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Saturday, August 29, 2015

once upon a time

about 20 years ago...maybe a bit later then that
we saw a group of 'ornaments'
at a local in town store that sold plants and produce in season, and christmas trees and ornaments in december
i will never forget those ornaments
i made a mental note to go back to buy some when we had the money but when i did they were no longer there and the new owners of that store had no idea what i was talking about

they were amazing...
all handmade and i was told locally made.
animals in victorian clothing, but not stylized or caricatures.....
made of fabric, about 5'' tall.......delicate, detailed, and perfect
i can't get them out of my head
the pig's legs just blew me away (pig dressed as a chef....old german victorian chef)
the fox as reynard in a hacking jacket, with boots and top hat
elephant as a major in the british military with monocle !
rhino as an edwardian banker with bowler and briefcase
flamingo with an umbrella....
mother goose as a goose.....
all perfect all tiny all delicate ...........

i have been searching for that artist and those 'ornaments' ever since...(it was some time prior to 2000 i know, it could have been prior to 1992 but i can't remember)

anyway i keep looking.......
and looking

now i suspect they were either sewn over a wire armature or  spun cotton over wire.... but either way they were accurate depictions of the animal's anatomy........and to this day i am still blown away

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