Thursday, March 31, 2005

FAWN is here!

ok Mary the lady who breeds Laperm and bred my babies came all the way from Virginia to take me to lunch for my birthday and bring Fawn the laperm home to us.
( how amazing is that?)
Fawn is here and is under the bed in our bedroom.
(she has the bedroom all to herself with the door shut so that the others don't bother her)
I don't want to stress her so I am not under the bed taking pictures of her right now
I know you folks will understand that.
however again her is her picture
that is a clickable link to her picture.
she is a doll btw, although very scared.
she has lived her whole life in a cage, and was a show cat and a cattery queen.
now she is retired here.
slowly as she gets used to her freedom here, she will be able to eventually join the others and have the run of the house.
Thaddeaus and Calpurrnia are interested but as usually are not trying to bother her at the door or trying to get in the bedroom.
I know it will take time folks but time we have.
I am hoping that Fawn will be happy here, although she will miss Mary, and Mary will miss her terribly.

who owes you all farm photos from yesterday

fast update it is april 1
and I am going to work on farm pictures today, if Fawn comes out again from under the bed..... she too will be pictured here

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

today is my birthday

I got a wonderful card from bernie. Image hosted by
with a tiny gray kitten on the front
I am knitting a neon colored hat for the studio,
Image hosted by
and Carole sent me the easter bunny picture soooooooooo
Image hosted by
I guess I have to post photos huh?

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

doing the taxes

nothing like last minute huh?
but at least I am doing them
Bernie hasn't gotten his stuff all here yet... his union dues payment and his tool bills
I have been asking him for them but he keeps forgetting
I had to take a sinus thingy.... which of course made me sleepy....
so I am typing this through the fog in my brain.
I also ate some grilled cheese sandwiches which of course did not help matters
all this AND taxes?

Friday, March 25, 2005

PICTURES of the babies I helped deliver!

Image hosted by
first born boy
Image hosted by
second born boy who I want and I want to name him after Thaddeaus
Image hosted by
last born little girl who I also want.
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by
Image hosted by

ok this is the second one just out, WARNING it is messy

and of course ......lambsies
Image hosted by

the other goaties watching the birth
Image hosted by
Image hosted by

my precious surrogate pony princess Image hosted by

Thursday, March 24, 2005

it doesn't get any better then this

I helped deliver three baby goats today.
The does' name is Jellybean. Which is also the name of my computer.
I just ran up to the farm to drop off an X-pen for Apple dumpling who is in a cast. I got the pen in the barn and hugged a goatie, and a lamb when Carole said.......'atoh'
and started to drag Jellybean out of the doe pen.
Sure enough she was dialated and mucusy.
in a few minutes Carole was yanking a kid out of her. (Big boy too)
I helped with the towels and took the pictures which will be here later.
I helped hold JellyBean when Carole had to finish doing things for her and the new baby.
Then we helped Jellybean deliver two more babies, one breach.
I am so happy I can't even begin to tell you folks.
it doesn't get any better then this.
A warm barn, the sounds of all the goaties around, the baaaaaaaaa of the sheeps and new born babie goaties.
Momma and kids were doing great when I left.
I can't tell you how privledged I was to be there.
oh my
I really need to have them babies don't you know.....the middle one looks JUST LIKE THADDEAUS......

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Cast with Goat

Image hosted by
Little apple dumpling has a fractured elbow. ( Carole thinks that one of the does stepped on her) here is her green cast that the vet put on yesterday. She has to wear it two weeks and then go back to the vet for more x-rays. and they adjust the size of the cast then she wears the adjusted cast for two more weeks.

I am going tomorrow to bring the X-pen so she is kept quiet. The cast doesn't seem to bother her much as she just wants to play with her cousins


Monday, March 21, 2005

Monday Monday, wasn't all I thought it would be

Today I was in limbo.
after this weekend, and the twit who needs to be bitch slapped.....
I was in no mood.
I could NOT wake up today...... that is indeed aggravating, which naturally made me even more annoyed.
I swear there was more fog in my head then out back in the woods.
I finally started feeling more myself this afternoon.
I can tell you that a fogged up person can indeed download and install an updated anti-virus on the computer without too many errors, even when that installation involves removing the OLD anti-virus and then doing the live update on the new one.
I think it works now....
It seems to but I can't make the emergency rescue disks for some really odd reason.

I made a roast chicken and stuffing for dinner tonight. I felt bad that Bernie cooked us hamburger bagels last night, even though they were really really good. I was shocked!
So tonight, roast chicken, stuffing, gravy, baked potatoes and fresh steamed carrots.
Sounds pretty good huh!
Smells pretty good to, let me tell you.

I have to get new pictures of the cats I guess showing off their curlies.

That last was a random stream of conciousness statement.
ok I ripped back my magenta socks finally and will reknit them. I put the waste yarn in 1/2 inch too soon. I can't wait to wear them. Meanwhile I washed all my handknit wool socks today.
(HEY what else can you do if your brain is a fog???)
And I have started 'Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norell'
My Birthday is next week....... I am registered at Amazon**....hahaha KNITTING BOOKS are always in good taste you know.
** the joke is that while I AM registered....there isn't an ADDRESS to send them to.... hahahahaha
If Bethie happens to come by maybe she will enlighten you all as to WHY that is very funny.

