Saturday, October 31, 2009

happy halloween (& sorry angie, about being late)

i AM late this morning
bernie had to go to work a half day, and i sort of rolled over in the midst of cats and lazed through the morning
everyone wanted to cuddle and be hugged and purr in my ear

happy halloween to everyone, i hope you all have a safe and wonderful holiday
our (if bernie ever gets home from work) holiday will begin at dusk, after the ducks are in
we'll have a seance, and light candles to those who've gone before
we'll watch a few tapes of halloween
like hocus pocus
sleepy hallow
(nothing too 'gorey'.....hahaha **pun alert)
addams family
i will make pop corn too

most likely we also will spend some time out on the deck watching the moon and the clouds at night, not too long, maybe a half hour......but we always seem to do that
to say goodbye i suppose to the dying year

i will miss the holiday tomorrow....

i had hoped that the studio would have been done by now......and part would have been
but there is always next year.......(and in my head i hear myself say......'maybe not')

i truly do love this time of year, and this holiday... the rest of the holidays are sad times for me but this one, which ironically is about the happiest one i have...
go figure

i hope you are all pleasantly haunted tonight

Friday, October 30, 2009

heaven help me, i am going to upgrade

to win7

against my better judgement........i should have just gone to linux

however i am doing it today

so far i have put the new external hard drive on the main computer and went through the installation of the software and drivers then the update and subsequent installation of the updated software and drivers, followed i am pretty sure by a third and fourth update and installation of software and drivers....

i am not totally sure how many go rounds we had, as i have only had one cup of coffee so far

but i have been at this since 5am or so......and it's almost 7 now...... and still windows 7 is still in the box dvd drive is running like mad.....
it just froze my computer and i had to reboot.....(so now it's after 7)
i am running a test on the new external drive so i can back up the internal drive
i want to mirror this entire computer first
and then i think i will install 7 and pull the programs off the external
i also need to get the old win98 moved and reformatted on the dell for bernie

i got a lot of work to do

i need a lot of coffee i think

and a huge amount of luck

Thursday, October 29, 2009

waiting for the harddrive

ups again screwed up delivery here
i don't know why, but they only actually find us occasionally
today i am waiting on an external hard drive..........when it arrives i will be backing up the computer and upgrading to windows 7
but i hate vista so i have to do it
then if that works well, i will be partitioning the drive and taking the old win98 + software off the old dell and moving it
bernie will get the old dell to play his old games and i am even thinking of upgrading that harddrive and chip set

now, today i am wanting to do the studio work but i still can't move the heavy i have to wait til bernie can
i may go get some casters for the drafting table and desk however
and possibly the one little shelf
at least if i do that i will be getting some more done
i also need a mini blind to go on the one side actually i need two of them so i should make a list

once i get everything up on wheels and moved....... i am going to put the baby budgies in the other room and faux whitewash the walls in here
then the drop cloth curtains will get made.........i am going to block print them i think, i would LIKE to find a rubber stamp to use but if i can't......i'll make something myself

i am also trying to get two more estimates for a fence to ditch the cursing little house guest,
it's not the dogs fault they are annoying little's the irresponsible neighbors 20 year old permanent house guest

meanwhile my very favorite holiday is almost here
i love my halloween............ not the bloody gory thing that everyone else seems to have
but the mysterious, other worldly truly awe inspireing idea of this is not the only thing
that there is another life beyond
i love the ghost stories but i am always so firmly reminded that to have a ghost have to start with a living person......
and i don't like the tragic ones, i worry that the ghost got stuck.
i do however love the ones where the ghost was happy and is just coming back for a visit......

our ghost richard i think is like that....he's not stuck but happy to come visit occationally
(although i do worry that he maybe is lonely and needs the company of a female ghost)

happy holiday to you all
enjoy your illuminated pumpkins, your full moons and witches........

i will be


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

adulthood is a relative thing

some days i feel all of 80
occasionally i feel all of 4

most days i am surprised to see the really OLD woman in the mirror
and not as often, i am surprised to see the WISE woman in the mirror

today is a day where i am realizing that a lot of women my age.....LOOK old enough to be my mom (when she died) as i do now as well.....yet we all have a common reference of having lived through the same times...if not exactly in the same way...

and i can see the girl they used to be behind the woman they have become

i am learning to do that as well with 'old men'
gone are the full lustrous locks of hair and the six pack abs
but if you look closely, just behind the liver spots you really CAN see the boys they were

i suppose it is an adaptation of focus for your optic nerve, but now i can do it....apparently it is something that takes at least 50 years to train yourself for.

at times, i find it very good to be contemplative,
which i find more and more that i take a few minutes to do just that

so today on this rainy day......this is what i am thinking of

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

tuesday rainy days

today phoebe will go out in the upper pen and momma will stay in the house

i will again attempt to move all the plaster and' weights a LOT.....bernie was worried about the woodstove....the plaster and clay out weight the woodstove!

