Sunday, July 03, 2011

rain rain as far as my eyes can see

and it's black as night out......too dark to put the ducks out!
it's almost ten am and ducks are not out


ok i have a surprise to show you guys- these are shawl pins that i got myself
the artist is amazing  and if you click on the picture you will go to her shop
 the top pin has interchangeable charms, the bottom one fixed charms
her work was just shown in knitty! (scroll almost to the bottom of the link)
i have to admit that the pins in person are even better then they look in the pictures........ so much so that (hanging my head in shame)

i ordered two more yesterday

oh man......but they are that amazing--- don't be a hater......
i can't WAIT until the cooler weather to wear them (and they are a bit like potato chips, you can have JUST ONE..... it's hard to decide too)
actually i am planning on wearing them not only on shawls and scarves but also on my knit hats..... even if i have to knit a few hats just to wear them on! as well as a knit/felted bag....whatcha all think?

i have to tell you that i got to know the artist of these pins, after i bought them and she is a very interesting person. her lifestory is fascinating, she comes from the ukraine originally, then was in israel, now in canada..... she's a very nice too
i love when genuinely nice talented people have good things happen to them....and i advise you folks if you are in the market for a shawl pin or something check her out
her prices and shipping are very reasonable, she does custom orders too ( she has one from me right now)

before the rest of the world discover her and we won't be able to afford her anymore.

now today, to get back to my little corner of the world... we had planned on painting the front door......
yeah i don't think so
bernie is all upset because he worked yesterday, which would have been a great day to finish the painting!
i did some minor work in the studio and plan on doing a bit more as soon as i finish my coffee
i really should recover my drafting chair, i have the toile for it....
and i need something for that window in the corner- i would prefer some lace, some frosted patterned glass and a sheer panel to hang with my ribbons (not up yet) and crystals (some are up)

 i really should go and buy a glass panel at the stained glass place huh? or at least some of that armour etch stuff and use a plain sheet of glass?
i want some lighting put up there as well so we are going to install some sort of bar with outlets for not only lights but things like soldering irons, my hot knife.....stuff like that

ok i'm off (yes i know i'm totally off my rocker.....but i am off to start my day that looks like night now)

take good care


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  1. Our builders put a clear glass window in our master bathroom. I couldn't afford much, so I just got some patterned frosted clear contact paper and covered the window with that. It has worked great for 8 years now.


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