I need opinions again if you all don't mind.
I am at a loss right now as to what to knit next?
  1. A Sweater for me? colorwork or modular?
  2. mittens in colorwork
  3. gloves in fair isle
  4. more socks
  5. more socks
  6. another hat

please let me know your opinons?

I am really at a loss this time, nothing is grabbing me. I do have to knit and felt two new soles for my magenta clogs, but I can do that anytime.


til next time


Little Lambsies ohohoh

Image hosted by

Sunday, March 20, 2005

the new goatie pictures

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Image hosted by
this little girl is the one that presented sideways and Carole had to turn her to deliver her. She is doing MUCH better they told me ( about 5 minutes ago I talked to them)

The Aftermath.......... ooohhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh

Ok first off, Sallyjo and Minnie you are both smart ass'.
There is no doubt about it.
Take your bows..... as I swear you deserve them
Shaggy now, you always tell me you would feel sorry for me in the neverending dilemmas around here if you could stop laughing long enough. Yeah right........ Shaggy I have known you for years NEVER stop laughing ( person after my own damn heart)
Bethie pie, I know you read me daily...... hope you are feeling better.
Lou, I am hoping to take pictures of that thing we discussed and send it to you.
Amie, kiss the furkids for me
I am pretty sure I left some of you folks out, as my stats are pretty high, but these are mostly the folks that comment so I know you all are there.

I am waiting for bagels.
Bernie went.
I am waiting for coffee, which is done...... but normally Bernie brings me coffee on sunday, and I just realized he isn't home! He went for bagels!
I think I need to get my own damn coffee!
ok I took the phone off the hook last night.
This morning the only messages on the machine was one from Little Linda making sure I got home, and from me trying to keep the phone busy.
I finally gave up and took it off the hook, then unplugged the receiver.
We slept.

Meanwhile one of the neighbors called Bernie twice yesterday to demand he go and fix their car.
He was at work, the first time, and at the store the second time.
He and I am going to do it today ( am going? is that correct grammer?)

Meanwhile I dreamt of goaties and sheepies, and back at the farm........
Doodle had three and 1/2 kids yesterday in a difficult delivery. Carole had to basically crawl up there and turn the first one, which was presenting shoulder first.
Then the second and third ones were trying to come out together....... ( which reminds me.....HAVE you called your mother today???)
She was in up to her shoulder trying to figure which feet went with which head and shove one back so the other could come out.
The fourth one wasn't an entirely formed kid. It also wasn't alive. Needless to say they are a bit shook up over there.
I may end up with a couple kids to bottle feed because of this.

it will go something like this

See Vi
See vi with kids under her arm
See vi with kids on the mantel
See vi with pampers on the kids
See vi with kids on her head
See vi passed out cold having decided to learn to drink
See kids take diapers off and sling contents around living room
See Thaddeaus run and hide

gee it may be worth it to see that cat hide.

And Paddy the goat who we think is having about 4-5 kids STILL hasn't delivered.....
We may find she actually isn't pregnant.... just needs GasX?
I mean that goat is HUGE

ok chicklets my bagels hath arrived...... blueberry ones and plain ones
off I go to carb heaven
til next time

Saturday, March 19, 2005

A new tranny is a thing of beauty

I got my van back!!!! yeah for me!
AND it RUNS! amazing! No more pepto dismal crap leaking out, no more burning smell when I shut it off. Wow and the BEST part is, it doesn't shift hard into the next gear making me think that the entire engine is about to fall out.
Now you all KNOW if I am bloging about it, that there is more to this then meets the eye right?

first off, will the twit that called me TWICE at 2am please go fuck yourself with a stun gun set on high.
Not once but TWICE.
Bernie answered the second time. I traced the number and I am reporting it.

Then came hot flashes that just had to be preview of hell.
( well enough folks have damned me to hell, guess they were sending the advance literature)

Followed by...... (hushed and ominous voice over)
4 AM
Now 4 AM would be a reasonable hour considering that we had to be on the road no later then 5am, if I hadn't been awoken by twit, and then the hot flashes.
It takes a hell of a lot longer to get it together then it did at 19.
Gees at 19 I was like
"run a rake through my hair, throw a tee shirt and jeans on........ "
off we go.
Now it is,
'get rid of the menopausal beard and mustache, sunscreen, find the dead rat, lipstick to avoid that UNDEAD look, earrings cause......well you know...... wedding bands.......( yeah like anyone OTHER then Bernie would look twice at me.....sure in no ones dreams), BRA, underwear, clothes that actually almost match, knitting bag, tote bag, sun glasses, kitchen sink, elephant and a book of course.'
Also you remember I need my coffee now..... at least a cup, of STRONG coffee with enough milk not to have it look like walnut panneling from the 70's.
I also prefer to drink that strong coffee reading email, while waiting the hour it takes for my bowels to wake up....however by that time I was in the truck and on the road.
Poor Bernie was driving, while I chattered on and on inanely....... mile after mile.
( as an aside I wish to nominate the man for husband of the year....... the man must be a saint either that or he drinks on the side)
We got to NJ, and he bought me coffee and a corn muffin...... and worried that it may be too hot or strong for me! Then fretted that maybe I would get lost going over to NY state to see Little Linda.
I used to run all over them thar hills in the Ramapo valley..... that is my home stomping ground.....
( ok shhhhhhhhh our little secret, I did make ONE wrong turn sort of but I was fine in a second)
Let me also inform you all that Friends you have know for over 30 years really do look better when, a) they have had at least a few hours sleep, and b) when you haven't just woken them up from a dead sleep.
other then that we had a good visit, I had her laughing like crazy so that was a good thing.
However I am not sure she was completely awake........she may think I was just a dream......
that may be a good thing.
I brought her a bunch of our handmade soap and toiletries.
anyway guys, I am very tired
so til next time

