Thursday, September 29, 2005

we are doing a home equity loan to get a woodstove for our house to avoid the worst of the oil crunch as well as for as back up heat.
I was a bit annoyed with my husband as I asked him to mow the lawn prior to the home appraisal........ which is today at 10:30am....
needless to say he did not.
I got up at 5am, made the bed with a DARK BROWN quilt, and smoothed it all down evenly.

I then went to take a shower, when I came into the bedroom to get dressed I purposely looked at the bed to make sure it was still ok..... no cats have brought toys up or anything.......nothing.
perfectly empty and smooth.
I put my socks on....turned, and there in the center of the bed....was one nickel.....
now I'd been complaining that we were exceptionally 'tapped out' lately.....
and I had been worried about the cost of heating this winter.
and reluctant about this loan as well.
The ghosts sent me ONE nickel
I am so sure they are laughing at their wit
as I 'don't have two nickles to rub together'
no they only sent one.

vi~who would laugh about this if it currently wasn't so true.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Happy Birthday, Kisses!!! & chicken tails

Today is my dog's birthday, she would have been 18.
I woke up thinking of her.
I remember her wonderful happy personality
how she would laugh at me all the time.......
even my dad who was not much of an animal person.....used to look at that dog and tell me she was laughing at me!
( and she was....I would laugh at her too!)
so Happy Birthday my beloved doglet..... you may not be here in person but you will always be here in spirit


BEHOLD, I give thee Chicken Tails

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Sunday, September 25, 2005

chickie boom booms

ok here are the pictures for today........
my little birdies are getting VERY tame......... and growing like crazy!
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Friday, September 23, 2005

notashyviolet.....NOW with CHICKENS

ok the babies are growing by the second Image hosted by
did I tell you all some of them have WING feathers already!!!!! Image hosted by
yes they do..
amazing huh???
I can really buy the theory that they descended from dinosaurs too
I so can see it in looking at them
they like to peck at anything dark.........
Image hosted by
so I can see death to all ticks in the near future...
gee I know they are going to get really smelly really soon....
but still these guys are amazing......

today they love scrambled eggs.......!!!!!
I gave it to them yesterday but no dice
today they went nuts.....stealing chunks of scrambled eggs from each other and running all over the place.. hahahaha
they are so going to be all mine
I will take pictures later of them folks
stay tuned to this station

Thursday, September 22, 2005

the new chicks!!!!

by the way I am brooding them in a box marked EGGS!!!!
only us!

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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

chick chick chickens!

today we get the chicks.....
due to a moronic chimney guy who called at the LAST minute on monday, I could NOT go and get our new babies...
today I go
I am scared
I am thinking I am crazy
I am wondering WHAT I ever was thinking to have decided to get chickens
I have bookmarked the page with the chicken diapers on it....
I have fortified myself with a gallon of coffee.....
I have packed the van with the essentials for takeing to carole's house
  1. empty egg cartons for her eggs
  2. soap for bribery
  3. leggs egg cause she asked for it
  4. camera
  5. knitting
  6. money for the feed and grain store
  7. old clothes for me to wear while goats nibble on me..... sheepies aren't quite as bad

so in a bit we are off to see the chickens....AND the goaties and the sheepies.....and my beloved princess the horse...

meanwhile........ back at the farm, I mean HOUSE......( bad vi it isn't a farm house ANYMORE, sniff)

Thaddeaus will reign from the 'master' bedroom...ha that is only slightly bigger then the bathroom....... the laperm ladies will be in the main house, and amber will be in the studio......

I need a dog......... I don't know WHERE I would put her.....but I do

there was yet another robbery here up the hill...

why can't I have watch geese or guniea fowl?

can't the freeken BEARS eat these robber people?


til next time


Sunday, September 18, 2005

Current work in progress

Image hosted by
ok this is a test run of the body, head and base.
She will stand much better when she is assembled for real....
She is just sort of fitted but not really together.
what do you folks think?
I see her as someone from about 1890........ maybe a Circus in France....
definitely someone that one of the impressionist painters would have delighted in
her skirt is got alternating panels of checkerboard and solid......and I haven't decided on her top yet.
But I do like the whole feeling of her sooooooooooooo
I am planning to really explore this feeling.
just for the fun of it!!!
you all know what?
the leaves are turning here!
do you all know what that means???????????????????????
yup yup, now if only this damn heat would go away......but then I will be complaining about the cold and loading the stove or the price of oil huh???
in other violet news......
Chicks are coming TUESDAY!!!
yup yup
our little family will be increasing by 6................
one I have promised to name sharon..........
( i hope we have hens and not all roosters)
I want to name one ducette, and one HENretta, and margeriet & with sharon that will be 4 hens......
so lets all hope we only have 2 roos ok???
keep your toenails crossed and I don't want to hear any wishbone jokes right now
STUDIO flash
bernie is trying to again reorganize the studio........
where is CAROLE when I need her????
HE has decided that the studio is actually hopeless and as such, needs to be bulldozed.
I don't take quite the same view of things
I do however think that I could use an extra 20 feet on the back and a closet.......
ONE closet at least in this house would be amazing!
I don't remember what having a closet was like...........
(now don't all rush to make comments about all your closets and rub my closetlessness in my poor little face)
or if you decide to do that please address all email to:
til next time

