Saturday, April 30, 2005

My little boy..........

Image hosted by
this is my boy at 4 months old...... LOOK at them curls!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comhere is my boy at I think 2-3 months
Image hosted by
and here is my guy right before he came home
what a difference huh?

Ok today is clean the fridge day, ewwwwwwwwww
today is that special day set aside to try and figure out WHAT THE HELL is actually growing in the dim recess of the magic box.

The Thaddeaus pictures are because he is 'helping' me.
oh yes I definitely need the help cause you see, from his point of view I am brain dead.
( possibly from my point of view as well)

I am trying to get enough meals cooked and frozen so that while I am getting my medical crap fixed up, I can continue to hold body and soul together.
Also Bernie had actually gotten used to eating on a regular basis so I need to consider that as well.
He gets home way to late now to cook, so this way, it is all ready and just needs to be reheated.

gees I am so efficient huh?
I spent the past two weeks figureing out all the stuff I needed to do this with.... menus etc.
When I was an art director I used to do the OAMC ( once a month cooking) however it was more like 4X a year and we ate good.
I haven't really bothered to do the whole formal thing in the past few years but I am going to be doing it now
there are wierd multi colored stuff growing on unidentifiable objects in the fridge.......
I wish I drank

til next time

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Some of the last of this years Kids

Image hosted by

Image hosted by this is Puff and her baby

Image hosted by

sniff sniff

I am going to miss seeing the newborn babies.
oh and one more thing.

FAWN is running around the main house and studio today, just like the rest of these furry feline felons

And no one, so far, has killed anyone.!!!

It is very funny to think you are talking to Calpurrnia and find out it is Fawn looking at you like you are insane


I need this catatude?

guess I do huh?

til next time


Ok one down

I got the shoulder xrays done today.
I will pick them up Monday morning and go to the Orthopedic.
Meanwhile, I am in a lot of pain from my back/ovaries.
NOW my damn body decides to fall apart?
I was gone over three hours, as it is about 30 miles to the doctor and back, plus office wait time.
I was in trouble the minute I sat in one of the office chairs there.
I tell you..... This guy is making sure of his future business with them office chairs.

Anyway, I am all excited to finally be getting this stuff done, and I promise to go for my mamogram and oil/lube ( pap and pelvis)
By summer I expect I will be either dead or a new woman........ ( do they give warrentees on spare parts?)

Which btw, are any of you folks organ donors?
I ask because I am, but DH isn't.
I figure if I am brain dead, why bother taking some stuff to be worm food when someone else could possibly use it.
I have three cousins who have had transplanted kidneys and I had a friend ( deceased now) who was transplanted heart/lung/kidney.
If you are a donor, what decided you?
If you are not a donor, what decided you?
( no judgements actually I am cause of my family, Dh is afraid they will kill him off early to get his organs.......... I told him, 'no, but I may kill you off early')
til next time
with goatie pictures and maybe some kittens

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Fly by posting?

Ok well I got a ton of cooking and such done.
I also got some medical stuff started, with luck by this time next month my shoulders will be working again!!!
I also cast on the Knitpicks Shimmer into a scarf from Lavish Lace, the Ocean moods......
only I am doing it in the red/pink/yellow "happy dance" colorway.
*** warning opinion ahead****
the Shimmer is very nice, I had to rip back multiple times and it took the abuse without a problem.
I can't believe I am saying this but the colors are a bit strident. ( think 1940's red/yellow/pink)
however once it is finished I will see then, if I still don't think it will work I will dip it in an over dye to tone it a bit.

There are also some stray long fibers that are driving me nuts. I keep pulling them out.
Some are not dyed. Some are.
I don't know what they are but they bother me
over all I really like this yarn, and I wish they would come out with a white/cream.........
for dying or just cause.
( white lace............. what a concept huh?)

