Friday, December 31, 2004

ain't togetherness fine???

as per request
Thaddeaus and Calpurrnia
sharing Daddy's chair

Covering Esmeralda, a nekid tale.

ok Esmeralda, cutey isn't she???
I KNOW a momma is proud huh?
ok one day I got the urge to make a rag or cloth doll. I used to make them all the time before my heart was won by porcelain bisque...( loverly stuff that bisque.... but that is another story for another day)
In the morning before DH left for work, I said .........."I feel like making a RAG doll"
Dh to his credit ACTUALLY listened to me.....( I KNOW it still amazes me that folks actually LISTEN to my blather)
anyway, he went off to work, I shipped my miniatures off to the distributor, sat down and made a rag doll.
now before you all are seriously impressed.....( ok be seriously impressed but only for a second....... OK TIMES UP)
I have been making dolls for about 40 years........shhhhhhhhhh don't tell anyone, as I lie about my age.
so doing a rag doll is really not a biggie.......doing seperate fingers in porcelain in the scale I normally work in...... now THAT is hard.
any way, Bernie got home that night and low and behold ............ a RAG DOLL.......... not just any rag doll....... Esmeralda!
her hair was prepped to go on, and her little face was painted, she was stuffed and ready to have her innards closed up.
meanwhile I had sort of been watching the whole funeral of The Princess of Wales.....( that really was so sad, she did do so much for folks, and her boys......... well........)
Back to Esmeralda and dh
well he was in shock. now I don't know WHY he was in shock, as he is used to things happening while he is gone........ poor man never knows WHAT he is going to walk into here when he gets home.
why just last week he walked in and heard a deep WOOF coming from the basement....... as we don't have a DOG, he was a bit confused.
but I digress.
Well DH, ( Bernie) decided that I was amazing and marvoulous, and all sorts of other good words that I can't spell...... (really he is so easy to impress I think)
after I finished Esmeralda, I had to dress her..... well the clothes ARE the fun part no?
anyway, I hunted around in my stash.
now my stash doesn't actually fit in my house, and my house doesn't actually have closets.....more like piled boxes that sort of serve as containment vessels.
so I of course could NOT find the muslin I wanted for her I used some nylon..... ( ok hanging my head in shame here)
but did find some 100% cotton for her dress........ I happily sewed her some clothing.
I put her aside meaning to make her some stockings and shoes to match her little dress.
I got busy with work, which at the time was a wholesale miniature accessories business.
Febuary came, Dh decided to 'organize' the studio...........
Emeralda came through the reorganization without clothes......
she sat around to December.
nekid to the world.....
I decided in DECEMBER about three days before XMAS.......... she was cold, nekid and needed new clothes
I rooted around in my stash.......................... BURGANDY!
so she got a sort of outfit..... and shoes to match this time
and dainties in real muslin, with lace and silk ribbon embroidery. (still no beads on them however)
got her dressed..........
Feb rolled around again and YOU GUESSED IT........
into the black hole that seems to be my studio.
this has gone on now for a while......
however I have finally thwarted the black hole........
as the other day, while rooting around to make her yet another disappearing outfit......I found her first one...........!!!!!!!!!!!
oh happy day.......
so she is not nekid but she doesn't have matching shoes.
now the answer to this is .......
yes violet is nuts, certifiably off her rocker.........
ready to learn to drink and talk to her invisible friends.
however we won't tell anyone.

ok I am starting another set of rag/cloth dolls. these will have needlefelted hair.

update on them and the neighbors burnt out of their home next time

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

not so nekid esmeralda

meet Esmeralda, she started life in 1997, during Princess Diane's funeral.
she finally has some clothes......
there of course is a story about that
and I will tell you in a bit
right now, I got supper to do

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

I finally figured out the layout problem

duh................ it was the size of the PICTURES
gees ditzy violet strikes again.

Carole's back from INDIE!!!!