i am looking at the long workbench and wondering if i can move that somehow to make room for the clay area there,
then put the sewing area behind the computer/office area

meanwhile i think it's time for the chiropractor again
my lower back that i threw out moving edmund is bothering me....must have been trying to move the clays and plasters

i baked a pie pumpkin yesterday, so today, i am going to peel and clean it and make muffins
and maybe bake a chicken for supper

tomorrow we are to walk again, i canceled monday as did everyone reason, trying to get the studio ready to use the woodstove again
(as i watch thaddeaus sitting on the woodstove right now)

i am also going to have my records sent to the doctor in philly.......

sunday i saw three violet factor budgies and a sky blue white wing at the pet store
i didn't get them as i have no cage/quarantine space for them but boy was i tempted....
bernie is enjoying these little guys so very much
but i would then have to find outcrosses in another state for them as well
wait maybe that is what i should do?
get the sky blue and one violet..(and that gray one)
oh man.......

meanwhile i am waiting for my knitpicks order....i got the pattern and yarn for the andean chullo hat, and the alice starmore fair isle book as well as the color by kristen colorknitting book
that and an external hard drive from tiger direct so i can install windows 7

Monday, October 26, 2009

slowly moving things forward

in the studio

i think that is all of life.....slowly moving things forward
first here, then there
as you age through your life.......
you move through events, and THAT is your age not the time frame

anyway, i am still feeling bad about the workbench dad built me but it did have to go as there was a mouse nest back there

the corner is now bright enough for plants so i put a lot of them there!
i can't wait to work there
if i can figure an adjustment to the other corner which was to have become the new porcelain area maybe this whole studio will come together?

anyway that's what's happening in the studio right now

Sunday, October 25, 2009

sunday in the studio

we moved the porcelain workbench.
it's in the basement in peices now
the bench my dad built me
i needed to move it out as the mice had built a nest behind it
but i do miss my dad....... before the senile dementia, before the stupidity of my idiot siblings

i also realized that i am getting more and more unwilling as i age to put up with other peoples stupidity.
i won't take being cursed at by a 20 year old....
i am unwilling to be at a neighbor's beck and call on a whim
nor am i willing to hang around for nasty or rude insults from people
i am getting hardened and a bit jaded
but maybe that is ok

a long time ago i had a dream where in i was told not to worry, that i was on the path i was supposed to be on.....and that everything i had as a goal for this life was happening according to schedule.
that everything that i'd done and experienced is one step closer to that goal

sometimes i don't believe it
sometimes i do

right now i am just trying to get the studio set up
and then finish whatever else i have to do
and try and plan for our retirement the best i can
and i am trying to stay healthy while doing it all

i know that getting the studio under control will go a long ways to helping me finish the duck book and the other things i am working on
and could in the long run help me finish the house enough to sell and get the farm

today it's going to be sunny it looks like....or at least not rain
so we'll finish up that corner of the studio......and i will hang the laundry outside

and cook a roast
and be with bernie

Saturday, October 24, 2009

rainy saturday

we got up late....... woa.... way late
bernie ran to the store for milk, and i think cider
and the post office ( i finally went yesterday after two weeks)
he's just going to see if there is a package from knit picks for me
i haven't put the ducks out yet
we will do that when he gets back

it's too warm for a fire but i am most likely going to bake a pumpkin for muffins and pumpkin soup
and we are talking about putting up our orange lights in the living room

i think we'll also be moving mini blinds around a bit

we still haven't finished the winter pens, so it is going to still be a daily taking out of the ducks
however i think we are going to put temporary doors on the winter pen so at least i CAN use it as a day pen without taking them down the hill and risk falling

i have two more estimates for the fence to get yet
bernie said if we could find someone that would sink posts and stretch even the 2x4 welded wire like in my garden........with us putting up the panels it would be ok
although he'd rather have chain link

i am sort of looking forward to the quiet of the winter
i would like to sit and knit by the fire and draw the duck pictures, spin, sew and such......
i hope i am going to still be walking three days a week...
friday, after our walk we all went back to jen's, then ended up in easton and nazerath, then back to jen's
i left by 3 or 3:30 went to the po and came home
i wonder if the ladies would like to do a one day a week knitting after walk
if so we could rotate houses.
and the other walk days grab a coffee, for a bit and be on our ways

the studio as i look at it isn't too bad now...... don't get me wrong, it's so not ready for it's close up,
it is really a lot further along then i realized

now the weather this week is to be in the high 50's and low 60's .. huh?
we got snow last week and spring this week?

maybe i can just finish the worst of the studio then..... and move the mini blinds over to the north windows?
since it's so warm i can run the hose to rinse big stuff off....

ok til next time

Friday, October 23, 2009

to philly we will go

it looks like i found a pcos friendly doctor
at the drexel center for womans health.......
i got a november 24 appointment

Katherine Sherif, M.D is the director
so i am thinking....... at least i will have one area watched over, and possibly finally get that thyroid biopsy i was told 15 years ago i needed?

now i just need a pc physician i can trust
someone to handle the broncitus, and sinus and lyme ticks....

