Tuesday, April 24, 2012

woman's right matter

so  for the first time every i voted.................

for the rights of woman must be upheld....
and stupidity needs to be squished

Friday, April 20, 2012

work continues

this is a crop of a house finch......... he wasn't quite finished here but that's ok....there is enough to see where he's going.
meanwhile the weather has changed again.....and i am continuing work on these small paintings.
i need to pick another watercolor paper for the next project which is botanical illustration.
i am torn between sanders, canson 100, and just going for twinrocker.
meanwhile the rest of the chickens and ducks are ok......we were so worried about them
and if you don't hear from me....rest assured, i am working

Friday, April 13, 2012

chipping sparrow

chipping sparrow.... midway through painting..
i did finally finish her (see the egg bulge? that's a girl! we know all about egg bulges around here with 11 female birds)
she is actually finished, and in my box waiting to be scanned for note cards
and i will go on record as saying
i like her

oh and i fixed her beak

now in very sad news
malcom passed away the other day..... i do miss him very much.
we think he was poisoned by a neighbor using rodent bait
we have to believe it was an accident

Friday, April 06, 2012

now don't faint- studio organizing

 i wanted to show any one that needed a safe idea for expensive brushes what i ended up doing with my VERY expenisve kolinsky brushes that i collected and watched for sales for.
Hobby Lobby has cheapo brush sets for a few bucks in a COOL plastic cylinder. With the styro bottom support..... VERY GOOD IDEA i took the cheapo brushes out that i now use for liquid frisket maskoid.....(use synthetic brushes, wet and soaped, the wiped down and mask won't stick)
and i replaced them with my good ones....i poked extra holes with a knitting needle and this houses almost all of my short handled watercolor brushes-- I AM THRILLED WITH THIS IDEA
the remainder of my cheap brushes or my good synthetic brushes are in that crystal jar bottom (it rings bright and CLEAR like a bell every time something knocks it)

now that black thing..... it holds erasers, scissors etc......that thing was like 5.00 at a back to school sale at staples one year... it proved itself worthy of space on the work top
that red round thing with the dark top is my folgers water container
folgers coffee in the red plastic canister works very well for me for water. the label comes off and it's RED
the lid fits tightly so thaddeaus peabody can't drink my watercolor water...
i decided that since i am using my nieces' desktop i would put the water container and the spray bottle as well as the paper towels in a plastic tray to help with drips but i do plan on getting a plastic cover (clear vinyl)

now i need an idea for a brush drying rack......brushes need to dry with the bristles facing down i bought one but it's not working very well......
now clothes pins work as long as i put them in the wire shelving to hold them

but i need some other idea..a drying rack of sorts
preferably one that the brushes clamp in.....all different sizes
any ideas would be appreciated

ok off i go......
happy passover to those who celebrate
happy easter to the others
and happy weekend to everyone else

ps: bernie worked about 85 hours this week.... last night getting home at 11 and tuesday getting in at 10
we're going to rest all weekend

Thursday, April 05, 2012

you know the drill..............

 i put the red desk top in the watercolor corner of the studio.....and i am still really busy..... i think though this area needs to be 4' long not five.....
so we're going to talk about a custom table.....that fits in that corner around the moldings and maybe will have three flat paper drawers

in duck news.... everyone is fine...malcom has to be watched as he's feeling randy-three of the 4 girls are laying
the chickens like their 'new' day pen which isn't really finished but they can use it as long as it isn't overnight- colette is starting to lay outside...i  was not happy about that either, as i want them laying in the house not outside
the cats and budgies are fine- for my birthday, we had a total blast...... we went to well sweep herb farm- then a used bookstore in an amazing old building in easton.....followed by barnes & nobel....... then outback for supper...... home to bring in the poultry.....and finally finishing with a movie at the local community theater..... all in all a wonderful day just bernie and i..... it was marred early by his job calling him like crazy.... but i unplugged the house phone and turned his cell off
we were so busy that we didnt' get around to birthday cake until saturday!
so now you all are sort of updated but i will tell you i am totally busy...... someone asked me to can for them (for pay) hahahaha i don't think i will have the time to can for ME
ok i have to get my woodstove lit for the night
take good care
til next time