Friday, September 16, 2005

AGAIN Minnie did me in

1. What is your occupation? doll artist/miniature maker/toy maker and soap maker.......former art director and graphics person ............ ( I can draw too!)
2. What color is your underwear? White hanes all cotton old lady pants
3. What are you listening to right now? Bernie is watching 'that 70's show, Thaddeaus is sneezing
4. What was the last thing you ate? chicken...... and baked potatoes and broccoili
6. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? MAGENTA! what else?
7. How is the weather right now? i have NO freeken idea, I was sick all day and hiding in the studio
8. Last person you spoke to on the phone? Mary who is the person that bred my Laperms
9. Do you like the person who sent this to you? she didn't send it......she TAGGED me..... I love her dearly but she is got to stop doing this to me (I'm old you know)
10. How old are you today?4008
11. Favorite drink? COFFEE
12. Favorite sport to watch? sports?
13. Have you ever dyed your hair? what hair?
14. Do you wear contacts or glasses? glasses
15. Pets? 4 cats, one fish, 6 chickens, and a sheepie that is on her way
16. Favorite month? OCTOBER cause of halloween
17. Favorite food? Cheesecake and Icecream
18. Favorite day of the year? Halloween
19. What do you do to vent anger? SCREAM and clean the house
20. What was your favorite toy as a child? my monkey and softy the blanket
21. Fall or Spring? FALL
22. Hugs or kisses? Hugs & KISSES
23. Cherry or Blueberry? Peach, you gonna make something of it?
24. Do you want your friends participate in this? no then they will REMAIN my friends.....
25. Who is most likely to respond?
i think erin will, and vi
always bows to pressure (i won't leave funny comments!)

THIS WAS FROM MINNIE....... yeah ahhhhhhuh........

26. Who is least likely to respond? NOONE
27. When was the last time you cried? I don't remember.......probably last month during my period
28. What is on the floor of your closet? we don't have a closet
29. Who is the friend you have had the longest? living or dead?
30. What did you do last night? Crashed early cause I was sick
31. Favorite smell? lots of smells..... my lavender plants, fresh coffee, bernie's herb garden
32. What inspires you? I don't know!
33. What are you afraid of? being homeless or hungry
34. Plain, cheese or spicy hamburgers? cheese
35. Favorite dog? DALMATIAN.. there is nothing else for me........
36. Number of keys on your key ring? 4
37. How many years at your current job? 20

38 Favorite day of the week?saturday if bernie isn't working, or sunday if he is
39. How many states have you lived in? 7
40 How many cities have you lived in? oh gees................. I don't remember...... a lot

now minnie are you happy?

violet's brain has left the building

well damn.......
my brain didn't even say good bye when it left!
here I was sitting around trying to think when I discovered I could NOT!
imagine my surprise!
I have a few things I am trying to do right now.....
please feel free to shield your eyes as this list is annoying and makes me tired just looking at the list.
insurance complaint- healthnet is giving me a hard time with paying for pt so pt is now canceled. I turned them into the state insurance commission yet again
woodstove installation- can someone tell me WHY one installer quotes 1800 and another one 1000 for a chimney........ Supposedly they are all class A stainless one gold plated?
HOLIDAY dolls- ok so this one is tons of fun... hahahahaha but this and knitting is how I relax.
holiday toiletries-ok so this one is also a lot of fun, I am making my holiday soaps now. (***note anyone that wants soap for christmas better tell me this coming week.......... cause other wise I won't have cure time on them)

Reorganizing the studio-lets put it this way.......... if you don't hear from my by next saturday........send in the search teams, with the dogs that work the rubble piles....... I was buried in my studio debris and I can't get up. you may need a crane however.
classes- I am teaching and apparently I need someone following me around with a clipboard so I don't forget my head........ I forgot my 5 page handout for my students........!!!!!!!!!
good thing I got the second half of the class thursday
cleaning house- who AM I kidding?
CHICKENS!!!!!!!!!!!-yes this weekend or by tuesday we got chickens coming.......I have got to be insane.......good thing I don't have a brain or it would revolt huh????

oh and one final thing........
I am so excited
I think
just maybe
if I am very lucky
PAUSE has happened...............!!!!!!!!!
in the menopause!
well either that or
I am late and probably should be phissing on a stick huh?
and waiting for the line to turn pink?
then throwing myself off a cliff after designating WHICH college my social security checks should go to???
I am WAY too old for huggies and binkies beleive me..

talk about a horror movie......... move over excersist we better not have 'pregnant old lady with drooping boobs'

Thursday, September 15, 2005

a bright new day?

