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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

have a wonderful holiday

and a safe one as well

right now....we are watching some seriously heavy wet snow coming down
but bernie said it's warm out and it's melting pretty fast
we'll still be shoveling off the studio roof
but i am grateful that the weather is warm, as i am dreading a repeat of last year with the horrible cold that never stopped

meanwhile i am still really ill
last night i was coughing so bad that i was retching
this went on for quite a while
bernie kept saying 'this isn't normal, you need to go to the hosptial'
the only problem with that was i would have to get dressed and i couldn't stop coughing long enough to do that 

by the time the coughing fit subsided somewhat, i was so very exhausted that i couldn't even climb up into bed
(it's got a very very high mattress..... bernie hasn't lowered the frame yet... so it's about 6'' too tall for me, i feel like jack in the beanstalk in the giant's house)
i think i finally got into bed and sitting UP (forget about lying down) at about 2am
so right now i'm in a robe and slippers
i couldn't eat breakfast either, it made me cough

bernie is going to get me mucinex to see if that's going to help-- i'm desperate at this point

good thing i made the cran sause and such already..... cause i couldn't do that today
i have to bake the rutabaga..... and i  will have to supervise bernie cooking tomorrow unless i get better really soon
the no sleep with the painful ribs from coughing is doing a number on me
bernie hasn't been sleeping either of course
i am hoping that the mucinex will help....i would love to get a full nights sleep, i swear if it isn't the woodstove getting me up..... or something it's my health nailing me

in painting news, i am painting oak leaves... cause i am an idiot
but i won't let them defeat me
so i am painting oak leaves
and cranberries but i think bernie fed my models to the chickens
next i have indian corn and shells and more leaves but i also need to return to the water fowl series and oye..... i paint too slow sometimes i think

well... everyone i wish you all a happy, safe, and healthy thanksgiving

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