Friday, March 18, 2005

EASTER egg sock

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by

On the road again..........

Today is Friday right?
I am pretty sure it is.
I need a calendar on this blog.
Anyway if today is Friday, then tomorrow I get the VAN BACK!
( anyone want to buy a kidney? 1957 classic, low mileage, original equipment! it is VINTAGE)
Thank goodness for credit cards and some small amount of backup savings.
I have a van with a new tranny now. HOT DOG.
However I do have to get up at some ungodly hour and drive to NJ with Bernie to get my van completely back. With luck I will visit with Little Linda.
I can drive all over the place now, no more Pepto Dismal pink crap coming out of my tranny.

In other news, I am putting heels in the easter egg socks. These should be done tonight if I can manage it.

And going to make arrangements to get my left shoulder operated on...... FINALLY no more calcium deposits??? no more PAIN?!?

In Cat news, Calpurrnia is committed to this cute sink thing. Which is fine with me as it is easier to reach her little head to brush her ruff out. She gets a reward in the form of a Q-tip after.
Damn Cats I buy them expensive cat toys........ with bells and fur and feathers........ WHAT do the buggers love??? Q-TIPS! freeken Q-tips! who knew?
AND the plastic lockie things off of the water gallons. NO SHIT.

And here I was spending a small fortune on the toys I thought would make them the happiest.
I should cancel the mouse exterminator and let these guys have a blast too I suppose.
Thaddeaus does soooooooooooo love his mouse hunt.
Calpurrnia did too once the mouse RAN into her MOUTH.
They growl like pitbulls if you try to take the mice away from them...... we crack up every time we hear that. I am pretty sure the mice do not find it as funny as we do.

Thaddeaus needs another bath.
Yes I know it hasn't even been a week yet, but I been cleaning his ears with mineral oil as per his vet's instructions, and his angel wings are all soiled as is the side of his little furry head.
Anyone want to volunteer for the 'holding the exploding cat' duty? HA cowards... Where is your sense of danger? Adventure? RISK?
WHAT? you don't enjoy being slashed by cat claws? AH HA, we cut the claws prior..... we don't like leaking blood all over either.

I threw Amber in the sink yesterday for a bath while nervously waiting for an email which never came. She got up on the top of the bookcase, cursed me out roundly......... informed me she was at deaths DOOR because of ME.
She finally agreed that a bit of cat cookie and some supper would be a good thing while she was waiting for her death to overtake her.
I informed her that if she least she was going to heaven CLEAN, and strench free, with her white parts ACTUALLY WHITE, imagine that.
Today she has mostly forgiven me.
til next time
who has more sock pictures for you all

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

calpurrnia in the sink!

Image hosted by


Image hosted by
the 'easter egg' socks almost done!
Image hosted by
my trekking XXL 805 socks
Image hosted by
ok this last one was the start of the design of my new needlecase

quick update, I removed the tag board as it was generating pop ups. Sorry guys.
Also I had a sort of blast from the Past.
I was surfing while I was dyink from my period........and came across the alumni board from my highschool!
I got really homesick.
( like you could NOT imagine)
all my old friends are either gone gone-dead........or I completely lost touch with them.
One person who was the parent of a friend of mine, that I adored and completely lost touch with, I found a refrence to!
on a WORLD TRIP website!
I emailed the traveler to ask about her.
( she was a sort of 'mom' to me for a while)
we'll see what happens

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

As the menopausal turns*** CAUTION female topics***

Some things should NOT happen to anyone.
There are all the know......... tripping over your gown at your wedding and knocking out your front teeth in front of 300 invited guests and the caterers,

Finding half a worm in your apple,

And being in the midst of menopause complete with hot flashes, night sweats & mood swings, only to discover you are GETTING A PERIOD. and not just any period either, the type that you need to order hip waders for...... and have to put plastic EVERY FREEKEN place you happen to go.

Some things should be against the law.

Once the hormones go and the mustache appears periods should DISAPPEAR.
That would be the gracious thing to do no?

So what am I doing today?

