Friday, January 30, 2009

opinions PLEASE???? favorite felted footwear

hihi everyone, i am going to sort of repost this as i would like a few more folks to answer

our 32 wedding anniversary is week from wen............. feb 11
AMAZING ain't it
especially since i am still only 19 years old!

shhhhhh that's my story

also i am pleased to announce that i got sleep
well it's big news in my world
(what you thought i was going to get another animal???,.............. hmmmm could be)

i just knitted and felted another pair of the fiber trend clogs
(these are plum with black soles..........i am going to paint the soles with that tool dip stuff)

i would like to make some other felted boots, shoe, slipper thingies

i would like some with ankle cuffs

i would like opinons if you all don't mind

which patterns do you all like
what yarns have you all used that lasted LONG???????????

i have made two pairs of clogs in lion brand fishman ( one i dyed)

i have now made two pairs in classic wool

i would gladly save for the lamb's pride bulky IF it would actually hold up longer then a year...
i wear the soles out so fast

but i have got to made a few more pairs of something
it gets COLD here you know


expansion and contraction

it seems to me all of life is a series of expansions and contractions
even watching the fire in the wood stove
it expands to encompass the entire fire chamber........then as it goes on it contracts to just a bed of coals and ash

families are like that too

a couple sets up a home, and soon children and/or pets arrive
for years if you are lucky
that home is the center of a world of love and activity

eventually the offspring move on to their own homes
and the cycle begins again

it's all over the place when you think about it

companies grow..........expand and then contract
it may just be the natural order of things

following that thought

you can see religions, civilizations, societies doing the exact same thing
as does populations

there is no point to this post

just observations

that's what happens when you watch a fire in a woodstove

Thursday, January 29, 2009

again Lucy

i woke up with dreams of Lucy De Padova again
this time in the dreams sinks were laying about
(her husband is a plumber as is i believe one of her sons)
although the dream was centered around lucy
i did see one of her sons sorta of in a meditative state
which bernie ( who was also in the dream) helped me wake up
i found a phone number
maybe i should call?

it's cold here
high winds as well
not as cold as a few weeks ago

i slept a bit last night thankfully
i don't sleep at all when bernie has to stay down at work

thaddeaus who was concerned about the state of the woodstove this morning..............
came up on my pillow doing that kneading thing that cats do
then of course he stretches out his paw and pushes my cheek

'mom...................... oh MOM............?'

yes thaddeaus

'mom you up?'

no thaddeaus...........not really............why?

"MOM GET UP...........the woodstove needs wood"

thaddeaus come under the covers........... i can't quite get up yet
i haven't slept in days

"MOM, that is NOT my problem......................''


what is WITH all these guys ?

i get tons of attitude from all of them

and this without the benefits of coffee.......................

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

starting seeds

it really isn't too hard

you need a clean container that is well drained

i use Styrofoam cups with holes poked in the bottom ( writing the variety and date on the sides with a marker)

viable seeds *** remind me to post a list of the seed places i deal with

a STERILE starting mix either homemade or boughten

some plastic

a marker

a notebook as you do need to keep records of a sort

a warm place and some lights

  1. fill your container with potting mix....leave a bit of room for later watering
  2. WATER thoroughly and let drain................make sure mix is evenly moist
  3. read the planting depth and light for that variety (some need light to germinate.........don't cover them with soil)
  4. plastic for over the top
  5. set in a warm place such as on top of a water heater, plant heating mat...........or over a heat duct, me i just leave them in the studio with the woodstove

some seeds are very tiny, such a carrot.......( those you mix with sand and direct seed anyway)depending on size now
you can poke tiny holes with bamboo skewers or the point of a pencil into the potting soil
check the recommended depth

now i don't cover with soil actually

i sorta water the seed in with tepid water and it fills in the hole a bit

small seeds just sit on the surface

i put a smallish tent of plastic wrap over the little cups which are in waterproof flats to protect the furniture

and i put them under lights............watching excitedly for tiny green things to pop out of the ground

as SOON as they do uncover that cup and put it under lights

i use regular fluorescent tubes one warm white, one cool fancy plant tubes needed....some seeds will gradually need you to cool them off and grow them cool

also do NOT let the babies dry out

cooler growers

cabbage, broccoli, greens, leeks, onions, for example

warmer growers

PEPPERS ( in fact they can take forever to sprout........bottom heat helps)

now that concludes beginners seed starting 101
just remember a lot of things such as beans ( USE the INOCULANT)..... cucumbers, corn, most squashes, root crops:ie: carrots, beets, turnips etc are DIRECT seeded into garden beds

i do sometimes cheat with the pumpkins as well as other squash due to us having a short growing season and start them in gallon milk containers a few weeks before they are due to transplant out.... and i put plastic mulch under them PLUS inject them with BT

oh and DATE to maturity....... for the most part that is roughly an idea how long from TRANSPLANTING in the garden to first harvest


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

weather and felted clogs AND have you started YOUR seeds yet?

a few years ago i made several pair of felted clogs ( fiber trends pattern)

i dug out my pumpkin pair last night
and now i am going to knit a few more pairs i have decided
these however will have cuffs to cover my ankles

it's cold you know

ask the duckies if you don't believe me

yes duckies

'it's cold out'

yes duckies, but you do have those nice down coats under your feathers

'mom, we don't like getting up's ok after a few minutes but boy mom it's cold at first'

yes duckies i know

i AM out here with you

'mom, can we have hot cocoa?'

