Saturday, November 19, 2005

stove going in!!!!! updated now with all the pix's

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here is the ceiling hole from the studio side......
hahahah WARMTH Is going to happen!!!
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Tuesday, November 15, 2005


ok this is the best I can do..
here is the side of the stove
it weighs 425 pounds and they have it setting sideways
so this is the best I can do you all
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I will ask bernie tonight to hold a chicken near it.....
I do'nt really WANT chicken poop on the stone you is porus....


waiting for saturday

ps: this is kiss the dog I forgot to tell you all......when I talk about my dog....this is her
she is gone now...... sept 28, 1987-june 24, 2003
but even though...... this is still HER house and I am still her person
I adore her even to this day
there was never one second of that dog's life I did not treasure as a gift to us..
and I miss her.
I dream about her occationally.. and I truly believe she sent THAT cat.......( thaddeaus peabody)

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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Monday, November 07, 2005

Le palais du poulet heureux***

*** the palace of the happy chicken

ok so our little chicky boom booms are getting pretty big....... the roo's are about 4pounds
and the little pullets are about 3
very tame...... and extremely adorable.

so the folks up the hill offered me their old dog pen to house my chicks
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with a few adaptations it is going to be great for them.
AND while the roo's are going to monica's farm......the hens ARE staying here......

sooooooooooooooo I give you
Le palais du poulet heureux

the palace of the happy chicken...
think they will get lost in there?????

ok and real quick here is the little momma herself...... she finally realized that the chicks aren't kittens, or at least she doesn't think they need to eat 'mice' anymore

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I started to stack three cords of wood
move the stuff out of the way of the woodstove in the studio
and STILL am without a redone kitchen

and the court date thing with moron neighbors got moved to a different court
oh man..
til next time

update from vi

I have been stacking wood as you all know.....

I have found that I can stack 3-4 wheel barrels full and then I have to rest.
however I am very proud that I can stack at all
if you all remeber this past summer when I could not even lift 5 pounds

but I got almost 1/2 a cord up on the skids
and I am going to be stacking a cord or two out back.......

I am sooooooooooooooo proud


Thursday, November 03, 2005

Bernie's angel

I love angel stories....
even though I am not religous at all we have a few as well....

my bernie has his very own angel that wears plaid.... we even call this angel, 'bernie's angel'

one night about 18 years ago or so maybe 16...... bernie was coming home from work in jersey....he was late it was winter and pretty cold.
he got up to the andover exit on rt 80 and the car died.
since it was past normal traffic time there literally was no one on the road... there was no exit for was a dark new moon, no lights NOTHING. that area is still today really rural, hilly and empty.

so quiet and still you can hear your eyelids blink.

he looked under the hood but realized that there was no way he could fix the car as the rotor had gone and he didn't have a replacement. it was an old old chevy...... like a 72 or something....

so he got back into the car and tried to sleep, what else could he do....?

meanwhile I was frantic.......terrified at what I imagined happened to him

Ok he had fallen asleep and was woken up by someone tapping on his window.....
he hadn't fallen into a deep sleep... and was up immediately
there was a man in a plaid shirt that asked him what happened........and could he help bernie....
now it was pitch black out and a NEW MOON...... you can't get any darker then that.... and bernie was slumped down on the seat a bit....

NOW MIND YOU........ he had no lightst on in the was totally dead.

bernie got out of the car and told the man that he'd broken down but that the man could NOT help him as he needed a rotor for this chevy that was pretty old.

the man said....'is that all, no problem' went around back to his car..... opened the trunk reached in and found the EXACT ROTOR with no fumbling or looking at part numbers on the box..................... and handed it to bernie

bernie said to the man, ' I have three dollars in my's yours and if you give me a name and address I will send you more money to pay for the part'

the man said to my bernie...... 'don't worry about it...... just help the next guy on the road'

bernie went to install the part and stopped midway.... looking to see why the man hadn't left or if the man needed him......
the man and the car wasn't there....
the car hadn't ever started up
hadn't ever pulled around him.....
it is a sheer drop off a cliff there
and the road goes on can literally see for miles...... no head lights or tail lights.. either way......

bernie got chills
he'd only been under the hood a few seconds!

he went back and finished putting in that rotor and came home
he got in at 3am
I was frantic......
he was amazed

he told me what happened..... totally puzzled....
and I realized
he met his angel.......
I bless that angel all the time and know that my bernie is safe out there BECAUSE that angel watches over him

Bernie always stops for folks on the road.....going way out of his way most often to help
he has picked up folks walking in the cold and taken them to a diner to call their families and bought them coffee
he has taken gramma's and their grandchildren home and then went back to help with their car

he has always done this.......

so see we firmly believe in angels around here.