Friday, July 26, 2013

homemade 'tv' dinners revisited

yesterday, i spent the day in the kitchen
i got a surprise sale on chopmeat so i put up a bunch of stuff
sauce for spaghetti and sauce for pizza
salisbury steak
stuffed peppers
smothered pork chops (got a deal on boneless pork chops too)
today i took out a pork loin roast so i am going to do 'tv' dinners with pork loin,
brown rice pilaf and mixed veggies
i am not sure yet how i am going to cook the pork loin for this but i will by the time it defrosts

i've been looking for the divided foil trays and found them on amazon (250 for 87)- i only want about 50 of the trays though

anyway, i am tired from cooking but it's a wonderful feeling to have all that in the freezer

in other news..we are thinking of trading our kia in for a vw diesel
most likely in about another month or so
i'll miss the kia but we need something much better on fuel
i plan on another van....most likely another dodge caravan.....
i liked the kia for the amount of time i actually got to drive it but the problem with the warranty and the dealership soured me a bit on kia

now for those of yous that have pets....and those pets have accidents....
nature's miracle urine destroyer....

no i don't get paid for this
and oh boy does it work!

ok  i have to run now
i am treating the main floor for fleas (which we still can't figure out how we got since the cats don't go out)

Sunday, July 14, 2013

yarn, paint, fleas, cats.....oh my

 okey dokey, first is the yarn i dyed yesterday- i am casting on a metalouse from stephen west (free pattern on knitty) in a KAL with luann
margaret had sent me a cone of fingering/lace a bit ago and this was off that cone...i dyed the multi one first
first off yellow while the skein was still twisted
then a deep wine color after retwisting the skein...
then adding literally two drops of blue to the remaining wine color on top of a knotted skein
the leftover purple was for the second semi solid skein (which somehow manages to have a tiny couple of dots of bronzy red on it anyway)               you can see it here while i was first drying the dyed skeins and then caked-- none of the pictures show accurate colors though but i swear, you could walk into a room full of hand dyed and pick out my skeins as my am so very loyal (or set in my ways?) to my favorite colors ---- my knitting sister lotta in sweden was so sweet comparing my skein to malabrigo's archangel-- she sure knows how to make someone feel good huh?

next up...painting- i finished the second reindeer herder and then did an inuit story about a woman and her son the polar bear- i have to cut paper again then start on a few more........

the fleas? well my INDOOR only cats who have NEVER had fleas in their entire lives......have fleas
so every other day we bath the cats and try to vacuum the floors
meanwhile it is exhausting me
i can't quite get them to the vet we are bathing cats
i have one more cat to go yet today...... i will say however that i am seeing less and less fleas, and they are smaller so i guess we are making slow progress

bernie had a day off yesterday, they still owe him another day off so i told him.......'hold the one they owe you in reserve and just take weekly days off.... '

meanwhile he put the ducks out for me yesterday and cleaned crates too!
we need to stock up on hay again and two new bales of bedding for the ducks.......
we still have enough to the end of the month though

well right now i am tired and still have one more cat to do
til next time