no duckies but you CAN have hot oatmeal

and so we go down the slope to the duck pen

we didn't get the winter pen done
now the winter pen is going to be the permanent pen but will be done i hope in spring

along with a chicken coop


a sheep and goat barn
i am going to bring them home
the economy is too bad
and i can't keep up the board
besides i am going to rent them out for poison ivy control

i will tell you folks.......i am starting to get seriously worried about this world

that isn't like me.......... while i worry, it's normally about friends and my immediate world...
so it may be that i am a bit sleep deprived
i been knitting and stoking the stove twice a night
(simple knitting....... since it has to be done in a relative coma)

now if you all don't mind
can we talk chickens
( normally the expression is turkey............i wonder where that came from???)

this batch is 5 roos and apparently 3 hens............unless one 'hen' is going to have a sex change
which did happen to henrietta
i need more hens i think
and i would like some speckled sussex
only three
i want to sell eggs this summer
and i want my old hens to go out
i may keep a rooster
we'll see
i may also look for a fresh drake.....but falstaff lives out his life here
i just trained him to walk out to his day pen without being carried in the crate
smart duck

but back to chickens
i am thinking of a mostly orpington flock with a few speckled sussex
they are nice quiet birds
they look so cozy and domestic they hug my heart just watching them

if i could find a processor closer i would also get a few turkeys

to you all

have you started your seeds yet?
if so
whatcha planting????

i will start this week
i am running a bit behind
onions are first up

so now
YOUR turn
tell me what you are planting

Monday, January 26, 2009

well the studio is partly cleaned

bernie and i tore another part of the studio apart and cleaned it
i got tons of boxes of paper work to go through


( btw, my old beloved ergonomic keyboard is alive again for the most part.... but i need back legs on it)

i have to go through my yarn stash
i am going to be knitting a lot of socks and hats

i wish i had lopi and lamb's pride bulky stashed,
i love lopi for sturdy outdoor mittens
and i want to make more felted clogs so the lamb's pride would be the thing for that
with the mohair

right now i am doing some really simple sideways knit fingerless gloves
out of leftover patons decor
i made a hat for a friend out of it
a pair of footie socks
and now these gloves
i am expecting to run out of the decor about 2 inches prior to finishing so in that case
i have another bit of yarn left over from another friends hat to finish up with

all of a sudden i am able to do a lot of knitting

i think that the docxyciline helped
my wrists and hands aren't hurting

in duckie doings
i taught ( or am still teaching but he's doing it)
falstaff to walk in and out of the crate from the house to his pen, instead of my carrying him in his crate to the pen

it doesn't sound like much
but for falstaff and me that's huge

the girls of course follow me out ( or lead ..... depending on if someone needs to lay an egg or not in a hurry)

but falstaff is sort of semi feral
although he is so much better then he was
the guy i got him from would glove up with hockey gloves and a mask etc to handle his
falstaff is a pushover
he is a good duck
just doesn't want to be petted or touched by humans
he is not aggressive at all

now the chickens
i am thinking that the last 'hen' is indeed a hen
i am also wondering about keeping a rooster
i really do need to have some fertile eggs hatch
i am also thinking seriously about the goat and sheep coming home
if i could figure fencing and a pen i would go an get them tomorrow!
i think i need to sell badger and edmund
and just bring the girls home
bonnie and arabella make no noise
violet...............well she is a nubian
maybe i should sell her as well
(that is going to kill me)

with the economy so bad at least if we have a milker and the ewes
i know we will have milk and eventually lamb

a totally seasonal question

have YOU started YOUR seeds yet?

for your victory garden
we all need to do our part


Sunday, January 25, 2009

gee mom there are POLAR bears out there

or so the duckies tell me
they are not eager to get out of the house in the morning

our duckie/momma conversations go this way


yes duckies

'there are polar bears out there'

no there aren't duckies

'yes mom there ARE'

no duckies, we are too far south or north or something

'mom, we're telling you.....................'
( said while hopping on one foot and trying hard NOT to step on the snow covered ground outside the door frame)

duckies, you have to go out to the day pen
your FOOD is in there, so come on...let's go

(nothing like adolescent duckies huh?)

come on girls

'oh, ok, but there ARE polar bears'

it doesn't matter duckies, you guys are white
the polar bears won't see you anyway

so goes conversations with ducks

you expected shakespear?

they are DUCKS

Saturday, January 24, 2009

so that was short

i have to reformate my new computer

i screwed it up
i threw the software into a glitch when i sort of accidently pushed the display for the monitor over all the way to the right
which put the monitor out ofrange
i would love to fix it without a reformat
but see this is vista
and that doesn't work



Thursday, January 22, 2009

how many ways can you say cold?

