is resisting that idea but i need wheels on it)
more lighting over there too

so anyway.....happy new year to you all
see you on the flip side

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

dear santa

well it's that time of year again.....
i miss my folks, but this year not as bad as some...i figure they are watching over me...
and i also figure they are thrilled that my work is very well received.
i have a few requests for you santa, if you don't mind
i've made a list:

* i have some friends who are very sick, recovering from surgeries, heartbreak, and illness, could you give them a bit of a boost?... they are all over the world, and while i imagine syria is going to be rough to get to......there are some over in that neck of the woods too..

* and speaking of that neck of the woods, is it possible to find a way for folks to learn to coexist a bit more peacefully? i watch the attention grabbing ravings of lunatics, and i wonder if things here will ever truly change?

* some sort of help or epiphany on the environment for folks to again work together and take care of our tiny and very fragile planet....spinning through the vast and endless darkness of space.... so incredibly and amazingly abundant with life. it would be such a horrible unspeakable tragedy for this to all be lost.

* some miracles would be nice, elevating folks suffering daily..... it's all fine and good to give them a meal on the holidays but wouldn't a better gift be, a better life daily? it's little things you know, like lack of pain, wholesome food, access to actual medical care.... a warm/dry roof...... clean water..... i know some people in america at least have figured out how to end homelessness..... how about the rest of the world?

* teaching folks we are all in it together, we are all inter-related- and to behave as if whatever we do, is what is truly done to us...... color really is only skin deep, and we are the tribe of earthlings.....(or maybe send some damn aliens to teach our asses that?)

* help the angry folks to find a way through that... they are scared, and bitter, their hopes and dreams are gone....... they need to find a fresh start somehow and a quiet heart

i know it's a lot santa, but see i figure more folks will listen to you then anyone else
i do have hope that people overall, are not stupid, * although some are occasionally sucker punched and miss the mark**
so maybe if there is a way to wake up their highest selves......

maybe that? maybe each one do one unselfish reach to another?

anyway santa
happy holidays to you and the mrs....and the elves and the deer
*i'm probably going to paint deer again btw, so if you'd send me one it's good...... they can come home after their portraits