Fighting the cats for my feminine hygiene products.
They like to carry them downstairs and play with them. I like them corralled in the bathroom where I can get them when I need them.
( yea the sanitary napkins AND the cats)
Now I can almost understand if they were tampons, which, with some imagination CAN look like sort of oddly shaped mice.....complete with tail.
However my cats ( you know they're weird) like to carry the 'wrapped for your protection' sanitary napkins around.
Not the little bitty ones either.......they like them big old Menstruating elephant sized one.

Ok this is a bit odd, right but how could that possibly be more then just merely annoying?
WHEN there is a CLIENT over and the cat presents them with one of their pilfered toys.......
She was very nice about it......thanking the cat....... ( Thaddeaus) then handing me the only slightly tooth marked peach colored package.
I was magenta.
(well you all know how colorful I am, did you not think I had real color?
I run all the shades from pink through red, magenta, purple to...... 'oh my goodness is her head exploding' eggplant, I once scared the shit out of the emergency room at our hospital by turning color infront of them and I was not even the patient- it is harmless actually stop with the 'horse of a different color' jokes already)

ok now back to today.
I am here in my vulnerability, feeling like meat hooks yanked my guts out.
Wondering where the hell my last nerve is.....
(I swear today I will say..... god has to be a man cause no women would DO This to another women, not even if she snatched the last pair of on sale black shoes in her size from under your nose)
Meanwhile I know that there are many FINE drugs designed to help with just these symptoms, but I don't have the van back, and even if I did......... do You think I would dumb enough to DRIVE today?
I can barely lift the coffee cup to my correct facial orifice to drink- (don't think THAT wasn't a surprise aslo this morning)

I even am far enough out of my mind to post in the political area of a formum I frequent.
YES yes it is the end of the world as we know it, wait now and watch the planets reverse their orbits.
So today my dears, I am going to just quietly go and knit a bit.....
I will stagger around occationally to see if my land legs or indeed ANY legs have returned.
( my legs feel like lumps of pudding, and that is without mentioning all the cellulite..... so no comments, and you all know what walking on pudding would feel like.... -WHAT? what sort of a teenagehood did you have that you don't know what walking on pudding is like.............. NEVER MIND)

til next time if I survive

Monday, March 14, 2005


Image hosted by
aren't they the cutest!!!
both ewes.
they are out of a Texel ewe with a BFL ram.
The black one is more BFL looking, the white one is more Texel looking.
Aren't they adoreable???

on a more annoying note, I got up with my period this morning.
so I am trying really hard to actually see, walk, talk and function this morning.
I have a ton of stuff to do today.
to those who don't get bad periods be very thankful.
if you want to tell me about how you don't understand what is the big deal about a period....... feel free to email it to me at

Today would not be the day to tell me that.
Tomorrow when I return to life maybe my 'sweet' temperment will also return.

I would say I was in not so good a mood if I could actually FEEL anything but this stupor
however with time and a gallon or 5 of coffee I will be back.
Now if I don't return, start without me
til next time

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Jolly for the day

we bathed the laperms.
I can say a good time was NOT had by all.
however They look WONDERFUL which I could show you if I had batteries for the camera.
they are CLEAN
Thaddeaus is CREAM again......not a pale greasy gray looking thing
Calpurrnia is all curly again, as is Thaddeaus
they screamed............
I laughed
we took the precaution of clipping their nails again just prior, as well as giving them a good brush out.
the house is stinkin hot so they will be warm
cookies and cheese were handed out with a liberal sweep
little Calpurrnia is 1/4 of the size wet that she is dry
all the rest of her is very thick hard to get wet fur.
after all was done,
I got a piece of bread and butter for me.
( what no one eats bread and butter? not margerine, BUTTER)
they came flying to me
so I guess all is forgiven if I give them more cat junk food huh?
til next time
who now will go and change her wet clothes

Sundays are for relaxing?

Ok another Sunday morning.....( does anyone else hear the Monkees Pleasant Valley Sunday running through their head? never mind)
I am again listening to the sounds of Bernie making breakfast, while me, lady of leisure, sit here typing this.
I am glad this week is over.
Between possessed truck from hell, with exploding windshield wipers, giant turkeys, and my poor little dead in the water VAN...... I think I had my fill.
One bright spot was Carole bringing me to the farm and the baby goaties, the other was a nice ( and I mean NICE) soap sale.
I have to make soap this week, probably my Peach Goats milk, and I need to fill up stock for the rest of the soaps.
I really need to clean the soap room too. But it drives my sinus' totally over the edge so yet again I am putting it off.

In Fiber news I started what I keep thinking are easter egg colored socks in discontinued Paton Kroy. They are very pretty, but I really do like things a bit wilder.
I am looking for sock yarn that I can dye here, with a wool/nylon blend..... maybe an 80/20 or so.
At least until I get my Wheel. Then I am going to have the mill do roving with a 70 wool, 15 mohair, 15 nylon blend. THAT will get me the wildest sock yarns YET....... now if only I can get the glow in the DARK fibers.... ( how about flashing disco lights on them? overkill?)
I am thinking about a sweater for me, I have to think long and hard about this as I am no longer a teeny tiny person. So at size 3 needles, ..... well this sucker is going to take some TIME.
I don't want to finish an 8 month investment and find, A) it doesn't fit & B) it looks like shit on my.
(please, paint a hex sign on my back and get it over with. I dearly LOVE PCOS..... NOT)
Meanwhile I am again as usual knitting my endless socks. Sure beats smoking. ( I can say that as I quit again 8 years ago)
I am thinking of something new for classes at the LYS if she would like me to do that.

