Thursday, July 12, 2007

out of sorts day

what a day........
poor little badger got a vacine today....
my poor baby lambsie
kris said it's time he learns to drink water from a we gotta get him a bucket

someone told me.....(remember i am all italian) that she knew that all italians made sauce with sugar and vinegar in it......because while she was NOT italian...she lived next door to italians and watched some on tv....

does living next to the ocean make you a porpoise?


it's been that kind of day

and now i can't walk
my left arch is killing me
i don't know why but it hurts so bad......
ok meanwhile in duckie news
they are HUGE
and are going to monica's farm shortly
i bought 5 ducklings and made a new friend doing it......the 5 ducklings are carole's birthday present.....
1 for each decade of her life

some of my tomatoes have early blight
i have to mulch them
and cut the affected leaves off and spray them with liquid copper

one tomato is's turning RED
i can't wait for the rest

bernie LOVES his new job
he loves the company and the people

he feels he is making a difference....keeping the ambulances running

i am haveing a bit of trouble breathing and a few chest pains...
so I am giong to go lay down

til next time