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Saturday, January 24, 2015

catching up

first off...... we've kept busy
the first prints of my painting 'wood ducks' are being picked up tuesday
there are i think 3 left available out of this run
they are giclee prints ....... the image is 'life' size ...the same exact size as my original painting
and they are 75.00 plus shipping, (usa only at this time)- and they will be shipping next week
i want to make sure they are perfect
i have to finish making up the cert/auth to go with them
and i am going to sign them again
if anyone is interested let me know (and obviously the copyright won't be on the prints)

we're trying to decide on the next painting to have made into prints- that one probably will become a kickstarter......... this was sold too fast to do a kickstarter on it

i have to say i am pleased with the prints...... and they are rated for 200 years

i've not really been able to control a brush yet, but i am getting closer to it..... and i have been trying to keep this fall was not only bad but triggered a BAD fibromyalgia flare
and the changing weather hasn't helped at all

phoebe's absence is huge-- for a little duck she sure had a lot of presence.....
lilli is missing her the most i think out of the ducks
fawn is holding her own...she's sensitive to the weather too - but she is also slowly improving

now today we had snow.... it's melting a bit though....i think we had about 6'' ..bernie plowed us out
and went to sleep late so i won't wake him
as we are again to get more snow.......(and we have wood coming wen)

we got the bearing on the van fixed but we now have to do the timing chain/belt thingie
and as soon as we can i am going to be going to the occupational therapy dr and acupuncture to try to get to the point where this not being able to control my brush, maybe won't happen again...

so that's the news more or less from this end
keep safe everyone

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