Carole, who has the goat farm I adore, is finally back from Indianappolis finally....... she was gone a week......... I told her we are thinking chains and padlocks......she is never going away again.
as all hell broke loose.
(if she had just stayed in pa none of the bad stuffs would happen. see I told her so)
Anyway, she was wanting to know if I am going with them and the goaties to the farm show...... well not if Bob the cat is still our houseguest. As then Calpurrnia won't have a place to be and we can't leave her unsupervised......she is a student of her brother Thaddeaus and he taught her well.
SHE is the one that has bedeviled the holiday tree, SHE is the one up on the porcelain workbench, SHE is the one tormenting poor old AMBER the 17 year old cat.
yes yes, SHE who can do no wrong........ well she seems to have done a bit wrong.
my blue eyed baby girl.........sniff
meanwhile I am making red kidney bean soup.
which will also become chili and refried beans........and eventually methane gas.
why is it that the methane producing foods are always eatten at the time of the year that VENTILATION isn't adequite?
so you have the methane, and no windows are able to be opened as it is like 20 below something out there????
was that so that the methane either helped insulate? or could it be that the methane just gased you into believeing you were warm?
did it drive you OUT into the cold so that when you finally did return, you would think you WERE warm......... all things are relative no?
ok back to the beans.
they are almost done.
they smell heavenly
( this is pre-methane stage you understand)
and I am homesick.
yup beans=homesick
and I am still playing with these socks but I think I am going to rip the suckers out
and start over.

Monday, December 27, 2004

Two of the little fur angels and a sock

Thaddeaus on the left and Calpurrnia on the right
They are brother and sister/littermates born July 17, 2003.
and my little laperm babies.
We are going to adopt their Aunt soon.
She is five and has been a breeding queen that was recently spayed. She will gradually be accustomed to living without a cage.

I am still knitting my regia socks, I have ripped out the heel and am carefully laddering up the afterthought opening by about 1/2 inch or so. I think that should do it. I hope that will do it
I don't have any pictures of this disgraceful state of knitting, ( as I should know better) but I will continue to persevere until it either becomes clear it is too screwed up to work out and I have to completely rip them out.........or it WORKS and I am triumphant, whichever comes first

PS: I need to take a picture of Bob the cat.........our little house guest, who has finally decided that I am not the anti-christ after all.....just a little old lady that is his temporary caregiver.
that is a relief!

Long ago and far away

There was once a Doll artist.
She lived for her work ( and her family and animals)
All she thought of was her work, how to make it better, more alive, more perfect, with more heart and feeling.
however, because of her love for her family, this doll artist put her beloved work aside.
never, to this day to resume it.
She often would think of her work and miss the time absorbed in it.
Her Molds grew dusty and spiders moved into the cavities.
Her porcelain got thick and dry.
She lost herself as she lost her work.
Every time she saw other doll artists making happy wonderful dolls, she withdrew more and more away from her dolls.
does this story have a happy ending?
I don't know yet.

Friday, December 24, 2004

Happy holidays

Well it is December 24, Christmas eve.
normally I forget that this is a holiday.
I get distracted sometimes.
I am hoping Bernie gets home early today,
I am hoping Thaddeaus stops sneezing.
I am hoping that Bob decides that I am really NOT the anti-christ.
I am hoping my Amber and my Calpurrnia are not feeling neglected cause I have been concerned with other folks.
oh and eggnog flavored tapioca is a very good thing, even for breakfast, at least before I had the coffee.

about the socks........ I am going to attempt to undo the waste yarn and ladder up the 34 stitches by 1/2 inch...... am I insane? probably
will it work, ..............wellllllllllllllllllllll....................... in theory it should, in practice?
it may just drive me insane while I attempt it.

maybe while I 'think on it' I should cast on that trekking and do those socks? I still am trying to get a lace scarf done in the Horseshoe pattern from BW treasury of knitting stitches, in a nice plummy color of Dale, which I lost two of the three balls of.

Holidays you say? well first off we don't exchange any gifts. We figure that we usually buy anything we want and can afford so every day is a holiday........
and also we have a VERY SMALL house, no room for extraneous stuff around. Besides, we have enough dust collectors and dust bunnies that are bigger then the cats.... so what do I need more stuff around for?
unless of course it is a vintage Sadler teapot or another craft supply.........or maybe even some Royal Doulton china?