I am working on the knitting bag set, which is, small bag, larger tote, tool case and needle case.
I need batteries for the camera and when I get them I will show you the progress.
I was looking for another brocade for the violet fabrics but haven't found one yet.

I know, I know, not much going on for a change......
not even goaties that we are waiting for.
til next time
ps: I think I decided on my Birthday presents for this year, besides the lamb.
I want the Barbara Walker 2nd treasurey of stitches, and Latvian mittens, along with enough yarn for maybe two pairs of mittens.
now, lets see if I can get it!
oh and by the way I found this LINK at one of the blogs online ( sorry can't remember which blog)
and got this answer

English Genius
You scored 80% Beginner, 93% Intermediate, 93% Advanced, and 77% Expert!
You did so extremely well, even I can't find a word to describe your excellence! You have the uncommon intelligence necessary to understand things that most people don't. You have an extensive vocabulary, and you're not afraid to use it properly! Way to go!
Thank you so much for taking my test. I hope you enjoyed it!
For the complete Answer Key, visit my blog:

could you BELIEVE THAT?
who'da thunk?

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Lady in Waiting

for goaties.......AGAIN.
Don't these does KNOW I got stuff to do!
Orders to fill, lessons to plan,
tutorials to shoot????
what are the does all doing???????????????
deliver them babies already will you guys?
VI is having one of THOSE days.
oh and Pendot is insane, they won't let me put my po box for an address on my license.....( at least not online)
so DAVE the mail person from HADES.....will of course return my drivers license to Harrisburg......
talk about someone going is going to be me.

little blue eyed calpurrnia, she who can do no in BIG trouble too
Thaddeaus is taking a break from his non stop meowsabub routine.....
however little calpurrnia is filling his ample shoes very well.
I should have KNOW this morning when her little laperm angel wings actually looked like HORNS
oh my............
on a brighter note
Bernie is making chicken Parmesan
so I am knitting
and I am now going to go and squirt that kitten with the water gun
til next time
if I am still sane

Friday, March 11, 2005

The scent of baby goats

is amazing, like clover and fresh grass, light spring flowers, & warmth.
The scent of these babies alone renews your faith that spring will actually really come, and so will warmth and sunshine.
I got to hold one of the little triplets yesterday, this tiny little girl was smaller then Thaddeaus but maybe about Calpurrnia's size.
I was in heaven, and in love.
I swear there is something magical about these little guys, they just take your heart away when you hold their precious little warm bodies.
Ever single kid I have held so far has sighed and put their little heads down on my arm or shoulder.
That was it, they got me wrapped around their little hooves.
I didn't want to put that baby down, I tucked her under my coat.
I am so lucky to have friends that let me play with the goats.
Now we looked at the sheep and guess what?
it won't be long now for LAMBSIES!
I need a farm so bad, I swear.
I also got to help with some of the farm chores, which always have been a delight to me.
When I was young I had a calf, and lived for the time I was in the barn bottle feeding him.
I realized that some things haven't changed.
I still live for the times I am in the barn.
I got to pet that wonderfull gray pony named Princess that I sort of adopted as my own beloved pony.
I was out filling her water trough, which has a heater.
I disturbed a very smart bunny that lived under it! ( one really smart bunny as it is very warm there, and he has food AND water)
I talked to the bunny while I petted princess and filled the water level up, all was right in the world.
Even though it was bitter cold, it doesn't get much better then that!
til next time
ps: Carole made us some pecan pie, gee I am getting really spoiled, first CHEESECAKE, then Pecan pie! what's next? raspberry/peach cheesecake icecream?

Thursday, March 10, 2005

My mission for today

is, baby goaties.
I am going out to the goat farm.
Now Kris called yesterday BEFORE my journey to hell and back, to inform me that Summer who is her 7/8 BFL ewe is beginning to pink up and apparently fixing to lamb.
(Carole shaved the texel ewes yesterday morning soooooooooooo we are not far from lambsie
Now at the time I was speaking to Kris, she also informed me that the line Summer came from is known for triplets.
Kris being a totally novice shepherd is freaking out.
I told her not to worry, to send the third lambsie here with the bottle and some pampers and we will raise that little dickens up right.
( what lambsies DON"T wear pampers?- you mean I have to follow them around the kitchen with a pooper scooper?--------- hmmmmm....... I think they will wear pampers here)

Now yesterday in the possessed truck from hell, which is only barely big enough for me and Bernie and there is NO room for my purple goosedown coat let alone a lambsie, I realized I need my beloved van back. I don't want to hear excuses....... GIVE UP THAT KIDNEY if you have to....
just GET me my damn van back.
I was not meant to travel without the reassuring length and breath of that van.
I love my van, I always wanted a van......( and not for the reasons you all would think as this one is all glass, so no it is not a rolling bedroom, although the rear seat does fold into a full size bed)
I can no more stick a diapered bottle fed lamb in the front seat of the little truck then I could stand on my head.
and I think I really would have a better chance standing on my head at this point in time.