Now as to the pattern in Lavish Lace.
I am doing Ocean Moods.
I discovered it was way too wide, so I cut out two of the five center repeats, it is now just the right size or will be after I block it out.
It is an incredibly easy pattern, with a couple rows of garter in between.
It is also self scalloping on the ends..........
so I am very happy with it, I think I would also like it done in 100% silk if I could find that for under 20.00..... The Cherry Tree Hill 100% silk is 66.00 so nope that is not going to happen.

now as to the other stuff, or at least some of the other stuff.
I have been cooking like a demented momma........
I am trying to put enough cooked food to be reheated away so that in case my shoulders need surgery, I have meals for us.
I still have a LOT of cooking to do
I just did meatballs, burritos, and salisbury steak, ( I dropped the salis bury steak patties on the floor so I have to wash them..... thank goodness they were frozen when I did it......oye)

I have to do chickens, the pork and a turkey or two as well as side dishes. I figure at least another two weeks of cooking.
I even cooked and froze RICE
If I can get enough done I won't worry too much then
oh and I need to freeze at least 90-100 muffins for bernie to take to work..
which btw, the peach muffins are to die for
til next time

Thursday, April 21, 2005

taking some time off

I have a few things to do folks so I am thinking I probably will be taking some time off
if I have a chance I will post, if not......well just think of me being really busy
til next time

just had to see the babies again

Image hosted by

how about you all?

babies anyone?


Tuesday, April 19, 2005

I can't believe I ordered the whole thing....

Those of you folks that are knitters and do some online posting around abouts may be familiar with Knitpicks ( NAYY)
Well if you are, I have to tell you, I have been cruising their site daily.

I am not proud to admit that I am stalking yarn, but there you have it.

Most particularly their Alpaca cloud as well as their Shimmer.
( notice the trend here? lace weights both of them)

I am feeling the lace pull again.
I thought that the mohair mobius would have gotten me over the lace obsession as really I think I am way too short, too fat and too spartan in my dress to do the whole lace shawl/stoll thing.
And really I am, so I have to restrict myself to scarves.
Which is ok as tablecloths and doilies are out as well, cause, well you know.......... THADDEAUS and all.
I don't want lace socks or lace hats ( to me the lace hat thing sort of defeats the purpose but that is only my opinion and if you are a lace hat person, more power to you and full knit ahead)
And lace gloves....... well I won't go there.... ( I swear I have the coldest hands in the universe..... cold hands and hot flashes? what the F***????????????????????)

Anyway, I have been lusting in my heart for way too long........
the sirens song of shimmer has cause me to do dispicable things..........
the thought of silken lace against my skin................. blended with wool..
how could I resist?
those of you who are scratching your head in bewilderment....... please leave now and save us all the grief.

ok so I will be getting it in a couple days......
and what pray tell did I get?
that my dears....... is for me to know........ and you all to see the pictures when it gets here.....
til next time....
here look at all the pretty pictures...............

Monday, April 18, 2005

we got FISHIES

bad picture of them but we got pictures!
Image hosted by
this one is actually peach colored Ok This little guy is named 'ivan'

Image hosted by
this one is really magenta and purple.
this one has a name....... 'egor'

Some pictures of work and the cats

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by
Here is a new bag set I am working on, as you can see it isn't done yet, but these show how I work. One is open a bit to show the lining.
I am going to be doing a tote to match for knitting as well as a matching tool bag.
I have some other tapestry that coordinates to make accessories such as a date book, needle roll, checkbook cover, possibly a wallet as well. I don't know yet.

now here are some Thaddeaus and Calpurrnia pictures
Image hosted by This is our little Calpurrnia just a few minutes ago.
I gave her and Thaddeaus each a bath yesterday. Here is her highness.
She met her great gramma Fawn this morning face to face.
she tried to smack her!
poor Fawn

Image hosted by
Here is Thaddeaus..... doesn't he look like Ludwig van Beethoven?
if you look close, he is actually sitting ON Calpurrnia!

Ok, I have to get more pictures of Fawn and then Amber
as well as some fiber or knitting or something else I am working on
I also intend to post some pictures of some of the other stuff I do here and there
til next time

Ok FAWN pictures
Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
a pensive Fawn

Sunday, April 17, 2005

a new look ...........

or, I had nothing better to do so..........

well folks how do you like the new look of the blog?
I went a bit nutso huh?
I also washed the 'evil twins' Thaddeaus and Calpurrnia...
call the redo on the blog spring fever....
or a temporary deviation induced by dunking two screaming curly cats into the bath.

actually they were pretty good about it
and they look wonderful
Fawn was spared this round, as was Amber, but they are next...... ( said like ARNOLD.......... in the terminator)

now I would appreciate some comments if you all don't mind, first on the look here abouts.

then I have a dilemma
I am currently making a new knitting bag set. ( smaller bag/sock tote, larger knitting/tote, matching tool bag to go in either)
but I am not sure what to knit next, I am about to rip the neon hat back as I thought onion dome crown but I realized that it won't look as good as a flat crown since the sides are all textured.