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Shrinking bathtubs

Tuesday afternoon, my neighbor's house burned down.
they lost almost everything
for a while we thought that Georgette was in that fire and I was a mess.
she is now like a kid of mine.
fortunately she and Mark were on their way to work together.
the house is toast
however they finally saved ALL the animals
and we are hosting Bob the cat.
he is a beautiful cat, who unfortunately hates my guts
he blames me for his current situation.
he is living in our bedroom, and sleeping at night in Amber's crate in the bedroom.
he misses his family and they miss him terribly.
When either of his humans come, he is overjoyed to see them..... poor little guy
My thaddeaus and calpurrnia are being wonderful about bob the cat being here.
they aren't really bothering him at the door much at all.
meanwhile their insurance says over a year til rebuilding
I am trying to put together a fund raiser for them.......
gees........ I don't know where to start!
now to drown my sorrows and worries I made me some eggnog tapioca.
took forever for such a small amount......... but damn that was good.
just what I needed
fish eyes
Thaddeaus seems to be having a sinus thing going on, me too. it is all from the smoke from the fire.
did I mention I am terrified of fire???
well I am
maybe it is a preview of where I have been told repeatedly that I am going....................
( I keep getting told to remember to pack the suntan lotion, and shades.....)
ok so I really wanted to take a nice soaky type bath.
you rest and relax.....
well who knew that cast iron bathtubs can shrink.......
I KNOW amazing huh?
but IT MUST be that the tub shrank....

and apparently it is almost Christmas eve.......
I always forget Christmas eve, I don't realize it is Christmas eve until about 7 pm ON christmas eve when dh reminds me.
hey, I think I am happier in my senility.

ok those socks I was working on???
( did ASK didn't you? no? well pretend.........humor me)
I got the heels 1/2 inch too close to the toe!
both of them you know...... I don't do things half way
so what am I going to do you ask? ( oh come on ask anyway)
I really don't know!
I am thinking of either knitting about 1/2 more on the heel?
kitchenering the afterthought opening and going UP the half inch?
ripping them out completely?
I would really like to get this whole length thing worked out
I always mess this part up
they are ALWAYS too short or too long..........except for the first pair I ever knitted....they of course are perfect
go figure
and do I LEARN anything?
of course not
what fun would THAT be?
( said very dryly with a twist of lemon)

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Html for idiots, OR what is a nice old broad doing with this crap?

I lived a long and fruitful life.
ok more or less....... Maybe not quite the go out and procreate fruitful but interesting at times.
now why would I ever want to learn html. ( ok so RELEARN it, as it is basically similar to *old* fashioned typesetting codings-which I hated in the first place)
well it is simple.
really it is

I can't get the body text in this blog up under the header.

there, see...........simple.
and enough to drive me totally off my rocker.

I am supposed to be finishing the ribbing in my latest sock.
I should be setting up to do some molds to cast my porcelain sculptures in resin.
I have a couple of articles that I owe to a couple of magazines.
There is also the matter of the small book and three character set I am working on
and if all else fails there is always housecleaning
(OMG DID I just say the dirtiest word in the universe?)

so exactly how does one lift and separate (so to speak?) the body text up under the header in a blog?
I am so not ready for this one.

now on a lighter note, I am rereading for the **** time The Christmas Carole by Charles Dickens.
I love that book, I collect different editions of that book and just recently won on eBay an edition illustrated by puppets. you heard me right..............puppets.
I had this book however a long dead and much missed cat had peed on it....... sooooooooooooooooo
in the 15 years or so since this mishap occurred I have been looking to replace this book, which I just did.
it isn't as bad as all that......... They are after all caricature puppets, & when it gets here I hope to post a few pictures from it.....maybe.
If it is ok with the copyright laws and all.
I also realized that I posted pictures of 'she who can do no wrong'
so I simply must follow up with the other two....................
'she who is senile and farts alot' and "HIM, who is the center of the universe & never doubted it"
Amber and Thaddeaus.
we are also getting another one, ( heaven help us and someone send an angel for the idiot that is currently typing this)
we are looking for a name for her.
something Greek or Roman, that goes with Thaddeaus and Calpurrnia.......something arcaic.
something that will be fine either way, if she is ridiculous......or if she is dignified.
you know, shit like that ain't easy.

you know I really really WANT this body text up under that line up there.......... WAY up there you know.
This is apparently a real problem for me, it is keeping me up late at night.
ok so I probably need to get a few different priorities in this old life huh?