(in the BED OF THE PICKUP you say?........................ BEGONE FOUL FIEND for even thinking let alone suggesting such a thing........ lambsies on bottles ride with ME, where I can pet their little curly heads and kiss their little noses)

ok where the hell was I?
oh yeah right, spin group, goaties and lambsies
well I am going to be out at the farm, basking in the smell of manure, sighing into the freshly born baby kids, happily running amuck in real muck.
it doesn't get any better then that you know..........
(ok well if the goaties and sheepies lived here it would be really really really GREAT too- especially if you threw in some chickens & princess the horse huh?- having Carole and all them up this way would be even better huh?)
Bernie REALLY does like this job down in Jersey however.......
well off to goatie heaven for me
don't wait up
til next time

I have survived

Well first off that damn truck is posessed.
I turned the windsheild wipers on and they EXPLODED.......... at 70 miles per hour that is not a good thing.
I expected them besides crashing into the windsheild...... to fling themselves into traffic behind me and impaling some poor innocent driver.
But luckily, they froze to the windsheild!
I got to the side and pryed them off to toss them in the cab.
I expected soiled underware however I didn't smell anything.
I continued on my way, as this happened just AFTER I crossed into NJ and I still had the entire state to transverse.

Let me tell you that TRAFFIC has increased remarkably in the 18 years I have not lived in NJ.
at 2pm it was wall to wall on rt 80, in a spot that wouldn't have even been busy 18 years ago at rush hour.
Second let me tell you that Jersey turkey are smarter then the PA kind, as I saw a HUGE tom turkey walking and pecking on the side of the highway down in Parsippany....! which btw is now CITY. Biggest turkey I ever did see.....that wasn't human

The other thing is, I found my way! I wasn't sure I would even though I knew that area from 20 years ago ( Or more)
do I sound old or what?
I remember when my folks would talk........and one of them would say..... 'well that was 20 years ago'
damn I thought they were old...........especially since I didn't even HAVE 20 years of life yet at the time.
I sat in the parking lot at Bernie' job and knitted up a toe for a sock, I finished the toe up increases there, and put about 2 inches of the foot on it during the right home.

Unbeknownst to me, every mechanic on that lot had told Bernie that I was there and knitting in the truck!
This is a very busy shop, there are cars parked all over, but they have a remarkable system for knowing where a car is and which car follows.
And most importantly, Bernie really really likes this job, the company and the people.

Today, I am going with Carole to Bethlehem, to the Big fabric store and then out to the farms.....
I maybe lucky enough today to help Bedazzle deliver. She is due tomorrow but they are all going early except the first one.
Tonight is spin group too.
My camera ate it's batteries again, so until I get a ride to a store to get a new charger, no pictures unless I scan stuff.
( which you know, I could actually do that.....I could scan the socks I just finished yesterday huh?)
ok later
til next time

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Update, ....or you say WHAT?

There were three interesting statements made by Bernie
I am still smacking my head

1) 'don't worry about the gas gauge on E, it really does have enough gas'
2) 'if the brake lights come on, just jiggle the hand brake, it should go off'
3) (the best for last) 'Don't worry about what time you get here to pick me up, I'll WAIT. (!)

meanwhile a van update,
apparently it is part of the transmission that blew up.... he is going to 'drive it to macco at lunch with mike following'
and he will put it 'on the credit card'
you know.....the one I JUST freeken finished paying OFF.
meanwhile he gets Mike....... who will follow him so he doesn't have a problem without some help
I get what?
my purple goose down coat and a list of instructions......
oh and one other instruction
'bring cash money, you know, in case you break down'
someone just shoot me now it would be much kinder.
can you SEE this middle aged chubby lady hicking up a 12 mile hill, in the snow and the cold?
hello Houston we got a problem.............
AFTER they find my shriveled frost blackened body by they road......and attempt to revive me.......
where upon my nose falls off..........
WHAT will he say to me then???
would that be...... ah.....oh sorry?

Larry, Moe & Curly part 2

I swear that the stooges are running the universe, folks that have known me a long time know I say this all the time, most often I am almost kidding.
Today I am swearing on my CATS curly head it is true.

why you ask?
What could POSSIBLY set vi off and ranting again you ask?

or more precisely ..........lack there of.

the whole sordided mess started with a 'truck eating pothole' to quote Bernie somewhere in NJ.
which he of course hit......... and of course SOMETHING broke on the front end of the truck.
NATURALLY he also had a bad back at the time, he always has back pain.

so Being the saintly wife that I am.....( hey stop your gagging Shaggy)
I said........'no no darlink.....take my VAN to work, so that you don't BREAK DOWN'
( and I don't have to identify the road pizza that would be your face AFTER you were run over by assorted 18-wheelers)

So what happens? ............ I get a call last night...... 'love, ?'
'yes bernie?'
"i broke down with the van'

'WHAT THE F*** BERNIE? broke down with MY VAN?'