i started walking three times a week with some young women..... i am not having any problmes with being sore or anything
i am not feeling like it's a waste of time as i enjoy their company.....i hope they enjoy mine.
however they do live in a totally different world then i do
one with bus schedules... soccer practice, cell phones, text messaging.... tv, fast food......
and generally a lot of busy busy noisy stuff

it's to their credit that they are nice to an old lady who really can't relate

as to the dogs next door, they've been kept quiet mostly
bernie has had some interesting observations about it
he's gone beyond the dogs barking at our sick duck (remember duck icu)
and the issue is the 20 something house guest cursing at me

bernie feels (and i agree) that the kid disrespected not only the me but the priviledge of being a house guest...

and the hag that had the erronious and nasty comments (who wasn't even there! and got the homeowners age wrong by about 14 years! trying to imply this woman is frail and elderly) was so totally out of line as to be off the map

he's other opinion, ...... well, let's just say it's not good

i am still pissed
the first fence estimate came in
we have to call two other places.....

the ducks........ well, lilli and momma are in a pretty heavy molt.... lilli is now as extreme as phoebe was
phoebe looks great, and is her old sweet mommy loving self again
falstaff could use a good molt
momma lost all the feathers on her neck poor baby
yesterday they were all good about me meding them and putting them out
i am going to try and see if phoebe can stay with momma ........... they are both pretty lonely

lilli is still at the 'don't touch me, look at me, breath near me' point

our last two pullets and two old girl hens are doing well
one pullet got all the eggs ( we didn't gather one day) and tried to set them
i took them away from her
bernie feeds them but i can handle them
i think that's pretty funny really
ok i have to go med the ducks

and's actually pretty easy

Thursday, October 22, 2009

fence guy today

first estimate at 2pm
we are fencing
if the moron neighbors can not control their 21 year old twit of a houseguest....
we'll make sure that they can't bother us

or our ducks
and i want to move
i haven't ever liked this neighborhood

now please tell me how i do that with a house full of animals........and books etc
and yup it's not even 5am and i been up a while
i forgot to give the ducks their meds last night
i forgot to go to the post office
i forgot to go to the petstore for budgie food
i forgot to get the studio magazine
i forgot

ok, i need to make the coffee

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

again the dogs

well i went out to bring the ducks in again
that little 21 year old twit was out there with the dogs
he spent his time rounding them up
they barked so much
i didn't realize they were out there until i was going to open phoebe's pen door and the dog went off
i jumped and ripped a nail off my finger
he didn't bring them down around the back where he knows they wouldn't bother us
kept them on the side
and again and again kept calling them back

i stayed out after the ducks were inside
i had to cut some perches for the babies so i stayed out
he eventually went inside
i am going to take the camera with me at night now, and tape this bullshit

i am afraid to leave the ducks, the vet said the dogs barking at them will stress them out, momma doesn't like the tarp on the front of the pen
but the worst is when i have to move them in and out
or trying to walk them.......
i love walking these ducks.......and due to this twit, i am afraid to expose the ducks to possible attacks

i can't believe that this homeowner would allow someone like this to cause this much trouble
i have lived here almost 23 years..... and the jackass cutting my trees caused me a problem....
but i have ignored everything else.......
i am however thrilled to peices that this homeowner is no longer talking to me
cause believe me that makes my life MUCH nicer
now if they would only control this .......person that they have living there

and with those little dogs..... he doesn't realize that the hawk CAN and could very well eat them..
they are about 4 pounds or so..... and the hawks are migrating and are hungry
letting them run like that, even with him out not the safest or brightest thing in the world

i stand with the ducks and when they look UP, i put them under cover

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

we have a noise ordinance

Stroud Township Ordinance 7-2000 prohibits dogs from running at large and excessive barking. Please have consideration for your neighbor.

so since we do, and i am considerate of the neighbors although obviously it isn't reciprocated
i don't have ducks that make any noise at all,
although i am not accorded the same consideration

i got up to a nasty remark from someone not even here during the incident

i so need to move

we are planning on yet another fence, this one a solid fence to contain the dogs that the neighbors are apparently incapable of containing
as these are little dogs we will run solid panels down just where the ducks are

i don't know if they expect us to stay in the house so their dogs won't bark at us either
which they also do
i am still horribly upset

the worst upsetting thing was the nerve of this person to tell ME to keep my F*CKING ducks in the house

i blocked the phone numbers of the homeowner

in better news the vet did call about momma last night
and told me also to keep their stress levels down

i am not in a good frame of mind today

Monday, October 19, 2009

i want to move so very bad

i can NOT believe this one of the 'good' neighbors had their dogs being watched by a friend, out barking at my ducks, i asked the friend of the neighbor who was watching the dogs to not let them bark at the ducks as momma is just out of the hospital

after a few times of the dogs coming to the line and barking i told him let them come and i will squirt them with the hose... figuring water aversion well he told me i would be a total bitch then told me to keep my F*CKING ducks in my house!!!!!!!!...! i told him this is MY property and my ducks and that if he kept it up i would take videos and turn him in

he called me some sort of fat something or other i called the homeowner, as i am still shaking we have noise ordinances here as well

i called the homeowner, who was going to find out what happened however, now she has hung up on me
her final word was 'do you want to not be talking to any of your neighbors'

