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Monday, April 21, 2014

onward........ a swirl of colors in my head

yesterday was easter, however for us it was 'friday' bernie slept, i worked. the frog i'm painting fought me so i took a break.... so how does this artist take a break, and work while still goofing off? ....i did the color chart for the caran d ache luminance pencils
(the ones with tiny stars are the LF2 so we won't be using them much if at all )
as you can see i did them so that i can see the colors from light pressure and one layer down to totally opaque multiple layers and HEAVY
i am sore as shit from working on that but it looks good and i feel good about it, it was time i finished it no?
meanwhile black paper is at the post office waiting for me, that is for gouache and colored pencil.....
and the frogs are about done now
bernie asked about doing the dart frogs, and i checked inside my guts...and for now, my guts said 'i've said all i can right now about frogs'
so i have the one i am working on... and the actual first frog and i think that they are pretty much finished
so i have to go back to the second nest series...which i realize is more then  is about the life cycle of a bird, with a nest as the focal
so that is about to come back into working, as i still have more to say about that
i think also a blue jay is going to figure in there as well since there is one jay that is in and out of my duck pens and i have been studying his colors....and markings

i am also working more on a studio layout, all i need now is a support for my surface and i'm good to go for now
there needs to be future growth there too for the computer over there but that's ok too
and a light box which is something i also need to make
and a brush rack..... so that's three things so far i need to make,
i have a couple of other projects for that area, such as reworking one of my original taborets (it's like 40 years old and needs better drawer fronts)
i think if i can get this layout into reality i'll have a much more streamline work day
and maybe even carve out space for flat files
although i doubt i can add a slop sink.....which sucks as i really really REALLY could use a slop sink even just a small one. i don't want a jerry rigged one.....i want a real sink with running water and a drain
even bar sink sized would be fine with me, just so i can wash my brushes, and my rinse water containers etc. i've switched over to distilled water now for the paints themselves

now as to medical this new doc is so on the ball....i have back to back tests cardio, thyroid, labs.... a referral to an endo... she isn't wasting any time which is good
meanwhile i am in a lot of overall diffused pain...partly from that last fall and partly cause that's my life
most of it i tend to ignore, but the leg pains are getting really bad now
so i am reluctant to even go outside on the deck.... and i miss the ducks terribly.... i know they miss me too
they look up at me in the studio window...i wave, they wag their tails, they don't understand why i'm not down there taking them out to graze
so while none of what i have is 'curable' it is manageable so i'm hoping we get a handle on management soon

i hope to know some more by next week

meanwhile have a wonderful spring week everyone

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