I would love to knit some lace, I haven't in a forever of a time.
I dont' think I would look good in a shawl being of the short and round varity of person.
I would like a lace scarf but I am not sure about that looking good on me either.

No I won't knit tablecloths or doilies....... have you all been following the 'Adventures of Thaddeaus Peabody'?
he is a very bad boy and I would finish and he would EAT it.

so it will have to be a scarf, not a sweater... again look at the 'short & round' refrence.

I think I am in a slump
maybe spring fever?
anyway suggestions are more then welcome if you all wouldn't mind, I would appreciate it ever so much
til next time

Image hosted by
one of the bottle fed baby lambs

Saturday, April 16, 2005

4 more days to arriving fish

I promised a friend of mine down in Boca, that I would name the fish Egor, so one of the betta's will be named Egor.
I need to name the other and also Fawn needs a new name
( we all have been lax you know)
so I have to set up a poll,
should I maybe set up a contest of some sort too?
maybe our fresh handmade soap as a prize?
I don't know

Friday, April 15, 2005

frogs for real

ok those little froggies are african aquatic frogs......they live in the water all their life.
so they won't be coming out and hopping around the house any time soon.
but with luck I am not going to get them........ we've already had them 25 years ago...
we loved them however and I do recommend them but if I put up the tank, I want fancy goldfish
who can't wait to tuesday

there by hangs a (fish) tale

ok PICTURES will be delayed however
I am please to report that two ( count em folks 1, & 2)
new fish will be joining the herron household on tuesday.
one is peach colored and one is pink/purple/and well you just have to see him.
I went to a fish only store in town, run by ( I descovered) the guy who used to have the HUGE saltwater aquarium store on north 5th street...... he moved down to 191
then now he is on Crystal street in town.
so I have picked out two very healthy and happy betta's.
and I have them in quarentee hold til tuesday.
btw, they also had goldfish there........mmmmmmmm
fancy ones......
in orange and red/white
I have another tank.........

Today's assignment

Is to procure a fish.
And to file my taxes which last night at the last minute, I discovered had a HUGE error.

I called the tax person and informed them they did NOT credit us with the taxes we already PAID for last year!

BIG error I would say huh?

it went from we owe through the nose to.............. They owe US 22.00.

I can more then afford that 3.00 fish now..........

Now I have no choice BUT to get a new fish here or my Friends down in Boca have threatened me with this
or more specifically this one right HERE
which actually I am trying to get them to NOT spend their money on me.

First they were going to ship me two fish, and a second little aquarium, with shipping costs of over 25.00! for two 3.00 fish!

These folks always think with their hearts and they thought it was a good idea in light of my day yesterday, and my period to send me a fish or two to perk me up.

so today we get the fish.......
meanwhile I am thinking that the frog thing is pretty cool too however and I may just get that for us down the road.

ok now
I am planning on putting in a small order to Knitpicks I really want a few skeins of their alpaca cloud and their shimmer.
I have been wanting to knit some lace scarves and their lace weights are intriguing.
I hope they come out with a 100% silk in a lace weight as well.

Bernie is picking up at work, which is a very good thing.
meanwhile in a period induced coma, I am languishing.

Last night was spin group, I always get my period on spin day. Anyway I did not go.
I felt terrible that folks have to come get me, and then drop me off like a child. Even if I give them gas money I still feel terrible about it.
I am hoping by the May or at least June Spin that Bernie can figure how to get me there and back without interfering with his sleep too much.
I really don't like being night blind.
well coffee is ready
and the soon I get in gear the sooner I get the taxes mailed and the fish home.......

by the way,
today is the 9th anniversary of the Death of my best friend Thea to Inflammatory Breast Cancer.
She was only 38
I was closer to her then to my own sister. ( yea as my sister is under a federal court order NOT to contact me ever again)
I miss her so much and I talk to her every single day, I know she can hear me.

Please folks, if you find yourself in a position to spare a few cents, please help with the fight against breast cancer.
Inflammatory Breast cancer is the worst out of all of them, there is no cure and a diagnosis is immediate stage 4.

And Thea if you are watching over my shoulder, I miss you so much.

til next time

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Fred is dead.