YES if they are like THIS
i don't want to be bothered
I REFUSE TO ALLOW anyone to tell me to keep my ducks in my house..... THIS IS MY land the homeowner said her dogs never came over but i have had them come over at times, and ordinarily i just help them back to their lawn

believe me i lived without really bothering with anyone and that is fine with me

i blocked her number and her cell
believe me i don't need this at all
and it is a relief not to have to deal with them anymore

i am still shaking
momma was in the upper pen
and who the hell was this friend of the neighbor to tell ME to keep my ducks in the house
this is MY property and last i heard this friend didn't have his name on the deed to the uphill property
but that isn't my problem

the dogs better say off the property
and i don't want to be harassed by them running up and barking at us either
i will tape them and i will turn them in

and let them not talk to me
ask me if i give a shit
people like that i don't need in my life

as this one neighbor, while she has at times been somewhat helpful, for the most part has always had a nasty thing to say to me.
bernie was livid when i told him

out and about in the middle of the night!! and a shootin star

amazing for someone of my almost amish sensiblities

bernie got a road call at either 10 or 11pm last night
i am not sure of the time as i was snoring peacefully.........
next thing i knew.......
we are on the road going to new brunswick nj
now.....if you look on a map........
we are in stroudsburg pa
giver take
and new brunswick nj..........well that's really really far
even doing 90 the whole way down there

he had a medical coach break down and since the fleet has to roll....... so did we
he told me to stay home
but i told him
i sure as hell wouldn't sleep with him on the road

we got back at 2am
i did however see a shooting star and it was so very cool.....
bernie saw it too!

now the other thing that happened yesterday was one of our chickens dropped dead of a heart attack
one minute fine..... pecking at the scratch, doing her little chicken thing
the next minute dead as a door nail

bernie kept telling me she wasn't dead
i kept telling him she was
she was
she still is dead
she's now out back feeding the fox

when he tried to get her out of the pen the other chickens rushed him
they are nothing if not protective
and even though he's daddy..... they knew something was wrong and were protecting their sister

it most likely was a heart attack
chickens are sometimes prone to them
she wasn't even a year old
i didn't name this batch of pullets as i decided that when their laying life is up.... they will go into the pot
i also expected them to live 19 years that way

the ducks are fine
the cats more or less..... thaddeaus had a hair ball on my foot at 3am YESTERDAY morning
we aren't getting a whole hell of a lot of sleep around here lately

the babie budgies are funny and now like their veggies
and there is frost on my laundry on the line out back

that's my world in a nutshell

oh and i got the knitpicks andean chullo hat pattern so i intend on knitting that
i want the entire line of palette colors as i feel a lot of color knitting coming on
although my workday color knit hats are normally worsted as it seems so much warmer to me

i really need to hit the lotto
as i have a huge order to put into knitpicks
and you know about the farm/barn thing too

Sunday, October 18, 2009


first off there were ouessants
ok so 1/2 ouessant
someone did what i had been talking about doing.... import semen straws and do AI
she used shetlands
i would have used icelandic i think

i finally met jane, and ceci
got to see clara again (it's been years) i got her new book and she autographed it for me
of course got to see the folks at spirit trail...... i swear that is the only place i feel at home now adays

and as we were leaving...... ran into mo barger, who recognized bernie.......sniff....not me
am i really so forgetable mo?

ok the HAUL
one skein of that new yarn from spirit trail "Sunna" silk and merino... i was supposed to get paprika, however some person got it before me and bought jen all out ( if i knew who that person was i would hunt her down like the dog she obviously is........sniff) but jen appeased me with a wonderful wine color.......... which i also liked and really would go better with my goosedown coat
(now i need something in a brownish ginger to go with my wool winter coat)
i got the leaf kit from tsarina of tsocks

i got a medium sized foam hat block for what else? blocking my knit hats!
and i got a color work book from a lovely young woman named mary scott huff called the new stranded colorwork so i got that also signed
so i am getting all these cool books from all these cool folks

now today, i am in reverse
my ARMS and neck and shoulders are killing me
like i wrestled a bull
so i am not all there

the fast good news is momma is finished with two meds
that leaves her with only three now but two are twice a day
and btw, i felt the ducks teeth, no.....they didn't bite me
i just ran my fingers over them
who would have known

