Saturday, June 27, 2015

i'm thinking.... the drought's got to be over

rain and rain and rain and more rain
and rain
rain rain rain
those are my days and nights
after a while you're actually afraid of the sun!

today i did color charts, i did most of my watercolors (missing two on the chart)
and i did most of my gouache
i am adding two cads (yellow and red) and eventually cad orange
i think that'll be ok for gouache then
as i seem to be able to mix enough colors out of what i have and adding regular watercolors to the mixes as well

i was hoping to do another flower on black paper in gouache but i don't have one
i would like a blue one
alkanet would be nice
a blue poppy
or even delphinium
i can't do acronite as calpurrnia loves to eat the models and that will kill her, ditto on the nightshade

so i have to take stock of what is finished and what isn't finished in my series and go from there
i am going to ditch one of my frogs so i need to do another frog painting, just when i thought i was finished with them and could move on to newts
i am considering a mallard for the next migratory bird series
and due to rain, i can't go to the bird farm for the upland birds-
i don't have the teacups for the rest of the teacup series.....
i could do another northern myth/folklore/fairytale.....
or i can add to the foxes either other small predators or maybe just more fox?
of course there is always CORN to paint.......
so that is the state of the studio this very rainy night

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

oh my goodness

no i didn't forget you all, but i have not be the best with the weather changes
it's really rough on a fibro body
painting continues when i can,
i finished the russian wood spirit and foxes
a portrait of the two foxes
a frog (one more to do as now i don't like one of the series enough to keep it)
and am working on pansies on black paper
it looks like mid/end of july for the bird farm visit so that could be late summer into late fall paintings

in household news, we're stocking the freezer, chicken is on sale so we're stocking
i think we'll end up with 200 pounds if i can (yes it's that cheap )

today is our 'sunday' so bernie due to rain is resting in the house
he's playing video games on the old computer
i'm intermittent painting- as my body allows.....
i am trying to rest as well, and dodge the fibro pain

so that's where we're at now
how is by you folks?

Monday, June 08, 2015

happy 100 birthday mom

that's my mom, the oldest daughter.....she would have been 100 years old today, we lost her 30 years ago to bone cancer. 

Thursday, June 04, 2015

after the rain

it's been raining here too, not just texas and oklahoma
everything is very moist and very green
thankfully because the uphill neighbors were burning garbage illegally throughout the drought
it was pretty scary after having seen the big fire down at blue mountain

all is pretty quiet here otherwise, thank goodness
i'm painting (finished a russian wood spirit with foxes, and a portrait of two foxes-which we may be printing)
i was asked to go to the bird farm and paint the turkey, peacocks, roosters and pheasants there
i am hoping that i can make time by end of june
meanwhile since the weather did warm up, i am feeling a bit better so i've been able to get more done
i put by chicken freezer meals as chicken was .89 a pound
and i'll be trying to put by more meals if i can
against the days i can't

i also found out that a friend of mine from high school 2012, but i just found out yesterday, i don't know from what......but it's made me very sad to hear the news
he'd relocated about 20 years ago to the southwest.

in animal news..... mostly everyone's ok here for now.... captain cuttle wants a birdie friend so bad....and i would like to get him one this summer. he's taken to sitting at the extreme top corner of his cage so he can see me and chirp at me while i work
the lapermies are having allergy problems
it's the rain now
chickens, ducks and mrs quail are in the molt......... so are out of sorts

and this is pretty much all the news from here

til next time