cause i am running out of ideas

got up late today
cause i was up stoking the stove and knitting footie socks
next up
thrummed boot socks
yup that cold

all i keep looking at are mittens, hats, neckwarmers and socks

and i could use a few skeins of lopi for mittens
and a few skeins of lamb pride bulky for felted boots

this weekend we are to move the computer desk and computers around
about time
i am sitting here with a ton of wires and two keyboards......................
one on top of the other
looks like a mad scientist gone way wrong
and of course

piled on top of the keyboards

along with knitting needles just recieved from ebay

( i won two auctions, one for 14 circular needles and one for 14 sets of 6 inch double points)
bamboo of course

i better get a move on
duckies to go out
dishes to do
bread to bake
stove to stoke
and more computer stuff

my ipod is giving me fits
it is charged but if i take it's umbilical cord off the computer
it goes dead
what's that all about
i got it xmas 06
and NEVER used it!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

in other transitions...

i am working on moving files from the old computer to the new one
it's slow going right now as they aren't networked
and win98se and vista may as well be on different planets

i did have to stop and do that ipod thing
as mary had given me an ipod a few christmases ago, that i have never been able to use
i can now
i want to load podcasts and such into it
oh my
for someone who aspires to be amish
i am certainly getting into the 21 century

kicking and screaming maybe
but there never the less

now speaking of other new beginnings
does this mean kitchen countertops and new kitchen knives????

i read a peice about banks foreclosing on small builder, even if they are up to date on loan payments and haven't ever missed a payment

does that mean that the development behind me may turn out to be abandoned?
maybe i could get a few acres out back cheap yet?................... to bring the sheepies and goat home ????

will miracles happen?

in fiber news here.........i am looking for lamb's pride polar weight 3 skeins worth
to make felted shoes
i am about to start, i think, thrummed slippers or thrummed boot socks

yup it was THAT cold lately

please, it was so cold that i was remembering that lady with the full mohair knitted long johns and tops
and thinking to myself

i don't care if i look like a neanderthal
i want a set of thems..... for the cold
and a set for each duckies.......................

when we get the farm
i get mohair goats

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

today is the day

history is being made

ok so well history is being made daily.......................
i mean...... isn't yesterday history

isn't 5 minutes ago history.........????

but i am talking about 'notable' history
you know..........the kind that makes text books in school
and have LONG term ramifications

not like that questionable burrito you ate yesterday, that only SEEMS like it is going to be with you long term.......

i plan on watching it on line on the new puter with the dsl

if i am not at the bank straightening out a mess that only a large corporation could do

the bank changed routing codes


i found out when a check was returned to a person i wrote it to as 'invalid'


so i get to argue with the bank

they don't buy me new checks do they

just so happened i had just bought new ones
but i intend on getting them to make this right

there is enough going on with banking to scare anyone

but i think with this current bank

it's three stikes your out
and it's had it's third strike

Monday, January 19, 2009

dsl is not too shabby

and neither is the new computer!

i don't like vista
and I hate the keyboard

i need my old one back



someone clue me in on the ins and outs of vista.............
until i partition the drive and install linux
and win98se and maybe xp

i gotta go get the duckies

til next time


Sunday, January 18, 2009

BLUEBIRDS!!!!!!! at the bottom of the garden!

it is warming up here
20 degrees and a few inches of snow
warm enough.....relatively speaking to let the ducks out into the day pens

now on my way back to the girls pen out past the end of the garden,
i saw a flash of blue!
then another and another
looking closely from under the multiple layers AND my hood
i realized i was looking at a flock of bluebirds!!!!

this time of year?

in the snow?

they were stripping berries off of the wild rose bushes out back

i was totally amazed and went to get bernie to look
but by the time i got up to the top of the driveway and got his attention
the flock was gone

i was so lucky to have that special moment

i wished bernie could have seen them as he adores wild birds

so does this mean............
spring is around the corner?

i am still having lack of sleep for the stoking of the stove
while i wait for the stove to heat and the room to heat enough to damp it down to go back to bed
i am getting a LOT of knitting done

in my half dazed state.........

now the dsl arrives the 20th
i am hoping in time to see obama's inaugural speech
as it is another historical first in my lifetime
filed right up there with
walking on the moon
civil rights
microwave ovens
and what looks like a cure for breast cancer



Friday, January 16, 2009

i think the chill has broken it's extreme hold

i got the studio up to 78 with the woodstove tonight
which is the highest in days
it's a combination of bad insulation, an 'airy' room, and not the largest and/or densest of wood
i will tell you....i am tired
and i am also glad that this weekend is to be warmer
the ducks will be happier too

tomorrow bernie is to go to the feed store and then find some BIG unsplit logs for me to burn during overnights

this weekend also marks the end of 30 days of doxycycline for lyme....
i feel a lot better

i am cleaning off my computer table
dsl is to arrive tuesday
i am hooking up the new computer slowly
the new power cord came to replace the defective one so that is a good thing too
i have to move this old hard drive over as well

right's a bit too much for me to think about
but i am pretty tired

tomorrow is another day

the duckies were out in the day pen today
falstaff however hung out in the basement for the day
he was out of his crate and running around
he seemed confused

i did get to pet him for a bit
he's still semi feral
i am amazed at just how strong and BIG he really is
after handling the girls.....he's HUGE

i would like to trim his talons if i could but i don't think anyone could hold his wings down
that bird is STRONG