OHHHHHHHHH the joys of a bright new day.....( said very dryly with a twist of lemon and an olive)
first off I am still trying to decide if the world is nuts or if it is just me.....
if it is me,
then gimme my padded room and leave me alone.

if it is the world
where is natural selection when you need it??
I am STILL shaking my head, but frankly, I am also still in a ton of pain from yesterday
Mengele is hell bent on insuring I don't forget her.
she kept telling me my back was a mess.
yup I know that.
maybe that is why I can't bend and reach the floor?
well I suppose it was to be expected after the whole shoulder is a mess thing huh?
apparently I use my shoulders for everything......
well damn yeah.......THEY are finally working sorta again.....
nothing else is
gotta love Mengele, and you all know I do......
however today I am pre-mentrual, peri-menapausal, and incapable of back mobility.........
someone just shoot me ok?
I told Mengele that we needed to talk to customer service and redesign human bodies.......she would be out of a job, but SHE would be brilliant on the design team you know......
oh and the neurologist did NOT send her the MRI report like I asked.......
save me from gross incompetance?
I am ready for my padded room Mr. DeVill............. hurry or I will miss watching mindless cartoons on my hanging tv........
til next time

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

what kind of moon is it again?

I was on a halloween list....
It was getting spamed with christian preaching that was trying to save the halloween folk from themselves.
I protested privately to the owner
I get this back

Freedom of expression is an essential process for advancing knowledge and
discovering truth.An individual who seeks knowledge and truth must hear all
sides of the question, consider all alternatives, test his/her judgment by
exposing it to opposition, and make full use of different minds...The reasons
which make open discussion essential for intelligent individual judgment
likewise make it imperative for rational social judgment."

Ok, it isn't my play ground, I go and leave the list.... I don't reply or anything just quietly leave.
I then get THIS back from the owner.......

I understand your mental condition of being upset on a Halloween list with
someone posting Christian messages that are off topic. That person was
restricted from posting and I decided also to remove that member. This is
a management issue not a membership quarrel or you telling me what to do or not
to do. I sent you the log sheet copied as of Sept. 13, 2005 5:05 p.m.
which was yesterday BoB was removed from the Historical Halloween group. I
just received your unsubscription notice following immediately after I sent that

Now the problem was taken care of before you emailed me to
begin with, and you were sent an email informing you that person had been
removed from the group.... so what is your problem. There is nothing
wrong and no reason not to stay in the group, but since you deleted your
membership I have added you to the group to be banned and you will NOT be
allowed to re join the group.


so my question is..... am I delusional.....
is there a mercury retrograde....... the moon in CONFUSION?
AH DUH........ I had ALREADY LEFT the list!!!!!
what? you didn't agree I should leave without permission????
oh man.......
they really ARE crawling out from under rocks..
meanwhile the insurance fight continues...........
oh and Mengele has NOT lost her touch, I forgotten how painful pt can be.........
I was brought up short and reminded today when I was put on the rack.........
she thinks she can make me taller!!!!!!!!!
but the insurance company is not wanting to pay again........
off to the complaint commision in NJ again.
til next time
if I have a brain cell left

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Lets party today.......for tomorrow

is PT.......
(insert ominous music here.....)
now you all know how I love Mengele to pieces, inspite of the fact that she tears ME into pieces...
so now my little chicklets....... I have to tell you....
she is going to do my spine and legs.....
(send the wheel chair now....)
I know that when I am done, I will feel sooooooooo much better, but it is the process.....
Now I better be somewhat recoveredy by thursday as I am teaching sock knitting....
I don't know if my lace class still on for saturday as we have a mini heat wave and that generally means folks don't want to knit.
I just hope I am still standing on Thursday!
if you all love me......send CHEESECAKE....
ok this morning bright and early I bathed Amber.
now Amber has cursed me roundly..
( can someone curse you triangularly?)
inplying that I have a tail and wag it.........
as she sat on her feather pillow.....
which btw, used to be MY pillow until they took it over.....
at least my Fawn cat loves me
I gave Amber a shrimp....
she accepted it
I am back in her good graces....
but tomorrow is a BATH WITH COFFEE soap
she will go to heaven CLEAN, even if it kills her

