Monday, January 16, 2006

Big Beautiful roo's

my boys went to the farm yesterday
meanwhile I am so worried about them as it is so cold
Monica said that she is keeping them in the crate as it is so cold and she found them outside cause one of the other resident roo's was mean to them
I don't know if I should go and get them or what....

but here are my boy's pictures
( and the girls too)

Image hosted by
that is a picture of both of them
curly is in the front
moe moe is in the back

Image hosted by
moe moe

Image hosted by
curly in the front again

Image hosted by
the girls

and a kinda dark one of moe moe
Image hosted by

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  1. They are GORgeous, Vi!! You are the BEST chicken momma!! Thanks for sharing them and their story with us!

    Jo << soon to be a Buff Orp Momma again


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