Saturday, April 23, 2016

okey dokey-now i got news!

first off
i been painting like crazy........... and with a good reason
i have a show coming up fall 2017...... solo show in a gallery in new york
i am also submitting to some juried shows....... botanical and others
i joined asba *american society of botanical artists*
and i have a member page in their gallery, right now only three paintings are up
but......... i will be adding more
i've known about the solo show from last year but nothing really was firmed up so now it's official
at first it was thought 24-30 paintings but i've seen a floor plan of the space and i best be doing some large works too
maybe 5 or 6
that's a huge gallery space to fill

meanwhile here....spring has finally arrived
that is a good thing too
so i have to i am painting lungwort
and i got a backlog of stuff to get to