everyone of the birdie family members here got hot oatmeal this morning

the cats get hot fancy feast on cold mornings

i got hot coffee

we were all happy

this is getting old

ok so it's 1:30...... here we meet again

it's 0 out
with wind chilly today i believe -10 or something

i am actually surprised at how warm ( all things considered)
the house has stayed so far

this year is 100% wood heat
no furnace at all
even last year we had the furnace kick on here and there
but we are still on the last tank of oil that was delivered july 2005

we have about half a tank left

and i am here stoking
i told bernie.....look for a big solid unsplit log
maybe i can get a bit more sleep

i have visions of a nap today

but i have to say
this stove is a truly is

cause if the studio was just a bit more 'air tight'
just a bit
i wouldn't have to get up at all at night
but 16 windows and a door that all needed to be replace in 1962 does not make for the most air tight and energy efficient of homes

and i will confess that this cold snap
which i KNOW comes every year about this time
caught me unprepared for the most part!

although not entirely
as i put plastic on the cracked door
two weeks ago
i didn't know why but i did it
turns was time!

now in other news
i am very pleased to annouce that my fasting blood sugar is down to 87
from last months 91
the endo is beyond please

so am i

my goal is 80

i am having a problem with vitamin d
it's pretty low
but all in all she figures i am doing extremely well .....especially without taking meds for any of this

now......... the question before me is

is the stove ready for me to leave
cause seriously
right now
i can NOT see straight i am so tired


this too like corn and diarrhea shall pass

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What do YOU wanna be when you grow up?

Apparently, people are going to have more then one career for the most part over the course of their lives
I have been at various times

Art student
Bank teller
Head hunter
Graphic designer
Art director
Doll artist
Miniature maker
Doll house builder
Ornament designer
Soap maker
Livestock broker
Web site designer
Knitting teacher

All these things brought me money at various times

And again, I am at a crossroads
I need to do something again……. I can’t quite figure out WHAT though

As a kid all I wanted to do was to be a working artist on a farm,………
( considering how I live…… I am not quite on the farm, and currently not working as an artist)

I keep asking the universe for unmistakable signs……..

Which direction do I go
What is my next move…..

I have criteria
1) must be engrossing, something I totally enjoy, with a passion
2) must bring in money, and not pissass money….some ‘contribute to the household’ money
3) flexible as to time….no 15 hour days anymore....btdt
4) can not be too physically hard, all that close work with miniatures blew my shoulders and hands out
5) must have a high enough return for the time/materials/energy invested
6) involve being home

I am open for suggestions…. See the ‘email me’ thingie at the top there (i’m pretty sure it’s there)
EMAIL me…ok?
Now part of me would like to write again, it was intense, and paid very well…… not too hard really……although THEN I wrote on a manual typewriter!
Yup I did
Now I have the computer
THEN I wrote articles….how to articles and I was paid VERY well …. 10 cents a word.
And let me tell you
I can TALK so that added up FAST

Part of me would love to be making dolls again…..almost full time
Only larger then I used to do….

And part of me wants to just garden and can

And part of me wants to raise sheepies and goaties and chickies and duckies……

And part of me just wants it ALL………..

But this is me asking………. what’s my sign????

and what are you all thinking of?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

falling in duck poop

is not quite the fun it sounds.......
between the duck poop and bedding and snow
i did not get hurt


tomorrow i will do the small crate
i think i had enough poop for today

all the poop and nothing BUT the poop

and any other bad puns as well.........

Duck poop, -What's not to love?

Today is one of the colder days of the year
Not the coldest mind
That will probably be Thursday when I go to jersey to the doctor

But one of the colder days
Like it’s 15 out

And what pray tell is on the agenda for today you ask?

( ok pretend you asked………. Ok? Work with me here)

DUCK poop!!!!!!!!!!

‘But vi you say, ( comeon……. Humor me)
Duck poop is ALWAYS on the agenda around your place’ ***along with chicken poop***

Yeah but today I gotta clean the night crates
It’s getting deep in there
Even with the additional bedding

So duck poop it is

now as UN-exciting as you all preseve this to be
let me assure you
that even as i attempt to type ( i hate this straight keyboard)
WORMS are getting excited about the impending feast coming their way

the siren song of poop for worms has gone out into the universe...and WORMS are tuned in and LISTENING..................(news at 11)

worms LOVE poop
they LOVE it so much they run to have SEX in poop
talk about rolling around nekid in something......

due to the abundance of poop in my garden..... ( if you go year by year, it would be: goat, sheep, chicken, duck,, chicken)
i can assure you that worms love poop
and that apparently poop is good for them as they grow HUGE in my garden
and they constantly are conjoined in the mating ritual
now that is some hellavah endorsement for poop i would some circles at least

gardener circles

if you don't garden....WHY NOT?

people spread enough UNUSEFUL poop around...... mostly of the bull kind
at least the poop we spread here is very useful
ask any worm

now the duck mud i fell into last summer......well that was useful to some worms too....if not to my butt nor the underwear i had to toss as i could NOT get it white again........

anyway back to the poop of the day

so as soon as i eat something...( can't deal with poop on an empty me on this)
and put the duckies out.....
i will deal with poop

and in the spring when my garden is the size of goliath......
we'll talk about worms.....and poop and tomatoes....

i gotta go
i hear a chook who thinks he is a rooster starting to attempt to crow
4 roos 3 hens.........
i think i would get better odds in late spring or early summer then i get with fall


til next time

up to my assets in poop..................