Friday, October 16, 2009

medicating a duck is not quite as hard as it sounds at first

you wrap the duck in a towel and make a little duckie burrito
and then convince the duck that if she just lets you shove this thing down her little throat..........
she will be allowed to escape eventually

however i do need a drink ( i don't drink !!!) cause it's enough to leave you shakey
and i could use a chiropractor cause it's enough to strain your back BIG TIME
at one point ONE duck who shall remain nameless but is sort of named after a white flower............
ended up between my knees wrapped in a towel as she was the MOST uncooperative of them all

the things i do for ducks

momma's home

can i do this alone?
can i medicate 3 ducks with a ton of syringes and pills all by myself?
with bernie holding them it wasn't too bad
how am i going to keep them seperate with rhinebeck?
the pens were supposed to be completed by now
we lost some weekends to rain
however i found out that pen building went a LOT smoother with me standing out there telling bernie how to do it, and helping where ever i can
(no i am not a total bitch, i actually do know how to do this stuff, i am just not strong enough to do it myself)
the pens aren't even up enough to tarp them and put them in temporarily
i am missing two doors, two gates and a wall

let's see
today i am to run to get more water buckets
two more at least, as ms phoebe is going to lose her little tiny bathtub
i feel bad but it can't be helped, as i can't haul water to wash her tub and then fill it
so she will be getting a bucket
lilli and momma are in full blown exploding duck molts
wonderful....nothing like molting ducks (one with pneumonia) in freezing temps with a full blown molt that has them half nekid........

today i also need to cook and bake for rhinebeck
and pack the coolers
and lay out clothing for me and bernie
i need a new tarp for phoebe's run and one for the big split pen that lilli and falstaff are sharing
i need hay as well for all the pens
two bails should do it
meanwhile i got dishes going and i got the fire going
bernie ended up bringing in wood for me
thank goodness........... as i really was getting tired last night

Thursday, October 15, 2009

momma duck is home

the other girls, lilli and phoebe got clean bills of health but are on meds just to insure
that their good health continues, in case it's something we can't see yet

momma is home
the clouding was patches of pneumonia and the meds are fixing that
she looks terrible due to the molt but she is strong again
and not gasping for breath or coughing

we got snow....i drove down in the snow and came home in the snow
it's still snowing
as soon as i thaw out ( cause i don't have heat in the van)
i will bring in falstaff and the wood
and then start supper

then go to sleep early...........
the vet however needs to vacuum duck feathers out of vents and the oxygen cage and the pool she swam in
and the halls and the exam rooms
and off a nice Labrador named sweetie i think

momma ducks xrays

should clouding in the lungs
this can not be good

and a decision will have to be made soon
i am going today with the other girls
and i am going to find out if the drugs will fix this
or if she is scarred or what
she won't be happy living in an oxygen cage the rest of her life, and i agree with her
that is no life

so today first light, i go to the feed store for them
then i take them out and clean night crates
then i putter around and then load them up in the van and drive down to bethlehem

i hope i am bringing three ducks home
but i don't think so


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

momma duck, icu, my bruises

it's a bad week for the herron family with medical it would seem
hopefully with momma it is going to get better fast
she had her xray last night
and wasn't gasping for breath so maybe now they will find out what is going on and fix it

tomorrow is phoebe and lilli's turn

i am still appauled at the treatment i got at the doctors monday
the way they took the blood pressure was totally against the AHA guidelines
and then to have the doctor decide after 10 minutes and a WRONG bp reading by an incompetant person that i have high blood pressure and need meds NOW

i believe that it is mal practice, not to mention substandard medical care.
and this is with GOOD insurance?

i need to find me a good vet that takes peoples

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

momma duck in icu

we don't know what's wrong
she started to gasp for breath and turn blue

Monday, October 12, 2009

i am angry

did you know that there are different blood pressure cuff sizes?
and that if you are given a blood pressure reading with the wrong sized cuff, it is not accurate
i also found out that a digital blood pressure machine only will take up to a 17'' cuff
i need a 21''
and that if you take blood pressure with too small a cuff it will significantly increase your reading

now would you say that a doctor that attempts to prescribe HIGH blood pressure meds based an a false reading (and meeting someone for 10 minutes) is competent?

i am livid
and i am not going to take it
i have got to find another doctor

and i have to tell you
that discrimination and phobias against larger people is the last area that PC doesn't go
it's not ok to discriminate against people based on color, or race, or mental capacity
but if you are obese........ it's not only fine but it is apparently the preferred treatment

i have pcos, and thryoid issues
it isn't a matter of 'just lose the weight'
however i get treated like i have some sort of HUGE moral failing because i haven't 'just lost the weight'

i'm sick of it
i eat right, my numbers are all very good.... cholesterol of 145 or under
etc etc
yet a doctor i had just met, basing her assumptions on the above inaccurate information was ready to prescribe high blood pressure meds
and told me to go out and buy a blood pressure monitor
that's how i found out about the cuff sizes and that the digital machines will not take over a 17'' cuff
and that using that size cuff on a 21'' bicep will significately increase blood pressure

to say i am beyond livid and discusted is putting it mildly

woodstove woes and duck dilemmas

i started the woodstove last night, first fire of the season which is a smallish break in fire
third time it lit
no such luck this morning when it's like 30 out

there just isn't enough kindling in the house to start a decent fire

and momma duck seemed a bit better yesterday
i made all the ducks mushy food, they all seemed to not want to eat the pellets so i put them all in water
lillianna has a thing on the front of her neck, i think it's from falstaff pulling at her through the fence or it could be her doing it

today is a new doctor...... we'll see if this one is a keeper, i hope so
bernie and i have decided that i need to find a new endo, but not ditch the old one until i do
so i start to interview doctors
oh man...
but i have to as i have new nodes on my thyroid and this one isn't doing anything about it
bernie feels ( and i think i am going to agree with him) that she feels that since i am fat, i am not really worth her time
he kept telling me repeatedly
'it's clear she has issues'

maybe it was the 'sir' thing when she was leaving
she said good by to him 'goodbye sir, nice to meet you'
she didn't say shit to me
he takes offence at that

oh man
so i am out mostly all week
the duck pen isn't done
rhinebeck is in jeopardy, cause if we can't keep the ducks safe...... we don't go