'love, I think the tranny went'

'ON MY VAN????'

by now believe me, he didn't need the phone to hear me.

he calmly went on to inform me that

A) they were towing me in to the shop

B) they were giving him a loaner to get him home

C) things don't look too good

D) he was on his way home

I hung up the phone and went into nuclear melt down.

now those of you folks that have known me for a few years....... will know that particular melt down that I go into.

( and you guys better stop laughing or you may choke on your beverages, and projectile snorting of fluids is NOT your best look)

I called everyone and informed them all that we are doomed.............DOOMED I tell you.

that we have NO cars now.........and I am going to get GOATS from Carole and have a TWO GOAT CART for transportation.

it will take us a week for bernie to get to work, two weeks to get to the grocery store........and I will have the most incredible garden as I will have all the manure I can pitch.... not to mention that anywhere that isn't fenced will look like the sahara after the goats,......... ah ....... mmmmmm .......... TRIM it all.

As of course to my mind this is the END of the world, or it is to ME. ( no craft store, no yarn store, no post office to pick up wonderful packages of book and on sale sock yarn)

I was calling folks and willing my stuff to them, as I was sure that this would kill me.

Bethie you get the cats

Shaggy you get Bernie, you won't last long with him......he is very 'active' and you will, I am sure break a hip.

Carole gets my soap formularies and lotion recipes... ( she has the GOATS remember)

If I left folks out, well comment then as I am on my DEATH bed here and can't think straight. (cause I am telling you......I think this is going to kill me)

now today I was informed that I am to drive the rattleing tin can that is the little truck, down to NJ....... '87 miles one way and please don't get lost as it is confusing and you will end up in CANADA' yeah right.

so I guess this should be my last will and testimony right?

I mean in case I don't survive this whole ordeal..............

please if he does manage to get my van running without a chainsaw and two squirrles.....( no squirrels were hurt by this) I will also drop dead from the shock

so either all may want to get some black suits and such.....

if there is a next time


please tell me it will look better in the morning..... NEXT TUESDAY morning

Monday, March 07, 2005

baby goaties....

Image hosted by

which one do I choose? which one? oye

Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by Image hosted by are some of the stitch markers I made that I found laying around, so by request...... there are more as I make them all the time but I can't find them right this second)

while I realize the second picture is pretty blurry, I don't know which lining fabric to use with the tapestry..... ( the last picture is just the outside tapestry of the bag)
I am leaning to the one in the blurry picture actually
what all do you folks think?
who hopes you all leave a comment on this

I added this last part here as I want to keep the goats and fabric up a bit longer if you folks don't mind
As this is my BD month, I am doing my 'new year' planning...... ( well for me it is a new year!)
So I am going to post some of my goals here.

In knitting:
(besides my ongoing menopausal sock dejour)
  1. Sweater: I am thinking of knitting a sweater for this body of mine, I haven't knit me a sweater in a long time, so I am thinking of it.
  2. Mittens: I need a few pairs, these can join sock knitting maybe alternating with it...1pr sock 1pr mittens
  3. color work hats: I am always losing hats in the studio so a few more won't hurt
  4. lace: at least one project this year
  5. felted projects: more clogs and boots, only this time I am going to get the boots soled!
  6. cat beds: ok this may end up being fabric and not knitted.

In the house

  1. finish the kitchen-how long can a woman live without counter? apparently 2 years is the limit
  2. soapstone stove ( say that three times fast) for the studio. we are taking it with us when we move
  3. BOOKCASES- more more more
  4. new windows and siding for the studio
  5. a half bath in the studio
  6. paint the dining room and the living room

well I have other things I would like to do but these should really occupy me of course they are all subject to change without notice.


til next time vi

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Yesterday's class

I gave a class in sock knitting yesterday at the new local yarn store.
I had a blast.
I had four students.
All of them Finished their baby sock!
( Of course I wouldn't let them go until they did....... hahahaha)

They learned all of the following:

picking up stitches
5 needle dp
M1 l/r increases
paired decreases
waste yarn use to hold a place
afterthought heels
sewn needle bindoff
kitchener stitch
using stitch markers
how to fix your mistakes ( as these mistakes came up)

We also discussed different types of sock yarns and wear issues.
Gauge and how to use that to make whatever size you need.
Superwash and the properties of non superwash.
( it is my opinion that non superwash merino felts just looking at it.....but I could be bias)

Two students want to take my class again, which I felt terrible about as I felt that I failed them somehow.
I am booked for not only this class but also for a cuff down sock class. Actually I think they booked me for several of each class.

I realized also that I need to develope a cute project to teach intermediate knitting to folks that never have gone beyond the garter stitch scarf.
and I also realized that it may very well HAVE to be a different type of scarf...... oye
maybe I can do something with a bit of cableing and the increase/decrease shaping, or considering all the inadvertant yarn overs these folks made.....maybe lace would be more appropriate?
( lace is a good idea since it is coming onto the warmer months huh?)
Anyway I had a very good time
I hope the students did as well.
I hope they will continue to expand their skills and have fun doing it.