Monday, January 12, 2009

it was a cold and sunny day

well i got to town for bloodwork finally

STARVING i might add
only to be told.....'no, you din't have to come fasting'


NOW i am told?

i was starving, and i didn't take my lyme meds


i have to go back again too cause i got feed store AGAIN, postoffice AGAIN, mortgage and bank.....

i am trying to think up a brilliant idea to keep the duckies warm in this below freezing weather out in their pens
my idea?
rice bags?
draft proof little rigged houses build out of saw horses?

wool sweaters and winter boots?

don't think i wasn't considering sweaters and boots for them
i just may be able to get the girls into them
but not falstaff

now i got a new goosedown comes to about my knee
it is a bit ............ahem............. large for me
ok so it is about 4 sizes too big for me
hey it's MAGENTA
i love magenta

that's the price you sometimes gotta pay no?
it was only $50.00 reduced from 135. so WHAT they only had two sizes left
hey it's WARM
seriously it is really warm

besides i got room under there for extra conceal duckies or doggies or whatever else

doesn't matter to me that i look like 'violet' from willy wonka's chocolate factory.....when she blowes up into a blueberry
only in my case..... a magenta berry

who cares
i'm WARM
bernie is mortified
he doesn't want me wearing that to town
guess what i did today?

yup wore it to town

like i said...i was WARM

and i think that it being that big also helped trap warm air and kept me warmer.....

that is my story


ps i blew up my ergonomic keyboard.......this straight standard one iskilling me

full moon in january

on the new fallen snow
it's so bright out!
1:30 am up with the stove and it is so very wonderful out
so bright
i wonder what the long ago people did this time of year when the snows lay deep on the land

where the men of the tribes grateful to the woman for the gathering and drying they did all summer?

and in the teepees and long houses, did they stay warm?
i know that stories were told
what other entertainment would there have been?
( ok well there was THAT.........but seriously.....all them PEOPLE....?)

it got down to 67 in the studio, which is a bit low for me letting the stove burn down
i don't usually like it below 74 in here so that the rest of the house stays above freezing......
the fire looks brisk however
so i shouldn't be up too long i hope
it's chilly

in other news
i spilt water on my ergonomic keyboard
i am trying to type on a regular straight keyboard
and it's not working well
plus it is really hurting my hands
the typos are atrocious which you all can't see.....i keep running spell check

i priced new ones......60.00
that isn't going to happen any time soon

oh man......

my friend carol is going to try her freecycle..... ours never has anything good on it so we'll hope

yesterday...... my best friend thea came to see me.....
she showed me that pumpernickel bagel.......
and song sung blue....which she sang to me over and over until i 'got it'

i am still singing it
and with a smile as i do realize that she is still being my friend

i was a bit depressed
and while stuff is still getting to me
i also realize that she is still around
trying to make me smile

Me and you are subject to the blues now and then

we used to talk about that
i always said to her
'our generation came between the 60's idealism, and the 80's hedenism....we are sort of a lost generation....with no clearly defined anything'

and we used to then laugh....cause it was true
reflected in the music of the times.....
*** remember the beegees? lonely days?
see what i mean?
stuff like that

i realized something else
laughter has always been a big part of my friendships
i just love hearing people's deep from the gut laughter
and boy can my friends laugh......


Sunday, January 11, 2009


***best friends forever

my best friend died april 15, 1996

she was one of the most alive people i have ever met, i still mourn, and i still miss her laughter.

this past year was a year of losses
i lost many many friends to death, to life changes and to their season in my life, and mine in theirs was over.

Last night i was blessed to have a visit from my best friend

she came in response to me being a bit depressed

her message "song sung blue'
she sang the entire song to me
until i laughed!
then showed me a pumpernickle bagel, which is a private joke between us......

she used to tell me ' i have to come to your house to eat jewish'

since she was jewish and i am italian...........

even now while i type this i have a smile on my face thinking of her coming to cheer me up.
even death couldn't stop her

i love you thea........
and i miss you so much


Saturday, January 10, 2009

again a whole nights sleep!

bernie stoked the stove and banked it for the night last night
he's getting better at it
i got up at 4:30 and i am watching it get hot now
i think it will be ok for a while

sleeping all through the night is great
but i understand that this week we will be going down to single digits
so sleeping all night won't happen during the extreme cold

i am waiting for a power cord to come from systemax, so i can put this new tower on
and the dsl from verizon is the 20th
i don't know why so long
i got an evasive answer from them
they also seem to think i already have dsl
i have super slow and totally inefficent dialup
26,4 bps
oh yeah
so who's been paying for this 'dsl' for me?

in duckie news
we went to the day pen finally yesterday
for a while
i let them out a few times to graze or whatever their little feathered hearts could desire
phoebe grazed and dug at the roots of the apple tree.....she's finding something to munch on there
the others ate snow and talked to falstaff
and then stood there on one foot and LOOKED at me

i suppose i did look a sight.......
magenta goosedown coat that is at least 3 sizes too big
red varigated wool balaclava
magenta, orange and yellow color knit wool hat
yup a sight

it was either that.......or they were wondering WHY i froze their little world out like this.....
they WERE perfectly happy with the little blue wading pool
and the green grass and dappled sunlight under the apple trees
and now i have apparently taken that away from them

oh my
to ducks........i am a GOD............

