Wednesday, January 28, 2015

the blizzard that wasn't and why prints are delayed

we canceled print pick up tuesday due to the snow
and the printer made other plans
we could have gone anyway on tuesday as the snow didn't actually happen
but since the printer was going to see his mom and take her to lunch we figured
we'll wait the week
so tueday next is the new pick up date
and i shall chant 'all things happen for a reason'

now on facebook the consensus is the columbine on black paper for the next print-
followed by the blue jays
now the next print or prints will be put up on kickstarter..... i don't want to use etsy yet as a venue
as there have been too many 'borrowing' of images from there
and besides i like kickstarter, i like the idea of crowd funding
so a kickstarter with stretch goals it is
if the printer is on board with this

now as to the state of my poor drawing arm/shoulder
i have one area that is still bad.............unfortunately it's the exact area that i desperately rely on to control my hand and brush
i continue doing the pt and now added 'walk the wall' which is no where near as much fun as it sounds....... but i do feel like it's loosening stuff up in that shoulder
yes i know i need a dr
yes i know i could also use acupuncture.....

this is it for and my pt from the last time the shoulders were a mess

cause right now... the co pay is way too much for two times a week

Saturday, January 24, 2015

catching up

first off...... we've kept busy
the first prints of my painting 'wood ducks' are being picked up tuesday
there are i think 3 left available out of this run
they are giclee prints ....... the image is 'life' size ...the same exact size as my original painting
and they are 75.00 plus shipping, (usa only at this time)- and they will be shipping next week
i want to make sure they are perfect
i have to finish making up the cert/auth to go with them
and i am going to sign them again
if anyone is interested let me know (and obviously the copyright won't be on the prints)

we're trying to decide on the next painting to have made into prints- that one probably will become a kickstarter......... this was sold too fast to do a kickstarter on it

i have to say i am pleased with the prints...... and they are rated for 200 years

i've not really been able to control a brush yet, but i am getting closer to it..... and i have been trying to keep this fall was not only bad but triggered a BAD fibromyalgia flare
and the changing weather hasn't helped at all

phoebe's absence is huge-- for a little duck she sure had a lot of presence.....
lilli is missing her the most i think out of the ducks
fawn is holding her own...she's sensitive to the weather too - but she is also slowly improving

now today we had snow.... it's melting a bit though....i think we had about 6'' ..bernie plowed us out
and went to sleep late so i won't wake him
as we are again to get more snow.......(and we have wood coming wen)

we got the bearing on the van fixed but we now have to do the timing chain/belt thingie
and as soon as we can i am going to be going to the occupational therapy dr and acupuncture to try to get to the point where this not being able to control my brush, maybe won't happen again...

so that's the news more or less from this end
keep safe everyone

Friday, January 16, 2015

phoebe may 2008---jan 2014

i'm going to miss you so much my little duck

Thursday, January 15, 2015

a month

and while i am getting better, it's still pain filled days
and no painting
i can't control the brush

however we did go to the printer and we'll be going back tuesday to see what he can do with my painting
we chose the wood ducks
now i am waiting for proof and prices
we'll do a short run ..offered through kickstarter
and if it is successful we'll do a second painting.... eventually getting to cards
the paper and inks will meet archival specs and last between 200 and 400 years.. maybe longer if properly framed

i can't type long on this laptop keyboard without pain so there is the update

Saturday, January 10, 2015

almost a month

since i fell due to my broken painting chair..... dec 14/15 was when i fell
i am still having trouble
in the midst i had a few hard swollen lymph glands under my right arm  too- which now seem to have calmed down
i am doing pt exercises as per the rheumatologist suggestion
i can't paint yet
i am not a happy camper
however.....i DO have an appointment with a printer (barring unforeseen issues) on tuesday

and my new chair arrived monday jan,5...... bernie put it together the 6th
or maybe the 7th
i tried to paint but realized my arm is not ready yet

typing on the laptop kills it too
now both knees are in trouble since that fall as well.......
the right never recovered from the fall in it's really really not a happy camper

and i am almost helpless.... which i despise- i couldn't even pick up the ice pack i dropped!
i ended up in tears of frustration.  well shit's almost a damn MONTH
and i am so not used to this
but it's obvious i am going to have to figure out how to change how i work cause i think this last fall was a warning shot over the bow.......

now the printer...... i am going to be doing ONE painting as a print edition.......
i was hoping for the corn but it maybe the wood ducks or another painting
i have to get prices and proofs etc
but the idea is to print one painting...... presold as a kickstarter.....
to fund the chair, the scanning/printing of the painting, and to find the scanning of the next painting (and depending.... i sure could use more brushes and a few new paint tubes....not to mention paper)
i figured kickstarter again as this way, if i don't get enough buyers.... no one is out money but me for the scanning and the artist proofs

and i was considering a limited run of 10-15...... i know susan suggested i have a second painting as a stretch goal...... but what i would really like to do is keep it small enough that i can pick up the prints, and go directly to the post office with them (having put their shipping stuff together prior)
so that they don't come into the house at all..... this way no contact with bird dander in the air......or cat dander in the air..
(susan pointed that out. bless her a thousand times over)

ok so maybe this enforced month off was beneficial ....... as i was so bored and upset i found the printer!