Anyway, Bernie and the cats all missed me, I missed them too. Thaddeaus was convinced that Bernie had hidden me in the bedroom and wouldn't let Thaddeaus near me......he kept trying to open the door and sat there outside the door crying. He was so loud that Bernie heard him all the way downstairs.
Then Calpurrnia started crying outside the door too.
Poor Bernie
ok guys til next time
who will now have Sunday breakfast served to her by her Bernie

Friday, March 04, 2005

a possible new project "wicked irony"

Based on one of the Greek myths.......
how about drum roll please??? ............... Narcissus?
I can see it all now.....
( I think in pictures as you folks may know, and if you didn't know before, GUESS what? yup yup I think in pictures......!)
I am thinking that the moment of his demise........ no?
what did you expect?
anyway it is in the planning stages.....
whatcha all think?
til next time
I will admit to a touch of spring fever...
I have cleaned Fred the betta fish, scooping him out of his little bowl with a ladle and parking him in a container of clean distilled water while I polished the algae off of his inner tank, and flushed the muck out of his purple stones.
He is now clean and happy with his little pothos plant which is putting out new leaves, in his own little fishy heaven.
Now let me tell you, Fred is a dark blue and purple betta, who lives in a clear and dark bluish purple tank with dark purple stones....... in other words Fred is invisible!
I am planning on getting a red betta and a red tank and switching them..... the red one in the purple tank and Fred in the red tank.
how is that for smarter then the ad-verage bear.......... ( I am CHANNELING yogi BEAR? when did I stoop that low?)
I also cleaned up and watered my african violets with left over dirty Fred the fish water, which to an african violet is plant food heaven......the equivilant of CHEESECAKE......
they seem so much brighter and happier right now.
I clean Fred twice a week and usually the patchouli plant get the Fred it was the violet's turn
they are forever grateful.
I was crusing the african violet sites on the net.......looking for a few new varities to add to my little garden. I am debating on if I should add some miniature violets to my standard ones.
we'll see, I am also thinking of starting this years seeds for the garden.
I have hollyhocks out the wazzo....... I had a season long love affair with a pink hollyhock and then got seeds for maybe 2 dozen different varieties.
I envision a stand of maybe 50 perrenial hollyhock out front........ if the deer will cooperate and not bother them. The deer didn't eat too much of the mallows, so I have hopes.
Again this year we will start the cottage garden

that is the north side of the house, I still need to get the pictures of the front, that person is our roofers wife, sweeping for roofing nails.
that whole side of the house has lungwort, pink lily of the valley, wisteria and maiden hair ferns going down there........
nice huh?
I am to go to town tomorrow as I have a class I am teaching.
you all better miss me

Three little kittens and one mitten

ok here is the one mitten
you all will have to wait on the three kittens as I can't find them right now
til next time

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Is it spring yet

I think I have spring fever, or something. Now I am not one to lament the weather, as I see it as something we can do very little about.
but today, or actually just right this minute, I wish it was spring already.
but only for about 3 days, then it can be winter again.
I just want to smell the earth waking up.
I want to see if anything survived in the herb garden after two years of contractors crawling all over it to re-roof and such on the house.
til next time
think spring?

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Dust bunnies are not to be confused with the cats

even if the said dust bunnies are LARGER then the cats.

I think it may be time for spring cleaning?
Could it be that maybe, just maybe, I need to excavate the house and see if I can find the floors?

Say it ain't so...........please?

To make things more interesting of course..... Amber, the 4007 year old cat has taken to hiding puke in various places.

Now how is THAT for a surprise?
And here I was expecting EASTER eggs being hidden.....
I love my cats, I really do. I know I really do.....(hush now I am trying to convince myself here)
and since I love their furry little bodies and their furry little feline brains...... I don't mind the small 'accidents' they leave me from time to time........right?

I am still trying to convince myself of that.

On today's schedule, prep for sock class on Saturday, which I have to find out if it is still on, as the weather has been iffy.
And a MITTEN, more precisely a mitten THUMB.
I really do need to knit these suckers a bit faster, my hands are getting cold and I can't find my favorite gloves.
I also have a couple of pairs of socks in que that need the afterthought heels.
I think I am going to knit a sweater or two this year, we'll see. And I really need to make a couple of tunic type dressy shirts.
Gee you would think I was walking around nekid huh?
(now THERE'S a sight....... and after wards you won't HAVE eyes)
Lets see...... back at the farm, the next goatie is due of course Monday which means probably between tomorrow and Sunday.
I have to get new pictures of the little black twins.
The sheep will start lambing in about 2 weeks give or take. So that means lambing pictures and lamb in the freezer as well.
I also need to make goat milk soap again, my famous peach goat milk, and I think I will also do a blackberry apricot goat milk.

oye you know.....I really sound busy busy, and I just realized, I really am busy busy!
what ever am I doing sitting here typeing?
(shhhhhh, drinking coffee, I really need the coffee you I am typing while I drink the coffee...... don't tell anyone)
til next time
who is going to get more coffee now