Tuesday, September 25, 2012

i updated the card project rewards list


go have a look!
please share the link if you like my work, there is one week left on this project.

now in studio/painting news. i am continuing to paint the crow series, right now, 8 is on the board. (i did 10 already- i am slightly out of sequence)
as usual i am at the stage where i figure it's a total mess...and i wonder if i am ever going to get it to look close to what i see in my head. everyone tells me i always do, but sometimes i do have my doubts.
i am starting to also think about the next project, after i finish the crows, and the holiday images.
i think i am going to do the halloween project after.
that should be a lot of fun as well.
then i may do a second song bird project.
i still want to do the botanical illustrations, i am keeping that in the back of my mind on what plants i want to paint.
i love iris, lilies, violets, lilacs, impatiens, petunias, four o'clocks, hollyhocks, mini roses, scented geraniums....etc the list does go on and on
i want to paint them from life not photos.
so that may take a bit of doing
i normally can finish a painting in a few days..... so maybe the live plant is doable next year.
or some stuff over late winter if i start the seeds now and grow them under lights, maybe the impatiens-
or even if i force some stuff.
too bad i live too far from longwood gardens or i could take their botanical classes and have a ready supply of plants to paint

anyway, today is cool and breezy, i have crows to paint
so i'll be getting back to it now

take good care

Sunday, September 23, 2012

it LOOKS like fall but feels like august

it's been warm and humid out there during the day, and raining a LOT
i had a lot of trouble breathing, and had forgotten my inhaler.
we went to the valley yesterday for potatoes, - the annual stock up of the potatoes for the year.
this year we got 50# of yukon golds and 100# of lehigh golds.
i prefer the older original strain lehighs though. we had them baked last night

bernie cleaned our gutters while i was making yogurt and laying out another crow painting.
today i'll transfer my layout to watercolor paper and start painting
i'll also put the yogurt up in the fridge.
i am trying to get around to making that no-knead bread everyone's been talking about, where you make the dough and put it in the fridge for a very cold long rise.
i don't know what has been keeping me from doing that!
i have every thing i need to do it but i am not doing it!

i still have to add more rewards to my 'Out of the Nest' kickstarter  project
the higher ones for the folks who've told me they want holiday card quantities.
If you like the project and the paintings, please share that link for this project. there are only 9 more days i believe on this. i realize that this is not a long time, but it is the only way i can get them printed in time for the folks to use for holiday cards, oh and if you are one of the people that wanted holiday card quantities, let me know about how many you'd need. i plan on shipping those in the one price 'if it fits it ships' box
so the shipping is reasonable.

in knitting, i am waiting for a wonderful new designer Pink Hair Girl this was her first shawl that is going commercial, and i was lucky enough to be a test knitter....... wow ....and i've seen a sneak peak of her next one - which i am hoping to also test knit..
meanwhile i knit and felted a victorian mob bonnet for me...... in leftover gray wool. (seriously like 6 different part balls of leftover wool)
i am going to do a color knit hat for rhinebeck as well.
i am hoping i get to go to rhinebeck, a lot depends on bernie's schedule in october.
rhinebeck is mecca for knitters and i look forward to it all year..... just the rhinebeck glow is worth the trip.
last year we watched people of all ages dancing to the peruvian band..... (i bought their cd and listen to it occasionally while i paint)

one or two other small things.......shhhhh don't tell bernie but i sort of started to whitewash the paneling in the corner where i paint, so far you can't see it as it's behind the storage units
but i intend on working my way around the entire studio..
it is easy to lightly sand it off if he really gets upset but i can't take the wood anymore, it's gotten so dark over the years.
i would also like to replace all these (16)  windows with two big ones....... on each wall...
we've gone back and forth and around on that one-
we are going to have to do something about the windows i think.....pretty soon too

ok, i've got to get back to work now, it's starting to get late and the ducks need to be put outside
have a wonderful weekend

Friday, September 21, 2012


first off let me remind anyone who may be interested
that is my card project at kickstarter....all the birdies and their nests

please spread the word about it if you wouldn't mind

now this post is about goals
 and here are some of mine
1) finish the crow series, as a book, calender and possibly... tees or maybe cards.. some prints
2) start the halloween black and white drawings
3) botanical illustrations
4) paisley holiday collection
5) find either a licensing company or an licensing agent
6) AGAIN redo the studio
7) i desperately need a plan file (flat architect's files- i would like 7 draws in wood) for paper and finished paintings
8) knit me a sweater that fits
9) sew a few things- i could use some tops for town, and stuff for curtains and such
10) get the house paid off fully * and a bigger studio * -  with a kitchen...... ha

and next year.....maybe another kickstarter project? i would like to do the halloween project - that too is a fun fun project for me..and if i go kickstarter with it....the top reward would be a set of black and 'white' prints that i hand colored.....