Saturday, October 10, 2009

today we pill a duck

it isn't as much fun as it sounds
or as easy as it sounds
poor momma duck
and i tell you....i still can't get over the way she was so calm when i flipped her on her back
with her little feet in the air
i swear that is the cutest position those ducks get into
but i do it all the time to them

so anyway, today we pill a duck and give her two different liquid meds
and grapes
and we pray a LOT

during all this
we also are:
working on the duck pens
taking the BR ac out
covering the studio AC
bring the first wood to the deck
and kindling
moving studio furniture
making beef pot pie
walking and washing ducks
mucking chicken pens
cleaning night crates
and i hope i get a chance to knit the border on my shawl
or start a new hat for rhinebeck
hmmmm seems like we need a 30 day weekend, not a two day
and bernie is going to the PO and the store for me as i have to finish waiting for my body to wake up

monday i have the new doctor appointment
thursday the ducks have the new vet appointment
i could sure use a wife

Friday, October 09, 2009

momma duck at the vets

first off, i am so proud of her, she was so tame and so cooperative and sweet.
she is only 6 pounds though
she should be about 8
the vet was trying to look at her bumblefoot but was doing it with her on her stomach

i said 'wait a minute, let me flip her, they all like to be held on their backs'
and i flipped her like i always do, and the vet had no trouble seeing her feet and vent etc
meanwhile i was kissing her little head and neck
she commented ( as did vicki) how momma wasn't scared, and how her heart wasn't pounding and she was just so calm

the tech prior to the vet coming in was terrified of momma, he asked if she would snap at him
i said no
she won't hurt him
and i held her for him
he was amazed
i guess i take it for granted that these ducks are so tame, and i shouldn't
as the tech AND the vet both told me that they have trouble with ducks

i told them .........'not my ducks'

the vet did comment that my ducks were 'slightly' spoiled.... hahaha

they also seems surprised that i knew what the ducks all were eating, and how momma wasn't eating well, and what they like and dislike in foods
i told her i also feed them wet food a lot when they are doing poorly ( such as in the molt)

anyway, i got all sorts of meds
some thing for worms
something for fungal infections etc
so she will be healthy soon i hope
i have to bring in the other two girls for the same treatment
that will be next week
phoebe and lillianna will be going in for the full 'spa' treatment
i liked this vet and i am glad that i went today instead of to that stupid vet on tuesday......(where they made fun of me taking my duck to the vet and made fun of momma duck's name)

so momma is home, is happy and is in bed
i am so proud of her, as remember not even a year ago (end of march) we brought her home....
she was a feral wild duck
who'd been living in a HUGE flock of over 200 + ducks, chickens, geese, etc........
and now she is as tame as the ones i raised

she also follows me around (which i had forgotten,)
i left her to eat her mush this morning and ran in the cellar to get more pellets and when i turned around.....she was RIGHT behind me
she's a good girl and i am glad that she will be ok

(at least the vet thinks so)

snickerdoodles for bernie

he had good news at work so i baked him snickerdoodles
and made him a nice nice dinner

then he told me that the studio isn't ready to heat yet......
and he's right
he is working on the duck pens all weekend
as rhinebeck is next weekend and we lost a weekend to rain
i have to move the drafting table and the birds out of the studio
and that water cooler bernie brought home that doesn't work

and he needs to move my porcelain workbench
oh man he's right
good thing we only go to rhinebeck one day
and good thing he also let them know at work that rhinebeck is a yearly thing, and that they understood
now if the weather will hold out

onto duck news
momma is coughing and yesterday appeared to me not to be eatting much
i have the vet tuesday for her
and i fed her in the pond so she ate while dabbling......
this way i knew something got in her
i am going to wet her food today and keep her out of the A frame pen for a while so i can watch her and see how much she's really eatting
i will again feed her in the pond

phoebe has taken to standing in the center of her pond and pooping in the water
she is still upset from the molt so won't really let me get too near her but is slowly coming around.
i want to check her feet.
i will say that she is whiter then snow now, the whitest i have ever seen her, and i've known her since an egg!

lilli is still a bit bitchy but she's ok
falstaff is a lot cleaner since i hosed him down and made him bath.....
WHY are mucovy drakes such pigs?