Fred the invisible betta fish is dead.
he bit the big one about a week ago.
I miss him so much.
Fred was a deep dark purplish blue fish in a deep dark purplish blue betta tank, with deep dark purplish blue stones on the bottom and two plants, one plastic and one alive.
( hence the invisible fish thing)
He lived on my kitchen counter in the winter and on one of my workbenches during the summer.
I was used to him every morning especially during winter, I would talk to him and he would come to the side of the tank I was on and flare at me, in that betta sort of way.
I am pretty sure he was saying 'good morning oh thou fairest of food bringers, and how is thou this fine morning........'

he could just as well have been saying ' oy BITCH, bring on the food there I am dying of hunger'

However I find that in the week + that he has been gone, I miss his little face, the plants miss their twice weekly watering with Fred water, when I did partial water changes.

Ok so today I sought to remedy that.

I went over the mountain and through the woods to the great pet store in town.
I should have known I was in trouble when I couldn't get into the parking lot cause there was a cop truck there.
( yes a truck it was an SUV, and that'll teach you to mess with momma vi and her menopausal pms induced coma)

Ok so I finally get a parking space and get into the store.... I head directly over to the bettas......... to discover.......

and they are very pretty ones, orange, magenta, purple, cream, white iridescence....
all just waiting for me!

I got down to looking while the girl was putting them in their little cups

I was torn between about 6 and was indeed thinking.... well I do have 6 smallish 1/2 gallon glass bowls for them.....

When some BITCH PERSON, ( and I am being kind here, my menstrual cramps and peri-menopausal hot flashes have nothing to do with my perception of the bitch)told me she wouldn't guarantee them.....

I look up .......There is the guarantee sign.

She repeats, that she won't guarantee them for at least a day or so.....( remember the 5.00 part for the gas to go OVER the freeken mountain???)

Ok so would you hold them for me, I can pay for them..... and get them tomorrow or saturday.

NO OF COURSE she won't......................
cause she is the assistant manager and you know.......she has a BRAIN, and WANTS to make sales and give GOOD customer Service.

I asked her.... "how will I get the ones I want if you A)won't sell me them with their guarantee &
B) won't let me buy them and you hold them?

I left

I am despairing of ever getting a betta that I like.

I also got my full period while standing there arguing with this bitch.

please, someone either shoot me, or send me a betta or a gift certificate to Knitpicks or something.......
carmel popcorn or cheesecake is just not going to do it today.......
til next time

violet of the walking dead.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

one of THOSE days....

you know the kind, pre period.
ok so if you are male, you only know the pre period days by how neurotic the females you have to deal with are getting.
I have something to say to you....... SUCK IT UP and be thankful

now back to the females that may wander by here.
it is one of THOSE days, not quite bad enough to just lay there in the bed like a lump, moaning pitiously occationally.
And yet it ain't a day that say, oh, ......... driving would be a good idea either.
operating heavy machinery would probably get me an orange jumpsuit and a girlfriend named bubba...... ( with all due respect to the GLBT out there-which I probably got the letters wrong to anyway... I am sorry)When I accidentally ran over the moron neighbor, his wife, kids and nuisance animals, oh say...... 50 or 84 times.....

Ok so I got a blaaaaaaaaa day.
I want to finish my neon hat but I have to chart the top first.

I want to finish my latest knitting bag, but that would also involve thinking, much less standing...... I am not up to that.

Please I am not up to even standing and walking the 15 feet into the kitchen for a last cup of coffee.

I am not even sure I am up to talking!
( I can hear that collective GASP from you all, it sounds like someone broke the sound barrier....... oye)

I have a couple cloth dolls to finish, and I would dearly LOVE to scan the illustrations for their book again so I could actually print the damn thing and bind it.... everything IS waiting on that silly book.

I could always make a new porcelain doll......

I have seeds to plant,

I could pick up the living room......( WHAT! and RUIN my perfect hands off record????)

I could make soap, I have to do a couple batches of my famous peach goats milk, as well as some patchouli, and a few others.

so what is violet doing?
well besides typing this I mean.........

you got that right
a whole lot of nothing

gees I am boring

til next time

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

cat printed mouse shaped cat toys?