ps: they all desperately need a bath but not until either the weather warms up
we can keep them inside for two days
it's COLD out there

Friday, January 09, 2009

operating systems

my new little powerhouse tower is not even a week old and i am thinking

there are a few questions i have

could linux run this 64 bit system?
would i be able to interface my older apps?

are there enough apps for linux that i can go forward

i am pretty annoyed with microsoft

i mean......i realize they answer to shareholders
stability and capability are pretty important to most people
the less techie you are
the MORE important stability and capability

and i am so pissed off that yesterday, in my little computers trial run
i couldn't shut it down
THEN i could NOT wake it up

you have no idea how annoyed that got me

the cat's learned an entirely new vocabulary...................
good thing they can't repeat it

i can recommend systemax
i like this machine
i like the customer service even better
i had a problem with the shipped power cord not fully going into the socket
it was half way out and jiggly

i called systemax tech support and after a VERY helpful person who spoke ENGLISH ( and is in ohio!) helped me determine that indeed it WAS a problem
( we used my old power cord off my old dell tower) he assured me that they would ship me a new one, due to arrive tuesday

no fuss
no hassel
and took about 7 minutes

all in all our polite chatting about the new computer and the cold weather took longer then the troubleshooting of the power cord


an AMERICAN company with.......................... OH MY.............

actual customer SERVICE???????????????????????????

just like DELL used to be

all american
all the time
and polite

i love systemax
and if you folks are looking for a new computer
check them out

who has to go to town no matter what today
the postmaster called me....i got packages!!!!!!!!!
it'll be my own personal christmas!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

i am not impressed with vista

first let me tell you
i had a rough night
and an even rougher morning
i didn't get in gear until this afternoon
i also didn't get to town

but this afternoon
i got a little energy and cleared off part of my computer table.......
i evicted a few spiders
a ton of dust mites
and i am resonably sure i did find amelia earharts goggles at least
and i suspect that the LARGE pile could be hiding a hippo.....or two

i got the tower up next to my monitor

first issue
the power cord didn't fit in the outlet on the back of the computer
i called systemax and they told me to use the old dell cord to test it

the dell cord worked so they are ups'ing me a new power cord....i will get it tuesday!

i got it powered up
i poked around a bit
couldn't find a shut down
found the 'power down/sleep' button
it powered down
i want to shut it off so i can use my power cord and go online
it wouldn't shut down

let me wake it up and ASK IT
it wouldn't wake up

i hate vista

i used it for 1/2 hour and i hate it



i am knitting another hat
as that was all i had the energy for today




i slept ALL night

*** I have moderated comments due to spamming, i am so sorry, but it will just take me a bit to allow comment posts

i can't believe it
no stoking the stove!
it was pretty warm out though all things concidered
so bernie did it this morning

meanwhile, the new computer is here
it's warming up to the house temps

we went to get it out at ups
and we unpacked it last night

bernie was upset because at first he said to me.......'where are all the cables?'

when this dell came 9 years ago........there were a ton of cables
monitor, speaker, tower, modum,
plus the surge protector, printer, scanner, usb hub, firewire...........

i reminded him that all those cables were STILL HERE

so this tower came with a power cable and that's it

i am going to start to work on this move shortly

i don't want to take this computer off line until i am reasonably sure that one is ok and up as if i need anything, i will need to use this one to access the net

today is busy busy, in town as well as here
i am hoping that the ice out back is mostly gone
as yesterday i actually couldn't bring those poor duckies out
they slipped and slide on the ice
watching them fall all over was actually painful
and i couldn't pick them up as they were afraid that i would fall on them
( they remember that whole duck mud incident..........well hell.......... so do I!)

i finally got them into falstaff's day pen
two of them
phoebe and cleo went into the day pen and helped themselves to falstaff's food
lilliana went sliding around on the ice
she would not come near me for fear of being a duckie pancake
( and rightly was SLICK out there)
finally she came i put her in the pen with the other
poor falstaff
he had to wait another hour for them to come in so he could go out

then i left him out a bit later
he was more then ready to come in at 5

i need more temporary pens i think

in other bird news
we definately gots 4 roosters

sooooooo they have to go
now would be a good time
they aren't big at all though

i have three hens which is just want i wanted

i have space for three hens
i think

again......... another pen would be a good idea


so wish me luck today between going to town fasting for blood work then running around with errands and duckies

oh and the pork fillets with peach sauce......... very nice with rice and veggie pilaf on the side
i think is breaded chicken in the oven

maybe baked yukon gold potatoes?

see how much energy i have left later

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

we are pleased to announce the arrival

of my brandy new computer

it is resting (and warming up) in it's box in the living room

bernie got home and we ran out to ups to pick it up

according to jim, i am not to touch it until it is warmed up due to condensation



it's only a DAY AWAY.........................

oh and i got the new pink and grays hat done's blocking

who may not SLEEP tonight

NEWS FLASH: ups holds computer hostage.....