see fun!

today? well i am still working on rewards for the current project, plus working on layouts for more of the crow series
also i am contemplating a couple of hats that i need to knit
maybe a few more felted ones and a couple of color knit hats
i also want to make some no-knead bread ( the one you stick in the fridge and take out what you need over the week)
bernie is going to clean the woodstove this weekend as nights are getting chilly enough to light it
he also plans on cleaning the studio for me and reorganizing it......
i have one 7' workbench i am going to need total access to soon i think
i really do need a bigger studio......(put that on the goal list maybe?ok i just did -  with a kitchen?)

what are your goals ?

i know if i write them down i tend to work towards them
how about you guys?

i also do daily goal lists when i am under a deadline...

so anyway back to my layout now.....
i hope everyone is enjoying the fall

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

my card project just went LIVE

Please wish me luck
Out of the Nest a card project

this link sends you to the kickstarter project page, this was a huge amount of work (like giving birth without the drugs)

Friday, September 14, 2012

in knitting and other homey sort of news

i just finished a test knit on a shawl for a wonderful young designer in south africa.
then i finished off the shawl i put aside while i test knitted that one.
right now i am knitting a hat out of some gray wool to be felted as a test run for a pair of hats for me and a sister friend who promised that me knitting for her won't change anything
since every SINGLE person i have even knit for is out of my life (shortly after i knit for them)

we will be sharing a reproduction 1909 hat .......
we will each decorated it for ourselves but i am going to knit the 'blank'
mine i think will have huge decadent ribbon roses- possible in velvet......
and a place for a shawl pin from Inna at Ingo

ok in other news, kickstarter is about to go live so look over on the right for the link to the blog and sign up for email or rss feeds and you'll know when it does and the link to the project

in pet news, little calpurria had a terrible day yesterday
hair ball hell and a bit of allergies
poor little thing
she's fine today though
actually she was fine about an hour later
ate a little and cleaned herself up

the weather here in nepa is getting chilly overnight, heavy fog is over the hills in the morning
i can feel it in the studio as well
soon we'll be using the woodstove at night
it may be a while before we use it during the day

that's pretty much my news right now....i am working hard on the kickstarter project and paintings for the next project
and getting ready for winter

til next time


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

no, i didn't forget

i don't think anyone in america or even other parts of the world can forget what day it is today

i do remember
it's private for me
one of my cousins made it out of the WTC buildings......she was pregnant, she lost her shoes
and she walked......and walked, ........and walked

but for me, i can't do public displays for this,
i do hope, wish, pray that the world learns that what is done to one is done to all
that cooperation and peacefulness is the only way to be

i don't think i will see that in my lifetime on this earth
or possibly ever

the earth is too amazing a classroom, where young souls can come and learn the lessons of
'what you do to the least of you, you do to me'
we are all interconnected
no matter how far apart we seem

to my cousin rockie, who on this day......walked out of the WTC and became her own miracle

Saturday, September 08, 2012

i finally fixed the copyright information sooooooo

i am reopening this blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

let's see..... really quick, the out of the nest card project is coming along well in spite of a few setbacks-which included writer's block and the plague.......i'm STILL coughing!

the crow paintings are progressing, i finally ordered ink to finish the paisley drawings, and we found the HOLE in the foundation that was letting water POUR into the basement
seriously it looked like a faucet

what all else?
oh the out of the nest card project blog is got so much traffic i can't begin to tell you folks.....
and i have been getting a lot of wonderful feedback from people who don't know me and think i am  cute as a bugs butt....

complete strangers that found that link from friends reposting it are telling folks they love my work....
that makes me so very happy.

what all else?
today it rained so hard, that while i was getting the ducks and chickens in.......i flipped lilli upside down and put her on my head....... she wasn't too thrilled about being a  duck umbrella, and she wasn't too thrilled about her tummy getting soaking wet.
it didn't help though, i ended up so soaked by the time i got everyone in that i had to take my clothes off FAST.... yup soaked through to my undies.....

ok it's like midnight here
i can't sleep cause i ate coffee icecream and my nose is also wheezing from the rain/mold spores

happy fall everyone