Image hosted by

ok new laperm pictures as well
tons of fawn,
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by

now little calpurrnia
Image hosted by

and finally the big guy.....
Image hosted by

Amber could not be reached for comment
sorry guys
hopefully knitting content will follow
as well as pictures of some of the other stuff I do

Monday, April 11, 2005

Fiber content! (and a few goats)

Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by

Ok this is the little needle felted rhino I made with Carole today, she did the basic body and I did the adjustments and the features then finished it.
pretty cool huh~!
it is about 5 inches long.
hahaha we had a blast today.

Ok finally goaties
Image hosted by
this is skittles, she almost died last week with what is sort of like milk fever, here she is reunited with her two kids. She is fine now, and they are all very happy and healthy but it was pretty scary.

Laperm cat photos either later or tomorrow
I need to get a few more of Fawn
ps: if anyone knows how to do a poll thingy...... please let me know, as I want to do a poll on changing fawn's name

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Our little alarm clock

Well tremendous strides are being made by this tiny new cat here.
She slept nose to nose with first Bernie then me all night
then at 4:30 am.......She woke Bernie up
too bad it is Sunday.....
she is now our official alarm clock
I am going to be putting up more pictures on the laperms either later today or tomorrow but probably later today.
til next
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
my little vampire.....I am so proud

Image hosted by

Saturday, April 09, 2005

a few more

Image hosted by
ok this is little calpurrnia the great granddaughter
cute huh?

Image hosted by
this is fawn who is the great gramma..... she looks good for her age no?
doesn't she look like a kitten here?

Image hosted by
there is the famous laperm curls..... very nice

now the bad boy, is sleeping in a darkish place so I can't get some pictures of him, but we are over do for some of my boy huh?

Introducing Fawn

Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
ok guys...... here she is
what do you all think?
please leave her some comments

yesterday, today & tomorrow

ok I wasn't around much yesterday as it was Bernie's 50 birthday.
He decided instead of a big bash of a party, he would prefer spending a quiet day just us chickens, we went to Allentown.
We went to the hobby shop, the book store, Red Lobster, another hobby shop and stopped at the Goat farm to see the babies on the way home.
he said he can't tell what 50 feels like as he feels the same as before......
I can tell you, him at 50 feels pretty damn good to me.

I have been married to Bernie for over 28 years, through thick and thin....... we've had our problems here and there as all folks do.
I have to say, I am truly blessed to have him. I don't know why extra specialness I earned to have married this man.
Even with me at this age, along with the aftermaths of illness, he thinks I am beautiful.
He is not interested in a trophy wife like so many other men his age. He doesn't care that I sag measurably here and there.
He is the most wonderful person around the cats, and other animals. Kids adore him.
He is still got that sense of wonderment that young boys have. Yet he is strong, protective and deffinately all 100% male.
He is also completely human.
I think I like that in a husband....( well damn yeah, or there would be tenticles all over the
oh and he has a tremendous sense of humor!
I never knew I was funny until he told me so.
I at times still don't believe him but they you folks all laugh too so I guess he knows what he is talking about...

Oh ok the CATS

Fawn came up on the bed last night and slept on my hand.
Not as long as I would have liked.
Only about 20 minutes.
However that again is huge progress.
She then kept us up all night calling us to play with her.
So I have to figure something out for her......
maybe put bird seed out on the lawn and put something by the window so she could watch the birds for a while?
She still isn't ready to meet the grandkids yet.
I am going to try for pictures today, she seems relaxed a bit more.

Ok the Lamb
Kris had the first of her two ewes lamb, on tuesday. Both Rams.
One is very typy BFL, so I know I am not getting him.
the other is cute but a ram........
I wanted a ewe.
Her other ewe, Summer, still hasn't lambed. Hopefully she will triplet and all ewes?
or I am really going to HAVE to buy a tunis or something at MDSW.
meanwhile I have some pictures of the sheep before and after shearing to show you all, which I will do later.
So if you are here in the morning please check back in the afternoon or so, I should have them up by then

til next time

ps: the tomorrow part, ah..................... I will let you know!

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Fast Fawn Update
I was playing with Thaddeaus and Calpurrnia on the upstairs landing, Fawn could hear us and Meowed for me!I answered her and talked to her while I was talking to the other laperms.I did go into the bedroom to play with her for a bit, she is really amazing now.isn't it wonderful what a bit of catnip will do?