i have an appointment monday with a new doctor, maybe i will find out what the lethargy and pain is all about lately
this endo told me (without any T level results on the blood work mind you) that my thryoid was rock steady, and that the weakness etc was not due to thyroid
(obviously it had something to do with the eating of mcdonalds 16 times a day while watching soap operas)
i do think that it most certainly can be secondary lyme or maybe i have truly been kidding myself all these years and i AM just lazy and have been sucessfully hiding it?

anyway, i know i still need a new/good endo..... my old one was fantastic but that isn't an option now that she's closed her office

anyone know a decent endo that is good with PCOS and thyroid......on the east coast.... in the mid atlantic... possibly between nyc and philly?
oh man

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

mom we don't like the wind you know

it's scary
MONSTERS are running around behind them blowing leaves you know
monsters that EAT ducks like us

duckies, it's ok, i AM here with you

we know mom, but it's still scary

will going into the pens early help you duckies? although you know......this is good flying weather for kites

mom, in case you haven't noticed.... we're DUCKS.....not kites, and we don't really want to fly in this wind

yes duckies.....ok in the day pens with you all, but you all do remember, you are BIRDS? and birds DO fly..............

MOMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!! *** duckie eye roll***

ok duckies, i am just saying......... you are birds

i am so not a happy camper

that doctor may be smart or whatever but she's not good

now in addition, i had nightmares with dreams within dreams
that is never a good sign for me
the dreams within dreams thing is my clue that all is not well in my head

i think i am awakening from a dream and i am struggling to wake up
or move or something
and only much later and i am totally terrified do i actually wake up from both dreams

again last night
this time i was dreaming that someone had broken in by the ducks, and i couldn't wake up enough to wake bernie up
i couldn't scream
i couldn't move
and i was in and out of the deeper dream sleep
(how deep into rem sleep do you have to go to be in THAT state?)

the other night same deal but different scenario, as my mom tried to tell me where to go and buy a house/farm and how to do it
i didn't bring much back from that one

anyway this morning's dream within a dream was ended mercifully by the alarm at 4:15 am

and in waking i did realize that anyone actually attempting to break in would have to deal with large startled irate poultry.......

now as to this doctor
and her 'walk 20 minutes while watching a sitcom'
that is got to be the most worthless waste of time invented
now if she had said......
spend 30 minutes hiking the Appalachian trail
spend 30 minutes walking a dog or training for agility....
spend 30 minutes cooling down a horse
spend 30 minutes raking leaves
spend 30 minutes mucking a barn
spend 30 minutes cutting grasses with a scythe

i would not have been as pissed off
but first she didn't believe me when i told her i eat healthy, no processed foods, very very rarely eat out,
eat a ton of veggies and no bread
(not a lot of 'white inside' foods)
bernie had to jump in and tell her 'no she eats healthy and cooks from scratch'
no she doesn't eat bread
no she rarely eats out
then she started to say i ate way too much......
again she didn't believe me
bernie had to tell her, 'she rarely finishes her dinner, and puts it way for lunch the next day'

why is it that she didn't believe me?
cause i'm fat?
excuse me
i have a few reasons to BE fat
one biggie would be heredity...i am shaped EXACTLY like my mother
and i suppose the thyroid and the PCOS have NOTHING to do with it all

as obviously if i am fat i must be eating McDonald's 16 times a day while watching soap operas on my industrial strength lazyboy
or i would be a toothpick no?

i am beyond pissed off
so i will worry this for ten days

even bernie said she really shouldn't be dealing with people....
i would amend that to dealing with LIVING people........ i'm pretty sure the dead won't give a shit

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

off to jersey to the very perky young doctor

who i hate
damn pill pusher
i am dreading this
if she's going to do a biopsy .......... i don't know
i do know she's going to do another gooky ultrasound
i don't know if she took t levels this last blood work or not
it would have made sense if she did as she's trying to see thyroid issues
but i read the thing for the lab and didn't see t levels on there

i HAVE mentioned i don't like this doctor right?

Monday, October 05, 2009

i got the SHELVES moved!!

well temporarily for one of them
one is in it's now home, and the other will be when we get the porcelain bench out
i did it myself
so there.......pfffffft to bernie who thought i couldn't do it myself

now i am trying to sort some of the other stuff out so that we can heat if we have to
i can't find a spot for the doll cabinet and i need a bunch of casters for stuff

the caster list:
small bookcase
drafting table
porcelain workbench
7' workbench
both file cabinets

then we are ok in the studio as i can just move stuff around easily
of course the CRP (ethan allen stuff) can't be but maybe that needs to come out of the studio?
i need to do something NOW about the windows, since the mini blinds broke

but the big shelves are MOVED

woodstove done CHECK

wood stacked.....half a check

pens done .... half a check

studio..... we won't go there

i got some furniture moved but not all....... and a mini blind fell on my head not ONCE mind......... but TWICE.......
cause see i learned SO well the first time
tomorrow is the endo
i am thinking of baking a chicken with stuffing and mashed tators and such
since bernie will be home, as he is taking me...... just in case she makes good on her threat of a biopsy