apparently ups can't find us
never mind that LAST week they found us...................
they could NOT find us today
must have been the rain and ice

must have obscured the entire MOUNTAIN

but i'm not bitter..............

ok so first thing in the morning i gotta go to town
i should go to the lab fasting first
then to ups
then the doctor and then the bookstore
as i need my blood work report from the lyme tests
and a book that i got waiting on me at the bookstore ( hats on! is waiting waiting waiting)

i finished the gray and pink hat
i got it blocking but i am not sure i like it
we'll see
i can't seem to replicate my favorite black and gray hat
as much as i try

now this computer thing has me in a funk.........

oh and the icy thing
forget it
even the ducks hung it up
they slide all over the place......poor babies
so i put them in falstaff's pen and they all took turns

i hope tomorroe will be more normal

ok that is my news

i wish i could go and get my computer
but i can't
so tomorrow

oh and for supper tonight is pork fillets with peach sauce

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

to town to town......

for inspection on my van
to the post office
( i got goodies waiting there)
and maybe to the craft store
depends on how i feel
i could use red wool
and some navy and light blue
for the next hat set i have to make

we are to get snow this afternoon
i informed the duckies
who decided................. since the ground will be covered for a while
they would take full grazing advantage
needless to say it took an hour to walk to the duck pen



in computer news (from UPS website!~)

woohoo it's getting closer!

Your package is on time with a scheduled delivery date of 01/09/2009.

Tracking Number: 1Z 6F8 871 03 XXXX XXX X
Type: Package
Status: In Transit - On Time
Your shipment is moving within the UPS network and should be delivered on the Scheduled Delivery Date. A shipment can remain in this status until it is delivered. Other than time-definite air deliveries, shipments are generally delivered anytime between the hours of 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. to residences*, and by close of business for commercial addresses. UPS cannot schedule a specific delivery time within that window.
* Due to heavy holiday volume, deliveries to residential addresses may be made after 7p.m. Thank you for your patience.

In Transit - On Time
Scheduled Delivery: 01/09/2009
Shipped To: vi's house, PA, US
Shipped/Billed On: 01/06/2009
Service: GROUND
Weight: 24.90 Lbs

01/06/2009 12:48 A.M. ARRIVAL SCAN HODGKINS,IL, US
01/05/2009 8:06 P.M. ORIGIN SCAN US

Monday, January 05, 2009

i am starting to get used to this

it is 2:39 am according to the clock on the computer
i am of course up with the woodstove
i got a decent fire going..........sorta
i am just waiting until the stove has a big enough blaze and starts to heat the top so i can go back to bed
i still can't believe i got a new computer

a friend of mine this time LAST year said.......wait until after febuary
( that would have been feb 08)
and he was right
new chips came out and the (former) chip of my dreams came down to an almost throw away (for technology) price

i think next up we will ask ourselves
how fast is too fast
but not to worry
MICROSOFT will step in to suck up resources and fill that gap

i don't know if that is a good thing......or a bad thing
windows based systems hog resources hardware people have to come up with faster and larger capacities
and they have to make them SMALLER as well
so maybe windows.......... isn't all bad?

that said i am still thinking about linux

i am also getting ready for the new computer
as this was an 'unplanned baby'

*** ok so it was sorta planned for 4-5 years but i never thought i could afford it***

i have a lot to do
clean and excavate the computer desk...........
that isn't going to be easy
although i may just find amelia earhart on here, under the wool, books, knitting needles,
fiber, etc.........

i need to rearrange the shelf that i sit next to which has all the surge protectors, and peripherals

i need to figure all the software for the 'move'

and i also need to take my van for inspection

all this on about 5 hours sleep a night

i am very conflicted about this new computer.....on one hand i am so looking forward to faster
and hopefully a bit more stable operation......this system i got now is very unstable

on the other hand.......... who wants to relearn an operating system?

but i guess that's what will keep all of us young
i think of it like a giant ongoing mish mash of jigsaw puzzle, crossword puzzle, and miniature golf......(cause sometimes it is just a lucky shot)

in duckie would appear that the girls are stopping laying for the winter
which is good as i worry about egg binding

in chicken news.....the baby chooks are jumping out of the brooder
one pullet stuck her head into marguerite's pen
oh man
i thought marguerite was going to take her head off
and talk about SMALL
compared to my big girls
these chickens are SO SMALL

but they will grow
they are after all........buff big chicken is in their future

and after a good long discussion with the babies last night
we have decided
out of 7
we got three hens

that's ok
that gives us space for speckled sussex

now i need a good outdoor pen for them
cause i want them all OUT this spring
i need the space down there for storage

i will miss a friendly chicken in the basement though as i walk through to go to feed the animals and get out to the garden
maybe i should keep a house rooster?

til next time
when i will hopefully be more awake

cause right now
i am the typing dead...................


