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Sunday, July 20, 2014

balancing differences

read this first

go ahead, i'll wait.......

you done now?
i read this and another article relating to this and i realized we really do need each other.
liberals and conservatives
we balance each other out

the ying/yang of our earthly existence

me, i lean liberal with a slight conservative bend

but think about it this way... liberals are the dreamers, the explorers ......they go out and say....'why not'?
while the conservatives are saying 'but here there be monsters'

however if you think about it..... a bit of both really does allow us to evolve, to grow, to accomplish things
the conservatives temper the willy nilly expansion by saying 'hold on a minute'
have you forgotten about unexpected things

now i am obviously NOT talking about the extreme fractions on either side...
but i can sorta understand how they could swing so far out

mind you all now......this has been keeping me up nights (ok this and i reread a few books)
and i'm thinking that the founding fathers were so very wise in insisting on some of the things they did
and setting up our system with liberals and conservatives

if we figure out how to work together properly
we can have our dreams built on firm foundations

it reminds me of bernie and i....believe it or not we take turns being the dreamer here
and being the one that says no
most of the time i do the finances so i am aware of what we can or can't afford
and i have to watch him or he'll just spend until he runs out of checks

he is the one that vetos ideas...... but that sometimes really does force me to modify them into a more workable situation
and helps me cut away the extraneous stuff

now this all got me to thinking........ well maybe the struggles in parts of our lives (not just mine but yours as well)
forces us to cut away the extraneous stuff too... maybe helps us focus on what is actually important to us and also forces us to chose to follow that without a lot of other distractions....
say like maybe.... painting instead of wasting my life flitting from one thing to another

maybe i shouldn't think so much?

and just get back to painting

(which right now is a whistling duck portrait)

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