Monday, June 25, 2012

as time goes by............

still painting...... you may want to ignore that or take it as a given for the next.....hmmteen months/years
 i loaded up some photo's of my goof off session saturday........ i was not feeling well so i sat on the deck and made earring charms, for my interchangeable earrings-- i actually made 8 sets but these were the only good photos i got of them...there are pink and blue ones, and sort of tawny/amber/beige and white....etc..... i had a lot of fun while i was relaxing

 over night we got rain.... it's cleared up now and the sun is out
i am lingering over coffee yet.....( i KNOW lazy bitch that i am) i didn't sleep at all last night
the allergy meds that are supposed to make you sleepy..........yeah right, well they don't do that to me

ok so over the weekend i packaged up something like 50 pounds of lambchops for the freezer and ran out of vacuum sealer bags doing today i ordered 200 more bags, as i am waiting on my yearly 120# boneless skinless chicken order
(which actually lasts me about 18 months) i wait until they are down to like 1.59 a pound and then get the 120#
the lamb was 1.99 a pound so i ended up with like 80 pounds
in two batches........... *maybe 90*

my ginger is doing well, that root i threw in a pot in january is now over a foot tall and needs repotting..ditto on the plants we got for my birthday! my meyers lemon, my patchouli and the lemon verbena are all doing very well and the rosemary that i thought i had lost is still hanging in

oh and i put paper bags over my blueberries and so far (as of yesterday) the birds haven't eaten them because they haven't SEEN them

in knitting news, i have cast on 'sweet dreams' from booknits, and kalina both pretty little crescent shaped shawlettes....both in variations of fuchsia or hot pink which i plan to dip in blue or in burgundy respectively after i finish them but before i block them
we'll see

i know i need to start a sweater out of that tweed i stashed and i am planning on it..... but probably not until later this summer
meanwhile the painting continues

my printing problems haven't been solved yet either
but i am working on it

til next time

Sunday, June 17, 2012

another week went by!

i am still painting crows...up to five now
my allergies/chronic bronchitis asthma or whatever the hell this is is sort of getting better

a netipot is my new best friend......and i can't tell you how gross it is but damn if it doesn't work GREAT

i'll be opening a cafe press and a zazzle store soon, as right now i can't find a good printer! but they are print on demand so that will work for now
i still have to call that bookstore about the cards as well

some paintings are spoken for it seems, once i finish the series, get them digital etc.....then the originals go on the block...... i've been getting a lot of emails about different ones
i was actually surprised at how much interest these generated

in cat news, fawn's been hurling every night at 2am.....all over the clean sheets
so at 2am i am in the shower while bernie is changing sheets (thank goodness for waterproof mattress protectors)
i think she's getting the last of her mats off from balancing her thyroid meds out

meanwhile i am painting for all i'm worth
and getting together an art supply order to choke a horse it would seem, as i am going to be needing paper soon- so i'll add more brushes and pigments as well.......
oh and a few clam shell boxes to store work (write that down so i remember)
as i am running out of space!

ok i have to run as my wash has now dried so i can paint over it
take good care

Sunday, June 10, 2012

just a painting fool

i am painting about 8 hours or so a day now....
i am trying for almost every day
the new 'body of work' is making me happy
right now i am doing a few in a series of crows

now in my health news....i am afraid that i am still coughing.......still having trouble breathing at times
i think it's extreme allergies
i do know that the allergy meds help more then the inhaler
so i suspect that whole chronic bronchitis diagnosis... although it could be
i also know i can't care for the ducks and chickens at the moment
i can't expend the energy
thankfully bernie is doing that for me
he's made the pens easier too

personally i think it's the rainy weather
but what do i know

meanwhile i am painting

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

mid way through the painting

now in reality this painting is long finished.....and two more put to bed as well... but here is a mid point of the crow......
i always thought it so interesting to watch something happen...... to see the energy that goes into it....
so i am showing you folks the energy that goes into what i do

now also lately, i am having a LOT of trouble with the asthma and bronchitis- none of the meds are really working well
it's the rain i think.
the more it rains (and it's freeken raining every SINGLE day) the worse i get

talking to me is like being in a TB ward...i can't stop coughing.
i am having help with the ducks and chickens, and actually for the past three days i can't go out to them at all
it really is that bad........
AND i got a weird persistent fungus on my one toe!- it's not athletes foot, we don't know WHAT it is..... i got a cream for it.....not working real well though

meanwhile the poultry is enjoying their time outside.....they are protected from the rains, they are having a blast eating bugs and slugs...... and generally doing their duck and chicken thing....i watch from the windows and miss my guys.

also due to the rain, the budgies are doing the wild thang.................... bernie caught captain cuttle on emma's back..... no babies........ no more eggs......
so i guess we're safe
and mrs. fezziwig is got her thing going on with her mirror..... so she is as happy i guess as she can be without an actual budgie in there with her..... i can't put her in the flock as her and emma fight to the almost death

meanwhile i have to get back to work.... so i hope you folks all stay dry