Friday, August 31, 2007

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

what's a nice girl doing UP at an hour like this?

it's 5am ( or a bit past now)
i'm up
getting ready to go to the fair

some demon disquised as my friend carole talked me into showing violet the goat at the fair
what am i nuts?
do I THINK i am 19 still?

i helped wash 18 goats yesterday
right now i am feeling all 47 of the 18 goats i helped wash.....
and a cow or two.....
maybe a pig as well

so that is what screaming muscles feel like!

and today...... ( heaven help me)

i get to take MY very own goatie into the ring
my very own goatie, who btw is not speaking to me

see goats don't like water
in the LEAST
they also don't like anything or anyone when they are out of their pens

this list includes

red headed children
golf carts
tall people
short people
blond headed children
blowing paper
people sweeping with brooms
my face

did i mention there is a HILL between where the goats are penned and the wash station?
and in between ARE COWS...... pigs...... humanity OH MY.....

cows are big you know
even the babies are big.....
really big
and they have very LOUD voices

ok so
today we go into the RING
( picture the really SCARY music in the horror movie)
more specificly......tonight
if i am still awake
and still alive
and still can MOVE one limb or finger on this body

and tomorrow
i get to go argue with goats and horses to pick peaches....
if i can move.....
well you get the picture

i think.....i need a nice snow storm.....
87 inches will do it
i need a bit of time off now

thank you all for listening to me


Monday, August 13, 2007

bernie's angel again....

last week, bernie pulled in home here pretty late,
he had vehicle troubles and had a part in the engine melt on him!
so friday he had to take my van ( and i am still without a vehicle)

friday morning he is driving east on route 80..... coming down a nasty hill with no left hand shoulder.

he was in the left lane

knowing him.....he was doing 90

he was listening to the radio, which suddenly cut out

now normally in his truck......the radio starts to break up and lose signal around there.... it gets all static-y

the radio in my van just went completely sound, just instant silence
and NO traffic on route 80 at ALL......... very odd for that time in the morning

he moved over, to the middle lane slowing down a bit......and rounded the bend at the bottom of that wicked hill

in the left lane...... pointing TOWARDS the traffic was a car!
( remember no shoulder)
the car had it's headlights on, and had apparently spun out and ended up facing north

when dh touched the volume slide on the radio
he found it had been turned DOWN

there had been no gradual or even fast fade of you all know would happen if you had turned down the sound

it had gone from LOUD to no sound.....
this was a slide thing.......
and it couldn't have happened that way....

he turned it back up

i would sure like to know who is his angel ( this isn't the first time he's been the reciever of help that is paranormal)

anyway, i have been thanking this being....... soul.......entity

as if they had not done that simple thing of turning the SOUND off the bernie AND that other person would have been dead.

anyway, i thought you folks would like to hear about this