I also need to finish this pair of socks. OH, & soak my feet, use a nice salt scrub exfoliant on them, then finish up with a little peppermint lotion huh? Gee I hope I can still REACH my feet..... I mean after all the chowing down I been doing lately.

I want to knit a magenta and lime green pair of socks, with glow in the dark yarn........ why?
was that strong enough?
actually I saw a magenta or hot pink pair with green on a blog somewhere, and I thought to myself........YES they should be MINE........
gimme gimme......
however they were given to someone else....
so I being the resourceful person that I am, am now having to figure where to get the brightest most neon colored wool/nylon sock weight yarn and knit myself a pair.
ok now I best be getting my self back to knitting these socks, cause the best part is coming up........THE HEEL!!!
yeah, I love knitting heels...... gussett increases, gussett decreases..... picking up stitches......I just love it.
well what did you expect from an old broad? Shakespear?

Poor Bernie, he had a very bad day yesterday.
First off it is pretty cold outside.
The rhododendron's leaves are curled tight like pipes. Yup cold.
Bernie ran out of gas.
had to walk 4 miles and buy a gas can AND gas.
I felt so bad for him as his gas gauge is broken and we haven't had the extra to fix it.
Poor guy.
so anyway now I am worried about him too.

Monday, December 20, 2004

testing 123

Some time ago someone suggested I start a blog.
I thought she was out of her mind.
apparently she was wise and astute, as here I am. (either that or she was sick of talking to me all the time)
hopefully I will actually remember to post here and not forget this exhists.
I may even improve my spelling and puncuation, which will make the editors that have to deal with me happier.

Ok so here are some socks

I knit socks. This isn't entirely abnormal in the circles in which I travel.
(never mind what my SIL thinks of it)
knitting socks is a very good thing as one can only deal with so many scarves or sweaters or mittens, however socks are something you could keep knitting without worry. They are quick, easy and so much fun, not to mention good travel prodjects.
Sock knitting the way I do it, ( compulsively, obsessively, and eternally it seems) make very good menopausal knitting as well.
I had an enjoyable fling with felted knitting. I knit then felted clogs, a round bag ( mezza luna, which I recommend) a cat blanket or two. I plan on doing more knitting for future felting but in the mean time I am back to socks.
my no brainer formula for socks to fit my feet start toe up

CO 10 st.
k 6-8 rows stockingette
pick up around all the edges, I normally pick up either three or four on the short edges which are marked in the middle
increase four every other row until 68 or 70 stitches ( depending on gauge) knit even until about 2-1/2 inches short of the heel
insert two rows of waste yarn between the stitch markers so that half of the stitches are on this waste yarn ( knit back and forth)
continue in the round with the sock yarn itself, do a 2X2 ribbing.
on the next to last row increase in between either each rib or in the center of each rib
knit the last row plain
then do a sewn bind off
which makes a cute ruffle and also fits my fat ankles.
then go back and pick up the stitches for the heel, basically knit a toe and your done.
I do the three needle bind off on the 'toe' for the heel.

The picture with both socks shows one on the needles and one finished but waiting for it's heel.
the second picture shows a finished afterthought heel.
the second one in my opinion is a bit too long for my short wide foot, so this newest one is going to be shorter.

I love these colors by the way.
they make me happy while I knit them. They make me happy while I wear them.
They make me happy just to look at them.

now it took me forever to figure this whole thing out, I could not have done it without Amie's help. So thank you to Amie, for being a really wonderful patient person with an old broad, who can be a ditz at times. ( I even spelled the address to this thing wrong.... gees.)

SHE who can do no wrong
Calpurrnia Peabody Bigglewood