Monday, March 19, 2012

Thursday, March 08, 2012

a waterfall has replaced the block

ok in no particular order (or state of finish as these are all random shots of the work i been doing lately..none of them are finished in these pictures though) here is some of the color work i have been doing.
i would say that the muse has returned and the flood gates have opened.....
now where does that leave me on the duck book? ahem...... slightly behind again as usual. but in my defense....... i have been working on the second draft--- and i hope to get that done by friday.....maybe
at least i hope so
i may have to break to do the taxes
i emailed the tax guy but i have a bad feeling about him and the taxes this year

now as to the drawings....if there are a preponderance of squirrels....... yeah i know.. i would imagine that in a while there will be a glut of bunnies or mice or something know how these things go right? i explore a theme....... (that sounds about right for what i've been doing huh?)

so anyway this is why no one's heard from me for a while. i suppose you all will forgive me right?
oh and in other topics......this election crap is driving me nuts so i really haven't been too happy about all that lately- another reason i've had nothing to say