Names for Fawn
we were thinking of Agathea
I liked pelageia
( it has to blend with Thaddeaus and Calpurrnia you know)
Elefteria means freedom in greek
Flavia is nice
I do like peneolope but bernie veto'd that one.
her paper name has to stay fawn however
yes she does have papers

I was also thinking of obelia but bernie thought it was too much like ophelia
there is Octavia
well you all help me out here?
I would put up a poll if I know how to do it

more Fawn progress

First off I am so sorry we don't have a picture of her yet for you all, but she is coming along.
since I gave her the catnip yesterday, she is making tremendous strides.
She now is coming out for me, not just Bernie.
She also is purring like crazy and is actively seeking us out.

We made a decision about her.
we won't pick her up, (at least for now) she can jump on us or the bed or the furniture, but we won't pick her up.
As all her life people picked her up to show her, or groom her, or put her in with a tom to breed.
now she owns her body and it is on HER terms if she wants to come up or do something. it is HER terms how much petting she wants, and if she doesn't want any she is free to walk away.
it does seem to be working.

Now I still have to do things like clip her nails and clean her ears and teeth, but we are working towards that now.

Ok Fraggle commented on it being cruel to keep an animal in the cage it's whole life.
And I do agree, however my local no kill shelter once said to me, ' we keep them all in cages here, a year or more sometimes, but always remember, if they are well fed, clean, vetted, and in a heated/cooled shelter that is not too bad'
So while I don't agree with these guys having been kept in cages and I won't do it, I realized that the cage is better then either being on the streets as a stray, or worse..... in a cage and neglected, and being unable to help themselves.

Meanwhile, back at the farm, a set of ram lambs has been born. One of these may be my lamb, one is black and one is white. I am however waiting for the second ewe to lamb as I would like a white ewe.
Also in other farm news, Skittles the goat is very sick. She kidded monday and now has some weird disease that Carole told me the name of but I can't remember. She is on anti-botics and her kids are being bottle fed. She is also being tube fed, and they are drying her up. She isn't eatting which is really not good for a goat.

ok I am again going to try for pictures of Fawn for you all but I won't scare her ( everything scares her)
so how about a picture of something else?
Image hosted by

oh and little Appledumpling got her CAST off!!!! yeah for Appledumpling!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

more Fawn news

I gave everyone catnip today,
and so of course gave some to Fawn.
I left it on the rug upstairs in the bedroom
when I came back to check the catnip was gone.

later I brought up a feather wand toy and more cat nip.........ARMED, and READY I was......
well the catnip and wand toy got her out and she played.
not with me but with the feathers and the 'nip'
take THAT bernie.....
( she likes bernie bestest.....sniff)
actually I am thrilled she has her very own person now..
like all the other laperms here, she gravitated to bernie first
( I never had that happen to me before, normally all the animals adore me!)
so I imagine that down the road, she will eventually forgive me for taking up space in bernie's life and allow me to pet her

Monday, April 04, 2005

FAWN let us pet her!

we were so shocked that we just all sat on the bed and petted her.
I didn't take pictures but you can all be sure I will try for pictures tomorrow.
she is very very skittery
however she loved being the center of attention.
she smelled my breath and bernie's breath
she kneaded our faces.
she rolled around like a 100,000. an hour supermodel in silk undies
she was thrilled to peices
but then she got scared when I tried to give her cat treats and jumped off the bed.
we tried to coax her out but she wasn't having any of it
so we left her be.
I am going to try and get her to sleep with us tonight.
she was running around the bedroom crying all last night
bernie looks terrible
and I have to go look at a 10 acre farm this week
just thought you all would like to know
now to figure finances
anyone want to lend us down money while I am trying to find out about a mortgage on this house to bridge getting the farm?

neon knitting

Image hosted by
almost done!
I am thinking also of doing fingerless gloves and leg warmers to match
watcha all think????

and now calpurrnia
Image hosted by

Sunday, April 03, 2005

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ok here are more farm pictures, these are all cashmere goats, Carole is selling alot of them off...
( well there are a TON of new kids so she needs room, and doesn't have time to comb cashmere anymore due to the cashmere/kidding season that overlaps)

these guys are in need of a new fiber home, and I know she is letting them go very reasonably.

now I am going off in search of the chicken pictures.......cause as you all know..... EVERYONE needs a good chicken picture no?

Ok OK here are a few good chicken pictures and a few other know for variety...I also owe you all some photos of my neon knitting and the laperms.... but here are a few to hold you all over
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