Friday, September 09, 2005

again to the wilds of NJ

*** the funny stuff is at the have been warned

today was an interesting day.......
it started off really interesting and proved to continue in that vein
Thanks to Taryn
( vi is waving at Taryn, hihi thank you!!!)
I called Aunt Lois.....
I had a wonderful talk with her....... it took her a second to remember me..... ( sure someone from 20 years ago calls you and see how fast you remember them.......)
it was funny cause when she answered the phone I said "aunt lois?"
and right away she said YES
I told her it was me........... THAT is what took her a bit to recall.... just a few seconds actually.
it was great hearing her voice again.
I could hear her father's voice in her voice as well.......... (grampa smyth)
I found out that one of her sons lives down there Yes Taryn, it was that Richard...... and he is still married to his wife Ellen.....
her other son lives in Jersey.... not far from where he was born.
the grand kids are grown and have kids of their own....... aunt lois is a great gramma......
I told her about my dad and brother passing.....
it was wonderful
I am going to call her regularly.

ok then off the neurologist
I took a drop spindle with me cause the lady that does the dopplar scans wanted to learn to spin so I showed her, 4 patients and the nurse in the waiting room ........
that was fun!
of course one of the patients was a smart ass and could NOT figure out why I was spinning if I could just BUY yarn.........

the neurologist told me I should have been in PT since August but he never had given me the RX so I couldn't go......
he did today
he thinks I have arthritis and sciatica......
ok so WHY do my legs go numb when I stand?

I stopped to make my pt appointments and told mengele.........HIHI Mengele..
she frowned and did NOT seem all that happy with this doctor..
well after he stunned me and ice picked me that time I went ...nope neither am I

so Mengele asked for the reports from the mri
( Mengele is brilliant you all she will figure it all out)

then she informs me....
'you need stretch pants'
now picture enough spandex to cover the hoover dam.................
yeah I know I couldn't imagine that much either.
boggles the mind huh?
she then suggested shorts.........................
mengele I love you dearly, however as PIGS have better thighs then I do...
Image hosted by
(yes sad but true........this pig has a better body then me........ and bernie is a saint)
as I do love you dearly........
I won't do that to you.
so I have to get these sweat pants........
how do I explain to bernie?
well considering what mengele did to my neck...................
bernie may RUSH out to buy these pants thinking......... 'she will finally get a nice ass'!
I haven't told him yet
nor have I figured a way to explain to mengele she needs to shield her eyes.......or she will no doubt go blind, and possibly deaf as well at the sight of my legs.
she only THINKS she can tolerate terror of this magnatude.........
I keep warning her.
gee maybe that's WHY my legs keep going numb? they are fainting in SHOCK?
stranger things have happened.......
(maybe this post should be labeled..when bodies go BAD????)
I have told you all before that I got my mothers body right?
after she died and didn't need it anymore?
yup this was my inheritance.
and the wicked bitch got the emeralds.
thanks mom.
if you weren't dead I would have killed you for this.
I think I could have suffered with wearing GREEN you know..
she gives me her old decrepted worn out saggy assed body.
and I didn't get her ANYTHING.
ok so what else?
yet again the insurance company SCREWS UP
how is that , ???
and how is it no surprise?
THEY decide that mamography is now got a dedcutable of 500. or 1500. or some daily differing number.
then they decide that it doesn't
but that I owe 266.44 for it
but according to our policy, we don't have a deductable and the Mamography is 100% covered ... but you have to pay 463.71
WHO comes up with this shit?
I keep telling them.
my autopsy report is going to read..................
put it on the tombstone
til next time

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Apparently hopeless

Yes that would be me.
I don’t seem to learn from my mistakes for a LONG long time…….

Small things like……… don’t forget to pee BEFORE you get in the shower as the sound of water WILL make you have to go and then the floor gets all wet when you get out….( I will NOT pee in the shower..what do you think I am?? A MAN?)

Never stick the litter box under the work bench, as the cats will make sure JUST when you are under deadline….. to dump a particularly ‘fragrant’ offering in there…..
(‘we are just helping mom, making sure you STAY awake’)

Never use the bathroom AFTER your husband, you know they all stink worse the dead skunks in august on the blacktop.
It is the testosterone I am convinced…..I mean really…… look at male animals……they mark their territories with stench from their hind quarters…….. unless you neuter them….. IS your husband NEUTERED? No…. stay the hell out of the toilet for at least an hour after him then…… or get separate toilets…..
Better yet…..give him an outhouse three counties away.

