Monday, December 31, 2007

happy new year everyone

amazing........... it's almost 2008!

remember Y2K?
to all a most wonderful happy, healthy, prosperous and interesting new year

til next time


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

a storm a storm........

we are, as i understand get a storm

ok so what's news with that?
as we finally have a REAL winter......snow, sleet, ice.......COLD......
well this storm is due when we are to go to the company christmas party

which bernie has really really been looking forward to
(me too a bit.....i will admit......i like these people very much)
i got a new outfit for......( actually i got several new outfits and am wearing something ELSE from what i thought originally)

i really hope that the storm either holds off.......or
that it is over and done with and we can go there
i know we can't stay late

we heat with wood PLUS we got a very bald laperm at the moment......
he was sick and the vet gave him a shot which cured him BUT
he lost all his fur!

i can't wait to see june and jim..........
i won't have thier christmas presents until after this party but i still can't wait to see them

ok today i forked some fresh dried/wet leaves into the ducks outer pen
they have a ton of hay ( or so it looks like) in the inner pen......
i will put a few more bales in there over the weekend
it looks like a manger in there..... now if i get the rest of the animals home.....and throw a mom and human baby in there
we got the nativity scene......

the ducks seem happy

and i will admit it looks so pretty with all that hay piled around........
i love looking into their inner pen

they are pleased with the new load of leaves too......they are eatting the little sprouted weed seeds in there as well as any hibernating bugs they can find

i added alfalfa pellets to their waterfowl maintance pellets and cracked corn......
plus fresh spinach, lettuce and other greens
they really like fresh greens but the alfalfa will do when we can't get the fresh stuff

i like to get green weeds for them
they like bean leaves as well...... but they will weed if they when they can't do it themselves i give them weeds from the garden

the chickens are as well but they AGAIN went into the molt......
i am not sure why
dulcette got molty and broody
i hope it just stays cold
(said on a day all the snow has melted and the ground is thawed and wet)

i got some of the holiday cookie doughs made up for the massive bakeout that i do every year
bernie takes them on trays to work with him
and we give some to his friends
i am doing fruit breads for his crew i think......not cookies......not muffins

we are still waiting for a verdict on the lawsuit against the assholes next door
i would imagine that the judge will uphold the arbitration award AND add legal fees etc to our award....i swear.......AGAIN, too bad he can't or won't order mental evaluations on those idiots.....

and have you all see the new knitty?
me and EVERY other knitter on the planet is going to want to knit that ice queen......

mine will however probably be in a plum or wine color


i have to get going and do some more baking and start supper

i am so behind on everything

til next time


Saturday, December 08, 2007

here i sit

contemplating my eggnog,
it's about quarter to four in the afternoon.........

we are thawing out
ok so I AM thawing out
bernie is bringing in wood

we further winterized the duck pen
as i decided they looked a bit chilly to me
so we tarped one side of their pen and part of the sunny side of their pen....
part of the sunny side is still left open
then we stuffed the roofed part with hay.....over the dried leaf bedding

followed by stuffing the duck domicle with hay as well
and they got a pail heater coming in the mail........ 44.95

it would have been cheaper to buy a little kids playhouse we saw at lowes for 299.

thems are two very spoiled duckies

plus we went and got day old produce for them
baby spinach......

and alfalfa rabbit pellets as well
telling yous..............

meanwhile they were wearing a feather and down coat....(snowy white now thank goodness.....)

i was freezing my ass off

i still am not sure i got all my toes.....i think i left one out there

ok now........ for all you wood burners out there I GOTS something for you

we loved it click HERE
and watch the videos
they are great

and i am changing the way i burn our woodstove now

let's see..............
i have started baking for the holidays........ i will be baking most of the week
butter cookies
sugar cookies
mixed chip cookies......( chocolate etc)
he will be taking trays in for work
and some folks get their own trays
or bags or whatever of cookies
i have muffins to make as well for bernie's crew
i am going to make them muffins and apple butter for the holidays

let's see what else
i started to knit a tea cozy, from a book called 'a knitters stash'
it's a thatched roof cottage!
i am thinking.....maybe i should make it a ROUND cottage?
i have quite a ways to go before i have to make a decision.....
so we'll see

i have to knit mittens with longer cuffs at a much tighter gauge for me
and a pair of boot socks
it is COLD going on out to the duckies you know

i could also use a pair of barn boots while i'm at it
a good old fashioned pair of 'welleys'

let's see
on the jackass front

we went to court again wednesday past

she walked in with pippi longstocking braids.....
an acid green WAY too tight sweater and no bra

way way too tight pants that caused a HUGE spare tire and CAMEL TOES.....

they put her on the stand and she swore to tell the truth
then proceded to lie like a rug

first off she told the judge that the trees were all still standing.....
he asked her..... on the side line or on the back
she said on the side
remember now.....her attorney kept telling the judge that the husband cut the trees down
NOT HER and therefore she needs to be let off the lawsuit.....

she said that she never went to georgie up the hill's house
and didn't tell her that they were going to cut the trees down
but instead georgie referred to me as 'the crazy neighbors'
( yeah right...... georgie testified AGAINST her and for us)

she said that they put that stupid half privacy fence up because 'mr herron cursed at her children and they were terrified of him'
she neglected of course to mention that it was put up the DAY after the tv segment aired about them defrauding people out of money.........HERE ( click PLAY and turn your speakers on)

she made it a point to tell the judge that they were no longer together as this split them up ( our lawsuit)

she kept telling the judge she didn't want any trouble....
that she'd never spoken to me
and that she only moved in to the house in 04
when the deed was clearly ( and the incident was also clearly) in 03


i don't think she spoke one single word that was true
including NOT giving her full name!

but the vision of her trying to sex up the judge................
oh man
she looked like a bad porn star.....( my lawyer said)

i told my attorney she was missing the knee socks and school girl uniform

mind this broad is as big as i am
not to mention 31
and the mother of 4 boys

somethings like her spare tire and camel toes.....really should be kept to herself


so we wait for a decision by the judge now
he made it a point of saying......that the order of no tresspass stays in effect forever
even if we sell the property.....
( what if they buy it? they still can't tresspass according to this order)

so that is all that


happy holidays to all
and to all a goodnight


Tuesday, December 04, 2007

let it snow, let it snow.......let it snow

i am sitting here, watching the snow fall
it's very steady and very soft
like a holiday card
i been watching it since the sun came up.....or
more correctly since it got light out.............
i have to look over the woodstove which of course is on......
three years ago i dreamt of this scene........
and now i get to live it

i keep expecting Currier and Ives......
as well as the sound of sleigh bells.......which i haven't heard in YEARS
i dreamt of sleigh bells last night

the snow still falling softly but more of it now
is starting to cover the tree limbs
and it is time now to start my day