Saturday, January 03, 2009

WOW the biggest news i gots!!!!!!!!!!!!

i bought a new computer.......!

i got a systemax
it has a core 2 quad Q6600 cpu
4 G ram
500G hardrive


and i purposely went with an american company with american tech support

i figured i needed to put money into america if i was going to spend it

i didn't spend a lot either on this
so i hope i did good

i know the cpu is outstanding...... not cutting edge but overclockable
and upgradeable

it will be here friday i understand

oh man
now i have to start moving stuff over and partitioning the harddrive

maybe i will just move the harddrive over?
and put a new hard drive in this before i turn it over to bernie
i am going to pull my cd/rw from here and put it in the new machine
i don't know about the floppy drive yet
if i need it i still have access to it through this computer


everyone go and put this on the calender................
as i finally after 9 years..... upgraded!

it's 4am..... do you know where my pillow is?

i am thinking longingly of my beloved pillow
but i am with the woodstove
duty calls
i'm about to go up however as it's gotten nicely warm
i swear with the antibiotics for the lyme......... my life is upside down

and between that and the woodstove
i catch sleep in one to three hour blocks

i have to wait 1/2 after meds to lay down......and two hour after eatting to take meds

so that left me with an hour last night i went to bed!
put the timer on.......
and got back UP to take my meds and wait the 1/2 hour


but i did discover one thing.......if while stoking the stove i take meds....
i get a bit more sleep!

it's been cold again, but not too windy thank goodness
and the ducks are all in day pens packed with hay
at night they still are in the unheated basement crates
they seem to be doing ok
even cleo who has the worst adjustment to the cold
she isn't bathing quite as much either

later today.....( i can NOT believe i am saying this at 4am........isn't it like still NIGHT?)
we will finally get to the postoffice
and get the inspection done on my van
since i got new tires and all
and a HORN even
and HEAT
oh my......he spoils me

i know i got a LOT of packages coming
books all on sale......(B&N ......1.99 a book and free shipping )

and clothes on an even bigger sale
LONG johns!!!!!!!!........( 11 each)
microfleece tunics..............(8.97 each!)
and a way too big for me goosedown coat that i will add 4 sweatshirts under
and three ducks
it will seem like christmas

the stove is warm
i rambled on unintelligently
(is that a word?)
now i am off to my pillow and 2 feet of blankets.........and bernie

night all


Friday, January 02, 2009

in fiber doings

i am knitting a new 'town' hat
i can't find my favorite gray and black one
so i am making a new one
it's light gray, charcoal gray and rose pink
i am going to do mittens and i think a cowl to match

i am also going to do a set ( totally different though) in blues and red

then i have to do barn boot liners and a balaclava with a dickey and hat attached
maybe i should do the balaclava thing fast?

i swear i wish i knit faster
i used to but not anymore

anyway the new hat is three color knitting
which i thought would be a nightmare but now i realize it isn't too bad

maybe i will try four color knitting next?

it continues cold here, but not as windy thank goodness
all but one duck stopped laying which is fine with me
as i worry about egg binding in the cold

i keep adding hay to the pens

i got enough hay in there for a barn now

i also got a lot of the major open run areas covered with plastic of one sort of another
but it's funny looking
some is black plastic that i use for mulch
some clear
some translucent
some blue tarps some brown and some green

well the pen is colorful i suppose

i can't wait until the other pen is done

apparently the lyme meds are working
i can move my neck again and my back doesn't hurt as bad
i was having real trouble turning my head to the right
so much so that it was affecting my driving
i can tell you now that i can turn my head
i realized it at 4am this morning, while getting back into bed for the third time after stoking the stove
( and yes the BOY did his thing to get me up and him gotta stop meeting like that)

but i didn't waste any of the time i was up and waiting for the woodstove to take
i folded laundry that had been drying on the line in the studio
so at least that was done

see that is the way to do any house your SLEEP

almost works for me

til next time


Thursday, January 01, 2009

good morning 2009

you came in very windy and extremely cold

naturally at the ACTUAL stroke of midnight
i was asleep under about 2 feet of blankets and cats
but i did get up at 1am, 2:30 am, 4:30 am and 8:30am to stoke the wood stove
all because the BOY ( thaddeaus peabody) tapped me on the head

i would say the cats have me well trained........

first fawn come up to my face
stuffing her nose into my nose......right AFTER she's washed her ass.......
cause you know.....she LOVES ME

( gee thanks fawnie)
'mom, the fire is low'

i pet her and mumble incoherently
and pull the covers over my head

(notice how they never bother bernie.................. why is that?)

then when the slight suggestion didn't work
they send in the next line of defence


she climbs over me like she's just conquered everest
purring extremely LOUDLY

'MOM, hey the fire's since it's getting cold there ......i will sleep on your chest and you won't be able to breath........or sleep over my loud purring........, but i love you mom'

i will stick an arm out and pat her head then try to move her so my lungs can expand again

a few minutes later it must be dire down in the studio
as the BOY goes into action


if i ignore him.....he'll hook my nose.....or pat my eye.....
his toes are non too clean either
and he isn't exactly gentle about it..........

the king will not be denied his fire

at this point i am up and staggering to the studio
bumbling around in the dark
dropping logs on my shins
and praying that whatever makes it into the wood stove will fire up IMMEDIATELY
so i can stagger back to bed
hopefully without burning the house down

and people wonder why i can't remember shit........

why i can't seem to get going during the winter

i am the walking dead is why

happy new year to you all

and i hope you get to stay under the 2 feet of covers ALL NIGHT without one disturbance

if you do get to stay where it is snug and warm

give a thought to me
staggering around in the dark and the cold
all for the love of a few curly headed cats