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Thursday, April 17, 2014

and yesterday there was snow........ (or was it tuesday?)

things have been a bit tense around here,
as i had a doctors appointment with a new doctor...... that was yesterday, and it well very well.
this doctor understands that she can't actually treat the genetic defects, and is willing to refer me
i gave her the test results and information from drexel, (where this genetic defect was discovered)... and she is on the ball enough to send me for ultrasound (this coming tuesday) and then cardio with a stress test
i like her very much
she went to med school in india but did her intern/residency here at temple
the best part is, she read over my medical files and labs, and then LISTENED TO ME
so when i told her i was waking up with edema of the hands and face
that my nails had changed shape and gotten ridges
that my lashes and brows are now gone
she listened
bernie came (he is exhausted as he didn't get much sleep at all before work last night) and told her that i must have blacked out as i don't remember falling last week
which i am STILL healing from and bruises are still coming out from
she also was upset that no one helped me when i fell

so looks like maybe we can get this stuff under control... and then it all can be managed going forward

now the bad news is most likely now i have a heart condition.....not unexpected with what's going on with me, but i was hoping to avoid it...... right now while i haven't gone for the tests, she feels strongly that something is going on there.....and i have to agree with her, i've been having some issues and haven't said too much about them as my now former doctor didn't want to listen
(see he knows better then i do even though he's not in my body, met me three times for less then 15 minutes per, didn't have my complete medical history, but he still knows much better then i do )
i am painting frog portraits and having too much fun doing it

in some really sad news, friends of mine lost their father today- he was elderly, and ill, it was not unexpected, it was actually a blessing for the man.. but still it's a sad passing. i'm grateful that the family is together for the holiday, and that they have each other. 
while it is sometimes worse for a passing on a holiday, in a way with everyone together it helps to hold onto each other.
maybe that's why so many folks cross during holidays?

now i'm going back to my drafting table and my painting
happy holidays to everyone no matter what holidays you are celebrating

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