he has to redo some of the duck pen..... THE ROOF, it won't hold a snow load
but it's not really any biggie

ok i have to get the ducks out and the furniture moved

Sunday, October 04, 2009

moving furniture

all by myself
i feel like i got run over by a moving TRUCK

bernie worked on the duck pens

i moved studio furniture, the good news is i got my old doll cabinet out
the bad is that i got whacked on the head by a mini blind that broke when i moved the doll cabinet out

today i get to move SHELVES
aren't i lucky???
i am thinking a career change should be in the works..... give up being an artist..
become a migrant farm worker

anyway, i can tell you
my rotator cuffs feel exactly like they did when the doctor said i had torn them
my neck is so stiff and hurting so bad....but then that's been for a few months now again
my arms are tingly numb
my leg muscles feel like overstretch rubber bands.....
and even my hands hurt

so what am i doing today, did someone ask? (pretend someone asked and is vitally interested, cause frankly i really am very boring)

more of the same
i have to be nuts

and now i need casters as well.................
(nuts on wheels?)

Saturday, October 03, 2009

today we are doing the studio

due to the recent cold snap, and resulting panic
we figured that the studio has now become top prority
although bernie just informed me 'it's 60 degrees out right now'
(it didn't even get to 60 yesterday)

here is the plan
we move the small bookcase, the doll cabinet and the stacking draws along with the cat tree over,......... we slide the one big new shelf down
and move the other shelf flat
then pull the cutting table out
move the drafting table over
and spend 6 hours burning excess paper i was trying to shred but couldn't get it done

the paper thing will actually free up the most space!

meanwhile i continue to be a bit overwhelmed by it all

ok last nights supper..... cider glazed pork chops cooked with red cabbage was a HUGE hit
over rice
like i predicted
bernie ate three of the 4 chops i cooked
not too bad huh?

ok my coffee is waiting so i will go and drink it and then start with this room

Friday, October 02, 2009

again i'm down at 5am

just sort of reading around the net
drinking coffee

trying to sort the weekend
we have these next two days, part of tuesday after my doctors appointment
next weekend and that is pretty much it
then there is rhinebeck

and last night bernie told me, that the other person who takes calls on the weekend won't BE there for two weeks starting thursday
i told him
did you NOT tell them a year in advance about rhinebeck weekend?

you have to tell them you had these plans since LAST YEAR

meanwhile it is getting colder here
i need to bring the plants in this weekend

i need to make more headway in the studio
i got out of the daily thing, and while it was slow i was making progress
and i need that burn barrel NOW
i have tons of paper to burn that i can't burn in the woodstove

and i bet i need the lyme meds again as i am getting very lethergic
and a bit withdrawn again
not to mention ( was it last week?) that i couldn't walk for a few days

oh the joys of aging huh?

ok i have to try and get something done here today


Thursday, October 01, 2009

pellet food, and the last days of summer

this time of year always reminds me of harvested fields, tucked down in valleys... in the eastern woodlands of 300 years ago.
of close living with the rhythm of the seasons
i swear the mists that rise are ghosts from those times, and briefly relive their lives, and that is what touches us now

i broke down and got pellets for the poultry, and scratch cause it's that time of year
i need to add oats
i also let phoebe out to graze, hoping for her temper to have improved and that she'd score some worms
all she wanted to do was fight with momma, and lilli
ok phoebe, back in the top pen

her flights are growing in now and she's got pink wings from all the blood feathers

she doesn't argue with me anymore about going in with the chickens......seems THEY are safe from her homicidal mood

poor phoebe, she doesn't want any comfort, she's just totally off her rocker at the moment

meanwhile i am bleaching the ducks food/water pails so that they are nice and disinfected for the winter

i made chili yesterday for supper, beans i'd canned last summer ( i need to can more)
frozen chopmeat and a jar of purreed tomatoes, dried onioins and sweet peppers plus some odds and ends spices
bernie took some for lunch today and i have some for lunch as well
leftover stew for supper and then tomorrow most likely porkchops
although i DID find liver in the freezer

we have two weekends left to rhinebeck
the duck pens must all be finished including the coops
the woodstove must be cleaned and the new gasket installed
wood brought in and the kindling barrel stocked
the rest stacked
the studio rearranged
the air conditioners winterized and/or removed

i should also get the furnace cleaned and if i could afford it top off the oil tank........which we haven't filled since summer 2005
yup still on the same tank of oil, due to the woodstove
i could also use a few more cords of wood, like three i think

in baby budgie news, the little ones are eatting that beak appetite stuff, which is great as it's veggies and i am going to slowly start moving them over to a mash diet
they have been really starting to play with their toys now and i am enjoying their chirps and warblings
they also get bernie to stand there for a bit and just watch them
he's always so amazed.........
i don't get it, we've always had finches and canaries and the last time i got parakeets he hated them......this pair he adores
maybe it's the time in his life?
he is looking forward to a very large aviary/flight for them

i am debating if i should really actively try and tame them
i always did have tame budgies, but i am so enjoying them just as they are, that maybe i won't

coffee is ready
my day is ready