Thursday, August 16, 2012

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

a woodshed!

bernie built us a woodshed!

i can't believe it.....he built a woodshed!
so far it holds about 3 cords at the moment
however when it's finished it should hold about 6
and it's all from scrap wood

i been wanting a woodshed for a while... it makes it easier to stack, and i don't worry about stacks falling
as one did a few winters back, when we had a ton of rain.

i also figure this way i can stack more often
and not leave a lot of it for bernie

next up we have to split the logs from the big maple
which is still got me so upset about it's dying

but we'll be warm this winter

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

saying goodbye to an old

and cherished friend.....

it's never easy
today our beloved, adored, and respected 300 year old sugar maple was taken down
it's broken my heart
it died sometimes over the winter
we waited for it to bud out this past spring, but's bark started to fall off and it's limbs started to come down

today we had it taken down
the base of the trunk was over 60'' across
it ate a few of the tree guys chain saws
he didn't want to finish the job!
they cut it into 18'' pieces and he told me that they are too heavy for HIM and HIS CREW to pick up
so they left them there
we'll move them and split them and stack them
the maple will be with us all winter possibly two winters......
but the hold in our hearts not to mention the huge hole in the landscape.......

that is going to be there a very long time

we fought a lawsuit to protect that tree, but we think that jackass did something to it before he left as it's been slowly dying ever since ...... dropping it's leaves in july each year instead of october like it used to
few leaves every year

anyway, it's a very sad day in the herron household
while it stood, even dead.......i could sort of pretend it was just taking a breather .....

not anymore