Never EVER lift the covers to try and figure out what that odd noise is at night in bed with your mate……..
If You do and you go blind it is your own damn fault……I told you in the one above how bad they stink…….

Now since this post is apparently about stench and assorted stinky things……. Let me advise you all…. TEACH the male to do the laundry…..they like smelly stuff.
You don’t……
So that laundry thing is now their job……

and for extra credit.......get THEM to clean the litter box
hey it works for me

til next time

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

For Kathy......hahahahah!

Image hosted by

yes I KNOW

it HAS been a while but I have been busy.
let's see.........
I been having some 'side effects' from this med.....
we won't go into details but my hemorrhoid has taken to calling me nasty names, apparently it thinks I am a canine for eating too many raw vegtables.
now onto more pleasant things.
FALL has ARRIVED here in the poconos......
about damn time too.
I swear it is either freezing or sweltering here in the past couple years.
there doesn't seem to be many extended periods of temperate weather.
so I am enjoying the mornings in the 40's with the afternoon's in the 70's
it is very very nice.
The cats all spent the first couple days running around the house like thier tails were on fire....
now they are all sacked out all damn day.....
Thaddeaus took over our bed............... Calpurrnia took over the top step of the upstairs.....
and Fawn is on the cat tree....
amber is playing future fossil on the kitchen floor.
I have been working.
I don't remember if I told you folks that the MRI wasn't too bad but I won't do that again........................
Gas prices are ridiculous....... on saturday we had to run to the packing plant for meat and we paid $3.58 a gallon......good thing the van is finally fixed.
Bernie is again looking for another job.......
His dealership is got him down to 23 hours so he is got me faxing resume's all over the place.
He reorganized my office part of the studio over the holiday weekend into a U shape and it does work great......
for once he didn't throw out everything I needed for work I was currently doing.......
I owe pictures to you all
I got a blue ribbon on my felted purse too at the fair!
so everything I entered got ribbons..
4 blue/1st place
2 white/3rd place...
I think the premiums will be about 50.00
not bad huh?
ok til next time

Friday, September 02, 2005

just a fast pumpkin head photo!

Image hosted by

who needs CATS?

I have been talking to the chicken people.

no they aren't some weird alien race of folks with beaks and pinfeathers,
they are folks that raise chickens.

( actually I been talking to the folks on the 'housechickens' list......they raise chickens in their homes, with now know where this is going right?)

they tell me that the buff orpingtons LOVE mice........

not in a ohhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhh mickey mouse aren't you cute sort of way, they love mice as a SNACK.
I am going to love these chickens!
as some of you may know, we live in an old stone house in the woods........
well old stone houses in the woods attract MICE
lots of mice.
so much mice that even 4 cats can't keep up with them.
hearing that these chicken will gleefully eat mice, indeed will HUNT THEM DOWN and eat them.....
well I am thinking that the chickens really DO need diapers and need to never leave the inside of the house......
they can wander the entire length, and breath...........
and clean up all the mice.
we won't need the nice man in the white suit with the bucket of last mice meals anymore............
who is dreaming of mice eating chickens.......

Thursday, September 01, 2005

The end of summer

it is official, as the kids have gone back to school here.
it is the end of summer
which really means.........
the beginning of Halloween season.
my favorite time of year.
I got a great present yesterday, a wonderful Halloween tote bag with vintage Halloween post cards on it.....I love it!
I had JUST said to someone that day that I needed a Halloween tote!
*** I am in a secret pumpkin pal swap and it came from my pumpkin pal, and it is just the cutest tote.
I can not watch the New Orleans footage, I got that way after 9/11 I am aware of what is going on, I know how bad it is going to get for those folks.
It is going to get bad, really really bad, HELL will look like a vacation spot after a while to them.
I don't need to rubber neck, I do however need to send some money.
( well I can't send air conditioning and electricity......)

I am torn as I am very upset with the Red cross, but I think in this one I have no choice. With the tsunami ( I can't spell that) I had Oxfam and Doctors without borders.
This is here....... we have the Red Cross.
I am also concerned that with the war ongoing, and this disaster, not to mention the prices of oil...
will America survive?
will the individual American survive..........folks like you and me?
I know at this point, I am concerned about our survival.
I am very concerned about heating this winter.
ok enough of this

today I am going to work,
I have studio work to do, house work and decorating for fall/halloween
I already had some protein this morning trying to fire my engine so to speak.......
we'll see
til next time ( probably this afternoon)
when I post pictures!