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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

and here is to a better 2016

2015 wasn't too bad for us, it started out a bit rough
the van went and we had to buy a car..... so now we have our prius
*i'm still in shock that we have a prius*
we lost phoebe, fawn, falstaff, mr quail and the budgie girls..... everyone was old however- but that all still broke my heart- i don't like losing my animal family
they got a home for life here.
on the plus side, i didn't have any major falls........ although i was diagnosed with fibromyalgia
and i did bring my bad arm and possibly broken shoulder back without medical attention....... *please.....three different freeken drs and no one could figure this out?*
i don't have full movement and i keep doing the exercises, trying to get full movement back if i can
now for you all, i wish you a safe and healthy new year.... i wish you interesting experiences....... new and old friends....
laughter and lots of good memories

i don't make resolutions but my plans are to continue to paint..... possibly going on a few research trips *day trips probably*
i also hope to print more paintings this year...
and continue some of the series that while i figure they are finished, i could sort of expand on...... with the idea of a calendar or something

another plan is to reorganize and expand the we may not be able to add on.... but if i can expand my painting area at least 4 more feet into the rest of the studio that would be a good thing.......
also i need to rebuild my work surfaces that hold tools/supplies and palettes...
when i do...i need them on wheels (and my drafting table too..... bernie is resisting that idea but i need wheels on it)
more lighting over there too

so anyway.....happy new year to you all
see you on the flip side

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